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  1. Oh that's right; that place was great. He was going to arrange a goat or something as well. I am so sorry we are being gypped out of that venue!
  2. I don't remember the anguish part, but that the main result was the kids who could wait had better life outcomes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanford_marshmallow_experiment I guess you can say, in covid19 terms, those unable to delay their gratification of events and of just waiting to be maskless at the right time are are potentially helping OTHERS (and themselves) to worse outcomes.
  3. I am back on page 18, and just want to state I am in a bit of melancholy. Sure, June was three months of this, but now it's continuing on. My interests are down. I watch some of my usual tv shows, but don't do it in time for the same day/next day snark. I have a bunch of shows that get recorded Sun-Tues, and I just watch them when I want over the course of the next week. Then I don't have the interest to read through 6-7 pages on 4+ shows and then be replying quite late. My work in March and April had quite a bit in and out of a real office, but since has been wfh and getting a bit slower since June, where I am basically a contractor. Probably I am just sorting life out. I sense that we are in a transition, and the new normal will have more distance work and distance education etc. Thankfully, health hasn't been an issue for me or our family members. We did have to get a 85yo mil to stop going out shopping every day, and by May she had decided to go along. Myself, in late June (and July) I have begun to take an interest in learning a new skill and started taking steps. But, my posting is about zero, and will likely stay that way for now. Well wishes to all my fellow pt'ers. ETA: I'm in a state with a lot of mask wearers. And Friday got a haircut! They had just opened Wednesday after being closed this whole time. Maybe I'll feel better now that I don't look like a crazed professor. 🙂
  4. My main reaction is the show is fairly watchable. Better than a 10 week slow chase to nowhere like Yolanda and the yuck of the KY felon. We get fairly standard story lines that we are familiar with. I think production knows us.
  5. Me too and I saw "lovely" and I think they repeated 'lovely' but sure why not....that'd they repeat what they heard.
  6. But, gun culture here or not, the murder rate in Nigeria is a lot higher then the USA. A lot of people do seem to want to come to the USA for whatever list of reasons, but including that it's safer here than where they live.
  7. I thought "lovely" also. My wife watched some and saw this scene was convinced the administrator was saying "lawfully." I read on a tea site that G and V were not on the finale due to some viewer poll. I kinda doubt that but possibly it's so. If it was true my mind goes that TLC would brag about it, they they "listened", but since the subject is a bad one for them maybe they indeed would just keep silent. The truth is maybe in the middle, they listened and decided to bury it.
  8. Thanks @RoxiP for digging up the deets. I don't know much about Charlotte, but looked through Zillow for homes like hers, and they were about $450-500+k, for which they usually had half an acre of land.
  9. Recently they had Tim and Veronica on this show...and I really liked Veronica's home that they showed as Tim drove up. Huge front yard, nice driveway to the side, large home. Also makes me wonder what she does, if anything.
  10. This is peculiar as I had a similar backup...as yesterday I was in a store and wanted one item near the spices and a couple spent 2 minutes discussing which of 3 salts they might get, since the kind they wanted wasn't there...while meanwhile I waited for my one simple item just across from them. I ultimately left the aisle and came back to it later.
  11. If his lips are moving, he's obfuscating. Did he ever give a straight answer to anything? A simple yes or no, without qualifications? "I can appreciate what you say very much." "I can very much see that as a possibility" He also overuses the word "actually" : "Yes, I actually can see that happening". Re Taj coming to the USA: "I was hoping it could be so and so communicated the positive of that happening." She better dump him once she gets back.
  12. This is comment is GOLD! It shows the foolishness, the delusion, the entitlement, and the incredible bondage they have to some weird idea of "relationships." Well done.
  13. I think California Conservative meant slow opening. LA Mayor Garcetti says LA won't open (completely) till there's a cure. So never.
  14. I wasn't sure where to put it, so put it in the Colt thread https://forums.primetimer.com/topic/74856-colt-larissa-debbie-me-you-and-bith-phtew/?do=findComment&comment=6122217
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