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  1. It will be interesting to see when they are allowed to work, what happens. I also got a kick out of Rebecca talking about having a baby. Yes I know it was theoretical and it was discussing Jovi and Yara, but of all things to comment on..(like remember the pope and birth control? he no play -a the game- he no make-a the rules)..........and yes still a fan of Alexi but he wasn't so stellar last night. Not bad, but not stellar. I loved Robert with the announcer voice for the fight between Andrrrrrrrrrei and Charly!
  2. I do think Tiffany is very pretty. I think in the past few episodes the scenes of her at the lawyer's office she looked like she might have gained another 40 lbs or so. She was always quite heavy but I thought she looked more huge. It could be that she was wearing pants? I too am thinking Jovi and Yara are a good match, and are turning out to the most normal and regular of the bunch. (also very nice on the eyes).
  3. I wonder if Angela is going to tone it down a smidge as all the commentary on her is how abrasive and irritating she is. It's no longer the entertaining kind- it's the change the channel when she is on kind. Trust me, I watch trash tv with the best of 'em but she is too freakin much.
  4. I didn't think about it, but yeah, I don't think you can buy airline tickets like it's non pandemic times. And certainly not back when this was filmed. ( now, maybe to some countries but not then). Good point about her canceling her ticket.
  5. I sure would not want to be Ryan's "new" wife......
  6. Yeah, I too kept trying to understand the assistant 's( Natasha was it?) face and attire. Very bizarre. However, she was understandably annoyed with Angela. And Angela's reaction when they said in the first few weeks she would lose lots of weight, she repeats it like it's the first time she thought of it? And yet she says she has researched the doctor.
  7. I can't blame him for trying. (nice work if you can get it?)
  8. I am so out of it. I had no clue who Kourt's new beau was. I actually do remember watching meet the barkers way back in the day. I so enjoy watching the K clan non stop vacaying and oohing and ahhing over each venue. They sure do play hard. not so sure about working hard but they do play hard. What are the rest of us doing wrong?
  9. It's always a shame when the kids are brought into this chaos. My heart goes out to poor Daniel for what he has been through. I wish that somehow they could work it out. I guess I can accept that the relationship between Tiff and Ronald did begin with pure intentions but I think she really has to face the music that she sure has some shit judgement and subjects her kids to that.
  10. Never heard the expression babushkafication but it's perfection. Thank you.
  11. And really, would it have been out of line for someone to ask her (amber) if she was feeling ill or was running a fever as she seemed to be so out of it? And then maybe ask if she could possibly open her eyes? She does have squinting eyes normally but this was anything but normal. It is offensive the more I think about and read about it- that they went along with her act and didn't even mention it. And look, she stormed off anyway so what 's the problem?
  12. Yes, I too thought she was incredibly attractive when the episodes were in Ukraine and they were at her mama's apartment.... Not so much lately. When she came here though it seems she got her fillers and boobs before she came, and looked kind of distorted. Since she has been here though she has put the pounds on ( I agree, it happens to the best of us) and it's really telling because of how she was so emphatic and disciplined about what to eat.
  13. The more I learn about her, the less I understand how someone (lookin' at you Zied) from a conservative background could seriously have a relationship with her. I am sure they are doing great and madly in love and respect each other greatly but let's be real. No clue as to her other kids but the ages of the ones we see and that of her hunny- just make ZERO sense.
  14. help an OL (old lady) out please? I see Isaac who still looks like one of the sweetest kids ever, as well as Lincoln.........and then Luxe and WHO? I must be really out of it because I think I forgot about #4. I will give her credit for the fact that the boys do look well cared for. But she needs to save her money and cut out the plastic surgery and fillers. It's not helping her out. (same with the glamor shots makeup applications!!!)
  15. well I guess no news is good news? anyone know?(yes I know we have been pandemic-ed out but still.....)
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