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  1. The whole purpose for full coverage in religion is modesty. I can't imagine there's much of a market to wear flashy "look at me" clothing in the Muslim community.
  2. I didn’t see one model who looked too skinny. If anything some were too heavy and their stomachs get in the way of the designs. They seem to be going more for characters and less for talent.
  3. Aubrey got the Randy genes. It’s not fair to her to have that type of junk around.
  4. Not to mention there’s a family history of obesity. Poor choices all around.
  5. I’m pretty sure a 7 year old could “develop” this. Chocolate chips, M&Ms, peanut butter, sugar, candy, candy, candy. And I don’t get it. Is it a peanut spread or a cookie? And why would she promote a baby eating this crap for her dumbass followers? What’s wrong with her?
  6. I was looking at a town website for tax info and they were advertising a job for answering phones, high school diploma required, no experience, staring at $24 per hour. Imagine the professional jobs?
  7. It's amazing to me that people can follow all this!
  8. My guess was he got used to being barefoot in the Vietnam jungles and never went back to wearing shoes.
  9. Who is Lee Tergesen? Do some people watching already understand dr Manhattan? I don’t.
  10. I thought the murder/suicide post was just being funny because these two are always at each other’s throat. Im too lazy. What does assiduous mean?
  11. Those are fake. Look like she asked for the Pam Anderson 1992 model. Hideous.
  12. You got it. Frankie said his cousin Nathan lives on Lexington Terrace Park which is where Nathan Barksdale lives. I wish they had Frankie explain how he knew how to open up the throat using a knife and pen to help with breathing.
  13. Times Square might be ugly today but you can walk anywhere night and day as safe as anywhere else.
  14. Lemons

    Our Boys

    These murders were politicized because Hamas was responsible for the three teens and the Arab boy was politicized by the top leaders in the occupied area. Sometimes our country highlights a murder too. Usually when a white woman gets killed by an immigrant or something. This incident involved really religious Orthodox Jews and them coping with mental illness. And the Palestinian family, though they were religious too, were mostly concerned with making a living. It was an excellent series and they did a good job keeping it balanced.
  15. This has become a bad parody of a nighttime soap opera. There are no characters to root for. I hated how Helen chimes in about the next door neighbor, can’t remember her name, not needing hospitalization or rehab. Yea, actually she did. Up all night doing coke and having sex in public bathrooms after you left your baby with a 12 year old. Not being able to get up in the morning and take care of the baby. She did need the break it would provide and the treatment for drug use and depression. Helen is just too annoying a character and there’s no way so many guys would be interested.
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