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  1. I am not a therapist at all but it seems likely that the pregnancy loss feelings (and as I understand it, his wife was in pretty big danger as well) and the DWTS loss feelings got all tangled in each other, considering the way it went down. He could be transferring some emotions. Hopefully he has someone he can work through things with. I do agree with him they didn’t handle it the best though, the making him do his first dance and then judging him without mentioning the loss, as if they didn’t know? I mean, you can only judge the dance you’re presented with, but a nod to how he was doi
  2. I kinda just assume Carrie Ann has the hots for Vernon, and voted with her libido.
  3. I have heard people say that the producers have been communicating with them on their phones, to keep distancing up? Maybe they could use that to give them heads up for when they’re about to be on camera.
  4. I mean, that’s why I’m here. I got really bored with how formulaic this show is the last few seasons, but now I’m even more bored with nothing else to do! The thing that Tyra doesn’t have, that I think would be the hardest about live TV that Tom was good and under appreciated at, is keeping things moving along without seeming like that’s what you’re doing. If producers are telling Tyra to rush she seems like she’s rushing, if they’re telling her to stall she seems like she’s stalling. It’s best not to yell at people, “HURRY HURRY HURRY, we’re running out of time!!” Even if that’s true.
  5. Disney night songs: https://abc.com/shows/dancing-with-the-stars/news/updates/disney-magic-returns-to-the-ballroom-for-dwts-2020-week-3-disney-night 😴 A lot of repeats in here. They really don’t take enough advantage of Disney villain songs, which are more fun. Like, someone do a Be Prepared paso instead of the millionth pirate dance.
  6. It’s a good thing Alan wears so much hair gel
  7. I guess we shall see if the marrieds get to reunite if one of them is eliminated! Just sort of random thoughts: Pasha seems like a really great teacher. So far he just seems to get his partners to relax and trust him. On Carol, I watched the first episode of Tiger King and stopped because I found it boring, so I don’t have strong feelings about her, but I do think she improved a tad more than the basketball player, just on the merits. Also, what in the hell outfit did Val put Monica in? Val - no.
  8. She’s my early pick to win, or at the very least make the finals. I wasn’t that familiar with her before, but she’s a good performer, has got an energy that’s just infinitely relatable, and seems to represent pretty squarely the demo that watches this show.
  9. I think they would probably be able to go home? I mean don’t quote me on it, but the point of keeping them apart seems to be more so that 1 COVID case doesn’t take out 2 couples from the competition. I imagine if anyone gets it, or gets exposed to someone who has it, they and their entire household would have to quarantine. This probably forces whoever is affected to withdraw from the competition. If the marrieds are still living together, you end up with 2 contestants exposed and double eliminated. But if one of them is already eliminated it won’t matter (to the show, that is) if they have to
  10. Incredibly sad news from Travis Danny was such a beautiful dancer. I always wished him well.
  11. I don't know, I think all politicians is fair. Unless they're like, SUPER retired from politics, and they're doing the show to promote their charity that finds shoes for disadvantaged children with two different sized feet or something. I can't think of a politician I would want on the show, even one I liked. (If I like them, I want them to be doing important things, not this!) I think a lot of times, the complaint "don't talk about politics here" is used to silence marginalized voices, but in this context, it's already enforced. So you end up with this person whose mere existence is pol
  12. THIS IS THE PROBLEM. It’s a dance show. There shouldn’t be a “message” to “show ‘em” (WHO’S THEM?!?!? A country singer girl and a couple people who were on shows in the 90s?) besides, “this is my best attempt at a cha cha, and here are some wacky hijinks behind the scenes.” That Spicer, taking a bold stance against...rhythm???? That’ll get them? He’s not proving anything, it’s a made up “fight” about nonsense. And literally no one “in Hollywood” cares except for people who found this show to be a fun diversion and now are bummed it’s not anymore. No politicians should be on this
  13. Honestly, I don’t mind “bad dancers” getting far in this thing. That Cubs dude? Fine, he was enjoyable. Alek Skarlatos - terrible dancer and conservative - didn’t mind him in the finals. What I mind is entitled assholes playing the victim to drum up votes. If anyone watches The Good Place, they have a character this season who’s a blowhard asshole who thinks the world should bend to his every whim. The second he doesn’t get the “complos” (compliments) he thinks he deserves, he cries about he’s being attacked. That’s what Spicer’s sad conservative talk show tour, as seen in the Daily Show
  14. It’s making up a grievance by making up someone to be against. The political name of the game. Then, when your pretend opponent calls you out on it, you call them “sensitive” and at the same time cry endlessly about how mean they are. If someone points out that makes no sense, call them crazy. Straight out of the playbook of He Who We Are Not Allowed To Talk About. I hate that it seems to work.
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