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  1. NayNay looks SOOOOOOO much better when she had her hair up - that side by side is amazing. Hard to believe that is from the same day. When her hair was up it was smooth and brushed. I understand the natural drying and letting it go free, but it looked messy and unkempt.
  2. To encourage improvement, and there were some good ones, maybe we could vote for top 2 or 3? You know, to encourage where encouragement is warranted. 🙂
  3. I agree that this one had so many correct choices for the worst----- had me changing my vote every time I looked at another picture.
  4. I have voted before in other fashion polls, but for some reason I can't see how I actually vote for one. ( tough enough decision but I cannot see how to vote- it says select one but there is no place to select? Sorry- help!
  5. I do agree that One World used to be pretty attractive and it was so reasonably priced. I never did buy any, but when I would watch I would be actually tempted. It was almost like pricing at TJM and the like. I don't recall ever having seen it at Macy's (but then I rarely ventured to Macy's in the last 15 years or so. The one near us was horrible. Some I know are much better than others.....ours was pretty lousy).
  6. Ummmmmmm excuse me but did you say $94.98 and clearance in the same sentence? Is that possible???????
  7. oy! Lori should not model her glasses. Just sayin'..... and I was suggesting frames that change color! Pie in the sky wish- so you only need one pair of glasses. You know, you will it to be green today , purple tomorrow.
  8. I think I shared this a long time ago When we did a road trip through Tennessee, we went to Corky's. I wasnt sure what to expect, honestly, but let me tell you it was amazingly wonderful. We ended up going back like 3 times (one time just took out) It really was all that. I would imagine the shipped stuff is pretty good but those prices are over the top ( as I find for all food that is shipped). So I guess if you are on the fence about it, and are ok with the $ , go for it!
  9. Ohhhhh I hope you get power back soon ! Coffee is a must for me. I hardly use it, but I have gone so far as to have some instant coffee around ( they sell it in the sleeves like the individual flavorings for water) . I can drink that with cold water if need be, and some milk. The struggle for caffeine is real.
  10. Yes those lips have changed majorly. Interesting point about the glasses being a distraction for the changes to her face. I just keep seeing the GLASSES and whatever color they are. How can someone have that many different color frames?/ Seriously. Now there's a concept. Get to work on that Lori Grenier. 🙂
  11. This is regarding Caro in the light blue top- I agree she looks great in that. You are right that she would look even better without the glasses, but on her, since the glasses are legit and not a fashion prop, they work fine. Editing to add- I am just now seeing the previously recorded presentation of the TSV. The at home OAP (who is she? ) is so hard to hear. I mean the volume is ok but it's such horrible sound quality. Oh ok they just showed her name- Leslie Hermanson. She is presenting the holiday figurines like she is presenting the work of Michelangelo and is sharing wisdom that will change your life. I mean, granted I don't celebrate Christmas so I am not her audience , but I think it goes beyond that.
  12. Ooooh @RubberbandGirl-- naughty naughty!!! I am telling!!!!!!!!
  13. That apostrophe tho! Nothing says edumacated quite like the plural of Karen being Karen's. So glad someone else commented.:)
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