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  1. I wonder how much social assistance money one would receive for 12 children, especially a single mother?
  2. I recently binge watched all the Hot Bench episodes I had taped and I cannot believe how unlikable the participants have been lately, or at least throughout 2020/21. So many times I'm gaping at the TV because these people are disgusting, and oblivious to the harm their actions have on others.
  3. I have worked with many Mormons in the past, as well as have a Mormon sister-in-law (she converted after marrying my brother, so he didn't get on her Mormon train but he certainly benefits from being a man in that religion.) I can tell you that I think it's their religion that makes them feel superior to all others. I've always felt that's how they come across when conversing with me. That reminds me, why are so many people using the word conversate on TV these last 5 years? It sounds so awkward and strange - what happened to the word converse?
  4. I guess I am willing to give Mike a pass given how horrid Natalie has been since she arrived in America. If she's that horrible to him in front of the cameras imagine what she says when the cameras aren't around? If I were Mike I'd be treating her the same way I just wish he would cut bait and have her go home. Her behavior this season has also helped explain why Mike was not at all excited when she phoned him out of the blue and said her visa was approved and she wanted to come over. He should have listened to his gut which was telling him to not give her another chance.
  5. Angela was made aware of what she could and couldn't eat. Her operation was one in which her body will tell her what not to eat before she ever meets a dietician. I have heard the body will vomit/ have painful gas the moment one strays from the plan.
  6. You read my mind. Salesmen are usually the passengers of the prospective buyer.
  7. Does the behaviour have to be malicious to be considered sexual harassment (real question)?
  8. I wanted to reach through my TV to slap Teresa when she smugly insisted she wouldn't put up with sexual harassment, while also asking what the women 'did' to 'cause' the harassment. This coming from the wife who put up with complete disregard, along with emotional, sexual and physical abuse? She couldn't demand that Joe treat her differently/ properly yet she would never accept sexual harassment? Come on.
  9. Thank you! I was feeling like I was the only one seeing how creepy he was. There's just something about him that doesn't sit well with me.
  10. I really liked Jackie and will miss her. What did Jackie bring to the show...? She's rich; the only Jewish woman on the cast; a writer; she's very intelligent, and she confronts people on their lies and/or bad behaviour. I believe Teresa doubled down on her attacks because she didn't like that Jackie was, and had attained, everything Teresa wanted, but will never achieve.
  11. This infuriated me the most about JL - his outdated response to a woman coming to him about their 'expecting' a child. She stated at the beginning that she got pregnant while working on the boat. Is JL going to share with us which crew member got her pregnant... Alli? What "lying" did you hear? Or are you referring to JL's insistence that he'll be involved in the little girl's life?
  12. I highly doubt she "planned" it, but I also figure she wasn't worried either way about pregnancy. If JL didn't want kids, he should have worn protection.
  13. I understand them wanting to show Jonah the door. I have a son who was equally as miserable and disrespectful, and I showed him the door at 19. After a few years on his own, he did come back (to save money) and his attitude did a 180. He matured into a wonderful man.
  14. Exactly what I've been saying to my spouse. Since Anna is deemed the "bad" child, the family can focus on Anna as being dysfunctional. However, once Anna moves out, they'll be forced to deal with their own dysfunction because they no longer can focus on their scapegoat
  15. I have tried to have an open mind towards Andrei, but he is so rude and belligerent, I just don't trust him. He is the definition of entitlement, and I wish Chuck would cut him loose.
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