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  1. Good point, and upon thinking again, I suppose that she could have worn herself out and had no energy left to swim to shore. The whole scene was like an Ingmar Bergman movie, so anything is possible.
  2. I don't understand how you can drown yourself. Wouldn't instinct kick in and cause you to swim back to shore? The only explanation is that she drugged herself and it kicked in when she was too far from shore. Here eyes did look that way before she jumped.
  3. Exactly what I told the hubby. I said that it could be on the runway today!
  4. I apparently missed something along the way, as I was so anguished. Does Mando have a ship to replace the Razor Crest, or is he hitching rides?
  5. We haven't seen the last of it. When they reunite, and they will, the silver ball will be waiting for him. There's no way that Season 3 will be without Grogu. Can you imagine how much Disney has made from merchandise in two seasons? And that's after delaying the release of merch for Season 1. They aren't going to want to anger all those moms and die-hard fans. Look at some of the Baby Yoda/Grogu/Child FB groups and you'll get it. I know. I'm in one.
  6. ...and steals the expensive macarons from all the rich kids.
  7. If next week is the "Magnificent Seven"- type showdown, they will need Mayfield. So, who do we have? Din, Boba Fett, Cara, Fennec, Mayfield and then maybe Greef? We still need one more.
  8. She may be like me and belong to the Color of the Month Club.
  9. I had read it as a spoiler months ago as GROKU. All of us were preparing for a revolt over it, but maybe not.
  10. It was like a real father-son thing when Dad needs the son to help him repair something around the house or fix a car. It was a cute scene.
  11. The only problem I have is that it is not HD and I have to turn the volume way up, lol. I've seen them all countless times, but I love the guys on the squad so much!
  12. I didn't see this episode as a filler. I saw it as a shout-out/gift to all fans of The Child/AKA Baby Yoda who have made them even richer by making so many related purchases. Yes, Guilty. I just love his little noise..."Oo-WEET", or something like that.
  13. ...but if you lived next door, you would probably be be part of the 30-60 people invited to the party.
  14. If it's like what I've read about The Price is Right, they would have gotten a voucher for one to be used at a local dealership.
  15. Often singers do that when they are lip-synching in order to hide their mouths. Not the first time that I've accused this show of having some singers do that. I wasn't paying close enough attention last night to detect it, though.
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