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  1. In my opinion, when a coach picks their contestant that didn't get picked, that takes away from any excitement for the viewer. I love Kristin.
  2. I am a music educator and partial to singers. I certainly understand the fatigue of having singers win this show, but I would just like to say that Jimmie Herrod has the most flawless voice I have ever heard! I wish him the best and hope that he gets scooped up by Broadway or gets a good recording contract.
  3. ...and was a college professor, or so I thought I heard. I may have been too distracted. I thought that the condo fit them better.
  4. I came here to say the same thing. From the first words out of her mouth...
  5. Yes. Some of us have been around here long enough to remember that this site used to be called TELEVISION WITHOUT PITY. :)
  6. Sorry, not sorry. I'm calling producer hijinks again. There is no way that Jimmie or the TKD performers were in the bottom. IMO, they're just trying to create drama.
  7. I have never seen someone as happy to be there as Nicolle. :)
  8. 5/28 episode - the guitar smashing episode. Jimmy was flying high celebrating Friday. That hair! Hairpiece or not?????
  9. All of that faux falling to the floor kinda gave it away, didn't it?
  10. What I thought about that was that I wondered if all schools required uniforms, because the kids were not wearing them.
  11. Good point, and upon thinking again, I suppose that she could have worn herself out and had no energy left to swim to shore. The whole scene was like an Ingmar Bergman movie, so anything is possible.
  12. I don't understand how you can drown yourself. Wouldn't instinct kick in and cause you to swim back to shore? The only explanation is that she drugged herself and it kicked in when she was too far from shore. Here eyes did look that way before she jumped.
  13. Exactly what I told the hubby. I said that it could be on the runway today!
  14. I apparently missed something along the way, as I was so anguished. Does Mando have a ship to replace the Razor Crest, or is he hitching rides?
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