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  1. I am glad I am not a party of 1 who likes the way Dorinda decorated her house! I love bright colors and I like how it is eclectic. Matchy matchy homes aren't my taste. The only reason I would not have those bold colors and upholstery is cats. I would need to hire someone whose only job is fur removal. While I am not always on Lu's side, I was with the Sonja thing. I really think she does her a favor giving her a role. Dorinda et al were making the situation worse.
  2. I actually really enjoy Sutton's sense of humor. I also like her shift dresses. Teddi needs to stop going to Kyle for clothing advice (if she still does). With her means and cute figure I am surprised she chooses the least flattering maternity clothes available. I have an old friend who has talked about some strip joint that has awesome steaks so maybe it's a thing.
  3. I am going to change the way I was looking at this. As I watched I wondered if she is just a little spitfire who does things her own way rather than a being bit delayed. Jana wasn't pleased because it wasn't nice and pretty like the other quieter girls. Perhaps Josie has a different idea about art? Really in art there is no right or wrong. I heard her say she was laying it on thick because she wanted ridges. Then I flashed to a scene where Josie and others were playing outside maybe around trees (my memory of the background is hazy) and she did what looked like joking around with a stabbing motion and a silly face. I saw that as a funny and perhaps zany sense of humor. I can see 'different' wouldn't be tolerated. Maybe she is the Picasso to their Thomas Kincade? I didn't really like her being told to leave and being reprimanded, about art. A personal thing. Maybe in Josie's head she is thinking fuck this, I want to go play the drums or something.
  4. MAN their house was filthy. They don't need those wipes, they need a bucket and a sponge or cloth. With all those people loafing around you'd think they would have the time for deep cleaning once and awhile. It gave me the heebie jeebies.
  5. That mask didn't look sufficient. Is a thin layer of polyester going to do anything? Not a mask expert.
  6. The episode was just as riveting as always. I did find myself looking up Josie's age during the episode. I had already babysat for a family friend's kids at her age and had a part time job at 12. She seems very young. I don't know if that is nature or nurture.
  7. I really hope so. The article I saw made my head explode.
  8. thank you! Both of them need to put on hats for those walks. Especially since she has already had skin cancer.
  9. I have been away for awhile. Was it skin cancer?
  10. I find the GOFUNDME absolutely disgusting. All that money wasted on cars, vacations/Disney, homes and property and you have to depend on the largess of the general pubic for surgery for your child? Fuck that! Sell something you losers!
  11. I could see Jill picking Aquafina. Jingle would pick Fiji.
  12. And she lost her mind on Eileen when discussing her son. You do NOT talk about a teen that way regardless of their parents. How would Kyle have reacted to someone saying that about her kids? By the way, are we seeing less Portia this season? I know we are seeing drunk and mean Kyle and stoner/disheveled Mo but where are her kids minus the 'fashion/robe' show?
  13. Right? Don't get me wrong, I love fajitas, but that isn't one of the more expensive items on a catering menu. If I am paying nearly 5K for 3 days I want something better.
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