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  1. I don't really care how large or small anyone is, be happy healthy and whatnot. I WILL say, those brunches are leaving some extra weight behind. She looks heavier.
  2. First time in, wait, how old is Savannah? 15 years??
  3. I admit, I have never given birth so take my comment for what it is worth. I am not a fan of watching a birth up close and personal (or any medical procedure of any kind). For me, the kicker from her second birth vid was her water breaking and the sprinkler effect. Gotta be honest, I didn't realize it can shoot outta there like that. Not here for that.
  4. You know as much as I bag on Meri, for which there is A LOT to bag about, she does look happier anytime the family is no where to be seen. While the mug is heavily filtered, you cannot filter in a smile. And it does reach her eyes.
  5. To which they should shrug, walk out secure in the knowledge that any fast food job is preferable to flap cleaning with or without gloves. The person in need of flap cleaning needs the caretaker more than the caretaker needs to clean said flaps.
  6. Yes! Mr. Natalie was quite vocal about Dawn's enabling and yelling at the tv why isn't Dr. Now ripping her a new one! I kept seeing references to mold. Now I know what it meant. I wish I didn't. EEK! I really loathed this one and her enabling mother and Dawn. Calling Dr. Now abusive because of his expectations? Bitch please. That right there should have gotten her cut from the program. She was horrid.
  7. Clearly Meechelle taught her how to use blush. Jesus people, go to Nordstroms and have someone teach you how to put it on. Or Youtube. Frankly the person who I follow on FB who does product demonstrations out of her car looked better the day she bought an Elsa makeup kit/head prosthesis (wig) and turned herself into Elsa. And she looked jacked up! Her name is Kristen Hampton. HILARIOUS!
  8. Same here and let me tell you, I am DYING to get out of work so I can see it. My husband is also super excited. Because he knew I didn't want to work today he showed me a pic of the Tongan Olympian to boost my mood. It worked.
  9. Ok, now that I have given it a thought, maybe he is on to something. So far the only kids I can see supporting themselves without online sales are Logan and I guess Fat Tony (said with love, HA!). Maybe he is predicting he will need all that space to house his grown children when they realize money/credit does run out and they cannot support themselves. Although this theory falls apart when I think of the cost to keep up that house and keep utilities on. Scratch this theory. None of them can support themselves. Except maybe Meri.
  10. This isn't the 1st time I have stopped watching but this is the 1st time I haven't missed it. The impeachment jazz got me out of the habit. I do have my evenings back which is nice. Meghan should stop being so repellent because she may have a better shot at getting her message across. Right now all she is getting across is she is childish, knows very little about many things, rude to hosts/guests/viewers and was born with and never lost that silver spoon. ABC will have to make changes before I come back. I may catch it on a day off but not DVRing any longer.
  11. I was a pretty little kid in the early 70s and I loved fondue. It was the oil kind not cheese or chocolate. Not sure this clan would have the patience though.
  12. I know 2 people who have found out they had siblings they didn't know they had and 1 who found out her dad isn't her bio dad (parents used a sperm donor), and 1 who had her bio daughter find her after putting her up for adoption. The ones that found siblings were stoked, the 1 whose daughter found her was stoked, the 1 who found out her dad wasn't her dad is a more sad story. The bio dad sold/donated sperm while in med school and wants nothing to do with my friend. She thought she was Central American but nah, she is Central American and Ashkenazi Jewish.
  13. My niece is just about to turn 18. I have never shared her picture. I just felt not my kid not my decision. Her mother (my sister) needs to be more cautious.
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