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  1. I cannot help but wonder how Kathryn's lIfe would have turned out (several years ago) if the current cannibas laws were in place? That was what Thomas used to have her children taken away. Slut shaming is one thing, but Thomas stooped lower than all the cast combined when he attempted to assassinate her character, just to "win".
  2. I have to say that after watching the episode where Melyza decides that she needs to disclose info regarding her sexual 'buddy' to Tim days before his mother arrives is a red flag to me (as in, I don't believe their storyline at all). Did anyone else notice that Melyza didn't want Tim to tell his mom about her fling, yet she felt justified in sharing Tims infidelity with her mother. Wtf? Down uble standard affects men just as much as women. I cannot trust Melyza to share what is really happening because she enjoys verbally humiliating Tim. I wish he could see her through my eyes. Not a good person at all.
  3. I admit that for the first time, I binged-watched " Don't be tardy". I have no idea if this show has its own forum, and I confess, I found myself laughing a lot. I was also surprised at their ages, for some reason I thought Kroy and Kim were in their late 40s . Lol. (What do know)? Anyhow, I am glad I watched as I didn't have ANY respect for the family, but they've grown on me (and no... Not like a bad fungus, lol).
  4. This reminded me of Andy correcting someone after they said "kudos to them" by saying "you mean, kadooz". Am I missing an inside joke. Why is he unable to say kudos?
  5. Great post! Sometimes these characters are simply praying that their quirky eccentricities will just be seen as artistic creativity. But in my heart of hearts, it just looks like nonsensical immaturity.
  6. I think Olivia could have come up with some examples but she didn't want to throw him under the bus on tv. Look how he reacted when she rated the marriage 7.5/ 8.
  7. I get where she's coming from. She really cares for the Brett who's not playing up for the cameras. I'd want my friends and family to see how wonderful he truly is, off camera. But when she wants him to say he wants to be in this relationship with her, (publicly), yet all he can do is shame her and say she's insecure. Hmm, well who is the real brett?
  8. I feel really snarky saying this, but I find it hard to believe that Christina has men chasing her down, spending cash on her and always raving about Her beauty...? Yep, not buying it.
  9. I had to laugh at the tarot card reading because the editing was haphazard at best. She shows the 7 of clubs and refers to it as "the lovers', and a couple of other interpretations didn't go with the card she was pointing to. That's just sloppy editing, and I am sure she was mortified when it aired because it didn't look like she knew what the cards meant. I also don't see the need to push the quirky/esoteric storyline for these two. They're nice as is, they don't need props. BTW - tarot cards illustrate the card's basic meaning. They are not purposely naked and titillating to the viewers. They are just cards.
  10. I don't think "aggressive" is the word Henry truly wants. He strikes me as someone who doesn't want to decipher head games, while also wondering what behaviour he shouldn't have done. He needs a confident and straightforward gal who will also be mindful of how she comes across. Henry's not a doormat and I believe once he knows what'll work for him, he'll have no problem communicating.
  11. Even though I don't know either of them, I am feeling very protective of Henry. Both he and Christina are not very good at expressing the little qualities they like about each other. Jess is gross, she was 100% focused on using sex to get herself an American. Are people really that gullible, or do they know it's for citizenship?
  12. I was rooting for these couples because I'd love to see ONE show where the majority of couples truly want to be together. I felt bad for Olivia when she had to ask, several times, "Do you want to be with me?" and instead of saying yes for the cameras (helping validate her mutual feelings), he barks back, "Boy, are you ever insecure". What an ass. Clearly he's been in hurt in the past, but until that nasty side of him is kiboshed, I'd move on asap. That's I would love someone like Henry. Yes, it will take some time to model how you want the communication to flow, but a man of his quality is well worth the time and effort. Henry listens, contemplates, and then makes an effort. I know Christina expects an alpha male who'll go on about how great she looks. But if he's not thinking that, why would he say it? My compliments are always honest and in the moment.
  13. And I loved how she let Tom have it when he was doing his diva rant about people saying "sorry" to him. As she pointed out, "I have nothing to be sorry for, I only say it because I feel sorry for you - as in empathy." He's a goof who thinks more of his abilities than anyone else. Bring Adrian back - now HE was a chef!
  14. I also laughed at his so-called guilt re: not protecting her... He never had any intention to protect her and keep her alive. What an actor!
  15. As soon as the Indonesian gal went on and on about being accustomed to wealth, I laughed. Her parents have wealth whereas as she has a broken marriage and a son. No one is lined up to take Her one. With that being said, she needs to see Eric as someone who provide for her and her son, a Lot more than anyone else offered in Indonesia. Don't try to change ad event guy, or else you make women around you want him even more.
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