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  1. Drummer Tommy Lee sent an AWESOME expletive laden tweet. It was hilarious. There have been Zoom meeting break ins where they yell expletives, take over, and whatnot. A lot is being made right now of Zoom meeting security.
  2. Thank you for the explanation. That is better than what I was imagining. My mind went to a super creepy place. Probably because her brother is super creepy and I watch too much ID network.
  3. Looking for Teddy Bears in windows? Is that a game Josh made up to look at women's boobs when they were kids? Looking in others windows is very peeping tom Jill. Super creepy.
  4. Like many of you I have had to evacuate or plan to many times. I have 2 (used to have 3) cats, husband and a Fiat. You prep. You take ONLY what can fit in your car. When you are actually in the situation nothing matters except the safety of you and yours (I worried more about prep for my cats than us). I had a neighbor like Meri last time we evacuated. Tried to pack her whole house in the middle of the night and filled every neighbors trashcan with her trash. She was made to get all of it out the next day. HA!
  5. I looked at Amazon for those types of things. Not too terribly expensive ($200-$300ish is what I saw). But now I want a swing set with a slide/trampoline. No I do not have kids. Just for me at my Sally O Malley age. HA! The Seewalds do need to practice some better hygiene. BUT, maybe if their house was too clean they would be goners once they hit the TTH and the huge germ patch that it is.
  6. See if they are delivering. My local beauty supply is (it is one you have to have a license). If you are comfortable with delivery.
  7. That is completely true. In general it isn't a bad thing. If you are Duggar, it is a don't. Plus they have so many THINGS in their kitchens.
  8. I am licensed to do hair and used to do all my friends/family at home. It was always the kitchen. You don't want any wind, you want to be able to control light and it is super easy to clean. You just make sure everything is put away.
  9. All that I think of when I think of people who still are going to church is a scene in The Stand (miniseries) when they are trying to restart civilization in Boulder. Creepy.
  10. Thank you for what you are doing! I find myself saying future Darwin award winner a lot lately.
  11. I am at a UC and we are waiting to hear what is going on. We know that classes/finals will be online, classes for the 1st month of Spring quarter will be online, and large events canceled. The dining commons and dorms are open for those that cannot go home (international students mostly). I will be working from home for at least a week, maybe more due to my health issues. I am waiting for word to cancel ALL my April events. Our IT guy is going to be stuck in Bulgaria due to the new travel ban. He doesn't have a US Passport yet. CRAZY times. I am leaving work today, getting groceries (again, need enough sweets!) and not leaving my house. I am getting pretty freaked out. My husband is security for large concerts and his season just got cut in 1/2 (no shows until at least September). I am very worried about our economy as well.
  12. This last ep was disgusting to me. The whole thing with Sobbins kids seemed so staged. Sure, let's fight in front of the child who apparently suffers panic attacks. Looked to me they were purposely trying to rile at least Aurora up. I would hate to think they are so stupid they wouldn't realize what they are doing 🙂. I was trying to avoid politics/virus news so I was going to watch it again but that little display made me stop. I found it gross. I have anxiety issues and I hate saying this and have nothing to base it on BUT I am not sure I believe Aurora's issue was organic. Seemed rather convenient. But I am jaded about anything Brown. So either she faked it or her parents worked hard to make sure she had one on screen to prove how hard their life is. It seems to me Dayon and Brianna are a bit tired of Aurora's theatrics. She has been that way since day 1. I sensed some rolling eyeballs. By the way, Brianna is quite pretty.
  13. I have the perfect use for LuLaNo. Maids uniform for the BnB. Plus: Stains won't show, you can probably bend in them. Minus: non breathable fabric makes this unusable in 70+ degree heat or you will be swampy in no time
  14. I refuse to pick. We know there are good, smart repubs out there so why be stuck with these two hosers? If I HAVE to choose, I choose The Talk.
  15. I am not sure I want to hear about any nooks and crannies.
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