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  1. Informative video. Josh sentencing is discussed from about the 6 minute mark through about minute 14. This guy says that the federal minimum sentencing guidelines means that, if found guilty, Josh is facing from 12 - 20 years, which may be reduced if he takes a guilty plea before trial, or the judge is lenient for a reason that they have to justify.
  2. Pops: I found a random pill on the floor, and I may have taken it. Rainbow: What color was it? Pops: Red - blue? I can't remember. Take the red pill, Pops!!!
  3. Jack is back to being vegan this week after drinking that cow-derived Ensure last week. Yay continuity! Yay Vegan Jack!
  4. Rainbow: I buy you your own brand new car. Huh? Jack: No thank you. I'm good. The only thing I'm planning on doing today is drinking this Ensure. It's good for active seniors, but I think it should be good for active freshmen, too. Ensure isn't vegan, Jack! Oh wait, he was just vegan for one episode. Never mind.
  5. I'm old enough to remember the joke in the 1980's that PTL stood for "Pass the Loot." Jill is obviously not.
  6. : This is a rough transcript of part of the Megyn Kelly interview with Jim Bob and MEEchelle in 2015. Jim Bob and MEEchelle cared about protecting Josh and only Josh. The girls were an unimportant afterthought who should be grateful that it wasn't worse. I'm so angry on behalf of those girls, who are now all young women.
  7. In S3.E4 "The Sauna Test," Lucas tells Mike, after seeing the sweaty dudes in the sauna, "I think I just threw up in my mouth." This was not a saying in 1985.
  8. And if MEchelle leaves this world significantly before JB is "called," he will marry a 20-year-old and try for another 20 "blessings."
  9. In that picture, I notice that Jessa and Bin make a V-shape with their bodies. Jessa turns her back to her husband, and he is leaning away from her. Maybe they just had a fight? Maybe it's nothing?
  10. Clearwater is Ground Zero for the Cult of Scientology. Even driving through some areas of town gives me the creeps. I know! I've lived in St. Pete 45 for years. It's spooky that I understand them when they talk all culty. Watch out for the Thetans! I wouldn't have stalked them, but if Derick & fam lived here, I would want to know about it for curiosity's sake.
  11. Did the Dullards live in Clearwater for a couple years? Did anyone else know this? Or was he a remote worker or something?
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