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  1. My mother was given to her grandmother. A year later her mother had another child and kept that one. My mother knew the story but her mother would never acknowledge that she was her child. Her brother doesn't know that he has a sister. Her mother was a real piece of shit.
  2. In other words she's no different than the White women she looks down on. She was trying to take a short cut to the 1% in NYC by way of wealthy older man. Just like most of them. So much for working twice as hard as everyone else.
  3. A brand new cast. Women that no one has every heard of. Women in NYC who are doing exciting things. For example, a woman with a young family who works on Broadway. A woman who works with her family in the family restaurant. An immigrant family who came to NYC with nothing and created a successful business. They can still be glamorous and have nice things but that's not their whole life. Women in the age group of 35 - 55 who have had success in family and business. Anything but these dismal failures who go bankrupt just to look like they have money.
  4. NYC is the only one I'm still watching but I can't imagine these housewives shows would attract a younger crowd. There are way too many reality shows that portray people their own age and have more in common with. Exactly what age is he going for?
  5. Way to trivialize the race problem in America, Eboni. These women, as deranged as they are, have the right to live in an insulated world in the Upper East Side surrounded by "their own kind" if they want. Same as you moving to Harlem to be with "your people". Eboni certainly sucks at helping the race problem in America. It's not helpful to call people bigots without anything to back it up. She's argumentative, she uses trending terms constantly and at times incorrectly. She's jumped on the bandwagon and has no interest besides promoting herself. Does she even have any close Whit
  6. I can see Ramona being the first one out if they are going in a different direction. But then Sonya and Luanne won't really fit. Eboni is boring. Leah is gross. I would love to see better casting. Women from all different boroughs with husbands and children. Getting all the women from Manhattan is part of the problem.
  7. Room service was closed down in hotels during Covid-19. I think she was wondering more if she could even get room service.
  8. I love how they weren't able to do the "three months later..." at the end because her pregnancy would give that lie away. They need to stop that along with the couples claiming they want the opposite of each other.
  9. I don't know about Leah and Michael Che. What happened?
  10. I also wonder how many Black men or Latino men she dated. The younger women I know in NYC have all dated men of different races. It's a diverse city outside of the UES, UWS and the Financial District.
  11. Some people barely know they have it and others, like my grandmother, are paralyzed. She seemed to have significant symptoms already. I assume Australia's health care is as good as the US?
  12. My grandmother couldn't walk after five years. Maybe they've made progress since then. They would have to get a ramp if her illness suddenly progresses.
  13. This family looks typical based on their mother and father. A mix of races, eye color, skin color, etc. I don't see any mix with Kail's most recent kid. Especially based on her first three.
  14. It's a bit hypocritical of June to be in love with a commander. With a new wife he must have a handmaiden by now. And there's no way he's gotten this far without doing some shitty stuff.
  15. Lawrence always seems to just be puttering around his house alone so he probably jumps at the chance to talk to someone. Was Putnam's visit allowed by Canada to show Fred that he was completely abandoned by Gilead? His only hope was to turn on them. How is Nick always wondering around alone being wherever he wants to be. You'd think he was a KBG Agent from back in the day.
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