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  1. Sutton should have motioned at her teeth to imply Erika had food in there while she was trying to bite someone.
  2. I have 2 sisters as well. We are fairly close. If one of them did a show about our family, I would want a heads up and to be included. Or at least asked permission. It seems disrespectful not to. I am glad they moved past it.
  3. Sutton apparently has real money so I think she actually intimidates the hell out of Erika. Which is why Erika is all bluster. There is nothing remotely threatening about Ms Cell Block J.
  4. YES! I suspect without her monthly upkeep Erika will be on a quick slide to Angelyne territory.
  5. I thought it took tremendous strength to not eviscerate dumbass Dorit. Man, Dorit is a little brain! Erika and her trying to be all gangster. Hold onto that until you are in the pokey Girardi. Again, what is Erika going to do if you stand up to her? I mean, she looks like she is going to bite Sutton but she has no power. Not in the social scene of LA, not in regards to $, nada. I FF through the scenes with Rinna and her spawn. Loathe them.
  6. Sutton is the type to bring her a housewarming gift when Erika moves into her new housing in Chowchilla, CA (CCWF, women's prison).
  7. When she said where did the money go, I was like bitch please. She admitted it is around $40K/mo to look like that. And it is in EJ LLC. Or overseas. This was a poorly thought out ruse. And yes, I think this was the plan all along should Tom get caught. He just thought she was a better actress than she is. I think she is referring to herself. HA!
  8. Right?? Sutton and Garcelle were my hero's last night. I think Garcelle is outta fucks to give and I am here for it. The others need to quit dancing around Erika. How would they treat someone they didn't know accused of the same things? Pulease. Rinna has to have something to gain or lose by being inserted in Erika's hindquarters. Imma nobody and I wouldn't want Erika's ick getting on me. I'm with Sutton. I am going to have to watch it again. THIS is where Sutton excels. I am seriously giving side eye to all those that said the article was too long to read. Are these women basicall
  9. Same. As a white woman it is disappointing when you become aware of how dumb people you know are re race. We all need to listen with our mouths shut and do better. Garcelle is the honesty HWs need. She asks questions without malice unlike Rinna. And seriously, Erika brought up the calls from Tom. Maybe whatever pills she takes makes her flap her lips and forget about it.
  10. I will bring extra lighters. People are always running off with them 😁. I DID see smokables mentioned correct??? I am starting to think there is something legit wrong with Rinna. I can't with her forced manic behavior. Watch older eps. It wasn't this bad. She is losing her fucking mind.
  11. She and Garcelle are the most beautiful ladies on the show.
  12. Big words. She really is on the wrong side all the time isn't she? Bless her crusty heart.
  13. The deference given to Erika is gross. Who the fuck is Erika Girardi? A paid for aging wanna be. What power does she hold? Maybe in cell block whatever she will be a heavy hitter but now? She is prison bound or at least should be. She is powerless. Treat her as such next time she chews someone's head off. Just laugh in her face. Whatcha gonna do jailbird? Add assault to future charges?
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