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  1. Madding crowd

    S12. E06. Art of War

    I thought Cam’s tattoo was beautiful and I really liked the eye. The flowers were also very good but I think they picked the right winner. It makes the judges look like idiots when they complain about hating a style they assigned. I know it was decided by producers but it’s likely the clients and contestants hate it too.
  2. Madding crowd

    Lifetime Original Movies

    I thought the Stalked by my doctor:sleepwalker was in really bad taste even by lifetime standards. A creepy mad doctor in his sixties tries to make a college age girl fall in love with him by manipulating her while she is asleep. Not to mention the utter stupidity that the hospital staff and patients would go near a doctor that rants and talks to himself and doesn’t know what he is doing.
  3. Madding crowd

    S15.E10: Week 10

    Hannah has a pretty big ego to think her future husband won’t care if she is currently having sex with other guys. I really meant in love with her-I don’t think Tyler feels that way.
  4. Madding crowd

    S15.E10: Week 10

    No man on earth is going to say I love you and it’s OK with me if you slept with three other guys in the past three days. Most of these contestants lie to their chosen one or don’t have sex in the FS. I don’t agree with Luke’s view of sex but I think he is the only one who cares about her.
  5. Madding crowd

    S15.E10: Week 10

    In my smallest voice I’m going to say I find Luke hot physically but of course don’t agree with his religious views.
  6. Madding crowd

    S15.E09: Week 9: Hometown Dates

    Jed never looks like he is having fun. And I thought he was a jerk for saying he was standing next to a scumbag. And he looks way older than 25. I don’t like him.
  7. Madding crowd

    Best Room Wins

    I always wonder that about hanging TV’s. I have a satellite box that has to connect and I would need access to it and the TV. I also didn’t like the wood wall and not a fan of tiny furniture that can’t be used. I would like it if they would find designers who don’t look down on the homeowners and their existing designs. Not everyone can afford expensive furniture and remodeling. Also some people prefer a house you can live in not just photograph.
  8. Madding crowd

    S01.E06: Another World

    Evelin is just horrible. Corey is a wimpy guy, but he doesn’t deserve such a witch. He should tell her he is leaving and taking his money with him. Paul and Corinne both seem like they have some cognitive issues. As for Laura and Aladdin, I don’t know what is going on there but it isn’t love.
  9. Madding crowd

    S15.E08: Week 8: Amsterdam

    Jed always looks grim, I can’t imagine him having a good time. Hannah veers between bossy and demanding and sobbing. I have no idea what she would be like in real life. I don’t think any of these guys are really into her and are saying I’m falling in love to get air time.
  10. Madding crowd

    Lifetime Original Movies

    I also thought Anniversary Nightmare was awful. Was the bad guy just planning to hold her husband hostage for years while she was in jail? And the murder weapon just laying on the kitchen floor. Also, the kidnapper guy was a terrible actor. I thought her mother was acting suspicious and was in on it. And of course we don’t find out until the end that she was a lawyer. This one was bad!
  11. Madding crowd

    S12. E03. Down to the Wire.

    It doesn’t seem like the contestants are listening to the coaches and I’m sure they don’t care if their weekly coach gets to win money.
  12. Madding crowd

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    It also seemed like she was locked in her office and he pried the door open to get in. Was he attempting to get his cards with his hours listed? Even if his plan was to kill her so no one could tell he was fudging hours, wouldn’t someone else do the payroll and find the cards missing? I am missing something here and I still wonder about the random dude who apparently went on company property in the middle of the night to throw out garbage.
  13. Madding crowd

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    One thing I wondered about was why the victim was working on payroll at such odd hours. Did she have other supervisory duties in the late night shift? I don’t know anything about this company but most payroll people I have known work 9-5 type hours.
  14. Madding crowd

    Spin the Wheel

    I don’t understand why anyone would take the first offer when there are numerous spins left. Even if you go back to zero in one, you could win 2 million on the next one. Something seemed different on this one than the first episode but I don’t know what it is.
  15. Madding crowd

    S09.E03: Don't Kiss On the First Wedding Night

    My thoughts so far: Deonna does seem uptight but she may also be having a hard time with the cameras or just feel shy around her stranger husband. Greg seems like a nice guy so far so we will have to see. Amber is very annoying to me, most people don't like someone who pounces on them the second they meet. Give it a little breathing room. I do like tall guys and Matt is attractive but he sometimes seems stoned or drunk to me-maybe its the way he talks. Iris and Keith are both attractive, both work with kids and many times a quieter person and a extroverted person work out well. It will depend on whether Iris is hung up on being a virgin and/or expects too much and whether Keith really wants to be married. I don't really hate Elizabeth although I think she would be a lot to be around. Jaimie seems kind of high maintenance to me so they will probably crash. Her father is an absolute creep. Things seem faker than usual this season. Elizabeth's fathers comments, Keith's mother wondering why a bride would wear a white dress (huh?) and even the drawn out drama about. Matt's family. I always hope for the. Best with the couples, but so far I am predicting all kinds of issues.