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  1. That was a long ass kiss. Shudder. Another smothered couple. I loathe Charlie and Chuck. This has carried on way too long... this one night is three episodes too long and it's sickening to watch. Angela, just go home. You could never carry a baby and pressuring Mykul to decide to end the relationship, knowing he wants children, is just mean. Go away. TLC, drop her please.
  2. That's what I believe about Asuelu's family---they want that TLC money! I'm sick of Libby forgetting that she's married and that maybe her husband and baby come first. Why she lets her family continue to badmouth Andrei (they didn't want her marry him in the first place and she did), they should shut up, accept he's the choice she made. Seeing how they rely on Chuck's money to survive, she lets this happen. I'm sick of their rudeness and waiting to be with his close friends and family to ask these stupid questions. They've had plenty of time in Florida to do this. Enjoy this trip to Moldova and soak it up instead of acting like ugly Americans!
  3. Not that I think Ansuelu's mother should get $1,000 from them, but after paying for airfare, car rental, air bnb and the gifts, it was feasible to give $1,000. They shouldn't have take this trip at all or postponed it until Ansuelu could save that up. I don't understand the rush to visit.
  4. Seriously. Why go through the farce of a second wedding celebration. Baptize Eleanor and go home already.
  5. Team Andrei. This is so disturbing with the nosy ass questions they're asking. It's so offensive and they can't take any hints or read the room. Libby, it's not overprotectiveness--it's douchebaggery.
  6. Here we go again, asking all these personal questions to his friends and family. WTF Father Libby?
  7. Another chance to see the Ugly Americans in action. I'm glad this is on mute because I'd be throwing stuff at the TV right now.
  8. Libby, your father and brother aren't over protective. They're jerks and love to stir up shit.
  9. Plus what the dr said about hypertension, stress on her body, etc. Angela never intends this and she's so nicey nicey to Mykul's mom, knowing that she's expecting children from Mykul. She's such a lying disgusting person.
  10. Seems like the siblings are always the voice of reason that the numbnuts never listen to.
  11. I hope this is the last season of them. She's needs to go away like BGL and Geoffrey and Pole.
  12. Crossover to some 90-Day couples, it will be hit!
  13. Glad Mykul is hearing it straight from the doctor instead of Angela's synopsis. Wish they'd just go their separate ways.
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