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  1. I hear you. I am putting some routine exam stuff off for the same reasons. I still haven't been to the dentist in over a year. I got my mammogram last summer so at least I'm good with that. I just heard Dr. Fauci tonight say that the vaccine rollout should be ramping up really soon with Federal help. I am trying to remain optimistic.
  2. Those People Mag photos make them all look horrible. I don't know if it's just the top but Janelle looks bigger than a house now and those portraits look like fright masks. Christine looks like she's gained back a little weight too. Couldn't they find better photos or are they just looking that much rougher these days? I will admit that I will be watching. I've watched since the beginning and can't go back now. Even my husband got sucked in and has hate-watched with me for the last few seasons. We have fun making snarky comments while we're watching, which definitely helps!
  3. My husband has a GED while I have a Master's degree so I most certainly get it, but my husband is every bit as intelligent as I am. I still don't think Vincent is on Brianna's level that way. I also think there's going to be a bit of a cultural gap between them. She seemed interested in learning about Dominican food and culture but that make me think she's not too familiar with it. I am probably more familiar with it having lived in the Bronx for the first 33 years of my life.
  4. Virginia seemed to love it that Erik flies for a living. I could see the wheels turning in her head as if to say "Yay, more time to part-ay!" She's a real "Holly Go Lightly". Too bad this isn't that movie, LOL. Erik seems like a decent guy who's worth so much more than this sloppy drunk. I initially didn't think he was that good looking but he is growing on me with every episode. At first he looked elated to find a woman he could have so much instant chemistry with, but some of his expressions at the table with her revealed his fear of what he really got stuck with in her. He is already 8 or so years older than her and more mature and settled. I could see her as "Bunny Lebowski" too, LOL. I think he's going to feel like he has to channel his much younger self to be with her and he won't want to go back there. Plus even his much younger self wouldn't have been able to keep up with her....He strikes me as a "Mr. Responsible", which most women would give their left eyetooth for. Again with the obvious mismatches. I think both of them (or at least he) will give the marriage a lot of effort but it's not going to be that easy unless she does a lot of growing up in a short amount of time. I do think their chemistry is rather hot, though, LOL. I know, a study in contradictions here! Clara and Ryan - I don't know, he already had a similar look on his face as Erik when Clara was rambling on and on ad nauseum. Mortification factor: 8 on a scale of 10. Not sure their marriage is going to be so smooth either. It may actually get awkward between them when they're alone. Just a feeling I have. She may be way too extraverted and drama queen-esque for him and then with the eccentricity it may prove too much for him. She made a BIG mistake by telling him in the first 5 minutes that her biggest fear is falling for him but not having the feeling returned. Way to make yourself look like that desperate girl that a mature responsible guy doesn't want to get too close to because if you don't reciprocate she gets ugly. Chris is already giving off narcissistic vibes. He seems to be channeling a young Little Richard with the hair, the pencil mustache and the sparkly smoking slippers. I've already forgotten what kind of business he owns. I think Paige is actually cute but I don't think he's going to find her attractive. Plus she revealed on screen (I think on Unfiltered) that she is not the submissive type. I think we can assume that some sparks are going to fly here.
  5. I think you are absolutely right. Mr. Yeah No worked as a service manager in a Mercedes dealership for a couple of decades and he said that what Vincent does is "not a real job" in the sense that it doesn't make that much, it's straight commission and it's spotty at best. I saw his new wife try to hide her disappointment when she heard what he does. She's smart enough to know better. Then she proceeded to lie that what he does is optimal for her. Really? Also, I don't get her proclaiming after 5 minutes with him that he's "her person". She knows that already? I don't know, I'm not buying it. She's setting herself up for some big disappointment if she is already thinking that way, unless she is saying that just to keep up appearances. He seems like a nice enough guy but I don't think he's going to love her "bossy" ways. Her family warned him, LOL. He looked disappointed when she said she doesn't eat chicken. Also she seems in a different ballpark altogether with regard to intelligence.
  6. I meant "independently" as in not in some kind of group setting such as a nursing home or assisted facility. I didn't mean only those who live alone, but also those who live with family and/or have to work outside the home and are not considered front line essential workers.
  7. Thanks for your understanding, Cetacean, this is exactly how I'm seeing it. Unfortunately when I posted about this on another thread here devoted to the virus I got told that maybe other groups should go before seniors and those with high risk conditions. I complained that CT was considering putting front line essential workers of all ages ahead of seniors - a lot ahead compared with NY and FL. Thankfully the state flip flopped but has ultimately decided to prioritize the elderly and high risk people. It only makes me appreciate you and everyone on this thread all the more.
