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  1. luvly

    S09.E19: Season 9 Reunion Part 1

    It's not like this is some random Instagram Live video of a co-worker argument at McDonald's, it's a professional production by a large media corporation. Nessa's pushing 40 and a UC Berkeley grad, she's not so stupid as to confront Jenelle without explicit permission from some higher-ups. Conversations with people way above Jenelle's pay grade were had and they were fine with it. If MTV didn't approve, they could have interrupted her at any time, they could have enforced the audience NDAs so the story didn't leak, they could have cut that whole segment entirely. Instead, they've been hyping it. ETA: Also wanted to point out that it was obviously approved ahead time because they had the screenshots of Jenelle's posts, complete with scrolling highlight, ready to go.
  2. luvly

    The Fix (2019)

    I remember the same thing @Whimsy. I've seen AAA in many things where he had no problem pulling off an American accent so I wonder why it's so uneven here.
  3. luvly

    S03. E16. Forfeiture

    This episode was just uncomfortable on so many levels. I'm annoyed that the writers laid the groundwork for what could have been an interesting look at disenfranchisement and then backed out of the opening they gave themselves. The FBI agent tried to rope Darius into the scheme multiple times, Bull pointedly mentions how much the barbershop's land will be worth in a couple of years due to the neighborhood's current gentrification and then it comes out the the agent profits from forfeiture proceedings. Nobody's going to touch that? Instead they're just going to have Bull and Benny act like Chunk is being unreasonably stubborn? And what the hell was up with them getting dangerously close to actively forcing Chunk not to work in the best interest of his client? Jury nullification is a thing but there are laws in various jurisdictions that make it very difficult for anybody to actually inform jurors that they have that option.
  4. luvly

    S01.E16: The Rosary

    I'm glad someone else mentioned it because it annoyed me throughout the whole episode. Not only was Maggie's mom driving the wrong way down a one-way aisle, she drove right over the giant white arrow while making that wide turn to fit into the slanted spot and didn't use her blinker. I hated that she was portrayed as having the upper hand because she was the mom that the boyfriend should want to impress when, in reality, she pulled a dangerous and selfish move that could have caused an accident, taunted him about it and then didn't even have the humility to try to bury the hatchet once she realized who he was to Maggie and that he was probably just as scared and agitated as she was.
  5. luvly

    S05. E10. Family Separation pt. 1

    This was addressed in the phone conversation with Jay: It looks like they're doing a mashup of Arizona's controversial 2010 "Papers Please" law and our current immigration situation. If you don't mind my asking, why? Jay has been shown to be fluent in Spanish and Sebastian Arcelus' father is actually from Uruguay. What he said was pretty consistent with what a lot of other white-passing Latinx experience.
  6. Bernie did say that though. Amy left that conversation knowing that Bernadette felt Sheldon and Howard needed to hash it out amongst themselves, but still chose to make fun of her.
  7. luvly

    S08.E36: Kailyn's Biggest Blow-Ups

    I'll be odd woman out and say that I actually found this special kind of interesting. It's nice to see Kail show regret for some of her actions and freely admit that she was being stupid, petty or stubborn. I don't think she got her timelines wrong when talking about Javi, she just doesn't use verb tenses correctly. In the beginning, Javi pursued her hard and basically popped up at her job and hit on her until she gave him a chance. Then, at some advanced point in their relationship, she looked back at his old tweets after reading his Facebook messages and realized that he'd tweeted at her a week prior to their initial meeting despite claiming he didn't know who she was. It's just that the syntax from her August tweet ("when I met Javi...tweeted me a week prior") makes it seem like those two events happened contemporaneously instead of years apart. I still take most of what they all say with a giant grain of salt, but given Javi's increasingly obvious thirst for fame and his weak response to her claims, I think there's more truth than lies here.
  8. luvly

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Call me crazy, but none of this reads like ranting to me. It just sounds like typical mid-20's drunk introspection.
  9. luvly

    S05.E22: Sutton Ross (No. 17)

    This actually puts something Garvey said in 5x19 in much better context now. He told Liz, "Now I get it. Reddington and your husband, how they knew each other. Reddington didn't know you through him. He knew him through you." Way back in the beginning of the season, Tom swiped Liz's ID so Pete could get into CODIS and identify the bones. Pete did, but his search alerted Garvey, who sent his goons after him. Pete fled, Tom told Nik he couldn't get in touch with him and Nik stopped by to check up on him and got strangled by the goons for his efforts. Tom and Pete's girlfriend tracked Pete down, Garvey eventually killed the last two and Tom saved himself by lying and saying he worked for Red and could deliver him. Tom's lie saved him in the short-term but doomed him in the long run because Garvey didn't know they had the same goal.
  10. luvly

    S08.E19: Not to Stir the Pot, But...

