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  1. I actually watched them last night. I don't think I watched them before. Yeah I get that they are not the most exciting but I am so impressed with her fluency in English. She is so above most. Also, it was impressive that he spoke or tried to speak Spanish to her family. That's my contribution.
  2. wow Christina! I am exhausted reading all that. I can't imagine what it took out of you to gather all that. I think the more I read about her, the more I think she needs to be booted out of here and it's a shame that any of the resources here are wasted on her.
  3. I think about this-- that the impulse or non planned spending has to be WAY down now. I guess it must be a good thing for the Q? I do notice that ordinary food shopping is more $ lately though. (still a lot cheaper than eating out, but in general if something is not on sale, I notice it is often a few cents more...). Just saying. This is the silver lining though I agree - for those who are not struggling. (also spending soooooo much less on gasoline!). Always look at the bright side of life. thanks Monty Python. (if only I really could!!!)
  4. Wow she looks so different!i wasn't sure who I was seeing there.
  5. Wow so much info to absorb! While I certainly do not see chemistry between Jess and Coltee and never saw it between Larissa dn Coltee, I am confused on a few points. So Carmen's husband worked with Coltee and that is how they got set up? I can't remember how they said they met. I assumed it was online? (talking about Larissa). Also is Carmen still married??? I got the impression Larissa was staying with Carment, her single friend but maybe I just read into it all. Debbie'. At first I thought it was her voice, then I thought it was her accent, then I thought it was her actual speech. I think its all 3 ( yay! superdeluxee) .....but her speech (I mean how she pronounces words and or slurs so many words together and swallows them) makes me think that she had a stroke? She doesn't have a problem finding words or speaking, but the speech is so messed up that this is my new wonder. I also thought she was "disabled"- what is the disability? Sorry if this has been already discussed. I wonder if the disability is a stroke? Anyway thanks as always for the in depth discussions! AND Yes. We be BEEIN' FRAUDED BIGTIME by the Brazilians. and the Mom and Son team from Las Vegas. BIG TIME 🙂
  6. Yes like everyone we know totally opens up and shares all sorts of personal stuff when a random person who says they found your name on an ex's phone............. Also, just saying but does Eric-ee only pursue women whose mother tongue is Spanish or Portuguese? At first I didn't hear the accent but the more dear Nathalie spoke, she had an accent as well. I just thought it was interesting that living in Las Vegas or Colorado that there might be some women who had no accent? Also I was kind of surprised at how upset larissa seemed to get when Nathalie shared what Colteee and Eric---eee had discussed. Maybe she does have a future in the big screen.
  7. If we can overlook the model feet ( was it second position a la lovely ballet??) I think Caro looks very good in that blue color, and EVEN now she is wearing clothing that FITS and I think it's a very fine notion and she looks good!
  8. Wow Booney I am impressed with your quick grasp on the item in question. So apparently we didn't need @Lori NoGo or moi to highlight the longevity ( in the warehouse) of that item. Honestly, I don't hate all of logo but that one really takes the cake Reading the other comments I guess I am glad I didn't see this morning.
  9. Oh my I just had to look. Seriously? That looks like someone ALREADY threw it on the floor and stepped on it and it got caught on someone's shoe. That is one ridiculous looking ( and no- not even flattering oh that is just horrid) garment. Do we have a category for worst garment? @Booney what do you think? Eye bleach needed ALERT.
  10. Admittedly I am not very knowledgeable about Islamic society------but even in my ignorance I know that alcohol is a major no-no. The fact that Brit is carrying liquor ( and Laura too) is just blatant messed up. They truly don't get it. They truly are clueless in the most basic form
  11. I can't get over how bitter and defensive David is. Even with something so innocuous as him riding the uni-cycle he lashed out and said how difficult it was and the poster should try to do better or something to that effect. All along he seemed pretty dense and harmless but in this view he sure looks like a nasty and hateful dude. ..........and the home furnishings! has it been explained at all? i thought someone had said maybe with his plans to ge that megadollar RV he had sold everything and was just staying temporarily with quick 2nd hand furniture? DH was watching last night and even he said what is the story with the furniture? Lol he said maybe it was his late mother's apartment????
  12. Such great comments - all of you! thank you. I do think the bit with Larissa finding the girl Erikee was with when they had broken up---and then the girl speaking so freely to her over the phone? Just maybe the teeniest bit possible set up by TLC. (said with the utmost sarcastic tone). Also the way Jess behaved at the dinner cursing Debbie out? Debbie is horrible but Jess was totally over the line! So mash screepting. (a l a Rebecca's beau whose name totally escapes me at the moment---------so much scripting)
  13. I keep trying to figure that out as well. She looks way better now. I too used to see something very close but off with her face and now she just looks good. I agree JEANNE222.
  14. So much conflicting info but I love me a house on a colda sac.
  15. wow. And I come back to the question- where do they get the $$$ for all this tweaking/surgery/injections?
  16. Yes, the point I was making was that although it is not as strict as other countries, making no adjustment for that is not going to be a good move. Here's lookin' at you Brit. That is really interesting that the shopkeeper would not be comfortable dealing with a woman. I think that is what we lose sight of. Taking it to the next step. I do wonder how do they shop for food? (asking in all seriousness). Is the shopkeeper's wife/sister mother there to transact with the women? I cannot envision the man of the house doing the shopping but maybe I am clueless. I did read something a while ago about Saudi Arabia and a woman absolutely could not leave the house unescorted------even to a neighbor's house down the street. Doesn't sound like Britt will be happy there.
  17. Jordan was more modern and moderate but I am not so sure if that is still accurate now. I will have to pay attention more closely but I don't think I see women about in the streets, let alone in western garb.
  18. ok ...........senior moment here. what is dts? please and thank you
  19. I don't think TCM is a premium channel. We get basic plus? ( no HBO or any of that stuff and we get TCM). Going to look for Camelot. So happy to see this before the fact! I believe on Verizon it is 230 all over.
  20. It's so nice to see a happy new family. It's kind of bizarre on this show- but they look wonderful and baby is soooooooo cute. ❤️
  21. I love the title. Late to the game here, but thankfully the best one won. All the others were outstanding, but Haile rules.
  22. Yes.@Gingerella, this is what gets me. Well, one of the many many things that gets me. Like who in their right mind, when first starting to date someone is okay and thinks it is normal to wear a mike and have cameras around????????????????????????????/
  23. @hummingbird yes! And this happened when we lived in suburban NJ--- bedroom communities for NYC. These were very well educated people. Imagine. I WAS TRYING TO REPLY TO ANOTHER POST and lo and behold here we are again. I did not see any of this. Oh my I would say that is kinda obnoxious. Truly.
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