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  1. I have had bleeding after menopause for years. If they do a biopsy and it’s negative, they usually just wait and see . If it keeps up they do an ultrasound and then move on to surgery to view the uterus and remove anything causing the bleeding . Angela should be fine. I think she is doing the right thing telling Michael he needs to decide. He should already understand she can no longer have children. Larissa can go away. I can’t stand her face, her voice or she constant need for drama.
  2. I watch this with my husband who has been a cop for thirty years and there’s a lot of eye rolling.Jackie would never have been allowed on that raid-she had no real reason to be there. I don’t think Ray loved Renee. He liked her but never forgot Frankie was his target. I think Renee was falling for him though until she saw his expense report. Renee is kind of screwed though-if she tries to leave Frankie he will have her killed and Frankie junior will have no mother. I did find Junior an interesting character, more so than Osito who keeps getting described as having a Dominican accent when he does not. Jackie is too much of a hard ass and I don’t think she would last long on her job with her drug and alcohol lifestyle.
  3. Roxxxy looked so different, I didn’t recognize her. I think the win should be on the lip synch itself on not the costumes but the judges like the reveal. This was a fun episode.
  4. I have a hard time finding it too
  5. I’ve had five uterine biopsies over the past 8 years and I was never numbed or offered anesthesia of any kind. It hurts like hell and the last time the doctor accidentally dropped the specimen and to redo the whole thing. I think Angela was encouraged to scream just like I’m sure she and Michael are encouraged to exaggerate their fights. Angela is better than gloomy Lisa. I think Karine should just be happy to have any car. My sister who was laid off her job, and my disabled brother in law just had their rental house burn to the ground with all of their belongings.They are currently living in a crummy motel because I live in another state and he needs to be near his doctors. They are happy just to have that.Paul is creepy as hell but she still has it better than where she lived before.
  6. I like the snarky comments on pillow talk but the strike back show is not needed. I really don’t need to see the same scene five times! It also seems so scripted-are we supposed to really think Rose didn’t know what a bra was? And Yolanda sure got a lot of screen time considering she never had a fiancée.
  7. This is getting too weird . Now we have 90 day talks back commenting on Pillow Talk which is commenting on talk back. At some point it’s just ridiculous !
  8. I had a different take on the Christmas gift incident. To me it seemed obvious Dan only took into consideration what he wanted. When Betty told him what she wanted he purposely bought something completely different so she couldn’t have her way. He may have spent even more on the gift he picked out, but he also knew it wasn’t her taste.
  9. Well the same narrator hugged a guy and he “smelled like Europe” so I guess it’s supposed to be all so romantic. Lol
  10. Betty was clearly mentally ill and her own worse enemy but Dan was a sociopath. He didn’t take care of his kids and only wanted them to hurt Betty. He egged her on in every way he could and both he and Betty told their kids way too much about their private lives.
  11. Reading Writers and Lovers by Lily King. I’m a writer myself so I am enjoying the parts about writing, but the flowery descriptions of everything is just too much. “He kissed me and said I taste like the moon”. The romance scenes are just over the top.
  12. The sniffing of baby teeth had to be the weirdest thing I’ve seen in awhile. And watching porn is not committing adultery you idiots!
  13. There are too many couples in this and I can barely remember the ones from the first episode. I like that they included some older people and people with kids but don’t like that their are no people of color and that most of the women have the plastic blow up lips look. One thing I like about the American version is that many if not most contestants look like every day people.
  14. That looked more like a wedding banquet than any sort of graduation party I ever went to, people wearing sequins and formal clothes.
  15. Who throws a formal banquet because their daughter graduates from prison guard school? I can’t imagine her working in any kind of prison. The voices of all of these people are like nails on chalkboard.
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