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  1. Thank you, you just about summed up exactly how I feel about this in this post. I can't put my finger on it either but I too feel less good and I don't know why. And yes to the forced, clunky lines too. I haven't paid attention to who writes this but it almost feels like the writers have changed somewhat. And especially yes to continuing to hope that when Miles and Cara are back together on cases all will be right with the world again. Thanks, so I didn't fall asleep and miss something. I think that was kind of clunky too or was I presumptuous to assume that she was still looking for the daughter? I think it was sort-of weird for the show to just put that out there and not tell the audience that she had found the daughter until the next episode. "The bloom is off the rose" with Cara, sorry to say. She's lost her shine. I hope she gets it back soon.
  2. I feel like the original magic of this show has so far been replaced this season with something that doesn't do the first season justice. I don't think that's being over dramatic and I don't think I like being told that. I'm entitled to my opinion like anyone else. My husband is a very busy person that doesn't have time to watch anything he doesn't love, and he's the one thinking about ditching this show, not me. I'll have to ask my other friends that watch this show how they feel about this season so far. Usually they end up saying similar things as my husband and I so it should be interesting to hear their opinions. I don't think I'm being over dramatic to feel that something is not the same about this show from the first season and that Joy is tedious and so is Arthur's plot. I'm also entitled not to be told I'm being somehow ridiculous in not liking that the original urgency to find who or what is behind the God account has now been dropped completely despite it getting more and more intrusively involved in their lives every day. Geesh, I'd be pretty paranoid if I were them about the incredible level of knowledge this entity has about them. They don't have to be on a constant hunt for the answer but at least keep the issue alive here and there. I've never been one to be able to suspend disbelief THAT much so I still ask those questions even if the show doesn't. And it's irritating me that it has just dropped one of the biggest premises of the show in the first season. I am not loving how a lot of shows these days just change all over the map from season to season. And I'm not the only one complaining about that on other show threads. And BTW, my best friend who watches this show is the one that works in Greenwich Village. She missed the first episode this season after seeing them filming an episode in Washington Square Park one day this summer. She didn't seem as thrilled to watch the show anymore for some reason after that, but didn't disclose what turned her off other than to grumble a little about the "younger generation". She is 61 years old and works at NYU so she's around younger people a lot. I'll have to ask her what's up with that. I got the impression that she saw something that reveals what's going to happen in a future episode and maybe she didn't like it but didn't want to spoil the plot for me.
  3. Just as an aside, I found it curious when Rakesh complained about schlepping all the way over to Brooklyn when his office appears to be in Queens judging from the angle of the view looking across the river at Manhattan. Queens and Brooklyn are right next to each other. It would have been more understandable if he were in Manhattan or the Bronx when he said that. As far as Joy goes, I must have been under the mistaken impression that she had not yet found her daughter yet but I admit I haven't been paying that much attention to her. Hearing her story was a bit of a surprise to me and I'm kind of surprised it was because I usually don't miss things like that.
  4. I wish I could say I loved this episode but I didn't. It wasn't horrible but it was kind of a let down after being set up for some kind of big romantic denouement between Miles and Cara. I guess they're going in the right direction now but it felt anticlimactic considering they were in just about THE most romantic city in the world. It made me and Mr. Yeah No scratch our heads and wonder if it was just a gimmick invented by writers looking for something interesting. Maybe it's just that the show's first season momentum has been completely broken and now the episodes don't sing and bring home the meaning and significance we grew to expect from them. Just when we were really loving the synergy between all the main characters, they go and shake them up and send them in different directions. Like why? So that when they get back together doing what they were already doing last season we can breathe a sigh of relief? Is that why Joy is a little bit like a bull in a china shop and nails on a blackboard? So that when she finally straightens herself out and leaves on her merry way we can secretly say "Yay, now hopefully things will go back to the way they were"? It's become so unsatisfying to watch that Mr. Yeah No is now giving the show one more episode before he stops watching it altogether. WHAT??? That's scary. So far this season has been like watching a bad movie sequel. This new twist with the God account becoming even more specific and intentional really lends credence to the idea that there's a human being behind it. Because would the real God really do some of those things? It just seems to me now like human is behind it. Oh, and the "We'll always have Paris" line was something I predicted beforehand but I'm a total Casablanca freak so I didn't mind. I just wish it had more significance. I felt like the writers just threw it in there.
