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  1. That actually happened to me twice in the US. Once when I was on crutches a woman stopped and gave me a ride. Once when I was limping from an accident a police car stopped and gave me a ride (I had like 2 or 3 more miles to walk). So Americans are alright too!
  2. Yes, and she was terrible at it. That part where she "caught" the detective in a lie was stupid. There's no reason that the detective would not honestly answer questions about who else walked by knowing that the defense also had access to the street cameras. And she didn't come up with anything to convince the jury that they should seriously look at the husband.
  3. I think Bennett mentioned that one of the other guys had a perfect math score, not him. I'm not sure if it was edited but it seemed like she asked the question really fast and none of them wrote the numbers down. I can see getting it wrong. Would also love to know how many got it right or wrong.
  4. That might make sense. The way Grace was looking at her when she went into that house. Like Grace was trying to pretend she didn't know Elena?
  5. $2,100 to rent a big house? Wow. That's a studio apartment in a run down neighborhood around here.
  6. Lemons

    S04.E07: Lay Away

    I hate the dark lighting and I seem to be seeing it more and more. So annoying. We get it. It's bleak, it's dark, it's nightime.
  7. She is not nearly attractive enough for the men to be instantly attracted to her and that includes Dale. If she had a great personality and appeal, the men would start to be very interested and start to find themselves very attracted to her. But all I saw is men starting to retreat away from her. The few who still claimed interest would have to be great actors to keep that up. I don't think the program had a choice but to dump her.
  8. Or, like in my family, the parents can't afford it and the grandparents can.
  9. That's Chelsea's beef, not Aubrey's. That's why it's so sickening for Chelsea to try and claim it's Aubrey's decision. I don't think aubrey said, well, I'm not sure grandma will follow "the rules" so I don't think I'll give her my phone number. Manufactured bullshit.
  10. Don't they all have to stay there until the a certain date? Plus I'm sure TV has an appeal for some of them. I don't think too many of them are there for Clare. She hasn't been great with first impressions.
  11. Chelsea isn't the first piece of trash to turn her child against her ex's family but she is one of the first to do it on national TV. The grandmother loves Aubree that same as Chelsea's mother does. What horrible people Chelsea and creeepy Cole turned out to be.
  12. That long sleeve flannel would be so uncomfortable these last few days, it's humid and 80 degrees. I know my elementary school child couldn't keep that long sleeve shirt on all day, she'd be "bursting hot". She's in the northeast, right?
  13. Babies skin tends to darken over time just like eye color can change. Plus is there a photo of the baby that's not photo-shopped?
  14. People usually think of Romeo and Juliet and Romeo is supposed to be extremely good looking. Based on the kids gene pool and his older brother, well, why set him up for ridicule?
  15. Or if you're a fan of The Office, the guy named Creed. OK, never mind, his name is actually Romello. Stupid name and after a movie she randomly saw? And I don't get if you prefer to call your child a particular name, why not name him that? Why give it as a middle name?
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