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  1. sauce62

    S15.E02: Week 2

    I can't stand Luke and his overly shaped brows. I was only half watching, but what was with Hannah's tears before cocktail party? Not a good look. So far, this season is a big yawn. Hannah and her shit eating grin, bad taste in men and ridiculous group activities may make this my last attempt to follow this shitshow.
  2. sauce62

    Home Shopping Network

    Wow, you're not kidding. She is incredibly abrasive and unlikable.
  3. I even heard Amy refer to not showering last night. She was talking about being on vacation and not showering. I really don't care about your personal hygiene habits. Not everyone showers every day. But to use it as a selling point completely eludes me. Is nothing sacred?
  4. So much better than that yellow scraggle she's worn for years. I can't stand her either.
  5. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, if Amy can't pronounce the word "called" why does she insist upon saying it? I think she thinks it's cute. She can say " this is blue" and completely avoid the word " called". Am I asking too much? My ears bleed.
  6. Just like she lived in Mexico for 5 years and "grew up" there. Lying sack of shit.
  7. Wow, Jane's hair looks great!! Is the apocalypse nigh?
  8. sauce62

    S15.E01: Week 1

    Had to hurry here to voice my displeasure at her not choosing Chasen. Holy hotness!! Sad he didn't stick around. I also yelled at the TV when Tyler the wannabe dancer was busting his pathetic moves. What a complete douche. I hate him already. And John Paul Jones, it goes without saying. There seem to be some overly "shaped" brows on the men. Is this a thing? I don't like it. I'm kind of meh on Hannah. I am suspicious of someone who smiles that much.
  9. Shawn just said "huge, egregious savings". What a fucking moron. Is anyone paying attention there? The only thing egregious, Shawn, is your presence on my tv.
  10. Doesn't see herself coming and going.
  11. You mean when Carolyn was shitfaced?
  12. Maybe she's trying to stay warm since she's wasting away.
  13. Loco has Leah Williams syndrome: lose weight and age 10 years. Girlfriend looks haggard!!
  14. sauce62


    I've always liked Dour Bauer, surliness and all. She has always been the consummate professional. She's clearly been unhappy for the past few years and I'm happy she's moving on. What a relief for her. QVC is a shell of its former self. The end of an era.
  15. I think Carolyn gets snarked on for not wearing her proper size (and making poor wardrobe choices), and David for his gluttony, neither for their weight per se.