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  1. My husband asked me if there is an overabundance of 'stupid' people whom appear on JJ or does JJ only pick out cases where people sound ridiculous? I didn't know the answer, but I have to agree that most of the plaintiffs or defendants sound so entitled, stunned and/or out of touch, that I simply don't understand. My last beef is why are there so many men borrowing/taking money from women and implying it's a gift? They don't even appear embarrassed to be seen on TV for the scam artists they are, meanwhile women still hand over money - why?
  2. Are there any forums on the Judge Judy shows, going by year or episodes? I watched a couple of shows from November of 2016, and I am dying to read what others think, but I do not know how to find specific episodes.
  3. I loved it. She looks so much like her mother, and if the theme is mid life crisis, then the outfit was perfect. I feel bad for D'Andra because she knows she was the ONLY one not invited to Leeanne's wedding and she just hasn't done the same amount of wickedness that Leeanne has. Why is D always being punished? Is she a sloppy drunk, yes. Does anyone not have at least one acquaintance who is a sloppy drunk?
  4. I now feel bad for what I assumed re: Travis's father in Thailand. Apparently he has a pacemaker and shunts and God knows what else, so I guess Thai hookers may not be on his agenda?
  5. Even though no one can tell another when to have a child, I find it so irresponsible that Deavan would even think of not using birth control. No one can afford to support this 'family' and yet they do not seem the least bit concerned (other than paying lip service). I just feel so bad for the kids, and poor Drusilla has both a horrible name as well as a mother that consistently refers to her as a 'wild child' whom she's frightened of. Once again, the people that would make amazing parents struggle with fertility, and the clueless ones get pregnant with a sneeze.
  6. I am with you re: this. I understand the 'family bed' approach works for many couples however, I do NOT believe in the 'family bed' approach for step-families. I just do not agree with this logic. If the family-bed approach was so important, where's Deaven's first hubby in all of this?
  7. Really? All I can add is poor David - they need to give him a raise.
  8. I meant that Cary 1 could financially survive with or without her hubby. She's an intelligent and business savvy gal, who discussed not being 100% happy with being a stay at home mom. She looks forward to work.
  9. As soon as Travis mentioned Dad going "off his meds" I immediately assumed what others are. There are many medications that affect a man's ability to become excited (blood pressure meds come to mind). If Dad is in Thailand, being surrounded by Thai women offering anything his heart desires, I can see him trading in old meds for meds that may be more accommodating to his libido. But, that's just me...
  10. This is the main issue that confuses me about this show. Don't participants asking for a spousal visa have to prove they can support this spouse? In Canada, there are financial checks in place re: bringing anyone in (be it on spousal application, or work visa, etc.). Money is at the forefront, and the Canadian has to sign a ten year 'promise' to support the newcomer. The Americans seem so poor, too poor to finance anyone from another country. What am I missing?
  11. Churchgoers tend to be fairly conservative and I could see a congregation refusing to listen to a man preach who does not even attempt to date within his own country. He clearly has a 'type' and the members may resent that he feels no one in his own country is 'good enough'. Nor will they want to accept Akini as his wife after watching the show. He shot himself in the foot by appearing on this show.
  12. Especially when you can see that the participants are trying to please TLC (?) with their antics. Rebecca is a prime example, next to Laura. They will embarrass themselves and their families/children on TV, sharing the most gawd-awful (pretend) secrets hoping to get more fans. I truly hope with every disclosure, they actually lose followers. That would be justice in my eyes.
  13. OMG! Thank you for posting this, as I have found the exact same thing to be true. Be it on TV, or amongst my friends, vow renewals do not indicate a happy ending. After seeing so many of my friends' relationships end, I realized the vow renewal was a last ditch attempt to fix the relationship. When Jasmine of "Little Women..." fame announced a renewal, I immediately thought, here comes the separation. Public displays of love do not fix a broken relationship.
  14. I just feel surprise that the adults have no problem discussing favourites in front of the quints. Even an off comment like, "who wants to pair up with Riley?" is met with silence then laughter. Hazel, Parker and Riley are always singled out for discussion. What about the twins?
  15. Thank you for your post and I hope all parents who watch and crave more discipline for the quints, are also kind to their own childrens' teachers. I cannot tell you how many years in a 2/3 classroom where 1 to 3 kids who LOVE bathroom humour can change the composition of the class to the point where I would find the class uncontrollably giggling at behaviours you and I would find disgusting. Every year I've managed to encourage the culprits to leave that behaviour at the door, but I have to stay on top of it with clear, consistent consequences. But kids will always find this funny, hence why it's an issue every September. D & A may also find it funny so they just don't see this behaviour as a priority to be rid of.
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