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  1. I saw this movie today, I really enjoyed it and I will watch it again. The fight scenes were great, I do agree at the end it became a CGI mess. The villain was sympathetic, I really felt for Tony Leung's character you can tell he really loved his wife and wanted his family back. Akwafina was tolerable and I liked their friend chemistry. Loved Wong showing up and the fake Mandarin.
  2. Agree - not at all interested in this version of Jarly..
  3. This episode had my heart palpitating, when Morgan Edge revealed himself in Clark's memories I was like noooo! Clark has submitted but I really hope he's playing a trick and that his love for his family will make the difference. I have to say I'm really enjoying Elizabeth Tulloch in this, I saw her in Grimm and didn't think much of her acting skills. I don't think she had good chemistry with the lead actor of that show but her and Tyler have it in spades. Watching how they met and fell in love was very cute I loved it. Can't believe they destroyed the fortress of solitude. I wonder
  4. I am absolutely loving this show! As stated, the family moments are the best parts. I am happy that Jon got to vent some of his anger but he and his brother made up in the end. Ironic that Jordan eavesdropped on his brother, the exact same thing he got upset with his father about earlier in the season. This is one show I am watching on a weekly basis and not waiting for episodes to pile up
  5. Decided to see this in the theater and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Thought the fight scenes were well done, only complaint would be more on the history of SubZero and Scorpion and more Scorpion in general. Also did Cole understand Japanese? Still deciding how I feel about a new character just for the movie, but I liked the idea that Scorpion's bloodline wasn't just obliterated. Wish we had the tournament, but I would watch a sequel.
  6. MirrorIris confused me. At first I thought it wasn’t her, but her explanations made sense and Barry did sense something was off. However by the end, I thought it was realIris until the mirror scene. I think this is just another version of Iris. I wonder if there is a Mirror Barry ?
  7. Saw it and really enjoyed it. Did not expect the captain to die so viciously, wish they had found a way to save him. Also making Mike's son a serial murderer didn't sit well with me, I do wonder what he meant in the end scene about paying down the debt. I wonder if that is a tie to a sequel It was fun, nice seeing the boys back together again and also REGGIE!!
  8. I read the books YEARS ago so have forgotten the details of the plot. For example, did not recall that Asriel essentially did the same thing Mrs. Coulter was doing for his own end. Very sad to see Roger go like that. Another question, did Asriel go to our world? If he did then I assume a man walking around with a snow leopard would attract attention. Since the other dude's daemon is a snake, that you can hide but a leopard I assume would get locked up? Yeah I also wonder what daemon's do when their humans are being intimate?? Love the kid who plays Will, can't wait to see how he r
  9. Just saw this movie today, I really really enjoyed it. I have no issues believing that Rey was Palpatine's grandchild, I am probably one of the few people who really liked that particular twist. Emperor Palpatine was also human at some point in time so it's believable that he may have been married with children. I didn't find any difficulty believing how he still lived, artificial means and the dark side of the force. Loved all the fight scenes, loved when regular people showed up. Loved the interactions between the main trio and yes I liked the kiss. Ben had to die so this was a fitting ar
  10. Saw it today and enjoyed it. I did figure a part of the plot point, that Dani was the savior. Loved Linda Hamilton in this, she did a great job and yes I enjoyed seeing Arnold and figured he would die in the end. Also loved the new Terminator and the double body concept.
  11. Saw it today, really enjoyed it. Although I was a bit confused, I thought it was said that Maleficent had control over life and death, I thought she would be able to bring the other fairies back to life but I guess it meant her own life.
  12. I’m watching. But slowly lol. This season is a dud. Only thing I liked was Amanda and Jordon’s wedding and getting introduced to Bumpman. I also respect Bri a lot, she always has her kids with her.
  13. I like Sarge actually. I do think he is cocky but I assume that will get dealt with as the series progresses. Thunk Gregg is doing a great job with the role. Mack and Yo-yo not being together makes no sense. Hopefully this gets tabled soon. Glad FitzSimmons are finally going home. I was getting tired of the always in danger angle.
  14. Glad Yvie won. Agree that none of the lip syncs were gag worthy. I didn’t know why Yvie’s first lip sync outfit had 10 million muppets on it and it limited our ability to appreciate her movements. Silky had too many reveals and it was still a mess. Brooke needed a lot (A LOT) more stank. She had a second with the split booty bounce but she should’ve done that more. For some reason Papa Oddly touched me, so supportive of Yvie, wearing the t shirt and making his motorcycle buddies watch Yvie. Maybe it’s because he looked a bit straight-laced. Congrats Yvie, you were my pick!!
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