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  1. I’m not buying Denise planned the wedding 2 days before the wedding , probably more like she planned the wedding in 2 days. If you have enough money to throw at people you can get flowers, catering, a venue, and servers in a pinch — the wedding also took place on a Sunday, so the venue would have been easier to get. Besides, it was a Bravo event of sorts so was likely paid at least in part by them. And since it was an event filmed for the show it also meant the HWs had to show up or not get paid, and since Mauricio’s business anniversary was planned way in advance it wasn’t the kind of thing Kyle would skip out on. The HWs are probably required to stay for a certain length of time, like a minimum of 2 or 3 hrs, so the fact that Denise was abysmally late to her own wedding was probably not that big of a deal. The producers may have even “encouraged” her to take her own sweet time for dramatic effect, but who knows? It didn’t negatively impact her special day and things went off relatively smoothly and she was able to put her own spin on it and make it her own.
  2. msblossom

    S11.E18: The Model Bride

    Obviously Nene is hurting but to make negative remarks about Gregg on Twitter just days after he was released from the hospital is such an ass move and disloyal.
  3. I thought Sonja’s apartment looked dated from the outside and inside. Better than her townhouse though. The pink walls and black or navy lacquered doors sounds awful. She had what I assumed was a fake Birkin in some of her scenes. No way can she afford a $14,000 handbag.
  4. msblossom

    S09.E04: Bahama Drama

    Teddi is gross for being an instigator and planning this nonsense for tv. However, Dorit was still wrong for giving the dog away instead of talking to Lisa and bringing the dog back to her.
  5. msblossom

    S09.E04: Bahama Drama

    Wait a minute, so Teddi and John were texting and Teddi arranged to ask “Isthat the dog?” on camera to put Doritos on blast? Ken’s thread of texts are suspicious.
  6. msblossom

    S01.E08: This Young Woman Fought Like Hell

    The first episode was the best and went downhill from there. For me, the way this series was produced and all the jumping back and forth from past to present was clumsy and hard to watch. I’m glad this series is over and that both daughters survived the hell their mother put them through. I hope the youngest daughter is able to work through the trauma, heal and find her place in whatever makes her happy.
  7. msblossom

    Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

    I don’t think they’re all that far apart in age, maybe 5 years. She has to be mid 30’s. The mom acted only slightly more nature than her 2 toddlers, okay I exaggerate. She doesn’t “like” doing laundry? Well, guess what...most of us don’t, but it has to get done. She’s incredibly immature and obnoxious. And who teaches their kid to say “booby time” when they should be drinking from a sippy cup? No way she’s able to keep this up. Her house is probably already near clutter capacity. Bet that couple fights loud and below the belt often. Whoever said this couple will be divorced in a few years is right. I love decluttering and minimalism, but I couldn’t get past the 1st episode. 🤷‍♀️
  8. msblossom

    S03.E18: Reunion Part 2

    Their getups are sparkle trash. They all look hideous. Cari looks a little better than the rest, I’ll bet her husband picked out her dress, lol. Nah, I take that back — Cari’s dress is just as bad. DeAndra looks like she’s wearing heavy curtains from the 80’s.
  9. msblossom

    S03.E18: Reunion Part 2

    This reunion is as pathetic as it’s franchise. Dallas is a #FAIL. It’s as bad as New Jersey, and that’s saying something. DeAndra, Brandi and Cameron are the worst.🙈
  10. She’s such a liar. We saw the footage waaay back several seasons ago when he said that and she regretted it. She’s still trying to put Donn in a bad light.
  11. I think it’s so sweet that Donn has bonded with Briana’s family and obviously really loves spending time with them. I remember when he and Vicki talked about how he wanted to have a child or two with Vicki but she refused. So glad he gets to to be a grandpa, he looks happy.
  12. msblossom

    S13.E18: Femme Finale

    This! Can we put Emily in a casita too? At least while her mother is in town so she can visit the grandkids without being guilt-tripped for having severe depression.
  13. msblossom

    S13.E18: Femme Finale

    Geez, no doubt. I can’t imagine anyone being attracted to that man and having chemistry. His personality is wooden, he’s got short man complex and he’s very unattractive.
  14. msblossom

    S13.E18: Femme Finale

    I agree. Also, It actually pissed me off the way she threw her mother under the bus on national television. The woman is obviously in a fragile state trying to get back to “living” and her daughter puts her on the defensive right from jump. She also neglected to say that her mother was there at her twins birth and made seem like she was going to be meeting them for the first time. Not cool, Emily.
  15. msblossom

    S13.E17: Friends and Enemas

    I’m starting think the Housewives franchises are winding down and have run their course, with the exception of NYC.