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  1. Brilliant. And why is it anyones business WHY someone doesn't like a strange person sidling up to them?
  2. I am of the impression JB runs it like the mafia. No money but things that may or may not have 'fallen off the truck'/been given by sponsors and a house for your family. Just follow along the script, don't embarrass us and you will be allowed to live just above the poverty line with minimal effort. I am glad Derick and Jill have something JB cannot take away. An education for Derick and a house they may have gotten through other means. And freedom. And a story that would make a ton of moola should they decide to spill.
  3. These people clearly don't know what is appropriate behavior in the real world. I am truly disgusted by all of it
  4. I think it was Sutton. Erika looks like she is going to bite her! It was also very threatening.
  5. Yikes! I think I wasn't clear. I don't think Jed or Justin were up to anything. I put this all on JB. He can see his legacy dying before his eyes and doesn't want the Josh taint touching anyone else. In the real world we know that Josh's issues are his own and whoever may have hurt him.
  6. Fantastic! I don't think there are other females. I see the marriages as a distraction and a way to get more off the Duggar teet as they are about to bleed cash defending Josh. Again.
  7. I wondered about that. The problem with these people are the proximity to a bazillion kids for every member and let's just say they don't have the sense needed for good decisions. They also seem to be marrying up all the single men so THEY don't look like cp viewing pervs as well. This seems to be the Duggar solution. When scandal's 1 and 2 came out there was a rush of girl Duggar weddings. Now right before this one drops a couple more balding Duggars whose countenances look 15 got married.
  8. I am guessing they will also have to hire a custodian for him should he get out on bail.
  9. I imgine everyone is on a need to know basis in that family. I imagine Anna needed to know as well as Jim Bob and Michelle. The only ones who know all the sick secrets are Josh and the Feds.
  10. All I know is leaving would have been MUCH easier when the 1st two scandals hit. Now they will have what, 2 or is it 3 more kids that she can't support on her own. Two working people supporting 7 kids would be really difficult. In the end the kids will suffer again because Lolly and Pops raised and covered for someone who should never be allowed around minors. I really wonder where this behavior started though. It didn't start with Josh.
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