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  1. I met David at the very beginning of his TV career before anyone knew who he was, when he was doing the final challenge on "Design Star" back in 2006. This photo was taken in Bryant Park in Manhattan on a rainy summer day. I also got to meet Clive Pearse (also in this photo), who I miss very much.
  2. I think that's the thing that made the least sense to me. Usually if you are best friends and have a romantic and sexual aspect to your relationship, plus you consider yourself to be "in love", that sounds like a valid reason to want to get married. Of course those feelings could change after marriage but I don't know any woman that would want to marry a guy without those things present beforehand unless they were in an arranged marriage or marrying for money, and we know this wasn't that kind of marriage. Who lets themselves be talked into marriage with someone they're not in love with or have "friend zoned" into BFF territory? I don't know any women that would marry their best male friend because usually putting him in that category means she doesn't have romantic feelings for him at all and would never want to have sex with him. And I don't know any woman that wouldn't consider those aspects prerequisites for marrying someone. Obviously these two must have had a sexual relationship at one time so Sam wasn't exactly her "BFF" when they got married in the definition of the term that most women would use it. I also don't think the two of them weren't in love in the romantic sense at the time of their marriage either. They weren't just "friends with benefits". I don't know any relationships in that category that ever ended in marriage unless the two people fell in love at some point. How many men have told a woman, "I love you but I'm not IN LOVE with you" as a reason they don't want to get married? Just saying....That's why this whole narrative the show is trying to create that these two were best friends that should never have married in the first place feels like they're trying to push down our throats that Miles and Cara probably are not more than BFFs. But we know that's not the case with them either. They are in a romantic relationship and are in love. So I don't know what the show is trying to push here, because I'm not buying it.
  3. At the rate they're going, by the time this house is ever built Kody will have the 11 million bedrooms upstairs to himself should he come down with the flu or need to man cave himself.
  4. Maybe that will be another "fake" story line - them fighting over the size of her apartment. it will become the "wet bar" of this season. I noticed that her and Robin's apartments are exact mirror images of each other except that Robin's bumps out to allow for two bedrooms, while Meri's does not. It would be very easy to change the plan to include a bump out to allow Meri to have her two bedrooms, which would make her and Robin's apartments exact mirror images of each other.
  5. Didn't they say it was a "deal"? Perhaps she could look the other way on a few outdated things because of that. Also, I could have sworn I saw a wet bar flash by in one of the scenes. Seriously!
  6. I don't know how that cringe-worthy, awkward gesture could ever have made him or anyone else happy. Upon watching that scene a second time it was even worse knowing it was going to happen. And then he awkwardly flailed his caked-up hand all over the place afterward, not even bothering to clean it. I think he thought he was going to be cool but it just fell so flat. I think he probably originally intended to smash it in her face thinking that was cool, but then realized it wouldn't be and ate it himself, then offered it to her. I think he feels outclassed by Taylor and is super nervous and making dumb social faux-pas like that as a result. It's not going by unnoticed by Taylor, either. Plus the couples' couch crew cringed at it too.
  7. I was wondering how long those lasagnas were sitting out on the counter with everyone talking and hovering over them. Or were those different lasagnas from scene to scene? Somehow I just have to know. Not a good advertisement for eating food that came from a home kitchen, especially when that useless, annoying guy dug a piece out of one and then put fake eyeballs in another.
  8. I know, plus what happened to her new ambition of becoming a preacher or whatever? First they had her get involved in that LGBT church, then she decides that her true calling is to follow in her father's footsteps in some way, then nothing, then they give her cancer. Whuh? It sounds to me like they really don't know what to do with her. At first I thought the same thing - that she was probably pregnant by some other guy. Then when she said she had done the IVF, I didn't know what to think because I also thought Sam was reacting like he was thinking it was really another guy's. But then afterward the way they were acting made it clear that he was upset that she did the IVF, which didn't make as much sense because getting pregnant with her was what he supposedly wanted most of all. It was very confusing and not at all obvious to the audience what was going on. The way the whole thing went down it would have made more sense if she did get pregnant by another guy. Maybe that's the way it was originally written but it was changed later on and that accounts for the clumsiness of the writing?
  9. I actually think that in Derek's case he left the mole there for vanity's sake. Some people think it makes them look more dramatic or interesting, or they've grown attached to it like it's part of their face, like their nose and could not imagine being without it. In that case it's called a "beauty mark". I don't agree with you about the mole removal not being covered by insurance. Most dermatologists know just how to classify such removal so that most insurance will cover it. I had a mole removed myself that suddenly grew above my eyebrow. This had to be about 20 years ago now. If they say it looks "suspicious" to them even if tests showed it was non-cancerous, it is most likely covered. Plus it's a very simple office procedure that does not involve much time or money. A little numbing agent and they burn it off. I suppose "Dr. Pimple Popper" could give us a lesson. This article explains more about the cosmetic procedures that are most likely covered by insurance and their medical justifications, including "beauty marks".
