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  1. I took Ross’ comment that he only cared about Rachel being there was the kind of thing you say to your significant other but isn’t really literal. Like saying “you are my whole world “. I think Ross probably bought or reserved a table and they were coming to see their friend speak. Sort of like they all went to Joey’s plays.
  2. I thought Ben looked like Stephen King too!
  3. I agree he was trying to send a message to Caitlin, but not because he thought Jackie looked like her or mistook her for Caitlin.
  4. That guy was really creepy. One thing I didn’t understand was when the show and police kept saying Jackie and Caitlin looked so much alike he might have confused them at first. They looked nothing alike!
  5. I guessed it was her because of the wood souvenirs from other countries. I just couldn’t imagine the young guy buying that and I thought the high school principal didn’t see like he would be a souvenir collector for some reason.
  6. What always freaks me out about that one is her son could easily have eaten part of her sandwich or soup. It seemed like the husband didn’t make too much of an effort to keep it from his son. And sorry I’m not staying with anyone who collects murder seeds as a hobby.
  7. Even on Jeopardy you have to have a precise answer, people are incorrect if they add or subtract an s or ed on the end of a word so I don’t mind it. I think Shazam is a lot more though, this show seems kind of dated and boring.
  8. I know Hai didn’t live there but did Randall know that? How were the taxes and utilities kept up? Was Hai intending to keep a fully furnished house with no one living there? Doesn’t make sense to me along with Laurel not talking to Hai for thirty years and Laurel and Mae making enough money by selling vegetables at the exact same market for forty years . Too much of a fantasy this time around and I can’t help but think there is a reason the writers chose a Vietnamese man as Laurel’s boyfriend.
  9. I thought this episode was very well done. It was realistic and sad throughout. I liked the wedding at the end and was happy we didn’t lose any of the main characters.
  10. I cried at the lake scene at the end but overall thought Laurel ‘s story was too convoluted. Did Hai keep the lights on and keep the house exactly like it was in the hope of finding Randall? I wish Randall would have asked if Hai had somewhere else to live. Kevin better be OK.
  11. Not what I meant. We haven’t seen every appointment Kate had with her OB. She would have asked if she had any previous pregnancies. She wouldn’t be asked again at each appointment.
  12. It happens but a 1 year old should be the first one you look out for. She didn’t say she forgot him she said she made sure all the kids were secure in the car and thought the baby was away from the car when she pulled out. I don’t understand how a baby could be left alone at a farm. Besides vehicles he could fall in a pond or ditch, fall and hurt himself or even be bit by an animal. I know it was an accident but I don’t think Kim took good care of her kids, then or now.
  13. She didn’t say she kept the information from her doctors. Abortion and D&C are not exactly the same but I’m sure her doctors would have her medical information. She also would have tested to see if her reproductive parts were working well. When I was trying to get pregnant, I was asked once if I had ever gotten pregnant naturally and it was put in my electronic record.
  14. Just finished Playing Nice by JP Delaney and it was a pretty good story about finding out your child was switched at birth and the birth parents don’t play nice. Now I’m reading The Magpies by Mark Edwards. His books are all creepy and well written.
  15. I have also questioned why Kim would make sure the other kids were in the car but leave a baby alone in the road while she drove to the next tree planting spot. A one year old can’t be left alone outside. I wonder if she forgot him because she has so many kids. I want my husband to witness Ethan telling his parents they can’t speak badly about his wife; my MIL has been saying awful things to be for over 25 years. I think Kim ‘s pie throwing nonsense was to prove to the viewers that she is a great mom and they have all kinds of fun. Didn’t fool me, her kids need social interactions, legitimate education and to be able to see their very nice older brother.
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