    Briana is the kind of messy ass person I learned to avoid after around age 19 or so; she would set her world on fire if it meant she got 10 extra minutes of attention. All eyes on her, at all times, no matter the cost. She could barely contain her growing glee the messier things got and it's telling that Brittany warned her about the drama twice. I don't care that much about Leah either way, but I felt bad for her being put in that position. It was definitely a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation, especially since I think Briana was counting on her making the reasonable decision in order to further her own dramatic agenda. This pissed me off so much because it made me think, was he expecting Isaac to run interference for him? He never intended on telling Kail about Bri being there, so what was his original plan if Kail and kids wanted to talk to each other while Bri was around? Was he just going to ignore her calls/Facetimes? Make the kids wait until the coven wasn't around? What was he going to do once they got home and the boys obviously wanted to tell their mom all about their trip? Was he just counting on Isaac, who's such a sensitive kid, to bear the brunt of Kail's surprise once she found the truth out from him instead of Javi?
  11. luvly


    Couldn't have happened to a more deserving person. She met Tristan at Kevin & Eniko Hart's wedding, a wedding Tristan was only attending because Jordan Craig (who was 5 months pregnant with his son at the time) is Eniko's cousin. She was strutting him around in pap pictures not even a month later, had Joyce Bonelli taking shots at Jordan on Instagram while she was still pregnant, confirmed their relationship just days after Jordan gave birth and then confirmed her pregnancy a week after his son's first birthday. She has consistently gone out of her way to antagonize a woman that did nothing wrong but be in a relationship with a man (and I use that term loosely) Khloe felt she deserved. Looks like she got what she deserved, alright. The only people I feel bad for are Jordan, who's getting pulled into this mess all over again, and the kids getting stuck with this no good, deadbeat dad. ETA: There's also no way Khloe didn't know about this. TMZ came to her when they were getting tips about her pregnancy and that was in September. There's no way they got this tape a month later and Harvey decided to just sit on it out of the kindness of his heart. I'm not saying this whole thing has been orchestrated, but some kind of deal was definitely made about if or when the footage would be used.
  12. luvly

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    I'm actually cautiously optimistic for her. She's always been hesitant to acknowledge April's "parenting" as a factor and source of trauma so I hope she really does work through that. So much of what she says about herself sounds exactly like the insults April used to hurl at her in 16&P and early TM seasons.
  13. Briana stays making bad decisions and even worse excuses for them. Girl, tell the truth and shame the devil. "Bad on his name at work" and "future employers" is code for "I wanted cheap plastic surgery from Dr. Miami again and Javi had the nerve to worried about the burden on his paycheck because repeatedly exposing my goods on Snapchat would put my future professional job prospects on par with Jenelle's imminent medical career. THESE GUUUUUYS! I CAAAAAAN'T!" And seriously, her surgery's in two weeks? I've been prepping for a breast reduction for over a year and I always ask about waiting periods because I want to get a small tattoo for my dad and I donate blood regularly. All the papers I've gotten have basically been like "Don't even Google me until at least 6 months postpartum." Stella's just barely 6 months, Bri had her consult back in November and Dr. Miami is reportedly booked a year out. Did she call him as the pregnancy test was drying? Priorities, girl. Get you some.
  14. luvly


    IIRC, Cate was previously on Mirena but had it removed when she developed an ovarian cyst. I'm assuming that's why she switched to something non hormonal.
  15. luvly

    Mackenzie Edwards: Jesus, take the wheel.

    ....what did I just read? It's almost scary how delusional she is. I'm intrigued to see how she manages to share her sage teen mom and co-parenting lifehacks in the roughly 6.25% of airtime she receives as the third string shotgun wife of a Z-list former teen mom's druggie baby daddy. I can already feel myself growing wiser.