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  1. Katie should be concentrating on what is going on now and not worrying that he didn’t love her two seconds after she walked into paradise. Peter looks just like my grandma ‘s old favorite Pat Boone. He was considered wholesome too ( don’t know if he did anything in windmills ). Kristian reminded me of Charlize Theron tonight. Wish them well but still don’t trust Demi.
  2. It would be a huge infection risk for Tiffany and the baby to be exposed to someone’s blood or other body fluids. My niece right now has been fighting for her life after contacting a staph infection in a so called clean hospital. I don’t think it is being a princess to not want to risk your baby’s life.
  3. I agree with your most except I thought the male nanny was cloying over emotional. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with someone who sobs while talking about their own engagement. Plus expecting adults to act out their emotions with puppets- he supposed to be taking care of the baby not making everything about himself.
  4. Why did Chris Harrison say at the beginning “no couple is safe”? Safe from what? The show is over. Also these people are way too serious about going to a hotel room. It doesn’t mean you are chained together for life! Maybe they feed the still single ones to the sharks or something.
  5. Kristina seems so dour like she never had a good time in her life. I didn’t understand what Demi was blathering about since she has never seemed private or against PDA. The prom was cute but I still find JPJ kind of gross and strange. Don’t get the appeal of Matt, to me he is the least attractive man there.
  6. The thirty year old cheerleader looked all of her age and then some. It was sad to see Gail O’ Grady with blow up lips. I thought the best one was The Secret Life of Cheerleaders. On another note, wonder how much Viveca A. Fox makes -she is in every other movie now as a principal, cop or coach.
  7. Benjamin is dorky but I don’t see what he has done that was so bad. Akini contacted him and invited him to her home, he didn’t force himself on anything. He also was expecting to stay in a Air b&b and maybe he thought he would have time to buy a gift and find out the expectations of her family.’ Tim is very unattractive, but he didn’t hide his face from Jennifer and she should have got some sense of his personality by now. Tom is a dud in looks and personality. I did get a Ross from friends flashback when Darcy was trying to get into that horrible outfit. Oh, and big Ang is either 100% acting or nuts. Michael doesn’t seem too upset by her though.
  8. I was just joking . I thought it was funny I mentioned creepy names and the next add was the skeleton.
  9. I almost just threw up watching JPJ blowing snot. Why did they have to show that?? New guy Matt seems kind of... special.
  10. I just got Most ta ta- it’s almost like a horror story where the names get creepier and creepier.
  11. Cam did follow the rules. Chris said either do two different styles or one black and gray and one color. They did bring up that others did different styles but it was not part of the original stated criteria.
  12. This is the latest of the ever changing clothing company names. It’s almost getting creepy!
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