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  1. This season sucked and the reunion, so far, is awful. I’m not team Denise, but I hate a pile up. Kyle, Teddy, Erika, and Lisa Rinna can put a fork in it because I’m done with their bullshit. I like Sutton for the way she calls out Dorit. Denise is not worth the $3 million they’re paying her. She doesn’t have the balls to go toe to toe with these vultures and she’s a bad liar. That being said, it’s 4 against 1 and they expect her to talk about her private problems but won’t ever allow anyone to bring up their private shit. At the reunion, I don’t think I’ve seen Denise
  2. I agree, but LeAnn is racist. She just doesn’t want to admit it, that’s why she’s making all the excuses. Racism comes in varying degrees, or on a spectrum and all racism is ugly and no one wants to cop to it. That said, Kari is a big asshole and LeeAnn’s hatred toward her turned foul because she used her nationality (that Kari herself brought up ALL THE TIME) as a derogatory term.
  3. It would probably be a good idea to make her sit out next season due to her racist remarks and mental health. The Bravo executives should not have someone on the show like LeeAnne until she’s evaluated and treated, and still no guarantees of returning.
  4. Brandi 100% knows what blackface is! She’s not ignorant, she’s a liar. Deflect and deny all you want Brandi, you’re a racist and a liar.
  5. I thought the whole “trashy” conversation was silly. My thoughts are: Brandi is trashy. I don’t know why that’s up for debate. Half the housewives across all the franchises are trashy. It’s part of the DNA they look for in a housewife. I’m not particularly fond of Dallas; NYC is more my jam. Bethany is trashy and if someone said that about her she’d agree. I don’t know why Brandi is sooo offended, she already knows this about herself. I get that she’s carrying baggage from childhood, but come on...she knows she isn’t a classy lady. And neither is LeAnn, they’re both trashy.
  6. We’ve seen all sides of Vickie, but tonight she was downright belligerent and foul in ways I didn’t expect. I’ve never been a hater towards Vickie, and at times over the past several years I’ve swung from liking to disliking to being neutral towards her. But what I saw in her tonight was so ugly, I don’t think she’ll get better, I think she’ll progressively get worse and I think Steve will be gone in a year, if not sooner Moving on, I don’t like Braunwyn at all, I think she’s trashy, but this IS a trashy group, so she probably fits in. I personally would be happy never to see her o
  7. I think you’re right. Telling Captain Lee what went down in the van is one thing, but viewing the show footage is damning. That was a lot of rage and actually very dangerous and psychotic. Ashton has nothing to say in his defense. The best he can do is own it without excuses, apologize, and get into therapy. I don’t think he will.
  8. Ashton should be fired. He has no business ever being cast on this show again and that includes the reunion.
  9. Admittedly, OC has never been high on the list of housewives shows for me, even less for the last couple years. I’m not even sure a cast shakeup would help. If I had to do a revamp, I would fire Tamra, Vicki, Brown Wind, and either Emily or Gina (probably Gina). So starting fresh with Shannon, Kelly, Emily, and 2 new housewives. I’d like to see the newbies have more substance and intelligence, can banter and hold their her own but not fight dirty. I’d like to see them add a more humble version of Heather. Correction: CAN banter and HOLD their own
  10. Vicki looks like she slipped on an orange peel. She looks so severe and permanently angry. At some point, fillers and Botox have the opposite effect. If she wants to have a happy marriage and a good life, then she needs to walk away from the show. You are not the show, Vicki. And why do you want to be the show? It’s a shitshow. You’ve looked bad ever since Brooks, nothing you do or say, other than leave the show, will repair the damage to your reputation. You look like trash if you stay.
  11. Something is off in that marriage and my impression is she has to make everything for him perfect to keep him content. That’s a lot of pressure. It seems aesthetics play a large part of his image and I think she’s concerned about what will happen to her when her looks fade as she gets older. I don’t know that she wants to leave him, I think she’s scared about her future if he ever decides he’s done. I don’t know how long they’ve been married, 12 years maybe? If the show brings her back next season, hopefully we’ll see more of the dynamic between her and Eduardo.
  12. I felt bad for Kari when one of the producers asked her if she thought this marriage would last...she seems to see the writing on the wall. I don’t feel very confident that it will, and I’m glad she is trying to make a business for herself for added security. Her husband definitely gives off vibes that he would trade her in for a younger woman. Sad.
  13. Eddie for the win! “They’re the chess players and we’re the checkers” 😂😂😂
  14. Shane reminds me (both looks & personality) of the smarmy little prison guard, Percy, from The Green Mile.
  15. Brown Wind and her hyaena laugh need to be pink slipped. Byeee Trash 🗑
  16. Well, that was a bust; talk about a long, drawn out, boring reunion (and season)....zzzz. What a waste of time. Yet another Housewives franchise that fails to entertain and comes up short time after time. I’m dumping this one too
  17. He plead guilty only to assault and battery, they must have offered him a plea deal because the original charge was rape.
  18. I think this show has maybe one season left. Hope the one’s without a trust fund and a steady source of income are investing their money well because this show seems about over.
  19. I think in an interview Patricia even stuck up for her, saying Katherine’s anxiety was through the roof and everyone’s anxiety manifests differently.
  20. Katherine is so entitled and she cannot take criticism. As soon as someone tries to hold her accountable she shuts them down. She’s a horrible friend to Danni. I felt like when she said she can only handle one thing at a time she meant she can only have one friend at a time. She’s extremely self absorbed and doesn’t seem to have the desire or energy for more than one friend. I get that she has a lot going on with her custody hearing but she always has a lot of drama and things going on.
  21. She needs an ensemble. Her Bravo Show and Talk Show was too much Bethenny. Less Bethenny = Better Bethenny. That’s why her earlier seasons of Real Housewives were better. Give her too big of a platform and she fails.
  22. Did Katherine ever answer Andy’s question about failing a drug test in June of this year? She does seem like she’s on something at times and I watched the WWHL appearance and she seemed high, it was painful to watch actually. Most people don’t kick a drug habit after one stint in rehab. She obviously doesn’t want to jeopardize custody with her kids and has to stick to the narrative that she’s stayed sober. I don’t think anyone one on either couch believes that though! I don’t really like her much, but I find myself rooting for her sometimes because I want her to get her act together
  23. Did she address it somewhere? I don’t follow their socials.
  24. So you think June stays and Colin leaves? I don’t see it It does appear she’s pregnant, obviously I’m speculating...
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