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  1. There is rumor going around about trouble in Paradise for Clare and Dale, and that Dale signed up for some dating site. I saw this on Facebook. No idea if it’s true. I wouldn’t be surprised.
  2. nutty1

    S25.E02: Week 2

    I’m just watching. Sarah is sweet. And very pretty. She reminds me of a young Meredith Grey (for you Grey’s Anatomy fans!)
  3. nutty1

    S25.E02: Week 2

    Oh yea. Who was that? Katie?
  4. nutty1

    S25.E02: Week 2

    I didn’t watch last night. From what I’m reading, unless I love Victoria, it’s ok to skip this episode!!
  5. DAMN. I just knew they were saving her for last.
  6. I don’t know which one she is.
  7. Queen Victoria has to go. Please tell me she has to go!
  8. Is pressureful a word?? ETA.... Saber beat me to it! 🤣
  9. There’s lots of women! I think there’s more than 30!
  10. I was just typing I’m surprised someone won’t trip and then she went ahead and tripped. I’d never make it up those steps in heels!
  11. Is this resort in PA?
  12. I’m excited I’m here live for a change. I didn’t watch one episode of Clare/Tayshia’s season live even once.
  13. Emily did the same thing when Brad proposed. I still remember that. She bent down and grabbed his face. No that it mattered in the end anyway!!
  14. I’m definitely rooting for them. I just watched the GMA video. 4 months since filming ended. They want to date. Not planning a wedding. No plans to move. So I’m reserving my opinion. I’d say I’m 50/50. https://www.goodmorningamerica.com/culture/video/bachelorette-tayshia-adams-speaks-marriage-proposal-74875820
  15. Tayshia got the short end of the stick. Even though it was filmed during quarantine, Matt’s season seems to have a lot more exciting activities.
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