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  1. If you were talking about the ? spoiler I wrote about, it definitely wasn't from Reddit.
  2. Well, at least he did not pick Victoria. So he picks someone who is 23. Shall we start putting bets down on when they will break up?? My guess is he will pick Madison, and Hannah will be the next Bachelorette.
  3. I read something tonight stating Tommy, Dean, Noura and Lauren were finally 4, with Lauren leaving at 4. No clue if it’s accurate. This guy has had accurate spoilers in the past, but was wrong last season.
  4. Didn't they break up last season?
  5. I wonder how all parties involved felt after watching those 2 episodes. I wonder if any of them realize how they wronged Janet.
  6. re: Jamal's trip to IOI. That was bullshit!! He was supposed to just ignore a note hanging in front of his face???
  7. I finally got to watch Wednesday’s shows last night. I agree with all said in this thread. I was fuming by the end. But, on a different note, was anyone else shocked that Karishma lasted as long as she did in the immunity challenges?? I thought she’d be first out in each.
  8. For those saying no one would tell the producers they wanted Dan out....they have every second of footage. They don’t need a contestant’s permission to remove him from the show.
  9. Sometimes the seasons I am not looking forward to are the best ones. However, I was not looking forward to Hannah's season, and I really did NOT enjoy it at all....so there's that. I am in the minority of liking Peter......
  10. I’m not home and I am not able to watch. Not sure if I’m looking forward to it or dreading it. I haven’t heard any mention of Elaine tonight. I’m guessing she didn’t piss anyone off too badly?
  11. I would love Elaine or Janet to win!! I wish there were more spoilers....we need a Reality Steve for Survivor!
  12. OMG, so he will pick the one who dates other women's husbands or a 23 year old.
  13. I just listened to Katie Morton (fiancee of Chris B) on the Ben and Ashley podcast. My gut says they will never last. She is needy and a bit odd. The whole thing just doesn't sound like true love to me.
  14. So Fleiss is back with his wife.
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