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  1. The suspicious side of me says that the entire Battle Rounds portion of the season is pre-planned. I can see the producers sitting around with photos planning out the whole thing, as far as who will battle whom, and who will steal, etc. Remember, it's TV. It probably couldn't have worked out so "perfectly" had that not been the case.
  2. No, but every time I see him that's what I can't help but call him!
  3. I'm just here to make my yearly proclamation that I'm glad that Colin Kaepernick still has his gig playing bass. That is all.
  4. Ummm...Jessica "Rabbit" is a personal stylist? That is all.
  5. True. My sister-in-law's cousin got a golden ticket in Savannah, but wasn't shown. She has been in Hollywood taping. Her name is Paisley Howell.
  6. Indianapolis guy from Madagascar: how refreshing to see someone so appreciative of everything we take for granted. I liked their choice of houses.
  7. We will? I don't miss Adam. I agree about this group of judges. Fun.
  8. RAMBLINGS: I just don't understand the yet again advancing of Tyler and his electric violin.I certainly understand his story and illness, but as a musician myself, I don't feel that he is that fantastic. Maybe I'm being too picky. I guess that this isn't the year of the comedian. Although I'm not a fan of dog acts, this one is on another level. Very well executed.
  9. Sneak peek from tonight's Season finale. https://www.tvguide.com/news/evil-season-1-finale-preview-kristen-robert-michelle-king/
  10. I don't know, but Snookie's husband had too much personality compared to any ortho doctor that I've encountered.
  11. Sweden: I thought that you were supposed to dress a little less casual in Europe. I learned that my hot pink jogging suit stood out way too much on the London Tube when everyone else was wearing dark clothing, lol. The female house hunter's short shorts seemed inappropriate to me. I thought that the houses were all nice, though.
  12. Got this from TV Line regarding Michael Emerson. Question: Where has George been on Evil? —Naomi Ausiello: You’re in luck: Kristen’s nightmare buddy is back in this week’s episode “in a form that… you couldn’t imagine what you’re going to see,” Katja Herbers teases. “He’s going to be back, but he’s going to be very different. A different shape.” And has the disturbing demon been paying attention to what’s gone on in his absence? “Yup,” Herbers confirms. “He seems to be very aware of what’s going on in the whole world.”
  13. Expensive the baby is. https://tvline.com/2020/01/11/mandalorian-finale-punching-baby-yoda-adam-pally-trooper/
  14. Babalooie

    S01.E11: Room 320

    According to DISH Network's synopsis for next week,
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