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  1. I assume you are referring to Andrei (although Asuelo, Syngin and Paul could easily fit your descriptor.) I find Andrei to be a pathological liar... If he's not getting his way, he makes up 'events' or 'statistics' to support his argument. He also intentionally mistranslates what his parents are saying to Libby. (I love that Andrei's parents are very forthcoming re: Andrei's immaturity, but I hate that he isn't I am very impressed Libby didn't tell Andrei's parents how little he contributes to the household, or how much he drinks. The biggest issue I have with Andrei is his 'fake' machismo behaviour (adopting the 'king of the castle' attitude). When he announced Libby should listen 'double', my instinct was to both slap him across the face and/or tell him not to return home until he had a job! Alas, he's on TV and I am in a different country, lol. Your comment could also apply to Auselo because it is clear he has major issues with women. (Also, he's trying to convince Kalani that American women are lazy and do far less in America than Samoa because they use updated/modern appliances). Funny how he is personally indifferent to using these appliances to help with dally chores or offer assistance with anything other than video games.
  2. My mouth also dropped open when Elyse's drink was shown to be straight vodka. These women mean business when they drink - none of this politely sipping nonsense, heh.
  3. I agree. So long as Leah is careful and uses a condom, I have no issue with whom she picks up, and sometimes artificial just can't replace the real thing.
  4. Aviva and her disgusting pig of a father were certifiable. Both of them made me cringe whenever they were on.
  5. Excellent response. I agree that Ramona is constantly trying to prove her worthiness in every episode. When she repeatedly refers to herself as an entrepreneur, I have to shake my head. Aside from her and Mario's initial 'fortune' and $ from Bravo, she is hardly an entrepreneur. Unless one counts her trolling others' online accounts to increase her own instagram views. That is the whole point of a 60 girlfriend mass birthday party. She can count on gifts as well as 60 women posting about her birthday party (which was comped, no doubt, much like her outfits). Ramona is so far removed from reality, she reminds me of those abused children who retreat into their own worlds to deal with the trauma.
  6. I don't think Leah has caught on to the idea of 'acting' her role. I think what we see, is what you get with Leah. The only thing I question is how often she does drink, rather than refer to herself as being 'sober'.
  7. How true! Reality shows simply confirmed what my mother and I had determined years ago, if you feel a vow renewal will re-energize whatever is 'missing' from your marriage, be prepared for the marriage to last 1 to 2 years after the renewal.
  8. Meanwhile, Dorinda appears to be the nastiest and messiest drunk out there. However, it's not like she can be confronted about her drinking when she's sober as she is in huge denial about her own behaviour and appearance. To think, I liked her so much in the first season. Now she is a nasty drunk who is jealous that another drunk was given a cabaret during her sobriety (when it existed...?). Even when they flash back to Luanne in the bushes, it's hardly an example of an alcoholic. It IS a reflection of behaviours I have seen while being out with my friends in my 'party' days. Falling in the bushes does not equal alcoholism, whereas consistent slurring, bad behaviour, lopsided makeup, cutting oneself while clutching a knife, all while delivering verbal low blows = a drunk (ahem Dorinda).
  9. I had taught over many years and came to the conclusion that parents who give their children 'unique' names to reflect how 'unique' their child is have no appreciation for what their child will face throughout their lives. In giving a unique name, parents have often butchered the spelling and pronunciation of many regular names. I don't mind playing with spelling, but if the spelling doesn't match any type of phonetic solving, then don't make your child spend his/her life correcting others. I used to mispronounce certain student's names in the beginning of the year, and when the parents would correct me, I would state why I came to my conclusion. Just because you add an e to Jon, doesn't automatically turn it to Johnny. Follow the rules, OR spell phonetically. If tv Ian wanted to be Eye in, he should have chosen different spelling Iain. Don't take a regular name and mess up the pronunciation, while correcting others as if their attempt is wrong. (Clearly this is an unresolved issue for me, ha)
  10. LOL, it appears there's a few of us who take issue with people who mangle words to the point where the incorrect version slowly becomes acceptable (except to me). Being Canadian and raised learning/ speaking French/English, there are words/phrases that are constantly mispronounced, but if you are going to take from another language, at least pronounce the word the same way e.g. forte, foyer. etc. I remember flying in to Copenhagen and feeling so 'stunned' when I discovered that English speakers mangled both the sound and spelling of the city. Who are we to change a historically acceptable word to better suit ourselves? Ah well, this could turn into a lengthy discussion with accompanying examples, lol.
  11. Appears it doesn't matter as I still see Paul needing to use his translation app when he's talking to Karine. I think he has difficulty dealing with any new information. Heck, even while shopping he didn't 'get' what Karine was saying about the wipes - they only needed one box, but Paul was perseverating on the 'buy 5, save $5'. Despite being low on money, he still can't grasp that spending (my assumption on prices) $20.00 to save $5.00 is not the best idea when you have to get groceries for under $40.00. Can't eat baby wipes, but one can use a damp cloth to clean baby.
  12. Colt and Jess are perfect for each other as they are both unappealing and dysfunctional. I think they should marry and move into a home with an in-law suite, and be pulled from television so we will never have to see the likes of them, again. At this stage, the only person I truly appreciate is Paul's mom because she will not 'lie' or 'fake it' for the cameras. When I saw Paul flip out about Karine taking the baby out of the car seat, I had to feel for Karine because the man is nuts. Worried about baby in car seat while he runs into ongoing traffic. No one can live with someone that messed up. If Karine leaves, she'll have a better chance of him not stalking her (unless she simply moves on to someone else online, given she's American now).
  13. I was under the impression that her 'religion' states they are committed as Asuelo was her first (shudder). When she learned she was pregnant, she tracked him down. My info could be incorrect, but I thought she mentioned Mormons and lifelong partners... (I tend to tune out when they discuss religious 'orders', generally placed on women.)
  14. Although I would deeply miss the snarks, I would also deeply enjoy watching Bravo cancel all the Real Housewives franchise as I would enjoy snarking these ladies withdraw from their fake fame mongering. Imagine Kyle's, Luanne's. Dorinda's etc. reaction to being dumped, and nobody caring? Heh. Bravo could clean house like they did with Vicki and Tamra, except take them ALL out. Also, I'd love to see the reactions of Coltee, Darcey, Big Ed, etc if they were dumped cold.
  15. Good point. It also makes me grateful to worship in my own way, in my own home, rather than belong to any organized religious congregation. I also question what organized religion would view any child as illegitimate? Andrei's church still preaches an unacceptable prejudice, which in this day and age should never be placed on an infant.
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