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  1. Thank you for noting this. That made me question who benefits the most from Steph's illness? If I had a chronic health issue I know, for a fact, that I wouldn't forget to take my meds. If someone needs to be reminded daily of the dos and don'ts of their chronic illness, I would assume this behaviour is more for the one doing the reminding. No one sick has ever needed to be reminded they are sick. (There had better not be any Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy involved!!)
  2. The recap was so well written, I am actually satisfied not seeing it. I do not understand why producers let people like Lisa, et el be allowed to make demands while disrespecting others. THEN having the nerve to complain that she is being disrespected. Plus all her spewing of stereotypical 'facts' about a country she is not from just turns my stomach. And I am curious now as to Lisa's claims re: Ed and young girls. He is such a pig... Actually, has anyone noticed that the couples who tend to stay together usually met in person, or on holiday, etc. The ones who meet through dating sites don't fare as well?
  3. Caesar!? More like he'll be naked, and I'll be afraid...
  4. Of all the 90 Day Fiancee shows out there, I have to say Pillow Talk is my favourite. I love the comments they come up with. I am even enjoying Tim and his ex girlfriend (and trust me, that is something I never thought I'd write). This type of show allows for a better edit of them all. Just keep with the couples that can follow the show. Sometimes I wonder if Robert and Annie have difficulty staying focused, and leave the darling little boy in the other room. Annie (David's Annie) cracks me up every time. She's fun. I especially love when they all come to the same conclusion - rooting for Rosemarie, and being shocked for David. (If I mess up some names - sorry, but I forget them all after a couple of seasons).
  5. Bianca is a question mark for me. When Jesse goes on about her 'beauty', I don't 'get it'. She's not unattractive, she is a pretty gal, but so are 70% of young women. "Teaching" 4 year-olds? Preschool does not pay well at all. If Jesse hired her to pretend to be his love interest, that would make sense as he likes total control.
  6. Exactly! I think I know the answer - Michael offered to pay their own salaries in exchange for tv time. Mind you, I sure as hell don't know how Caesar got back on. And he really needs to keep his feet hidden, shudder.
  7. I figured 90 Day Quarantine would center around couples who are popular, who fans have an interest in. Chantal, Patrick, Rachel, Laura, Michael, etc. Who cares? I tried to watch the first episode but I ended up fast-forwarding until I came across something I was interested in. Yep, approximately 12 minutes out of each episode is worth watching. Some of these characters are so thirsty for face time, I am embarrassed for them because they clearly don't know when to exit the party. I feel so sorry for the editors who have to go through all the home videos while attempting to find anything of interest. And someone please save Darcey's daughters. Shouldn't it be considered child abuse if you make your children take duck face selfies with you?
  8. After much contemplation while in my COVID cocoon I have decided that this was producer driven because these two had no substance, so producers could see the end and threw in anything to provide an easy out. Derrick is like a St Bernard simply waiting for direction, while Katie is... well, you know... Eeeww. He has his list of 'dreams' that Katie craps all over. It is not his statement of 'life goals', but more leaning towards a fantasy bucket list. And Katie's fake objections were so poorly acted. Take, for example, the Christmas song idea. Katie could have whipped out her phone, and on the spot said, "Okay Derrick, let's start with a Christmas poem. Three stanzas and a chorus, then we can add music later. They didn't even have enough personality/ imagination to film themselves pretending to go through the motions." This is not rocket science... Okay... HELP... I need a life as I can't seem to get off Primetimer forums. Then again, I have no reason to get off the computer, or get up, or get dressed, or... Nevermind, going to 90 Days now... lol
  9. I found that after the honeymoon episode, watching Zach talk and talk while saying absolutely nothing was exhausting. I appreciate Mindy's patience and willingness to let him ramble on, but I was wishing I could get into her head for 3 minutes, just to take over her words. "Shut the Hell up, Zach! You are so busy dancing around the issue of why you won't honour your contract, you're intentionally talking nonsense, hoping we'll all zone out and forget what the actual question was. You're a shell of man, narcissistic to a fault, and now the world can see you for who you are, a little instagram bitch. I am not wasting another second just for you to get face time." (Ta-Da! Mindy's mic drop.) Ah well, that's filed away in my fantasy episode... lol
  10. Lori and Chad may have a 'hidden bunker' in the States to hide out in. They are probably pointing to COVID 19 as the source for the end of the world. Any doomsday cult is pointing to this pandemic and saying "I told you so!" I believe that's why some people refuse to follow social distancing and masks because they believe they are protected and are part of the selected few who will gather the faithful. (Since when are murderers and fraudsters considered the selected disciples of God?) Mind you, if Chad and Lori's group truly believe Covid19 is the beginning of the end for anyone not on their 'saved' list, do hospitals legally have to offer emergency treatment to those (on the list who contracted COVID because they don't believe they need masks, gloves, six feet distance)? Or do all hospitals have to treat any member with COVID19 as an emergency even if they intentionally put themselves at risk? (I don't mean ill will, I am truly curious if medical professionals are mentally triaging based upon risk factors.) I also apologize if my writing doesn't make sense, it does in my head, honest... lol.
