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  1. Lynn

    S07.E22: Janine

    Regarding the pointed area at the end of one of Janine's lymphedema closures, I had 2 of those after a bilateral mastectomy. They are known as "dog ears." If there is a lot of fat and tissue removed, the skin doesn't match up flatly. Plastic surgeons have a technique of extending the cut further out the end at an oblique angle and basically taking off the corner. My cancer surgeon was not an artist, and I had to have corrective surgery later.
  2. Lynn

    S02.E07: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

    i think the Snowden toddler was crawling over Vanessa's twin because she thought she was Vanessa. They are super identical.
  3. Lynn

    S05.E02: Scared and Unprepared

    i agree about hiring a nurse and think it should be for the whole time they are in NY. Or put her in a nursing facility like her friend. They can certainly afford it. Jeannette is not prepared for post-op care. It's so hard to see your child suffer and she needs a nurse to take care of the medical stuff and administer pain medication. it will be very hard for both of them for Jeannette to be involved with that intimate care, especially with such a painful operation. i feel sorry for both of them.
  4. Hi, All, Just wanted to pop in and say how much I love reading your take on my favorite shows. I watch all the 90 Days shows, all polygamy shows, My 600 lb Life (love Dr. Now), I Am Jazz, Lost in Transition. On a more serious note, I like Long Lost Family. I am done with Teen Mom 2 because they are adding Bristol Palin. My favorite show is Homicide Hunter and I enter the contest every week because I really, really want to ride around with my hero, Joe Kenda.
  5. I like Steven so far. He is scared of the future but is trying to do the right thing. His grandparents are obviously the best thing in his life. I'm rooting for him.
  6. This!!!!!! It aggravates the snot out of me with all the talking head interviews in all seasons of this show. At least change your damn shirt a couple of times to give the illusion of a timeline.
  7. Lucy really did say Dada. Twice! Clear as day.
  8. Lynn

    All Episodes Talk: Celebrating Diversity

    That scene where she came running after her mom brought tears to my eyes, and then when they signed their love.....OMG. That scene and the one with Rachel's letter were very emotional.
  9. He brushed his teeth though. She appears to be the same height as him. His buddies had a good laugh over his height.
  10. Seriously? Who doesn't know that? I think her dad was joking and she didn't get it.
  11. This!!! My mom had a loveseat that pulled out into a bed in her very small apartment living room. It was a comfortable couch and a good bed when my brother or I came to visit her. Why on earth would they buy a huge wraparound couch?
  12. This my favorite line of the whole series. I have been finding occasions to use it around the house. Husband Lynn is amused.
  13. Her brother and sister are actually quite good. It's hard to tell why the dynamic between Nicole and her mom is so unbalanced. The dad just seems like he dotes on her and doesn't really see her. The step parents seem to have clear vision but cannot change the deranged relationships. But again, I don't think Robbalee is necessarily a bad mother considering how her other 2 kids are above average. I think she is intimidated by Nicole and is beaten down.
  14. Not to worry, Poeticlicensed. EIC is earned income credit. You have to have had earned income in the U.S. in the tax year. Then its a sliding scale on a bell curve. Very little income, like 3-4,000 and its a small credit. Up around 12,000 it's a big credit. Around 20,000 and it reduces again until you don't qualify. It is correct that it is "refundable" in that you can get a refund of more than was withheld. But you have to work.
  15. Lynn

    Three Wives, One Husband

    They seem well spoken and the community is so self sufficient and NOT bleeding the beast. I like it that they explain their religion. Pretty interesting show. I was reluctant to watch it after slogging through the Brown's drama, but I'm glad I did.