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  1. That’s sad. The only ones that appeared to be real friends are Carol and Bethenny and carol and Tinsley. The other ones appear to be fake friends.
  2. I don’t think that’s true. It’s not unusual at all for couples to break up more than once and eventually end up together for good. We don’t know their personal history but something made them unable to stay away from each other. I say a baby soon because of their ages. If they were young and had no money then I would think a baby might be an added stressor.
  3. Why did Carole treat her badly? I didn't notice it on the show. I noticed the other bitter women especially Dorinda and Sonya being cruel for no reason. I hope Tinsley has a baby right away.
  4. At least she didn’t over do the lips. They are a perfect size.
  5. Pictures of her younger show she had normal eyelashes, not lush and full but she did have eyelashes and they weren’t pale. Now her eyes have that look that’s familiar with people who lost their eyelashes due to chemo or other issues.
  6. I didn’t recognize her so I looked up recent pictures. The ones with less make up look like the old her just thinner. Losing weight changes the face, plus I don’t think she had anything to fix.
  7. Why doesn’t she have any eyelashes?
  8. Imagine everyone building a new house after a break in? I’ve had a break in and so have many other people I know. Life goes on. Change your locks and install an alarm system.
  9. I like watching TV with women closer to my age too. But I'd rather watch women over 50 who aren't trying to pretend or act like they are 30. I actually don't mind watching them sloppy drinking, occasionally. I'd like to see them at clubs geared towards older adults, bars, etc. But also have some day activities geared towards adults, even touristy fun things.
  10. More proof that ramona is delusional - asking that bartender with the perfect body if she was thinner than her. Yeah, the bartender was thinner by about 45 lbs but she was nice to pretend it was the clothing.
  11. They are in the way that everything is discounted. But they are so huge that they have many more brands including high end designers who you don’t usually find in American stores.
  12. They are online and hideous. Straight from the alibaba.com website.
  13. What a small ugly woman Dorinda is. That was a new low about the turkey blaster. Bitter jealousy from the nastiest hags, Sonja, ramona and dorinda. The three who are the least likely to find men to keep them company in their old age. I hope tinsley is happy and has two children back to back. From the little they showed about her fiancée they look like a good match. Both a little goofy, same age, same goals in life.
  14. Lemons

    S01.E04: B.F.O.

    Is the lap dancer following her incarcerated boyfriends instructions to have a relationship with the cop or does she like him. I can’t figure that out.
  15. I’m really not seeing Axe and Chuck as equals though. Axe’s original painting scheme was illegal and Axe cheated the government out of tens of millions in taxes. There’s not much grosser in terms of white crime than someone with $10 billion being a tax cheat. I side with the AG office in going after him with whatever it takes until something sticks. In the meantime Axe has destroyed lives and anything else in his way to accumulate more weather. Chuck is obsessed, not unlike a detective who goes after a slippery murder suspect.
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