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  1. Babies skin tends to darken over time just like eye color can change. Plus is there a photo of the baby that's not photo-shopped?
  2. People usually think of Romeo and Juliet and Romeo is supposed to be extremely good looking. Based on the kids gene pool and his older brother, well, why set him up for ridicule?
  3. Or if you're a fan of The Office, the guy named Creed. OK, never mind, his name is actually Romello. Stupid name and after a movie she randomly saw? And I don't get if you prefer to call your child a particular name, why not name him that? Why give it as a middle name?
  4. I took this for four months when I had to go through a nasty treatment for an illness. I don't know why anyone would want to take this if they didn't have to. It makes you so tired. Unless that was just me.
  5. Leah's hair has been dyed way too yellow and her clothing is so cheap looking. Looks straight out of the Nasty Gal website clearance sale department. I find her hideous.
  6. It is the parents' responsibility to prepare their child for kindergarten and especially since Jenelle claimed he was in "school" starting at two years old. But unless he has learning disabilities there's no excuse for the school not to have taught him something so basic.
  7. He is so gross. What these women won't do for money. What is wrong with them? Now that I think of it I wonder if Sonya ever really loved anyone. Besides the man she married for money, has she ever had a long term relationship with someone she was actually attracted to?
  8. And how was she also not a loser? Attracted to a guy who never even seemed to like her all that much. Not smart enough to go a clinic for readily available birth control. It took two complete idiots not one.
  9. Ramona is wealthy but definitely not in the 1%. She exaggerates like the rest of them. She made it big in the 80's and 90's, especially the 90's when money was everywhere. Now in order to keep her Hampton's home she rents it out for huge money. People in the 1% don't need rent money. Ramona is the smartest of the NYC housewives with regard to money and money is apparently everything to Ramona. She compares men to the 1% and how he measures up to that, not Mario. She'll be alone forever if she doesn't get past that.
  10. Yeah, people are exaggerating. It's quieter because of less tourists and there is crime in certain pockets of NYC like there always is, nothing new. The only serious issue is Covid-19 and unemployment, like all over the country.
  11. I know I wouldn't choose the UES to live in and I'm not sure about UWS, not my first choice. I don't know anyone in a rent controlled apartment. Did you ever have one and if so, how did you get it? I only hear about people who stay in them forever even when they can afford to move. Leeches.
  12. No wonder she is falling apart. NYC charges about 18% interest on unpaid taxes. Plus penalties and late fees. They must be pretty close to foreclosing on her. About $3,000 per month in taxes is not that high for an expensive property like hers. If she actually had renters for awhile that first rent payment would have paid her taxes for the year. She's a mess.
  13. I can do without Avery. And since she's now an adult, I"ll say it. She got her father's looks and they didn't transfer well onto a female face. There's nothing there personality wise that belongs on TV.
  14. Based on the the famous alumni coming out and looking at who is speaking at the school, you have to wonder! Just kidding. There are many schools that are excellent all over the country but the top three are almost always Harvard, Yale, Princeton. With the money behind the name Morgan I don't think she had a hard time getting in almost anywhere.
  15. Sonja is a compulsive liar and exaggerator. She bragged that her daughter got only A's and perfect SAT's. Could be but why isn't she at the family alma mater - Yale? Not that Upenn isn't excellent but being a legacy from a famous super wealthy American family, you have to wonder if she takes after her mother a little more. And Sonja also bragged that high end fashion houses were after her daughter to model. She's a cute teen but probably about 5'3" with an ordinary build. Why would they be clamoring for Sonja's daughter?
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