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  1. I apologize in advance if this bothers people, but I CANNOT stomach Kim.. She is such a narcissist who sees her daughter's gig as more about her than anyone. To mention that Kim wouldn't allow Mariah's siblings to go to her gig because she can't go is ridiculous. Ethan's parents were religiously/emotionally rude to Olivia and unsupportive. Perhaps now Olivias's first gig with Mariah will be as drama-free as possible, but nooooooo, Kim's feelings come before anyone else's.
  2. I thinks she's aware of it, but it would make more sense to move in with the in-laws, as is the cultural norm.
  3. If she could support the both of them, financially, sure!
  4. It's too bad Jenny wouldn't lay around and be Thank you for writing this, I felt Evelyn was using and abusing Corey the entire time she took all of his money and you can be guaranteed the property he bought is all in her name. I don't buy for a second what she saying about her heartbreak. I wish Cory would have stayed with Peruvian Jenny.
  5. Clearly someone desperate, or without vision and hearing has been intimate with Stephen.
  6. I despise when people use religion or "rules" to keep others in line while acting as though the scriptures don't apply to them. Blech! (I am speaking about you, Stephen).
  7. It's times like these when Jenny's lack of backbone annoys me. She needs to challenge Sumit's broke ass and go home (or move to another area of India.)
  8. Kim makes my skin crawl when she "confides" to Lydia about her past boyfriends and how several exes came to her wedding. Yet, she doesn't want her family to experience any flirtations, nor wear anything that a boy may misinterpret. WTF? If she navigated her teenage years without incident, why doesn't she have the same level of trust in her children. She's more a "Do as I say, not as I do". Blech...
  9. Sadly, she gives Americans a bad image, especially for anyone who's never been to the US
  10. I thought Mike said she had her jewelery with her when she went to Seattle. She stopped blaming beau immediately
  11. I am mad at Natalie because she is incredibly selfish, saw Mike as a pushover and milked him for everything. Plus she lies 24/7
  12. I remember Michael getting the call from Natalie stating their k1 was approved, and he looked uncertain, and unhappy. She just kept at him, even though they ended their relationship in the Ukraine on bad terms. She's such a user.
  13. I was so mortified and embarrassed for Angela after she flounced out with full cleavage, and then she threw her legs on Michael, demanding he massage her feet. How gross was that?
  14. I don't know that I agree with the parents smothering the kids with zealous religious study when they're at the age to choose. Lead kids to religion until they're 12 then let them determine which path they want. Otherwise they'll be completely oppressed.
  15. I found that Eboni used that phrase so much I'm sure she turned off 50% of the viewing community with this overused generalization, (which she incorrectly used)
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