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  1. I'm at work so I can't listen to it. Does it really say Lisa or is it a fill in the blank? "Baby Lisa" is in there. Of course, a smart Nigerian operator could have a template and edit in the next target's name there. 😄
  2. Oh gawd. They played a bit of it on PT, so I figured it existed. from sojaboy's twitter, the song: https://www.hausatop.com/music-soja-boy-i-love-you/
  3. Absolutely, a SANE and straightforward person. Really stood out!
  4. And she said that they definitely turned him on, so he must have sent dick pix to her I was imagining video by both... 😮
  5. (meant as a joke) but you have identified yourself as the outlier!
  6. Austin's travel...may hit her hard if she is home 4 days a week (being a nurse).
  7. She's pescatarian...so that's got to be difficult for the non-following spouse. He cooked for her two kinds of grains, and then had some kind of "meatballs" on the plates too. 😮 I hope the "it was edible" comments were more along the lines of humor.
  8. Not seeing your connection here. People are born with Type 1 diabetes. My late cousin's wife is an example, and, apropos to Katie and Derek, why she decided not to have children. Because..... The exspurts said that her having diabetes made her be very mature (!!!).
  9. To point, Derek and his Dad had a good talk.
  10. I watched it just now so I could confirm. About 4 minutes in. He says the last night (or the dinner night) of Panama he says in response to his "no chemistry" remarks, that she said she wants a divorce. He says the next day he says she says "we should see other people" and adds "we can go to our own places." I agree. I don't think that's how this went down. I can imagine she might say "if you can't get on board with the process, I want a divorce." And "If you still feel that way, maybe we ought to move on and see other people"... But WordSalad Zach just cuts and pastes her words the way he wants them.
  11. On PT during the Tell Nothing, Michael and Sarah say they were married 12 years. in PT land, Veronica says to Tim, " Huh, same as us. Not that we're married." I remember somewhere back in this thread or elsewhere on the interwebs, someone posted some podcasts from Timmy from a few years ago, and I heard him call Veronica his wife 5-6 times. Doesn't mean they are, but more grist for the mill.
  12. Anyone have her job details? I figured beekeeping/honey was a hobby.
  13. This show has a worse track record than the average marriage made the standard way. You'd think the participants would say I should find someone and marry them and have a 50% chance of success, rather than the 10-20% (* oops it's a little better) of this show. * Going through the wikipedia entries, for Seasons 1-7...of the ones who chose to stay married, ultimately 75% of them later divorced. This is not counting the ~50% who get divorced on Decision Day.
  14. Totally agree. I hate the way she always defers to him to answer first when she's asked questions like "What's the status of your relationship?" and ... But we know she deferred because it is up Mike to meet her conditions: Has he become a Christian yet and willing to have babies?
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