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  1. I thought she was annoying too-she knew the family for about two minutes and wanted to take over. I’m glad they found the killers but something still seemed off about the story. I will have to think about it.
  2. Yes a ground breaking surgery would be highly publicized and the surgeon would be selected that had the most experience. There is no way it would be given to a random general surgeon at the last minute to teach a lesson to the intended surgeon. I am assuming Floyd was an assistant surgeon for this but every member of that team would be cherry picked.
  3. I thought Meg was exhausting and passive aggressive but she didn’t need to be yelled at and talked down to the point of bullying. I was really disappointed that Christian or at least a producer didn’t intervene ; instead Meg was basically bullied out of the competition . And if switching models is ok if you need a specific look to show your outfit, it needs to be ok for everyone and everyone should have the right to say no without repercussions . As far as the fashions, it seems that street wear on PR usually ends up being harem pants and a bomber jacket. This has been going back for year
  4. I found Iggy very annoying here. Repressed memories may not be legally allowed but trying to prove Helen was wrong about her memories was just not his place . I remember things from my childhood but I can’t be sure of the exact day or weather. Maybe Helen got the day wrong or how the beads broke wrong. Remembering an entire rape and having it be imaginary is a whole different thing. In Helen’s case it wasn’t a false memory as much as not clearly remembering something that happened when she was a small child. What was his explanation for the rape memory? Maybe they were having tea and she false
  5. It was an episode where Phil yelled at a woman because she “allowed” her child to see her being abused. She also was ill after a weight loss surgery.
  6. I miss the backdrops too-they created a whole scene. Also not liking the insistence of adding savory elements to every cake ( although they don’t seem to care if it isn’t added). I like Eddie on other shows but he seems too picky here, he always finds something wrong.
  7. I’m happy the show is back and think it’s a great beginning. I’m also glad the police chief is seeking Ambrose’s help rather the usual trope of everyone hating the outsider. I know this show tends to fizzle out by the end but I adore Bill Pullman and watching him act.
  8. I have also been in Olivia’s shoes . For 26 years until she just died , I had the mother in law from hell. Not religious but horrible. Just a couple of her highlights: -had a secret 20 year relationship with my husband’s ex in the hopes they could reunite -called me and my family trash because my sister threw me a baby shower -when I was promoted to VP at my company told everyone I was a clerk who married my husband for his money even though I made much more than him Plenty of times I had to hold my tongue and see her but I did it because there were family occasions that were
  9. I felt bad for Moriah, she was nervous enough without having to referee between her parents and Olivia. I think Kim is a horrible person and only wanted to be there to show she is in charge. However, I don’t think it would harm Olivia to just have Kim and Barry in the back watching their daughter. No one was putting Moriah first here. I have serious concerns about Max with the way he flirts with Micah all the time. I guess Moriah is too sheltered to pick up on that but it’s pretty obvious.
  10. I didn’t like the kissing scene either. I’m not rooting for Kristen cheating on her husband or David cheating on his vows. I liked the scene with the students sleeping in the drawers and the creepy bat thing. And Sister Andrea is just awesome; love that feisty old broad. I thought the party of cannibals reminded me of the party scene at the end of Rosemary’s Baby when the satanists gathered to greet the baby. Don’t believe for a second the church would just hand over this case to Leland especially since Kristen could prove he is fake. And isn’t there always more than one person on th
  11. I did like Olivia but since following her Instagram she does seem to consider herself a celebrity and the heart of the show. I’m guessing that without the show she wouldn’t have the money to jet off to New York to see Hamilton or fly to Alaska to take a few pictures. I hope she will come to understand that Ethan has a right to his own dreams and that the money from this show won’t last forever. I understand she is a wedding photographer but unless she is Annie Lebowitz she isn’t making a fortune on her own.
  12. Did Rachel somehow assume she would be matched with someone who has every summer off and wants to spend that time going to Europe every year.? I used to teach and many teachers I knew did go on a week or two vacation, but most of their partners and friends only got so much time off to vacation. And if it is important to her to be gone three months out of the year, why get married?
  13. I’ve only watched a few episodes. I was too furious at Phil berating and blaming a woman for being abused while Robin runs the Georgia Smiles charity that supposed to help abused women.
  14. Well the idea behind this show is that marriage should be about other things than sexual attraction. During this trial period they are supposed to live and sleep together and make an effort to get to know the person and see if they have similar values and goals. Saying you refuse to do that because you don’t like the way the person looks is realistic in real life but why go on a show like this? Almost everyone on this show is matched with an average looking person. If you require Victoria Secret model level of attractiveness, you aren’t going to find it on Marriage at First Sight.
  15. That sounds great for those that can afford it. You probably wouldn’t go on a show to find a husband though because you wouldn’t know if the person you are matched with had the ability or desire to travel every summer.
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