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  1. But so far, that one couple really seems great together. I really hope they last because I really enjoy the ease they have around each other. Poor Michael, for being a Principal/teacher, etc. he really can't find any words to convey what he's going through. When they kept asking him what was wrong, he literally couldn't put it into words. And whenever he'd say, I blame myself, I am failing... I am sorry but that too much dramatic posturing given the situation. And Mika is flogging that stupid comment to death. I am sure he probably did say that he thought it would make sense if they had sex on their honeymoon but he just doesn't seem like the kind of guy who's saying to her - sex on our honeymoon, or I am outta here!I don't think she heard him properly. I have to confess that I am really p.o'ed that these men 'took off' their wedding bands. Doing that does not make you divorced, you fools. These guys are so disrespectful. I didn't think anyone could ever be as bad as that basketball player who was matched up to the teacher (the guy who kept going out every night, carousing about with other women). He didn't wear his band either, and at the time I thought he was the worst human I'd seen. But Brandon and Zach (and to a lesser degree, Michael) have tied with him in record time.
  2. Taylor and Zach should have been matched up because as soon as Zach and Mindy said their vows, he stopped her for a photo, so he could post it to his instagram. That would be enough for me to walk away. Maybe Taylor can relate to that?
  3. I don't understand why she's not pulling in the overtime $$ to get to at least $150,000. I realize I am Canadian, but all of my friends who are in nursing (be it as supervisors or RNs) make GOOD wages for their 40 hour work week, but they all can put in for overtime, and that's when their cheque soars. Given the hard work they put forth, I can't imagine anyone denying them proper overtime wages. No health care worker would continue working their butts off if they are not even getting compensated. No one is that altruistic.
  4. Zach is scarily clueless - no self awareness at all. Even when he was trying to compliment the 'experts' matchmaking skills by stating he could see why Mindy was selected for him... he dug his hole deeper. He rambles on and says "I get it! She's attractive, athletic, outgoing, intelligent, everyone likes her, and she's confident - we definitely have a lot in common." I had to shake my head because he doesn't even get that he's telling the world that clearly the experts think these are ALL his attributes, and that's how they chose Mindy. He's so shallow, superficial and he hasn't a clue how to relate to a woman who has it all together. And I challenge how 'intelligent' he really is because he talks a lot by throwing out random statements, observations etc., but if you pay attention, he contradicts himself and says a whole lot of nothing. I wish Mindy would simply say, "Sorry Zach, but I need a guy who is educated, attractive on the inside (to match his outside) and who is able to carry on a conversation without consistently circling back to what 'he' was expecting in this situation." As for Brandon, I think he has some serious mental health issues. He blows hot and cold all the time and Taylor must feel as though she's treading on eggshells. If these men cannot commit to moving in with their wives, why the heck did they sign up? They got their 15 minutes of Andy Warhol fame, so they need to say Buh Bye!
  5. The more I consider Tanner's idiotic response re: people not knowing his mom or the type of relationship they have is ridiculous because that's all he talked about. And what kind of mother jumps on instagram to complain about how her son was treated, when she watched him treat women like disposable tissues? We're not talking about a 16 year-old wide-eyed innocent here. She has created a monster, who is unable to see himself as he truly is... good job, mom.
  6. He does have a say in casting because he needs to ensure at least 80% of the crew can perform all the work. Charters are Captain Lee's livelihood, reputation, and they're good money, whether he has a show or not.
  7. Fabulous post! I agree with your observations and I am grateful I am not alone in my uncertainty as to what bad behaviour she's pushed on to the others. Bottom line, Rhylee is quite forthcoming in her communications, similar to the guys. If they were faced with the treatment that she faced, they would not 'just take it'. They would be calling each other out for the rude approach and unnecessary reprimands. However, none of these guys want to see a confident woman respond to their disses by holding her own with great comebacks> It's okay for them to respond this way, just not Rhylee. It's their loss that they couldn't welcome her into the bru club, because Rhylee is at ease with men or women, so long as they carry their weight and treat her like she actually can think for herself. (I also think it bothered Ashton that all the guests like Rhylee and if he could say something that would have her second guess her own abilities, then he will definitely say it.)
