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  1. I know I was wondering the same about Michaela. Now she is turning up absent because she "isn't feeling well"? She has done this before with the girls' get togethers although I can't pinpoint the exact times. Plus there's the lack of talking heads. And I wonder whether she is being difficult with production and if whatever we are not seeing is actually making her look better not worse. Although I am fully aware that this show has a bad track record with making the women look nuts and/or difficult when it's really the men that are the problem. In this case, though, based on what we saw fr
  2. Yup, I think Rachel was basically saying, "Well, if that's how you feel then I can't be your wife", because in reality he gave her no other choice but to say that or to back down and accept all responsibility. And I don't really think her response is what he wanted her to say but at that point he was just being spiteful and saving face by saying "OK". He had gotten himself too far out on a limb to understand or care about the consequences at that point, but her response made him have to deal with them. And good for her! I personally don't think these two are over yet. He will probably
  3. Of course, but emotional involvement and the institution of marriage are two completely separate things and one does not guarantee or force the other. At this point Ryan will never feel comfortable taking a risk with her because he is too far away from her emotionally speaking and has been spooked and pressured by knowing how far along she is. Unless she backs off somewhat he will likely still feel too pressured to ever feel spontaneous about finding his "spark" for her. Feelings can't be forced or even feel like they're forced and it takes being careful not to put too much pressure
  4. The phrase "hard to get" is not really accurate. What it is is not showing your hand too soon. It's not immature because it's often tricky during the first stages of a relationship as to who likes who first, and if one person likes the other one too much first it can make the other one feel pressured or obligated to reciprocate. That exact thing happened to me when I met my husband. He made no effort to hide how he felt for me, but I was nowhere near liking him "that way" back. If he had not backed off and given me a LOT of space I never would have turned around and found my feelings for
  5. He made it sounds like she is too much work and he doesn’t want to have to constantly be the adult to her child in anxiety-ridden situations. I get that. Ryan would zero in on and think any woman's imperfections were too much work. He only wants what he can't have or what doesn't exist, a perfect flawless 10 with no issues. He is another true commitmentphobe like this show is famous for picking. I agree with Lindz, though that Brett does herself no favors by throwing herself at him. I learned young that when a man is not into you play a little hard to get and don't go crazy for
  6. Michaela thinks her apologies are a get out of jail free card. She thinks she can put on her best behavior to "convince" everyone that she is able to get over her OTT reactions. Zach knows better but the "experts" who are sometimes as dumb as a box of rocks do not. They think he is not giving her enough of a chance to show him that she is not identified with those behaviors. But we all know she is, and is very unlikely to change them, unlike them. It is only a matter of time before "Hurricane Michaela" strikes again. And this time it might be a category 5!!!
  7. Just caught up with this....I can't believe how all the women and Kevin were on team Michaela. Wow, what show are they watching?
  8. Thank you, this looks like a more fine tuned representation of things right now based on what I'm seeing reported. Sometimes I don't get the CDC's categories though. Being classified as having a very high transmission rate when the 7 day average is more or less 2% seems a little overboard. I remember this Spring I was waiting for CT to come off the red zone list but that didn't happen until we went way down to something like 1%. With broad classifications like that it's no wonder virtually every state is red. But what do I know?
  9. Excellent news, Tea, I'm delighted for you on both fronts! Money worries can consume you. I hear you about the job applications. I've been applying to jobs too and collecting unemployment. I have not really gotten anywhere but I haven't really pushed for it either. I don't think I could handle a full time job anymore, plus after the nightmare I've been through with jobs in the past decade I'm not in any rush. My last job ended when I was terminated while collecting workers' comp. after breaking my arm in the parking lot at work slipping on construction debris that wasn't cleared up. Fir
  10. Yeah No


    I've been going back to doctors lately after over a year and been getting those questionnaires too. Meanwhile I never got them before the pandemic. I think they're trying to pay more attention to people's mental and emotional health since the pandemic since a record number of people are suffering from various anxiety issues. I have had two doctors ask me how I was coping and whether I had anxiety. I answered like you said above, that who wouldn't have it right now with all that's going on? He ended up prescribing an anti-anxiety drug. He didn't even tell me it was one either - I thought
  11. Years ago I always heard he was born in Queens. But it doesn't matter where he was raised re: his vocabulary anyway. Or whoever said the phrase as most of them whether or not from NY, are familiar enough with its culture by now to know those expressions.
  12. Today CT's positivity rate was 2.28. New York's was 2.75. California's was 3.1 according to local state news websites. It fluctuates daily and they often switch places. I saw that map on the CDC website and they're saying this is supposedly based on the average positivity rate for the past 7 days. It places CT at between 3 - 4.9% which is way too high. We have been fluctuating under 3% for the past week except for one day, which was early in that week in which we saw a spike of 4.22%. But most days we were under 3%. Even with that one day spike our 7 day positivity rate is still 2.78% a
  13. I'm thinking it may have been said in the Yiddish sense of "hocking" which means loosely to bother or nag on incessantly about something. It comes from the phrase don't "hokn a chaynik" which literally means "don't knock my teakettle". My father used to tell me to stop hocking his chaynik when I was a little kid, LOL Bobby, being from Queens probably grew up with that expression like a lot of New Yorkers.
  14. Some black pandemic humor courtesy of Reddit: On seeing the Covid case count map of the U.S. in various shades of yellow, orange and red, and Nebraska is grayed out the following exchange occurred: Question: Why is there no data from Nebraska? Answer: Everyone in Nebraska is dead. Answer: Because they decided the pandemic was over so stopped reporting entirely. Currently CT has the lowest rate of Covid of all 50 states (as of a few days ago). Answer: We are natural social distancers. When this shit hit last March and the guidance came to stay 6 feet apart, Con
  15. I am convinced now that José was looking for a reason to sabotage their relationship. If those two things didn't happen he would latch onto some other perceived fault. This "other man" stuff sets him off because it feeds into his insecurity. Nothing she could say or do afterward would help. He is making mountains out of molehills, something Johnny was doing but seems to have stopped. He is scared to death that this might work out and he has to find some reason to bail. He woke up after the honeymoon and thought to himself that things were too perfect, that she must be some kind of monste
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