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  1. 12 pairs of Christmas socks are just dumb. Who wants that? Bah Humbug.
  2. It's because she's wearing that horrible red lipstick. Way too harsh and aging. It was nice for a one off Jen, but go back to a nude lip.
  3. She's talking about giving gifts as if its some heinous duty that you must do. What about a gift because you thought the person would love it or because you love them? Can we at least pretend to "feel the joy" of Christmas/Holiday? She sucks the life out of every presentation.
  4. She seems very clipped and edgy tonight. She just said It Cosmetics "stumbled" into skin care. That they didn't start with that. I think Jamie Kern Lima would beg to differ. She's such an ass.
  5. Michelle is dull and humorless. And with those beautiful deep set eyes, is the last person who should wear such dark eyeshadow. I find her brows a bit severe too. Obviously an attractive woman but a little dead behind the eyes. Brandon does seem too young. Martin is a Douche bag. What a dumb ass. Nayte and Joe are cute, but im so bored with this show. It's a sad day.
  6. I'm embarrassed for Carolyn in all those pictures. There's no excuse for looking so awful. Hosts arent even trying to be pleasant and professional anymore. All in the name of "being real". There's got to be a happy medium somewhere. It's become a freak show. The pendulum has swung too far and its become uncomfortable to witness.
  7. And that hideous frosty color she insists on wearing is not attractive at all. Jane:try a new color! Live a little!
  8. She's pissy because her feet are killing her. What a maroon.
  9. Her nails are just another "Fuck You" in a long line of Fuck Yous. She HAS to know they are ghastly.
  10. quiet voice* Jane's hair looks kinda good there. The polyester pajamas need to stop though, pronto. Is anyone really sleeping in those?
  11. My 24 year old daughter walked in as the TSV blanket was being shown and said she loved the pom poms. A moment later 26 year old son walked in and said "who would pay that much for that abomination?" It is to laugh.
  12. I think its just the way she looks. There is, however, definitely something going on with the mouth. Its like her face never relaxes. I think if she didn't work so hard on the fish lips, the face might relax a little. She does seem to be a lovely person.
  13. Thumper, nice sweater! I'm curious about the color. Is it gray, or does it have a touch of green in it?
  14. What in the everloving fuck did I just watch? The nasal string and Jenny's gagging reaction was probably the most hilarious thing I've seen in a while. Outrageous and disgusting, yes, but hilarious. It seems like a really bad idea to me. Sumit's mother is horrible. What a freaking downer she is, so self righteous. I've also been wondering how Armando speaks such flawless unaccented English. Do we have an explanation for this? Where is Steven coming up with all the money for the boat, piano and ring? I really like Alina, poor taste in men aside. She has a bit of snark snd also speaks
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