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  1. Yes I know but if she would have insisted on him putting his family first it wouldn’t have led to years of sacrifice and resentment- maybe
  2. Betty was such a doormat, always doing what Dan wanted even if she and her kids had to suffer. I know the whole story but I kept wanting her to say no to him.
  3. Even if businesses are closed, business owners can still go into places they own to look through mail, make sure everything is ok and in their case, make masks. Cynthia and Molly were working side by side when the pandemic started so I don’t see a problem with them continuing to be together. If they are not seeing customers then they are not putting others in jeopardy. People that work at grocery stores, hardware stores and restaurants are seeing other people on a daily basis. I actually have more of an issue with Tim and Veronica since I don’t believe they saw each other much before filming pillow talk.
  4. I was fascinated with the TV movie and Meredith Baxter/Birney was perfect as Betty. I’m giving this a chance but the leads were an odd choice. Crazy Betty and entitled Dan really were a bad combination.
  5. I was disgusted that they had the cartel woman on and we are supposed to think she is a celebrity rather than part of a family that murdered people. And there was nothing cute about the crude way she talks.
  6. No idea why I watched this , but the daughter who just graduated to be a correctional guard acts like she is about 8 years old. No way she could handle working in a prison. And her mother looks like she has no neck like Big Ed. Did not need to see the colonics scene- yuk! The daughter who is a little person seems way too dependent on her mom- I wish she would spend more time finding friends and less time dreaming about having Liam Helmsworth as a boyfriend.
  7. Ok so last week I posted about the insane movie on lifetime about a nanny and insane parents obsessed with a movie star. This week they had The Captive nanny about an insane family obsessed with a rock star. The exact same story! This is ridiculous even by Lifetime standards.
  8. I was disappointed in Ru with the mask again- it was unattractive and distracting. I adore Crystal but her makeup was heavy and goopy to the point you could barely see her face. And she might have had a chance if she threw in a little glam. Milwaukee is my hometown so I was happy and surprised at Jaida’s win. Gigi has amazing clothes and accessories and if she can continue to hone her funny side she will be great. I did feel bad for the queens who didn’t get the full finale experience.
  9. We don’t kill children who are depressed because their parents died, V murdered him there was zero mercy. I liked this episode but wish Eve wasn’t a secondary character. I liked it better when we were supposed to be rooting for Eve and not Villanelle.
  10. I had the same thought about Dr Phil being in school in the 80’s. He always thinks he is the smartest person in the room, but struggled with every question. I just can’t stand him.
  11. I was disappointed at only having two couples in the finale and it was clear that the judges didn't really know how to judge. Having couple chemistry while singng relies on so many things; singing experience, tempo and style of song, background music, etc. I never really see couples pawing at each other while singing. In fact, I was worried that Bri and Chris would lose because they weren't groping each other as much. I liked the singing but forcing a romantic partnership seemed to make everyone on the show anxious which took away from their performances.
  12. Rudi and Matt should have just faked it so they could finish competing. Lots of duets are with people who are not in love.
  13. Did anyone else see The Au Pair nightmare this weekend? It was the strangest movie. I guess it was about an obsession over a movie star but so much of it didn’t make sense to me.
  14. I couldn’t get past her horrible lips. My favorite part was when her husband said he was 5,000% happy with her verdict, after she was 5,000% sure she wanted him killed.
  15. It looks fine when singers look into each other’s eyes and share a microphone. It looks stupid when the women are pawing at the men desperate to look like they have a connection.
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