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  1. Bloom’s pain should be controlled by her doctor and the nursing staff-since when does a patient get to designate who controls her medication after surgery. After you are released, fine. If something happened to her it would be on the hospital. I think her therapist guy took the pill. No one should have to suffer in extreme pain to prove a point. Then again if you are truly in pain you don’t feel high after taking pain medicine. The Rikers thing was ridiculous. I could see them getting permission to open a once a week clinic and to donate things like tampons, but no way are they wandering around the entire facility, visiting people in solitary or bringing in prisoners families ( I know that was in the hospital).
  2. I understood that but this is Rebecca’s chance to visit with her granddaughters who she doesn’t see often, everyone was held up waiting to eat dinner and Miguel would have to know that Rebecca wouldn’t want to spend hours at a movie by herself on Thanksgiving. The Pearson’s are all about family time. I could see her wanting to go for a walk but just don’t buy a movie.
  3. Very good episode but I kept wondering why Miguel wasn’t concerned with Rebecca being gone so long, he has to be noticing things. Didn’t like the message Kate saw on Toby’s phone. Can’t wait for January.
  4. I think I’m done with this show. Too many Idiots who want endless plastic surgeries to look like someone else. Also so many boob jobs gone wrong. I think if they went back to that botched by nature thing I might watch but not interested in any more British woman who “adore” surgery.
  5. I don’t get why the whisperers are so devoted to Alpha because they think she killed her daughter. She treated her daughter like crap, she kills people left and right including babies so killing her daughter shouldn’t garner undying devotion.
  6. Dante seemed to come out of nowhere so it’s not surprising he was s whisperer but it would have had more impact if we would have seen how he infiltrated the group. Still don’t believe any of Alpha’s group wouldn’t drop her for a hot meal and a bed. Sorry to lose Siddiq.
  7. I mainly watched this because Alison’s carpenter Ari is my former neighbor and I knew he had his middle son helping him on the show. I generally like Alison’s style minus the gold door and $7,000 toilet but her attitude is just so awful. I guess I must like Chicago style to because I hate all white rooms. Of course I live in Chicago and we get plenty of white outside.
  8. I thought the little jingle Leland was singing with girls was interesting but I didn’t catch all of it. The first part was something like “1,2,3. I want the devil to dance with me”.creepy. The flames around the bed were a bit silly but I’m interested to see where this relationship between Leland and the mother goes.
  9. This is an interesting case. There is no way she lived in an apartment by herself from ages 6-8. Also wonder why she was in 30 different foster homes. This is one of those stories I can’t make my mind up about. Curious what everyone else thinks.
  10. Iggy bugs me. Not only is he the only mental health doctor in the huge hospital, but he is attention seeking all the time. I doubt if these vets would really want to perform a play in front of the public, and trauma needs more than just speaking the words.
  11. Then there was the time Phoebe slipped her client a little something so he would be out for awhile and she could attend Emma’s first birthday party.
  12. Ryan was co-listing a property with Luis so he was representing the client. A sale could have fallen through if he couldn’t get ahold of his co-lister.
  13. Charles Manson was a real person though, Negan is not. In real life I would hate Negan and people like Dexter and Walter White. But somehow I just have to have a different way of looking at TV characters or I couldn’t watch any of the shows I enjoy. I do understand what you all are saying but I also see no point in paying the actor to sit in a cell and not talk to anyone. Of course all the bad guys should be dead but then we wouldn’t have a story left.
  14. It bothered me that BeeKeeper lady said her youngest child is her favorite on TV. How does she think her other children will feel hearing that? Also hated the guy calling his kid a crybaby and monster on tv. Keep the kids out of this. Angela needs to be gone and who wants to see her botox adventures. I am 99% sure her and Michael's story is fake anyway. I believe they met on a website but I think she talked him into pretending to be engaged so they could get on TV. Michael always looks way too calm while she is ranting and raving. Maybe they will prove me wrong, but she has been on Jerry Springer and I think this is just the same thing to her. Don't really like any of the new people so far, but of course I will keep watching.
  15. I agree the whole nut tapping conversation was ridiculous. I'm not sure why the writers insist on Negan talking like a ten year old. I think they will have to keep him because he is the best actor by far on the show, and in order to do that they will have to redeem his character. There is just no way to keep him in a jail cell and still have him contribute to the story in some way. I actually liked the Negan wanna be storyline because it was something a bit different. I really don't care about Yumiko, Kelly or Connie. It's not that I dislike the actors at all, it's just too much character overload over the years. We barely know what is going on with characters like Aaron, but spend lots of times on characters even newer than him. I feel better for King Ezekiel and hope this doesn't mean he is-leaving the show. I wish he had spoken with Carol but she has become so cold hearted she probably wouldn't care that he has cancer beyond saying she can't deal with it or something. Still don't understand the whisperers. Why would you stay somewhere where you could be murdered at any time for any reason. And how do they keep their numbers if people are killed for being sick, getting tired, speaking or any one of Alpha's many rules. Also don't understand how/when they sleep, do they just agree that if they get sick they will be killed? How/when do they have sex since one of them had a baby? Still have an issue believing that tanned, stretched out walker faces completely protect against identifying them as human.
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