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  1. I don’t really like Clarice’s therapist. She should be listening and not insisting that Clarice already has the memories; she couldn’t know that. I didn’t really understand her flashbacks. So her father had her hand over money while he stood a few feet away? Doesn’t make sense. I never liked law enforcement shows where the lead threatens to quit or is threatened with being fired constantly.
  2. The Gold Digger one was a true story but when I looked it up they left a lot out. In real life, Celeste remarried six months after Steve died, he died of a blood clot months later ( the show implied he died in the hospital during recovery ) and there were other minor changes.They also left out the part where Steve built Celeste’s dream house for her. But the part with Celeste befriending and using the mentally ill woman are all true.
  3. I’m glad the couple said no to the arch, it will make the house look dated. I think the office instead of living room works well for them but might make it difficult for selling if they move. I think all of the families should get to pick and choose what they want provided it works for Tiffany and the budget. What were the bright green circles she hung in the kitchen? They looked really ugly but I couldn’t quite figure out what they were supposed to be.
  4. I just got caught up on the episodes and like this because I live in the Chicago suburbs. I notice when they show bedrooms there is not a single picture on the walls or an item on a dresser or nightstand. I don’t know anyone who lives like that. Many of these rooms can be updated with paint and accessories for far less than $50,000. Kitchen remodeling and adding bathrooms cost more. Just saw the kitchen remodel where the couple fell in love with the very expensive quartzite counter. I fell in love with a slab of granite that was super expensive, but by looking around I found one very simi
  5. The actress who plays Dakota was on and already looks like she has the dreaded blow up lips. She’s too young to look artificial.
  6. I can’t see how any sort of happy ending is possible since we saw Dakota incinerate and we clearly saw the mushroom cloud. All food and water would be tainted and whatever is stored in the storm cellar won’t last forever. I don’t even understand how they can keep a baby alive because a baby can’t digest regular rations. Of course the entire show is a fantasy and they can do what they want. If they meant for Morgan and Grace to be fine,IMO, they needed to be much further away from the blast.
  7. This is a depressing storyline. I don’t want to watch a season of people stuck in a storm shelter or people dying of radiation poisoning. How would Morgan, Grace and baby survive by hiding under a truck? They were still breathing in all the dust. At the end, the bundle looked newborn size where the earlier baby seemed almost a toddler. How will they feed the baby? Happy that Dakota is gone and Strand always has good speeches but we have heard variations of this same one so it didn’t have the same impact.
  8. She said they reported the abuse and hoped CPS would assume he ran away. They wouldn’t assume a boy that little ran away. She wouldn’t be able to file any other kind of paperwork.
  9. I really enjoyed the wrap up and think I would watch if there’s another season but oh well. I might have missed something but was Karsten ever found? I know they found his thumb drive but I assume he was kidnapped. What will happen to the little boy? You can’t just take a small child out of a foster home. I still think the cast was a little bloated and the doctor son and his dad could have been cut out without changing much. I have always loved Andy Garcia and hope he gets his own show. I would watch a Cruz show with or without Rebel.
  10. I’m one who never liked Gary. He’s that friend who is always helpful but has simmering rage just under the surface. His behavior in this episode was over the top. Not sure I believe Darcy changing her mind so quickly about having kids. I don’t hate Delilah. Jon had an entire life that was kept secret from her, apartment, money, relationships. It’s not all on her. It was shortsighted to think about moving to France but I could see wanted to move beyond the grief in some way. Maggie should have clear with Sophie on not naming her teacher. If he survives Gary he will probably sue her. I did
  11. We need to see Max doing other things that playing with Luna so I’m fine with assuming he found a live in nanny and perhaps saw Luna before she went to sleep. It bothered me at first but in the end I want to see the medical and relationship drama and that can’t happen if Max has to be home by 5 PM. I did like the end scene with Helen. I don’t care about Bloom’s romance because it came out of nowhere and Floyd’s romance doesn’t fit who he is as a person, so I’m happy Max is moving on.
  12. I watched the last two episodes and haven’t seen this in awhile. They hardly asked any questions. In last night’s episode, I wondered why they didn’t ask the greatest memory person what she was doing on 12/20/98 or something memory related. Too much of Mama Doris and she isn’t that funny.
  13. The whole Iggy segment was strange. The kids yelling like they were dying over a splinter and Iggy running around calling his daughters name. I thought the scene at the British clinic was going to mean Helen would be leaving the show to go there. Why else would it be mentioned that they need a medical director? I did like the end with Max and Helen but I also wondered where Luna was. Reynolds didn’t have to pretend he never met the married doctor, they work in the same hospital. Do people really hand out jobs like that? I would think it would have to go through Human Resources and the hos
  14. I’m reading The Maidens by Alex Michaelides. I liked his first book The Silent Patient, and this one is good so far.
  15. I think it said it all for me when Roberta didn’t even glance at the two boys when she came in. Then all the sobbing and I love you’s to Dannielle’s parents made them all look nuts. Are Ick and Bert really leaving the bedroom door open? Did the cameramen ask the family to go in the other room while they filmed the happy couple in bed? There is no reason to bring the kids in on this. Garrick better hope he can keep his business, he will need lots of money. No interest in yet another Snowden wedding. They barely put an effort into it and it won’t last.
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