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  1. I actually only lasted 20 minutes last night and switched to the Duggars. Yes I thought it was THAT bad! I have rarely, if ever, switched off a HWs show that early. From what I saw on twitter I wasn't alone. It wasn't that they were being overly sexual or saying penis 50000 times. It was how they were treating Emily (who I don't really care one way or the other about), it was Gina (she is a gaslighting messy person who looks like she day drinks to excess), Brownwinds fake personality, Tamra who is vile, Vicki who is like weeks old fish head left to rot behind a heater all together. Shannon seems manic. I don't know. I am interested in what everyone else has to say.
  2. Why thank you! I talk about twitter with my college age staff and they get a huge kick out of me being blocked by people (Meri/Vicki G rhoc/Taylor rhbh/Jill Z rhny/Derrick D dugger adjacent).
  3. I spy pancakes and is that Canadian bacon on top of it? Give it up Mariah. You cannot be a health focused blogger/inspiration for the downtrodden if you eat like a Sumo wrestler in training. Checked the menu at that place. Not gonna lie, it looks yummy. By the way Mariah, they have a section called lighter fare. Perfect for after a workout. I took the baton and ran with it.
  4. What is so funny is they are getting people to still buy these flammable eyesore's!
  5. If she hadn't blocked me on twitter, which I am STILL salty about, I would send her this advice. Huh, maybe that is why I got blocked??!!
  6. Jill just found this feature on her phone didn't she? It is like when my sister figured out how to insert GIFs into texts. ALL THE GD TIME! HA!
  7. I find him very interesting. His research was clearly freaking people out. I think you are seeing what you want to see with him. Clearly he is a very intelligent and accomplished individual and that threatens people. Whatevs.
  8. Why would that matter or impact his writing?
  9. I agree about WW! Well, if she figured out the points in pig head...
  10. HA! Bored over the weekend and watched an old ep where Robyn had one of those on her lip. Mr. Natalie mentioned the herpes. I laughed and said it is BIG topic of discussion. They all have had it before. It is almost like a Brown version of Where's Waldo but Where's the Herpes!
  11. JELLY!!!!! I had to laugh when I got the box. There were a lot in there and it is just me and my husband. We both prob gained a bit of weight that Xmas. HA! ENJOY!!!!
  12. Is it me or do the brows look WORSE here?? I clearly need to move on from these brows. I continue to be stunned.
  13. What is sad is Janelle has clearly give up re fashion. When Mer is a 1/2 point ahead of THAT, while IN the fashion industry (HA!), well Thelma, I just don't know (shout out to Thelma and Louise, prob cause she looks like her name might be Thelma, apologies to any Thelma's here).
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