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  1. Not sure if Delaney stays or not...... But to address the idiotic moving 6 people around..... ROOMS: FF MM MM _ FF Marten Because Delaney has to sleep somewhere for one night before the charter is over and then the big switch happens....the solution is far simpler than having 6 people move. Delaney needs to sleep one night during charter somewhere.....Ask Marten to go in the 3person cabin for one night, so then Delaney sleeps in his room. Or pigeonhole Delaney anywhere, perhaps other crew quarters, or Capt. Sandy's room, or who know
  2. All of you have summarized this despicable cast. For Nutalie and Mike, I was more interested at their trying to work out their two "religions" when she was back in Ukraine, and disappointed there was zero mention of it this season. Julia used to be a dancer, loved big cities etc. Her desperation to come to America by marrying farmboy boggles the mind but shows her level of conniving. Unless he gets with the program, he will be in the rear view mirror. "Irreconcilable differences." I also can't stand the fake no-mentions of these people's reality....Asuelu's siblings, Brandon'
  3. I think you are basically right, but I recall Dennis saying that he and Jeremiah's mother had various troubles with their relationship, and that when they split up that he did not know she was pregnant. This I can believe. FWIW, I recall he said he found out about Jeremiah from his adult children telling him.
  4. Emily is hitting her stride this season, good. And I was very impressed with her analysis of Brauwynne when she and Gina were shopping.. Yes Brauwynne would think small is bad, and then assigned that same bad thought to Shannon. Exactly my point from Ep 3.
  5. SPOT ON. Ep 1. Exactly right, Braunwynne was trying to get Shannon to say something bad about Gina's house situation , and she didn't. Brauwynne, if anything is culpable, as she says: "it sounds awful", and Shannon doesn't add anything to that. Was something said off camera? Who knows. Next issue is when Braunwynne brings it up in this episode, she says the comment was made likely on the trip to Dr. Moon, because Braunwynne references that she asked her husband after the trip to the doctor about what she remembered Shannon had said. So....Was there a second (possible) commenti
  6. Oh that's right; that place was great. He was going to arrange a goat or something as well. I am so sorry we are being gypped out of that venue!
  7. My main reaction is the show is fairly watchable. Better than a 10 week slow chase to nowhere like Yolanda and the yuck of the KY felon. We get fairly standard story lines that we are familiar with. I think production knows us.
  8. Me too and I saw "lovely" and I think they repeated 'lovely' but sure why not....that'd they repeat what they heard.
  9. But, gun culture here or not, the murder rate in Nigeria is a lot higher then the USA. A lot of people do seem to want to come to the USA for whatever list of reasons, but including that it's safer here than where they live.
  10. I thought "lovely" also. My wife watched some and saw this scene was convinced the administrator was saying "lawfully." I read on a tea site that G and V were not on the finale due to some viewer poll. I kinda doubt that but possibly it's so. If it was true my mind goes that TLC would brag about it, they they "listened", but since the subject is a bad one for them maybe they indeed would just keep silent. The truth is maybe in the middle, they listened and decided to bury it.
  11. Thanks @RoxiP for digging up the deets. I don't know much about Charlotte, but looked through Zillow for homes like hers, and they were about $450-500+k, for which they usually had half an acre of land.
  12. Recently they had Tim and Veronica on this show...and I really liked Veronica's home that they showed as Tim drove up. Huge front yard, nice driveway to the side, large home. Also makes me wonder what she does, if anything.
  13. If his lips are moving, he's obfuscating. Did he ever give a straight answer to anything? A simple yes or no, without qualifications? "I can appreciate what you say very much." "I can very much see that as a possibility" He also overuses the word "actually" : "Yes, I actually can see that happening". Re Taj coming to the USA: "I was hoping it could be so and so communicated the positive of that happening." She better dump him once she gets back.
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