  5. It does suck, although when I was on Zoloft almost 20 years ago I did not gain weight. Then again I was so depressed I didn't feel much like eating either. Plus I'm embarrassed to say I went back to smoking during that time after being off cigarettes since the early '80s. Thankfully once I got over the depression I got off the cigarettes, but it was THEN that I gained weight despite dieting. I had to go on Jenny Craig to lose the 30 lbs. I gained. Although that was before menopause so it was much easier to lose weight then.
  6. Man, you really nailed it here. I've been thinking this for a long time but you put it much better than I would have. I would think a move to a new area when they went to Chicago might have been even more stressful, and when you add new area stress with a dysfunctional/codependent relationship plus being away from any support system Auj may have had back home and it's no wonder. It looks to me like Mariah is getting everything she wants from this relationship but Auj may be suppressing feelings of knowing it's not the healthiest or best relationship for her.
  7. Otherwise known as "jeggings". Not a bad look if you know how to wear them. Of course hers are a size too small. They look painted on and stretched so much she can barely move. Not a good look for a middle aged woman.
  8. Yeah, like she can say to him in 10 years, "When I met you, you were an insufferable fat dweeb stalker and I was a standoffish, cold fish, but look how we overcame our differences to find love".....barf. Might be interesting if the journey didn't feel so forced and the characters predictable. Except for the Mandarin Chinese, which I guess was an attempt to make dishwater dull Bob look more "interesting".
  9. Thank you, I was going to say the same thing. It also bugs me no end the way the show depicted the "lunch lady" like she is the big bad evil non-environmentalist common person that the elites love to stereotype and have a reason to bash. And so they had to be very unrealistic and unfair to people that have no say in these matters in order to do that. My SIL was a lunch lady for years and had absolutely NOTHING to do with the choice of dishware. If they wanted to get after anyone it would have been more appropriate to go far further up the chain. I'm sorry but this really pissed me off....
  10. In my experience, having been married before doesn't make any difference whatsoever. I've met plenty of divorced people just like that, sorry to say. I did online dating several years ago and met several men that fit that category. Just because they succeeded once doesn't mean they know how to approach the opposite sex or sustain a long term relationship, and perhaps that's one reason why they're divorced. Usually it means the person marrying them did so for reasons that most other people wouldn't overlook all that for, like security or a strong drive for children, etc. I even know people still married that fit that category and their spouses are very unhappy but hang on because they themselves are too dysfunctional or just too hopeless to get out of the relationship. Which brings me to one of my irritations about this show - That Bob is supposedly some kind of "prize package" that Abishola (or anyone) should fall for. He is NOT, sorry, and I think it's almost insulting to both her and the audience that we're supposed to find him and his so far creepy behavior "endearing" and "sweet". Of course it's only a TV show and not realistic, so they're going to do their best to try to change my mind but right now it still bugs me.
  11. I think Bob acts somewhat loser-ish in seeming a little clueless about how to appropriately approach a woman, which IMO should not involve what I'm seeing as borderline stalker behavior. To me they are making him come off as that lonely, awkward, heavy guy that doesn't know how to engage with a woman he's interested in for a romantic relationship and who blunders and pushes his way into a woman's life completely clueless about how it may be turning her off. He may be a winner in his career but as far as women are concerned, not so much.
  12. They're not just being portrayed "differently" but as doofuses, uncool, losers, butt of jokes, dumb, whatever. I think that's just as unfair as it was unfair for white males to always be portrayed as the smartest, most successful, winners at center stage while others were portrayed as subordinates. Is the goal retribution or equality? If TV wants to encourage equality I don't think this kind of "tit for tat" trend is going to promote that.
  13. I agree and I know it was done just for drama but I thought it was stupid that they felt like they had to return all that stuff to Bed Bath and Beyond. They could have at least kept the $15.00 banana hanger.
  14. I'm sure he doesn't just feel unable to resume his life but is unable to resume it. And that is definitely possible and is still a reason to keep someone in a hospital for weeks or more. 3 years ago a dear friend of mine who is very bipolar was on an older medication for decades that her doctors wanted to get her off of, thinking she didn't need it anymore anyway. So they weaned her off of it and for a while she was fine until a life event put her under an unusual amount of stress. Suddenly she had a breakdown and was hospitalized for about a month to 6 weeks. It was very scary because I had never seen her act so depressed and psychotic before. She was paranoid and thought everyone including the nurses was out to get her (but not me, thankfully). They put her back on medication and when they were satisfied that it was working and that she could cope with her life, they sent her home. But it was literally mentally and physically impossible for her to handle taking care of herself before that happened. Once the medication took effect she was completely back to normal, which for her, like Dr. Sturgis is always a little quirky. This was in NYC by the way.
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