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  1. Her obsession bugs me. He has said it is for his Scottish heritage and wears tartan but not his own. Perhaps she should be a bit more respectful. The way I see it, she is making fun of Scottish heritage. NO heritage should be disrespected.
  2. When she gives it maybe she will get it. She WISHES she were as important and on the mark as Greta. And Joy was completely right about Melania and Barron. She only gives a shit about her own kid. #BeBest my ass. The breastfeeding topic was a good time for her to keep her yap shut, not screech over everyone else about her lack of children. Like a lot of you, I think she could be helped by mood stabilizers. Or a ball gag. I am beginning to see Abby as Matenopoulos without the excuse of youth.
  3. This disruption would not be tolerated in any of the places I have lived. Someone with their persecution complex also would be a giant pain in the ass should you complain. Between their 5 million cars that work, their 2 million that don't, the film crew, it sounds like they are going to seriously jank up anywhere they move.
  4. OMG! Everytime Christine or one of the others adds that extra sound at the end of a word ending in G I want to scream! It is a thing(k) and it needs to end. Someone shoot the hose at me because my anger made me sweaty. These people have no sense between them. WHO would look at that brown water and think, wow, gotta submerge myself in that?
  5. I hear you. I am feeling this way about OC and BH. Not sure where I stand on NY. I have stopped watching the news regularly and I ff through a lot of this show. I don't like anyone on it so week by week I wonder why I am watching. Both genre's (news and HWs) are full of or about trash people who lie on the regular, behave reprehensibly, have far too much $ for the shit they are, and maybe I need to rethink how I spend my evenings. It is depressing. I used to really look forward to this show since it was an escape. Now I feel the need to escape THEM! Maybe if they fire everyone and start over. Maybe I will write a letter to Santa. Or just a novel they have read.
  6. She could capitalize on the legalized marijuana biz here and start Baked with Jinger. It just might make her interesting!
  7. Jill with the stupid faces she was making in the video made me glad she is BARELY on any longer. She just bugs me. I knew someone that looked like her so maybe that is it. But its a chicken/egg scenario. Did Jill's face bug me which made KATIE'S face bug me or did Katie's face bug me so now Jill's does? Who knows. They both bug me.
  8. Not a caption but if she insists on having blonde highlights she needs to keep up her roots. Peeve of mine. That is what I thought.
  9. But will they still wheel her around in a stroller and will the new intended get said stroller or will he have to buy his own? Many questions!
  10. I do find it a bummer that I am not close enough to tip him a bible tract.
  11. Maybe we will finally find out wtf with Harry!
  12. This is a beautiful list. I will add: 6 Lauren telling Siah to get away from him, she isn't being turned into a brood mare. 7 Jana pledging her undying love to Laura and a special rainbow wedding 8 Homeland Security carting Jim Boob and Josh off for whatever reason floats your boat 9 Jim Boob hitting on someone OTHER than Michelle
  13. As much as I loathe Meri. I would like to see her stay until TLC is done with them. Then she can tell Kody to kiss her ample ass. Stomp away with her B&B and money made from horrible fashions and dashed dreams of other home retailers in her downline. Because I am petty this way, tell Kody that he is looking more bald and she if off to find someone who doesn't have a micro dick. Too much?
  14. Phew! Then nothing to see here folks! HA! I was irritated for baby Garrett that he had to share his 1st bday with a ginder reveal. He gets 1 freaking 1st bday, let it be ALL about him! I could almost see "this is bullshit" running through his mind. Then Kendra had to speed up his little hands smashing the cake? FFS lady. Once out of the womb they cease to be a special person I guess.
  15. One last update re this ep. Jingle should have sprung for an LA stylist for such a big change. They used bleach which prob was not necessary (you could tell because it all didn't come up at once and she was using a spray bottle to neutralize/wipe off what was ready before the other foils). She looks to be a 6 and if she wanted to go to an 8 or 9, an actual high lift color would have done that and not looked so raw. She also should have had about 6 more inches off but baby steps. Jingle's natural hair color is like mine and I do not have to use bleach when I go blonde.
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