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  1. Wow, lots of feelings about this episode! I just can't get that upset about it given what's going on in the REAL Westport these days, now that it's the epicenter of Covid-19 in CT, thanks to a party that happened there on March 5. I know someone in Westport that has the virus that must have gotten it from someone that attended the party. My own husband was in Westport on that date, thankfully not at that party. Makes me much less critical of this show now that it looks like nostalgia from a simpler time....
  2. I know, which is why that Wikipedia entry was weird. I just went to check it again and it has been changed to reflect his correct cause of death being from Covid-19. It's just strange to me that anyone would have entered it so specifically wrong. I agree with you all around. Jen got a reputation for being all sass and attitude for the way she acted after her elimination from her All Stars season of TC. As I recall at the time it was widely seen as inappropriate, especially coming from someone that worked for Eric Ripert. Not sure if I recall correctly but don't think she was exactly gracious after her first season elimination either.
  3. I was shocked to see the notice at the very beginning regarding Floyd Cardoz's death on the 25th. Weirdly, the cause of death was reported by CNN and other news sources as Coronavirus but his Wikipedia page says he tested negative for Coronavirus and instead died of heart disease. Not sure what to make of that. He was a well known chef in NYC for his restaurants, Tabla and Paowalla, plus a winner of "Top Chef Masters" in 2011. I have known of him for close to 20 years and was lucky to eat at Tabla once. I watched this episode through my tears.
  4. Naah, I don't believe she is really all that into Derek. She's still thinking about her former male companion and comparing him heavily to Derek and I think Derek is coming up on the short end of that stick in her mind right now. Her jealousy is because her ego is bruised that Derek hasn't fallen madly in love with her. She wants to be the one with the upper hand/power to make the choice to reject or accept him and realizing that he isn't that into her and might actually dump HER is taking that power away from her and making her worry that she may actually end up with neither guy in the end. That's where the desperation comes in. She wants to be sure she has a fall back plan should one of them back out on her.
  5. Something about what Derek wrote sounded like it was based on first hand experience to me. I have had a few guys read their youthful poetry to me that sounded like it was written by someone that was only aspiring to having certain feelings. Derek's actually struck me as sounding a lot more like it was based on actual, genuine feelings for someone in particular. Plus I thought he wasn't actually describing being in love, but being infatuated, or at least that's how I took it. I think he told Katie he was writing what "he thought love would feel like" because he wasn't really writing about being in love and didn't want her to interpret what he wrote as about being in love with someone in particular. He knew she would run with that if he admitted that the poem was written about someone in particular (she attempted to run with it anyway and make accusations but he took some of the wind out of her sails). He also didn't want to admit to her that he was writing about crushing on or being infatuated with a specific someone else because he isn't feeling love OR infatuation for Katie and so he attempted to distance himself from the entire thing so as to sidestep her intended guilt trip. YMMV.
  6. I'm not a Katie fan but I do understand finding yourself with someone that checks all the boxes for being responsible but you somehow just don't click, and I think that might be what's going on with her and why she seems so down on Derek. I dated a guy when I was young that was a few years younger than me and it seemed like everything he liked was different and not compatible with what I liked. He loved Barry Manilow and Neil Diamond while I loved Led Zeppelin and the Stones. You'd think we could have agreed on Carly Simon and Fleetwood Mac but his likes just never intersected with mine. Plus I found his dreams and ambitions a little immature and unsophisticated. He was very enamored and proud of his high school poetry while I thought it was shallow and childish. He was determined to be a disc jockey in a radio station but he didn't have the voice for it - by a long shot, and I knew he'd never get anywhere with that. He LOVED sports, especially football and I grew up in a family of artsy/intellectual types whose idea of a "sport" was a long walk after dinner on Sunday with a discussion of world events. He would have made me a "football widow". This guy's family was like a working class borough New York situation comedy. I loved them and thought they were great fun but after almost a year I knew it just wasn't going to work with him. We had a lot of the same values, went to the same college, grew up in the same town, but there's more to clicking with someone than that. This guy was all wrapped up in his own way and I felt like he didn't want to be open to mine, and it wasn't just that he was young and needed to "grow up". Plus I didn't really see myself with a guy with his likes and goals. I feel like while some of Katie's sabotaging is because of her own issues it might also be because she looks at Derek the way I do. I think he's a great guy.....for someone else. I would probably feel about Derek the way I felt about that guy I dated decades ago. I think that some of Katie's reaction to him might be just that she doesn't really click with him or what he's into. On top of that she might be comparing him to another guy that she might click with more, which doesn't help. P.S. I found my old BF on Facebook several months ago. He got married and had a big family. He finally gave up the DJ thing and went into publishing. I'm happy for him but still, I know I made the right decision.
  7. I think Katie is miffed that he's not going "lovesick" and crushing on her whatsoever. I don't think she would care so much about him being "in love" with her if he at least showed some signs of infatuation. But she's not feeling that from him so she's pissed, especially when she finds out he actually has had those kinds of feelings before and has waxed poetic about everything from skydiving over the tropics to some classmate back in 10th grade. But.....and this is a big but.... Who could blame him? She has done everything possible to push him away with her abrasive attitude and high expectations. That'll scare any guy away. Yikes.
  8. I still think this is a non-issue being made into an issue by production just like they did with Bobby and Danielle, only in that season it was Danielle that couldn't say the "L" word. I would bet my bank account that in both cases they were using the "L" word in private but production wanted to make a fake issue to create fake tension and fake drama once again. Same is true for the work travel with Jessica. I am sure they have no real issue there.
