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  1. Chalby

    S04.E10: Docked and Loaded

    I was always under the impression that docking, leaving port, deck crew's responses etc., were all extensions of the captain. These boating maneuvers were all ways that captains could showcase their abilities.
  2. Chalby

    S04.E10: Docked and Loaded

    I don't think the two of them can be compared because they come from two entirely different approaches. They both manage to achieve the same outcome, though, regardless of their approach.
  3. Chalby

    S04.E10: Docked and Loaded

    I too noticed that June is uncomfortable talking while in a one on one conversation. This is shown when she mumbles, or repeats a partial phrase that make no sense. When someone asks her a question, June looks like she wants the earth to swallow her whole. I just assumed she was pregnant or something (with her illness at start, appearance of pregnancy brain, and her avoidance of boyfriend talk), and just wants to do her job, and wish for the end of this charter. Great post. I hate being played by Bravo, and yet I let them do it every season!
  4. Chalby

    S04.E10: Docked and Loaded

    I sometimes wonder if the radio issue is June's way of annoying Hannah, albeit passive-aggressively. June seems to be understanding her job and what it entails. I can see June going through her checklists, while her earpieces are out, because it gives her a chance to finish her turn downs before Hannah interrupts her for another side job.
  5. I have come across several posts who love this character, "Ludwing". I haven't been that quick to drink his kool-aid because I question any husband who has no problem with the idea that a woman would enjoy having 4 kids in 44 months. Good for them if they want kids close in age, but what's wrong with a child every 2 years, maybe even ever 18 months. But less than a year - why? How do you truly focus on your newborn when you are pregnant a couple of months later. And well done that he has a youtube channel for parents of more than 2 kids. Again, I don't think he had a whole lot to do, other than impregnate his wife. But I suppose he needs a channel to explain that. This couple had better have a lot of spare cash because I only see a future of angst and resentment if he hasn't any cash to spoil his mate.
  6. And then we learned otherwise. It doesn't matter where her man is from, Laura handled this so poorly, anyone would be insulted. I'd like to call the references on her so-called 'older woman with lots of experience' resume. I call BS, she doesn't know what she's doing if she has to go from 0 to a big purple dildo. I doubt anyone needs that exact model.
  7. Exactly. And if you are thinking that, I am sure there are a few - closer to his age - that are telling him the same thing. Laura knows this isn't real, but makes for good television.
  8. I would assume most men would walk away from Laura the moment they saw the episode where she announced to the world how horrible he was in bed. (The toy surprised me because does she really want to go from "Hey, we should talk", to pulling out a huge sex toy?) Was that really her only solution. Maybe she's not carrying her end as well?
  9. lol, best topic heading...
  10. That's what I can't comprehend. She's already done the marriage route, and she already has kids. Why is she chasing younger men (or any men) who may want a women who doesn't have all her baggage? I have no idea how she arrived at the British James Bond? Great topic title. Poor James Bond looks tired and worn with a side of drinking issues.
  11. I can't imagine why she is so emotionally needy. I am embarrassed for her when she begins to desperately fish for compliments, while moving on to melting down with jealousy. Very unattractive. Is her twin sister the same way?
  12. Whenever I see participants bringing inappropriate and overly-intimate gifts to the partner whom they've never met, it makes me ill. That's when you realize the people involved aren't living in reality. They are so obsessed with their fantasy - that's all they are interested in. Gross! (Especially after seeing the players involved. Blech!!)
  13. BTW Drogo - I just realize how many items you are administering. Thank you very much for doing this (just in case others have forgotten this is voluntary).
  14. Nope - and I don't even care. It's all nonsense.
  15. Wouldn't that be a go if his family was already cleared to come here? Lord help us - someone needs to lock the country's gates.