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  1. Interesting- I never saw the similarity with Carla. Now I can certainly see it- but Carla was/is prettier to my eyes.
  2. She seemed to be more down to earth compared to the others but really I think she was just a better actress than we thought. All the my love my love my love and then they divorced.Can you say fake? And yeah, her daughters are also treated like expert celebrities. So tell me, in this day and age, for offspring to not continue education , especially when $ is not a problem----just shouts weak.
  3. Holy moly you peeps are good! I had no idea. I do recall she had a sister named Kristen or something similar and I thought that it is highly ( more than highly ) unusual for a Jewish child to have that name. Then learning that the mom was Catholic, I thought it made a drop of sense more. So now I learn she is the only offspring from this union?
  4. I was also going to explain the G-d as opposed to spelling out the full word. Most practicing Jews ( which Ari is NOT--- but she identifies as one ) would not write out the word. If I remember correctly Ari's family was a blend and I think each child picked their religion. Her father I believe is Jewish, her mother is not. (It may have been discussed but in Judaism, a child born of a Jewish mother is considered Jewish). She also - remember- had her son baptized. Remember- she thought long and hard and then said oh well the priest can splash some water on him it means nothing. Good qu
  5. Actually - it's more than I knew so thank you!!
  6. I have always had a soft spot for Catelyn and Tyler. I think that they clearly got screwed when they were given parents. They really got the short end of the stick; I mean many of the cast members have horrible upbringings and parents but these two I think had the worst. I think the fact that they have stuck together and are trying is very touching. I think they are both so misguided and have no one really to steer them. I keep hoping they will get some sort of revelation and see the light. They have little sense of responsibility and poor values, but I just feel so sorry for them and really h
  7. Question because I don't watch very faithfully. Christina was saying she always wanted to be a nurse ( when Gary gave her the scrubs). Is she a nurse? I thought they were suggesting she might go to school for that but as I said, I really don't know this stuff. Can anyone explain?and thank you
  8. I caught some of this last night- Amber is doing her telehealth visit with a therapist. Again, with the eyes closed. I get that sometimes it helps one focus or listen, but it just seemed too bizarre. And she keeps repeating that she went to gel to save herself and that she did not abandon Leah. Poor Amber doesn't understand that it was AFTER she got OUT of gel that any chance she had with Leah she blew. She "abandoned" her in all the years including the present- after getting out from gel. Getting tired of only seeing her on her couch.
  9. I was just thinking that they probably shared the name by now. Asher Noah. Thanks!
  10. Most deserving of that status. (thanks!!)
  11. 'Just perusing the last few pages. Amy presenting Women with Curves? That is just so wrong on so many levels I can't even begin to know where to start. And to answer Isaac's question \Isaac: “I mean, is that not the chic-est look in the whole world? It’s just divine.” .........The answer to your question is simply "NO!!!!!!"
  12. I didn't realize there are several people on Linkedin with the same name. just like happens on FB.
  13. I remember back in the day ( I am old) in the NYC area where I grew up , when there was some Dr who did nose jobs, and every nose looked the same. I think people called it a Dr Diamond nose. Looks like Khloe and Tori used the same one? Or maybe the look is so desired that it's a readily available brand. Not a good look to my eyes. Also, Tori looks nothing like herself which is not a good thing. I always wondered way back if her nose was already tweaked. I recall that her mother seemed to have a similar taut small nose, but then I wondered if they both went to the same Dr.
  14. Can you believe this comment??? and I quote: ~~~You rock my world Debra. Keep making those hits. Love you to the moon and back
  15. Exactly exactly exactly my thoughts. I was disappointed when Dean and Tarik were no longer on Pillow Talk. I was really looking forward to Dean and girlfriend ( I don't even know her name) but he is not funny with her and she is pretty much silent with a beaming smile pretty constantly. Hey, I might be elated if I had a source of income with no skills, and I pretty much had to sit in my bed with blankets. Talk about a dream job. *and what is her name?. Not an attractive girl either sorry
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