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  1. It took me a second, but I got the Cynthia doll from Rugrats
  2. I don’t know how you give Melora an 8 when you gave Cody all 9s. I felt like she seemed like she lost a little bit of energy towards the end but it was waaaay better than Cody.
  3. Is Tyra dressed like a honey baked ham?
  4. Cody’s dance was better but there’s still something odd to me about his posture - like he needs to bring his shoulders down. Is Cheryl just not catching it? I feel like he’d be better served by a different partner, I haven’t been super impressed with her choreography this season. I also don’t know that I’d want my partner to dedicate an American Psycho themed dance to me. “Thanks babe, how about you save it for the next one though, yeah?”
  5. Hasn’t there already been a dance to this song? Derek & Bindi maybe?
  6. I feel like eliminations from here on out are going to get unpredictable. No one left is terrible terrible, and if the ratings are as low as I’ve heard, if someone’s fans don’t show up one week it could be easy for things to swing against them. I’d personally like to see Cody go next, even with all the COVID drama I keep forgetting he’s still there. But I don’t think that will happen because his fans seem super wacky and determined. (I think I might like him better if his #boocrew spinning fanatics didn’t seem so cringy.) Then you’ve got Mike, Jimmie and Iman - all not the greatest dan
  7. Honestly, same, I felt like it was the right call. Mel deserved better, I felt bad for her when she was having her “vulnerable moment” and Gleb just stared at her because he has the emotional depth of a teaspoon. Val and Olivia’s dances have been more entertaining on the merits.
  8. Tyra changing into Sandy’s makeover outfit the moment Mel C is supposed to portray Sandy’s makeover moment is giving me the same energy as Alexis wearing a white ball gown to a wedding.
  9. They probably could but I’d bet money that Cheryl is insisting she’s fine and can do it. So short of a doctors order declaring she needs to sit out, I don’t know that you could force her to rest.
  10. 100%, she seems like she is still sick just full of b12 shots and coffee. Yep, I mean it’s still somewhat crazy to me that they’re still in. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/cheryl-burke-dwts-return-covid-134257443.html “And Burke, 37, said she experienced somewhat of an out-of-body experience: "Like, my brain and my body not connecting like I had on Sunday. It was as if there was a pillow on my face as I was jiving." "Look, I can always do a dance once but to have to repeat it, which we have to do it. The cameras have to know what we're doing," she added, "b
  11. Though, all this could be moot because the whole crew could strike next Monday: https://variety.com/2021/film/news/iatse-strike-hollywood-amptp-deadline-1235088377/amp/ Makes more sense why several people gave crew appreciation shoutouts throughout the show.
  12. For me it’s that the story matches the dance. So it’s like, Jimmie talked about his family and that was cute but then danced to a Britney song about being sexy in the club, so instead of telling one cohesive story they’re telling two disjointed ones. It doesn’t have to be a “sob story” or even completely literal, it could be like, an Amanda dance where she’s like, “I had a really hard year but then I found the joy in having my family and friends support me,” and the we’d have a dance that was explicitly joyful and celebratory, that kind of matches the emotions of the story. Theres just a lot o
  13. I don’t know, I wouldn’t say Kenya really got to “tell her story” so much as she got to state one fact about herself. I mean, it’s not like MMY was always great, but I find the weird themes rammed in there make it harder to get to know them at all. Now we seem to just get the barest minimum facts about them as wooden awkward delivery on lines like, “My wife and children are my greatest inspirations, and that’s why Britney Spears always says, you better Work Bitch.” Or as lead ins to straight up commercials, “I have a child, and THATS why I want to tell YOU about the latest roller coaster
  14. He was “exposed” but never tested positive.
  15. It seemed to me like he sort of mashed up Remember Me and Poco Loco Remember Me is a weird “villain song” because while it’s related to the villain the whole point of the movie is that you’re not supposed to know why or how. In a way that you can’t explain without ruining the movie. (Also everyone go watch Coco, it’s one of my favorite movies full stop of the last few years and will make you cry your face off.)
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