  8. These cases bother me so much because we have inept people breeding animals for money. If they can read it on Google, they feel they can pull off the task just as well as anyone else. I realize this is, indeed, a career for some people, but I take issue with people having a lot of animals they think they'll breed; animals who are not always treated well (if they don't bring in money). I feel for the female dogs who are kept pregnant until they're no longer useful, and I question people who pay out big $$ for these dogs, even when they can see that things are not right with the breeders. It's just wrong. I do support paperwork so you know the dogs aren't crossbred, inbred etc., but it is still something that doesn't sit well with me. I guess I love my mongrels.
  9. Have things changed for Tinder? Years ago it was strictly an app for sexual hookups, much like Grindr. There were sites for dating, and sites for sex - preferably with someone nearby so one doesn't have to wait long. Why would anyone who hooked up once (or even twice) consider their hookup legally responsible for anything outside of their sexual fling. If their in jail for assault, theft, etc - I get it. But this...? I just don't know if Tinder is the forum to network.
  10. I am not impressed with how many people have figured out how to try and get around the 'no pet' clause by filling out service dog/pet applications. It's unfair to the animals, it's unfair to the landlords, and people need to understand that 'no pets' means exactly that. Don't live there if you want a pet. I also truly disliked the woman with the pigs for outright lying. I do not wish bad things on anyone (it's not nice, and I fear the "wishes come home to roost" saying). However, I would understand if her 'pigs' ended up deceased or on someone's plate (eww pork...) because she clearly not not give a sh*t.
  11. Thank. you for pointing this out. The first time I heard it was during some prison show where the prisoner (stating he's innocent) used the word 'conversate', which I had never heard before. I have heard converse, conversing, conversed, conversation but (to me) conversate just sounds like a made up word. I am sure it will end up in some dictionary one day, but that doesn't have to mean I like it or will ever use it. People sound illiterate when they use it.
  12. I have no idea how you could be so annoyed in your response. "ABC contract law" generally doesn't put specific expectations on something as unknown and unpredictable as child delivery. So given the fact that the midwife even created this contract, I am pretty sure she wasn't anticipating this scenario. Given the ruling, I assumed JJ has all the prior info in front of her to make the right ruling, supported by this contract. However, as a viewer I think the midwife did the right thing by returning to the grieving mother. The plaintiff gave birth to a healthy baby in the end. Being this petty, especially after learning the details of the death, and how long the midwife had been on her feet working, is just pathetic.
  13. That's the part that really baffled me. How on earth could anyone think a six month lease requires 30 day notice. In effect, the lease is already like 180 day notice, so what doesn't Ms. Palma understand? Her landlord should dump her but he won't because she pays rent and doesn't complain.
  14. I cannot get over how people will air their laundry on television for the chance to be seen, or get a couple of bucks. I would rather hide under a rock than bring a stupid complaint against a woman for not being available to marry her and her convict boyfriend in jail. Who does this AND talks about it? Class is clearly something that can't be bought and sometimes not taught.
  15. But I need your summaries to remember all my Hot Bench cases, lol. Ah well, I will struggle on without you. The abuse of the child case was SO sad. No one year old child should be covered in bruises and scratches. It just ridiculous and I hope Dad put enough of a lean on mom that she'll be afraid if the child even bumps his head innocently. I feel for her other 2 kids who don't have a father in their life to protect them. Burning Man case was just strange. Clearly there was something else involved over a $75 parking charge. I bet gal was thinking she could get something going with blondie in his RV and was furious to see he had a girlfriend. There was no other excuse for her to get angry over something that had no impact on her, whatsoever.
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