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  1. I think Carolyn gets snarked on for not wearing her proper size (and making poor wardrobe choices), and David for his gluttony, neither for their weight per se.
  2. Styled by Loco??
  3. sauce62


    Too bad they're ugly and flatter no one. YMMV.
  4. sauce62

    S23.E12: After the Final Rose

    What a horribly awkward way to spend two hours. What did I even just watch? Cassie is a moron of the highest order and Colton is the definition of tool. What about when Cassie sits down with Colton's family and proceeds to ramble incoherently about their relationship. Their pained expressions said it all. Do people actually talk about their relationships like that?? I daresay, not. When she was on stage with Colton, her face was straining from trying to keep the fake smile. Just so painfully fake and bad. Hannah B is a horrendous choice for Bachelorette. Utterly without charm or wit. Is this what we've become, people? I find it all disturbing.
  5. sauce62

    S23.E11: Week 10: The Final Rose

    Tayshia is stunningly beautiful and would make a good bachelorette. Hannah G. is adorable and too sweet for this whole enterprise. I don't see the appeal of Cassie at all, wet and bland like a bowl of Cream of Wheat. As for Colton, how can he even go out in public? What a gigantic embarrassment. That was some really , really bad tv.
  6. sauce62

    S23.E10: The Women Tell All

    Does Demi know what promiscuous means? Good God. Who would announce this about themselves??
  7. sauce62

    S23.E07: Week 7: Denver, Colorado

    And I must have counted at least a dozen "I'm not gonna lie"s coming out of everyone's mouths. Oh those crazy kids and their verbal tics. And why did Colton plant one on Kirpa when he knew she was going to be let go? Looking forward to hometowns!
  8. I recommend Warner's Cloud 9 wirefree Contour Bra. Very comfortable and available on Amazon.
  9. And I could see nothing but Jayne's big old feet.
  10. sauce62


    This format blows. The model turned towards the camera is very awkward and all the forced laughter is painful. And Pats lips are taking up most of the screen.
  11. sauce62


    I agree. Graphics are awful. Isn't part of being a brand being consistent? If its not, it should be. Can't wait to hear the new TSV theme song!
  12. sauce62


    It certainly looks like it!! Yikes!!
  13. Her bangs look like shit.
  14. Radiatedisinterest!!! Lolololoz
  15. sauce62

    Home Shopping Network

    I think the jacket is really cute, but impractical for my lifestyle, and a bit "try hard" for a woman of a certain age.