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  1. I didn’t get the animal device people at all. Why were they talking about gauging an animal’s pain when their devices had nothing to do with that? And vets aren’t going to care about your ability to send them a week or months worth of data on your pet’s temperature or weight. They don’t have time to look at that. Doctors for humans wouldn’t care about a week of temperatures either. The drawing thing has been on the show before, I’m surprised the judges didn’t mention it.
  2. I thought David Byrne as well but nothing was mentioned about it and it was way before her time so I don’t know what was going on there.
  3. What was Kaia Gerber wearing at the judges table? It made her look like she had a pin head and huge body. I liked Plasma but her outfit was terrible and couldn’t stand up to the amazing looks the others had. Really loved Q’s look-very couture.
  4. I can’t stand Sharon. She has to be the center of attention at all times; guess we can see where Bodie gets it from. Don’t believe Vince stayed away from her for 6 months, they are the most romantic couple who ever lived ! They need to do something different with Bodie than having him “go rogue “ and get in trouble.
  5. I thought it was a great send off for Jack. There are a lot of therapists who won’t testify even if their client is dead. They are right that clients won’t go to a therapist who will discuss personal issues a client tells them. I don’t know if she can legally be forced to talk about her sessions. She did turn over her records. I like Hugh Dancy a lot and think the court side is always cut short by having the cops pursue multiple suspects and have foot chases. I was hoping they could have found a friend or family member of the victim who knew about the assault. I understand their testimony may fall under heresay but they might have had texts or something which suggested the assault and where/when it happened.
  6. Can any of these people talk without saying like every other word? It drives me crazy. What was up with Becca having a sock on one foot when they were in the hot tub? Is she injured too? Chloe doesn’t talk like a real person; I just have never known people who speak in therapy speak all the time. I wonder if she ever just talks about a movie or something.
  7. They always use babies older than newborns but baby Steve was clearly 6 plus months. I know people aren’t getting their baby information from TV dramas but they really shouldn’t be suggesting a newborn needs tummy time or can raise their head. If I were Leah I would be very annoyed with Shaun scheduling every minute of her day. It’s her baby too and she is the primary caregiver so she should be able to make her own schedule. I still can’t warm up to Reznick and the actress plays her as so cold and robotic. And finally: Dr. Lim and Shaun are not pediatric surgeons nor are they transplant surgeons. I guess I’m feeling cranky about this premier but I really do like the show!
  8. People dying of fright wouldn’t all have the exact same reactions though. Maybe one person would scratch out their eyes, others might have a heart attack, pass out or any other type of response.
  9. I know what the Eilish song means according to the artist but I think some people hearing the lyrics “I want to end me” combined with the suicides on the show may see it in a romantic light. Navarro’s story is meant to be ambiguous but leaving personal belongings behind and showing up at the end with no recognition by Danvers implies to me she is a spirit. I don’t find Annie’s revenge a good explanation for what happened to the scientists beyond the cleaning ladies leaving them in the snow.
  10. I didn’t like the season long emphasis on suicide starting with the Billie Eilish song which might have another ‘real’ meaning but also could romanticize suicide to vulnerable people. I also think we are supposed to be satisfied that Navarro committed suicide because she was watching over Danvers as a spirit. My questions which I don’t think the “somethings don’t have answers “covers: Why was the Ferris Bueller scene playing again at the lab? I don’t see any reason Clark would want to play it since he was mostly in the underground lab. It looked to me like Annie’s video was made underground but the flashback of her killing looked like it was in the regular lab. Why did it take the cleaning ladies so many years to find out the truth and get vengeance? Why were they at one house? How did the scientists get blown out eardrums and scratched corneas? Are we supposed to think they were unable to come back and get their clothes due to an immediate avalanche? How did the lab get freezing cold minutes after the power went out? People worked there year round and there would be insulation that would help until the generator kicked in. All in all, good acting but not great writing.
  11. There are some good actors in this but no characters to root for or like. I don’t mind Jackie’s addiction story but she is also a lazy and arrogant detective. She’s a new detective who strolls into the station when she feels like it and is rude to her co-workers. In real life she would be accountable for her time and doing paperwork, computer searches and other duties. Can’t stand the new undercover girl. She looks too distinctive to blend in with a drug crowd and Ray should have reported her for doing anything sexual with a criminal. Undercover cops either pose as buyers, sellers or users; having sexual relations with a target is a sure way to get the case thrown out of court. Not sure I believe Renee’s story: she was dying to get away from Frankie and the life and now she lies to Ray and leaves her kids with strangers to work and deal drugs at the strip club? Are we supposed to believe nothing would get back to Ray on how she was spending her days? And of course Ray is the biggest jerk of all.
  12. Bode got stabbed in the stomach and required no medical attention? Then of course he could count on Sleeper because he made a promise ‘dad to dad’! Then everything gets straightened out in a month just in time for bode to find out about the happy couple. Once again Sharon and Vince have to prove they are the most in love couple ever!
  13. I thought the episode was very sad. It must have taken Babe a tremendous amount of effort to dress , put on makeup and jewels just to have to take everything off for radiation. I decided I have to view this as just a story rather than constantly wondering about what’s real. I also thought the scene of Babe and Bill dancing was very emotional. Naomi Watts is excellent in this. I still despise Truman; I dislike people who are constantly sarcastic. This was my favorite episode so far.
  14. I think there must be time for all of the women to talk to Joey. My guess is they know he has a better connection with others so it’s easier to just complain that you didn’t get your time. They all think if Joey only had time with them they would be the one. Yet they are on group dates and cocktail parties and it’s probably obvious Joey is reacting more to others. I really hate the constant bullying of Maria and the sobbing that she is doing something wrong. I don’t think Maria is the one for him but she deserves to be there as much as everyone else.
  15. Every time I see the women bring out one suitcase I think they must be magic cases that hold ten heavy full length gowns, shorts, shirts, short dresses, bikinis, jackets, sandals, sneakers, boots, pjs and makeup! I can’t stand Sydney.
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