  10. Thanks, I have seen this so many times before and it's the same every time. My first love was extremely handsome and I learned this young. One of my best girlfriends went through it with a boyfriend too. Now a friend of hubbie and I (who is also our lawyer) is also one of those. This guy has had to take out several restraining orders over the years because some former female clients have thrown themselves at him (it doesn't help that he's a divorce lawyer). He even had to do it with one of his former admin. assistants who kept coming by after he and his partner fired her to try to push herself on him!! We knew her and almost couldn't believe that she would do that with him, but I can believe that an otherwise sane woman might go that insane over a guy. I can also see that because he's so charismatic and friendly they would think they could wear him down eventually. He's married and I know his wife probably suspects him. Of course because of all this there is always a cloud of suspicion over him even if he is innocent. I feel sorry for both him and his wife!
  11. Haha, cute theory! He does have chipmunk cheeks too. 🐹 😂 A chipmunk cheek married to a horse face - I LOLed at the post above about him asking Mindy, "Why the long face?" 🐴 @humbleopinion, I'm writing my place card to the shallow table RIGHT NOW! Although he's not my type, Zach is one of those "hot" guys that makes a lot of women go out of their minds. Even if he were the most loyal guy in the world there will always be women swarming around him looking for an opportunity to pounce. Won't matter if he's in love with someone else or married either. Even if he wasn't guilty he'd still look guilty with all those women around him. It takes a rare man to be able to resist all of that. He's likely to give in a few times. Those bridesmaids looked like they were each waiting for their moment....It doesn't help that his mom made a comment about how he has "commitment issues". Ho-boy, if that's not a huge red flag I don't know what is! 🚩
  12. Like others, I'm going to suspend judgment on Taylor for now, but I can believe that some of the grooms' matches were last minute and therefore not of the best quality. It's obvious to me that Mindy and Zach are a mismatch in addition to Brandon and Taylor, so this wouldn't surprise me at all. Even just reading the short bios of these people so far I'm scratching my head as to why some of them were matched. So far the only match that seems intentional and genuine is the one between Austin and Jessica. Otherwise, they could have rolled dice and done a better job of matching.
  13. So would I except Derek's mole annoys me. I suppose I'm in the minority but it does. Zach is technically good looking but there's something so phony about him that it puts me off to him altogether. And that fakedy-fake-fake pompadour on top of his head only makes me less attracted. I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. Man, did Zach's step mom have an unfortunate case of "resting bitch face" or what? Mr. Yeah No said Zach's dad definitely traded down. @humbleopinion, please set another place for me at the shallow table! Speaking of Zach's real mom, she and one of the other moms were wearing a very similar dress. Who wore it best? The other mom, I think. I didn't even see the preview but I did say last week that Derek seems like someone that could go from wonderful to nasty in about 2 seconds. Seems like that's coming true. Exactly. Plus it's admirable that Meka's ambition is to one day be a company president, but she should at least know what kind of company or field she wants to go into first. Talk about jumping the gun! She sounded like a little kid with that ambition - too immature for someone 25. I thought that was very telling about her, and not in a good way. Didn't someone's parent step up and offer to dance with one of the brides or grooms last season (or before)? I seem to remember that and it crossed my mind re: Mindy. If production wants to put people up to stuff, why didn't they put Zach's Dad up to dancing with her? Of course not, they only want to cause trouble, what was I thinking? LOL 🙄 There was something off about the way Brandon pulled that piece of cake off the top. Plus what killed me is how he had to go and pull it off the TOP of the cake, like he has no clue how the first layer is usually saved to give to the bride and groom. Then again neither MIndy nor Zach knew what clanging silverware on glasses meant either. I think I knew that by the time I was 19 and went to my first friend's wedding. I guess their generation doesn't go to too many weddings. By the time I was their age I had been to many, many weddings and been a bridesmaid twice. Regarding Zach, shock surprise about him not being attracted to Mindy and admitting it to her. Geez I saw that and predicted here it last week and I wasn't alone. That's a train wreck easily seen coming from MILES away. Poor Mindy that she's such an optimist that she would not see reality when she really should be able to see it. I personally think that's pathological denial, not just "optimism". Or maybe she really is that naive.
  14. The only things about Zach that are bloated are his cheeks and his ego. I don't think he's deep enough to look past her appearance. He may try but he will likely fail. Plus there's more to the mismatch than appearance. They seem to be poorly matched personality-wise too. I could be wrong but that's how they strike me right now.
  15. I think some of the difference is that while women might be even harsher on looks, what they actually find attractive can stray further away from the traditionally attractive than men, on the average. In other words, they can kiss a frog and if there's that something-something spark in his kiss or his smell or personality all combined he suddenly looks like a handsome prince even if before that she would never ever find him attractive on a purely physical level. With men, it's more often that what they find attractive is what they find attractive and personality won't make them bend their standards as much, whatever they are. OK, maybe a little but not as much as with women. Not saying that they have to have traditionally attractive women, but that they are less able to kiss a female frog and have her turn into a princess. Either she's beautiful to him on a purely physical level from the get-go or forget it. The spark they feel comes more from physical type than for women. Personality only adds to it. That said, men run the gamut on what their purely physical preferences are. Mr. Yeah No likes short shapely brunettes and is pretty forgiving on the weight issue (thank goodness because that describes me, LOL). But that just happens to be his physical type. He would NEVER go gaga over a tall leggy blonde no matter how wonderful she might be as a person. I find that amazing because I have found all sorts of men attractive depending on their personalities and that "spark" of chemistry in other ways between us. Tall, short, blonde, brunette, heavy, thin, you name it.
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