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  1. "I'm bored to tears with the Sanctum stuff -- can't keep track of all the different sects, and frankly don't care." 100% this! My post was going to start with "am I the only one who gives zero F's about all the nonsense on Sanctum and the multiple groups who may as well be one for as much as how clear all their agendas are?" ...wow, that was a terrible sentence....I could write for this show, lol! Seriously, they never should have brought shedhedda or whatever the F back. Whatever group wanted to burn Russell and the primes should have been allowed and then burn the rest of the planet and be done with it. The Bardo storyline is far more interesting and the season just isn't long enough for this back and forth BS. Now you're telling me there's a backdoor pilot for a possible spinoff? Why?! Just streamline this mess, wrap it up in a way that satisfies but leaves it open for another potential season. I know the show had it's fate sealed already going into this season so that's not actually possible, but it still would've been better than this hodgepodge filled trash compactor result.
  2. I pretty much agree with all of this....and Rip was ruined by the time they were done with him anyway, as I recall. The only thing better about this season was less Mona and Gary. I hope they don't keep Astra around either; I don't know if it was the writing or the acting but that whole characters arc was too drawn out and annoying. It seemed like the same thing over and over, blame John whine about her mother, rinse and repeat then suddenly all was forgiven and peachy keen. I don't see reformed Astra bringing anything to the table. Also, if they knew for over a year that Maisie was leaving, why did they have to force Brandon out? He's been very upfront that it wasn't his choice and from what I've seen, he wasn't particularly happy about it.... I'm pretty sure I know why they did, but saying so will probably get me in hot water....
  3. I find some of the reactions and responses to this episode far more frustrating and annoying than the episode itself. I quite enjoyed it, to be honest, and found that most everything played out in a fairly logical manner.....considering it is "The 100" we're talking about.😉 It's late and I'm too tired to go into more detail, maybe tomorrow I'll share some thoughts.
  4. Succinct, but it's as good an answer as any, lol. Thanks for reassuring I'm not COMPLETELY losing my mind. 😂 Now I can proceed to the next one with a modicum of peace.
  5. Octavia's situation is strange and a bit ridiculous but it is scifi/fantasy so I'm prepared to wait it out and see what it leads to before I completely dismiss it. My biggest questions concern Maddie and the dark commander. It feels like it came out of nowhere. Am I wrong or is there previously established lore? I don't ever remember a dark commander reference or storyline and I don't remember there ever being talk of a male nightblood leader, even. Even Roan was just some kind of tribal royalty, was he not? Where did this concern about removing the flame chip from Maddie so she won't go mad come from? This whole plot development doesn't seem to have any predetermined roots and feels like it was just wedge in. Am I forgetting things? As of now I think it's easily the least interesting storyline and, ironically I suppose, the one that bothers me the most, lol!
  6. You raise a very valid point! 😊 I guess I just figured it didn't need to be said, lol. I haven't seen Killing Eve yet, not a big fan of Sandra Oh, but I did put it on my list once I heard about it. Now you've got my interest piqued.
  7. YES!! The very exact same thought that was running through my brain! Thank you! 🤣
  8. I was thinking something along these lines when Josie's parents (haven't got all the names down yet) found her painting. I can't remember how much it's been referenced over the seasons but it was established in the opening scene of season one that Clark is an excellent artist. If you can recall, she's on the floor of her cell drawing while Eliza does a voice over describing the situation and premise before being taken out and told that they're being sent to the ground. I immediately thought Josie's art may be a remnant of Clark and a sign that she's not entirely gone. I have to agree with others that Eliza is doing an amazing job creating an entirely new character with Josie. Maybe not Tatiana Maslany Orphan Black level, but impressive none the less.
  9. That should be on a t-shirt, lmao! What a fantasticly fun finish. Between fits of laughter I kept saying to myself "this is so bizarre!" I can't wait for next years craziness. 🤣
  10. Thanks. I did eventually see her tweet and I addressed it, over on the speculation thread, I think. I was disappointed by her decision and I think she could have done it, no problem, but I respect her choice and thanked her in another tweet for the 5 years she gave the show. Don't know if she saw it but... I felt it was the right thing to do.
  11. I'm just learning all of this after posting my disappointment both here and on twitter. I have to admit, part of me does suspect something fishy, like maybe she was let go and struck a deal to make a public statement that it was her decision. However, then you have to wonder, why would they cut her loose with one episode left? It wouldn't be that difficult to make her appear older, especially considering they didn't bother to do it with anyone else, and it had no bearing on her interactions with the other characters. Ultimately, I have to believe that for whatever reason, it was an artistic decision on her part. If not, then it was a completely ignorant decision on the producer's part and I hope she was well compensated for lying on their behalf.... But I find that scenario incredibly hard to believe. As to her being body shamed on social media, that's completely believable and utterly disgusting. She's a beautiful, healthy looking, successful young woman and no one deserves that, regardless of their situation.
  12. This was my twitter reaction and response upon watching the show: 🤨So...No one in @Gotham ages a day in 10 years but #SelinaKyle is recast giving @camrenbicondova the🖕for 5 years work & @realdavidmazouz gets 2 seconds of bad CGI before the credits roll. 💩ending to a mediocre last season of a mostly fun & crazy series. At least the rogues Killed it - @robinlordtaylor @mister_CMS & @cameronmonaghan were fantastic & amazing as usual. Overall I enjoyed it for what it was but ultimately disappointed without #BatCat😞😔 I stand by it and don't buy for a second that Camren's height is a viable reason for recasting. There are ways of framing a shot and filming actors to appear taller than they actually are - Cruise and Stallone benefit from such techniques on a regular basis, to name just two. A different hairstyle and some makeup in combination would have easily allowed her to look ten years older... Not that they bothered to try and make anyone else look older. The lack of aging and the recast are my only real issues, other than that it was relatively enjoyable. Someone up thread said something to the effect that Camren initiated or necessitated the recast; I'd like a citation or more information to back up that claim.
  13. How much longer is Oliver going to be the b plot in his own fucking show?! Everything about this was horrible, I can't remember hating any other episode more. Pure garbage. I haven't visited the site since all the changes and upgrades took forever and I hadn't heard about Emily leaving until I read it here. Can't say I blame her, the writing really has turned to dog shit. I just wish that knowing the final season was coming up and that it was going to be short, she would have stuck it out. Felicity is the one constant bright spot for me and considering the show about Green Arrow has decided it no longer wishes to feature the Green Arrow and will now also be Smoakless, I can't begin to fathom how I'll possibly be able to finish this series with any sense of joy or ease of commitment. I never thought I'd say it but the* show is done and I'll be glad to see it go. Catie Lotz and everything Sara was the only thing enjoyable about this episode; thank God for the Legends.
  14. Just watching now. Had to stop to cast an early vote for Jellybean calling Jughead "Kid Kerouac" the funniest line of the episode. Ok, back to it to see if I'm right, lol! 🤣
  15. That's a good point, much harder to do it back then. I signed a petition or two to try and do my part to "Save Jericho" back in '06, and I thought THAT was an impressive campaign; it pales in comparison to this, I think.
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