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  1. kitcloudkicker

    World Of Dance

    He posted a nice intro video and bio for each dancer on his Instagram, if you go there and scroll back a bit. Not Zack (who I think might have done one of his past tours?) but plenty of WoD faces: Charity (of WoD Charity & Andres) Daniella (of WoD Daniella & Pasha) Audrey Case (of WoD Royal Flux) Alexis Warr (of WoD the Pulse) Jay Jay Dixonbey (of SYTYCD) Peyton Albrecht (also in Royal Flux, apparently?) Chase Haley Bowden (of WoD S1 Miami All Stars & S2 Embodiment)
  2. kitcloudkicker

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    Hmmm, I remember seeing a few weeks ago, Derek responded to someone asking if he’d ever be back on DTWS with a “maybe some day ;)” which was a much more affirmative answer than he’s been giving lately. (He had been giving off a “hell no” vibe) That makes me wonder if there’s been some behind the scenes conversations behind that winky face.
  3. kitcloudkicker

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    Seriously. You’re a grown-ass man. Congratulate the children and move on. Now all the comments on that post are about him instead of Sky and JT, so it seems he managed to get himself the attention he wanted.
  4. kitcloudkicker

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    I’ve largely stayed out of this Bobby stuff because I wasn’t that invested in this season all around, but man, what a MANCHILD. Way to take a post congratulating a couple kids and make it all about how “hard” things are for you? Ew.
  5. kitcloudkicker

    S01.E07: Time Machine

    The whole Juniors season was filmed over the summer, and wrapped in August, before the current season of DWTS ever happened.
  6. kitcloudkicker

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    Basically, it sounds odd to the non-industry person and it’s somewhat complicated rules, but Witney wasn’t ALLOWED to submit for the Emmys with Alan’s name attached, and Alan would have known that before he agreed to help her. Also, he likely helped Lindsey with several of her Jordan dances as well. (Along with Wanya and Alek) He helped Mark with the Paige freestyle And Val with several Normani dances And Sharna with Noah Likely if he could be credited it would be a co-choreography credit. I remember Witney made sure to mention him. It’s not that uncommon, and it seems like the industry is fighting to change the rules on who’s allowed to get credit, but thems the rules right now.
  7. kitcloudkicker

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    Additionally, Alan Salazar (the ghost) has also frequently ghosted for at least Lindsay, Val, and “choreography genius” Mark Ballas. Which I say not to “call them out” but that they even the best can sometimes need to call in help, and none of them get much shit for it. Yes it sucks that Witney wasn’t able to submit it as a collaboration but it doesn’t erase her contribution, and a lot of the crap she’s gotten since has been pretty overblown.
  8. kitcloudkicker

    What can be done different for season 28?

    I count any scoring changes in the “never gonna happen” bucket, but why not have the judges give two scores: a technical execution score and a performance score. The score then adds up 1/3 technical, 1/3 performance, 1/3 audience. Show what everyone ranked on each one so there’s tranceparency into final scores. Boom, all camps (best dancer watchers, entertainment factor watchers, gut feeling popularity watchers) can feel heard. My dream dance show, honestly, would be a choreographer focused one. (I realize I’m describing a completely different show here.) Each week everyone gets a theme, a style, maybe another restriction like solo, duet, group, and the end result is performed and judged as a package. You could score it World of Dance style across different factors: Originality, Adherence to assigned dance style, Technical Execution, Performance. (Said show could be shot Project Runway style, no need for audience vote, probably!) Thats what pulled me into this show anyway, I liked watching the likes of Mark and Derek noodle their way around pulling together the dances. There are a couple other pros who have been good at this as well, though maybe less consistently, and it’s what has kept me following along. Lindsey, Alan, Witney and Emma have had moments. But yeah, my dream show would turn the focus entirely onto that process. (Netflix! Call me! I’ve got an idea!)
  9. kitcloudkicker

    S27.E10: Week 8: Semi-Finals

    She was the victim of pelvic thrusting.
  10. kitcloudkicker

    Cast In Other Projects

    Mark's new song is a pretty good bop! With a bit of a Flashdance homage for the video. Also, this seems like a pretty big career win for Julianne: https://ew.com/tv/2018/11/01/julianne-hough-jolene-dolly-parton-anthology-show/
  11. kitcloudkicker

    S01.E04: Halloween Night

    He did actually, it was for a dance-off against Mirai (so easily forgettable.)
  12. kitcloudkicker

    Small Talk: Salem's Corner

    Binged this this weekend during our “nor’easter” and enjoyed it a bunch, for some spooky rainy day fluff. Did anyone else find the actor playing Father Blackwell to look distractingly like SNL’s Mikey Day? He would have looked perfectly natural breaking out into a David S Pumpkins dance, or being exasperated at his brother Eric.
  13. kitcloudkicker

    S01.E01: Chapter One: October Country

    I read this as a clearly intentional decision to make the setting feel more otherworldly. Other literally impossible things that happened in that scene: the one hallucinogenic apple hanging off an oak tree, it turning into maggots when it was bitten into, and the goatbeast satanic vision, and also, all the witchcraft.
  14. kitcloudkicker

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    Derek really understands what works on camera. It’s not surprising to me at all that he’s taken steps into directing. Mark’s choreography, on the other hand, always seemed like it was meant for the stage. Some of his wild swings that didn’t quite work always seemed to me like things that would be wonderful on Broadway, that just didn’t quite film as well. Like his Alice in Wonderland dance. (And fittingly, Broadway is where he’s been lately.)
  15. kitcloudkicker

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    I think Julianne got the most screen time of all of them. She’s in the quiddich scene and then later next to the Weasley twins in the Great Hall. She posted screenshots a while back for the 20th anniversary