  9. I hope that we just didn't see Mindy ripping her "friend" a new one but she did so off camera. Right now I'm actually impressed with Mindy considering what a wimpasaurus she's been up until now. I thought it was EPIC how she pretty much forced Zach to run away wimpering with his tail between his legs! He is another scary one like Michael. He has shown zero emotion with Mindy whatsoever. She kicks his ass out and he can barely react. Just WOW, how creepy! He's the type that will not show any emotion while he puts you through the wood chipper....Shudder. I actually think they specifically choose these wack-jobs and losers. They could probably chose an entire season full of Bobbys, Austins, Jessicas, etc. but they are looking for fireworks, not boring love stories. Is it any wonder that we only get one or at most two normal couples per season if that? Agreed. She is expecting too much too soon. She doesn't see how she is responsible for the walls she has erected that prevent him from being more open and himself around her. She said, "Who ARE you?" like he has not been honest and open about himself with her. But truthfully, he has given her the impression that he was never in love but then shows her the poems of a lovesick teenager. And then he denies it was about anybody in particular! I used to write poetry as a teenager and I seriously doubt his poems were about "nobody in particular". They certainly didn't seem that way to me. So I think there are issues on both sides with the two of them.
  10. He said he grew up in DC. So did I, but I still learned to drive. It isn't quite like NYC where one assumes that most people don't drive. The keyword in the above post was "grandmother". A lot of grandmothers never learned to drive regardless of where they came from. I'm from NYC and 62 and I only know one person that never learned how to drive. All of my New York friends except for that one person (and I have many) have driver's licenses even if they live in Manhattan and only drive on weekends.
  11. I caught episodes 3 and 4 and couldn't finish them because they were too tedious to watch. Between Tyson's pretentious, overdone delivery, the cartoons and the boring stories I couldn't take it. Episode 5 was better. Episode 6 was billed as being about Carl Sagan but it didn't have enough on him, which was disappointing.
  12. They're ladies who make lunch. It's not any deeper than that, LOL. I think it's supposed to be kind of a play on words, but it's a lame one. I'm not watching this show this season. Last season was enough for me plus FN has two new shows on right now that I like better - "Tournament of Champions" and "Vegas Chef Prizefight".
  13. I ate in one of Guy's restaurants in NYC once and the food was just awful. No surprise it was poorly reviewed by the New York Times and ended up closing a few years later (I'm surprised it lasted that long). I wondered if the bad squid Anne smelled in this episode came from Guy's restaurant's walk-in. If so, not a great advertisement for the place.
  14. She has turned politics and political causes into her "religion", not unlike a lot of young people today. I personally think she turned away from organized religion because of her limited bad experience in the Mormon tradition, with its non-acceptance of the gay lifestyle. That doesn't mean she doesn't still believe in God or a faith-based code of ethics and morality, though. It's too bad that her "spiritual but not religious" designation can't be experienced through another organized faith, but I think she is one of those people that throws the baby out with the bathwater based on their personal bad experience with organized religion. I'm an Episcopalian New Yorker too. We've embraced the LGBT community for over 25 years now. I knew many active openly gay people in the church in the early 90s. The older parishioners that left back then were a generation older than I am and I'm now almost 62 years old. I just thought it bears mentioning that this is nothing new. I think people would have left the church anyway as they have from most "mainline" protestant religions. It's more a growing secularism in society that is responsible for the decline in church attendance from what I've heard, plus a lack of personal connection which other more evangelical churches provide in abundance. I think Mariah is soured on organized religion because of her own personal feeling of rejection from her own church and until she heals from that and opens her eyes to realize that there are churches out there that would not do that to her she will embrace political causes in place of any kind of church-based faith. I'm not holding my breath that this will happen any time soon.
  15. Vegas Chef Prizefight, hosted by Anne Burrell on Food Network Eight Chefs Compete for the Position of a Lifetime on Vegas Chef Prizefight One chef will win a coveted position at a new restaurant on the Las Vegas strip. Las Vegas is a place where dreams are made, and Chef Anne Burrell hosts as eight handpicked, hotshot chefs interview for the job of a lifetime -- a head chef position in a brand-new restaurant at the Flamingo Resort and Casino. Each week the chefs will take over a restaurant within the Caesars Empire for one dinner service to prove they have the talent, leadership and determination to run a ten-million-dollar restaurant in the biggest culinary city on earth -- Las Vegas. Recurring judges include Scott Conant and Eileen Moore. Culinary dreams come true in the new series Vegas Chef Prizefight, where the next generation of elite chefs will face the toughest job interview of their lives for the opportunity to be named Head Chef at the brand-new $10 million dollar restaurant at the Flamingo Las Vegas, right on the Las Vegas strip. Each week, host Anne Burrell puts the chefs through their paces at a Vegas restaurant within the Caesars empire for grueling fine-dining challenges to prove they have the talent, leadership and determination to run a high-profile restaurant in one of the biggest food cities in the country. With clashing egos, extraordinary dishes and unexpected twists and turns, the six-episode series mirrors the storied world of first-class restaurant kitchens. Restaurant experts Scott Conant and Regional President of Caesars Entertainment Eileen Moore join Anne in every drama-filled episode, along with other special guests, to determine who moves closer to the ultimate job offer. Vegas Chef Prizefight premieres Thursday, March 5th at 10|9c! I noticed a few people asking about a thread for this show and figured I'd start one since I'm watching it myself and want to know what other people think about it.
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