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  1. Just read that. Posted too soon! Still indoor mask mandate. If the wedding is outside my guess is some will still get sick. Outdoor concerts have been super spreader events. I did laugh that they lost their gig. Must be pretty effin terrible. Absolutely nothing would surprise me. Not one damn thing. I think the guess about a Josh type of incident seems like a good one. Rampant sexual abuse at their church, being racists and at the insurrection didn't phase UP. Abusing kids might.
  2. Really bad time to be coming to CA due to covid #'s. They also need to keep their brand of heinousness out of this state. We do have mask mandates. In Los Angeles County, everyone 2 years of age and older must* wear a mask in all indoor public settings, venues, gatherings, public and private businesses and at outdoor Mega Events, regardless of their vaccination status.
  3. The fact she was on OANN *and* is unvaccinated should disqualify her.
  4. Knowing that couch like we do I would sit on the floor as well. HA!
  5. If this were true about all these men, why did her mom have to tell her to get her scent out there? It creeps me out to type that. She really expects us to believe a polyg with 3 young children was a hot commodity with monogamists in Utah? Sure Jan.
  6. 1/4th of the $ is why I hope is why she stays.
  7. I am celebrating that asshole is off the streets so children far and wide are a bit more safe.
  8. At some point she may celebrate that he won't be sweating all over her for a long time. I think I heard her uterus scream out in celebration!
  9. Thank god! It is my Xmas party today and I don't know how I would have kept checking without getting noticed! I think I am getting a drink at lunch!
  10. Saw this on twitter, take it for what it is worth: Hey everyone. Lawyer here. I expect a verdict by the end of the day. If they keep deliberating late, they’re close, just not there. If they go home for the night, that’s the time to start worrying about a hung jury. They are on central time so it’s 4:07pm. #joshduggar twitter.com/tb_meredith/st…
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