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  1. Her hair color is awful. She paid someone to make it look like that?
  2. Watching a bit of Kerstin with Lug right now. She is so difficult to watch with the darting eyes and she handles the merchandise so roughly. She practically destroyed a display of wallets with her frenetic movements. Too much chaotic energy.
  3. Watching her on Monday night I was actually thinking she was trying to imitate Shawn; turning her back to the camera and rubbing her nose. It seemed obvious that she was trying to be Shawn. Why? She has to know better.
  4. The green crew neck tee shirt Katie is wearing is so unflattering. I do find Greg very attractive though.
  5. What on earth would those patterns go with? I understand matchy matchy is out, but they're not even cute patterns. I would have bought in a solid brown, green or red. Do better Lug!!
  6. I was only half watching, but Katie looked totally wasted before her hurling episode. Also, what was with all the crying guys when Connor left? What kind of mind fuckery are we witnessing? None of it makes sense. Stockholm Syndrome for sure. And, are we really to believe all these guys are jerking off in the shower with camera crews everywhere? Come on.
  7. This has got to be the ugliest set I've ever seen. The ugliest.
  8. Makes no sense, and obviously meant to titillate.
  9. Omg what was with her putting her hand down the back of her pants -repeatedly- during the NYDJ presentation?? She's not even wearing the pants being shown. Just shoving her hand down her butt crack. So crass.
  10. I've said it before, I'll say it again. In what world is it okay to turn your back to the camera? Her rudeness knows no bounds.
  11. The dramatic music! Katie's overly large veneers! The sparkly plaid jacket! What am I watching? And yes, Kaitlin's enhancements have aged her so much and taken away her natural cuteness. Blake looks like a poor man's John Travolta. Somehow I picture him sitting at a campfire ripping ass. He just looks stinky.
  12. I ordered a Home Reflections storage stool (a collapsible fabric covered round gizmo for lack of a better word) and it smelled SO BAD. It made me physically ill. I aired it out outside for a week it was so bad, but I liked it and didn't want to return it. It's fine now, but I seriously don't know how the Chinese workers cope with the fumes. In related shopping mishaps, I ordered a few summer dresses from Amazon and they all reeked as well. Did not keep any of them. I also had the same thing with some Evine apparel. I do have a very sensitive sniffer, but these are toxic fumes without a
  13. For the love of all that is Holy, why would you post that? I am stunned. What a horrible person.
  14. Is it just me or does the music seem really over the top tonight? Maybe to make up for Katie's lackluster personality. She's not that interesting. I'm not sure I can watch this dreck anymore!
  15. They love to play dumb. Earlier Amy asked Isaac what "fragility" means. In her case though, she might not have been playing. Has she never read a book? It's not a difficult word. Shawn is fighting hard not to knot every top, even going so far as to stand there with a wadded up clump of corner of shirt in her hand. If only it were a tissue instead.
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