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  1. ...but if you lived next door, you would probably be be part of the 30-60 people invited to the party.
  2. If it's like what I've read about The Price is Right, they would have gotten a voucher for one to be used at a local dealership.
  3. Often singers do that when they are lip-synching in order to hide their mouths. Not the first time that I've accused this show of having some singers do that. I wasn't paying close enough attention last night to detect it, though.
  4. Is it possible that he could be appearing in flashbacks??? My doctor swears that he is dead. Yes, we discuss The Mandalorian, lol. Sorry, I can't warm up to it. Any name other than Baby Yoda is going to need to be very special, lol.
  5. My children's pediatrician did not have children, but had plenty of time to read, study and be an excellent diagnostician. He diagnosed my son with Kawasaki's Disease when it was practically unheard of 36 years ago, so YMMV. Maybe that's where the buyer was coming from.
  6. I was using the short version of the name, like the soft drink. Sorry for the confusion. From now on I'll cite the articles. I'm a big fan, so I read a lot about him. I would hope it's not true, but here's just one example.
  7. That's about the same time as when I read about him being a functioning c*** addict.
  8. There can't be too much Baby Yoda for me! Even Robert Rodriguez said that he is the biggest star in the universe.
  9. I was saying to her, "Girl, it's had burnt wood in it. What do you expect it to look like?" At her age, she would probably be a public defender and years from now have a private practice.
  10. There have been many in print over the years.
  11. As a public school music teacher, I've produced many talent shows and agree that "Hallelujah" has been run into the ground. However, on last night's show, Christina did the best job. That's why they closed the show with her. This season it seems to me that there is an overabundance of dancers. Maybe it's just me.
  12. In reading several comments abut Darci Lynne, I have been thinking that she is getting to the age when teenagers become a little rebellious. She may be getting tired of it after doing it for so long now and may want to spend more time with her friends, which is normal at her age. She's 15, now. Darci Lynne Birth nameDarci Lynne Farmer BornOctober 12, 2004 (age 15) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S. Occupation(s)Ventriloquist, singer InstrumentsVocals Years active2014–present Websitedarcilynne.com
  13. This is exactly why people have the opinion that children that young should not be in these kinds of competitions.
  14. I have a one-word description for this episode: DUD.
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