  11. I agree 100% I am totally baffled that Lori can turn around and offer up NOTHING about where her children are, whether they are physically alive, what she needed to pack the kids' items in storage for, and why is she allowed to ignore the laws? She was only asked to bring forth her children which she won't. Am I the only one who became worried when it was implied that no one had enough evidence on her?I feel sick because regardless of the outcome - Lori is released. (That is God's work as she's needed to usher in the EOT). If she is jailed for murder, which I feel is the situation after this much time missing) is Satan then going to be blamed for making her and her brother kill her kids. My heart always goes out to children who are born into homes where the parents are zealots when it comes to religion. It is such a huge culture shock if they break free, or it's a continued rant about "the evil that outsiders perpetrate" making kids frightened to even converse with regular people.
  12. Same!!! Not a word, which makes me wonder how many other potential serial murders/crimes are presently taking place, but we just don't have enough evidence to notify the public or even insist whether it is one person, or a two-person crime. When Israel mentioned keeping Samantha's body in his shed until he returned from his family cruise, I was appalled at his ability to compartmentalize family life from killer life. Sociopathic to the core. I also agreed with the detective who asked (after Israel stated he threw her body in the lake while ice fishing) if he had caught any fish, and what did he do with them. He said yes, he caught fish and ate them, of course. He did not consider it a sickness that he lured fish with body parts, then ate the fish he caught. Israel was able to compartmentalize the two actions, and did not understand why this would appear horrible. The only thing I appreciate, is his request to set an execution date. But I also wonder if he did that to get an idea so he knew when to act on how HE wanted to go out. Robbed the family again, although I could never watch an execution. But I am fine with the death penalty for criminals who help recover bodies, and do not deny the huge amounts of evidence.
  13. Tracking the Murders Of Israel Keyes - May 9/2020 Did anyone else watch this. Here's an episode that I needed two hours at least for, but got only one. I remembering studying abnormal psychology and experimental psychology (among many other courses) for my counselling degree/career. One of the many experiments I had to study involved Harlow's Monkeys. I love watching monkeys as they pick up things so quickly. I enjoy watching all animals who are clever and show unique personalities. I remember having to study Harlow's experiments because it involved the theme of offspring shown parental love, offspring shown a fake parent unable to respond, and a wire parent - cold and non moving. I won't go into it as I was disturbed by the experiments, but I love at someone like Israel - growing up with no outside intervention, lack of a specific position/identity within the 10 siblings, bright yet confined to home schooling, and the final observation that Israel didn't 'belong' anywhere. He reminded me of Harlow's monkeys. Anyhow, his neighbour-next-door friendliness, switching to his depravity (which he knew enough to recognize others don't think that is "normal".) I wonder what he saw growing up and will any of his siblings be able to see Israel for who he truly was. When he said his whole family thinks he did it, then that tells me he was exhibiting signs early in life.
  14. This was news to me as well. If I cannot own the very nucleus/ genetic chain that identifies me as 'me', then no one else can have it. Thank you for the information. I realize if I commit a crime, my DNA can be taken. But I will require a letter stating that if no link, or correlation, is found between my DNA and whatever crime; then any surviving samples containing my DNA need to be destroyed. Keeping my DNA chain profile online for other police, is fine with me, especially if a court order was granted (and I ended up being guilty). I feel forensics is vital nowadays in investigations. But if I am cleared, I would like my items which contain my DNA, returned to me. Overall, I enjoyed the show as it had me second-guessing myself at every turn.
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