  8. Shape, thanks for sharing that, you look maaaaahvelous, LOL. I see you're wearing that KN95 mask that I wear. Good for you! Love the goggles, too, I might look into them. I'm glad to hear you got there OK but irritated at the lack of social distancing on the line (although I'm not surprised). Best wishes in your new home!
  9. This. I am trying to be optimistic that a lot of the difficulties and disorganization that has contributed to the slower than ideal rollout will be ironed out in the future as things progress. I understand how difficult it has been and I'm choosing not to blame the states for this - they've been doing the best they can in a difficult situation. But it looks like they're going to get more help now.
  10. While I'm happy they actually got their vaccines, the incredible hypocrisy is just astounding. But why am I not surprised about that these days? Maybe there's hope that a lot of the hoaxers will actually get the vaccine and are just spewing a lot of BS about it online. I really just don't get a lot of people anymore.
  11. Since my original post this has changed and people from 65-74 will be able to schedule in Feb. while front line essential workers will be able to schedule in March. Like I've been saying, this information keeps changing and now I think they've made the right choice. I also think that a lot of older people complained, especially when they found out that NY and Florida were prioritizing seniors. I noticed a lot of comments on our Patch site to that effect and people were instructing each other to complain about it, which I did. I disagree with you about many people in this age bracket being able to avoid people. A lot of older people live with family and really can't avoid other people, especially in inner cities. Even if they live alone they often have to rely on people to shop for them, clean for them, bring them meals, etc. Plus there are a lot of older people that don't have enough money to retire on and don't have the luxury of staying home. They have to work in public situations and don't qualify as "front line essential workers" like my neighbor who works in a department store. She is not considered an "essential worker" because department stores are not considered essential businesses. And dept. stores are open here in CT. But anyway, in my opinion CT came to its senses about this so I'm OK with it now.
  12. OK, I know it was being booted around for weeks, but it never was actually decided upon until just recently as I said. I check the website every day and suddenly it was updated. Now there's been another update just 2 days ago with more specific information. Suddenly we are being told that 1b is going to consist of tiers and only certain groups within 1b can schedule appointments in Feb. and the rest in March. Now residents from 65-74 will be able to schedule some time in Feb. and those under 65 with high risk conditions will be able to schedule in March. I know that this differs from New York State and Florida. I know people 65-74 that have already gotten shots. No one here in CT in that age bracket has unless they are a medical person.
  13. I know these will probably be unpopular opinions here, but oh well. I think Whitney is insufferable and I agree with everything negative that's said about her in that realm but when it comes to some things I differ with the majority here. I don't know who determines these weight categories, but I'm 5'2" and when I weighed 164 lbs. I was wearing a women's size 12. Not exactly what anyone would consider "obese" and no one looking at me would think so either. I think weight is carried differently by different people but those designations don't factor that in. Some people are more muscular than others and some have heavier frames. I think Whitney has gained a few pounds since the pandemic from laying around her rented condo. and feeling sorry for herself, but not more than 25 or so lbs. by this episode, which for her weight is not that much of her total. And seriously, given that pandemic weight gain and not getting as much exercise as before is a "thing" (which has also affected me) I'm not going to trash her for it. I also think she's going through something like most people have been who find themselves limited in leading their regular lives because of the pandemic. And that accounts for the soul-searching, goal questioning, future decision making quandary she finds herself in, too. She's just making a much bigger deal out of it than most people because she's her and very self centered, and because she has a one hour show to pad out. Some of it is real but it's unreal in the extent to which she's whining and moaning about it to everyone non stop. I don't know if I believe that she and Ryan are equal partners in No BS Active. I think he is just a barnacle like all the others and probably doesn't have equal status in anything to do with the show or the business. In fact I think that he would stand to lose more monetarily if dropped from the show than if dropped from the business. I don't think Whitney would have structured it any other way. If she didn't give equal status to her long standing group of sycophants, then why would she do it with him? So when she talks so casually about "replacing" him, she has some basis for saying that since she basically owns the business and can do whatever she wants with it. It's just not particularly nice of her to do that to Ryan, but I'm not sold on his sainthood either just going by my gut instinct. I think there's a lot going on behind the scenes that we aren't being told and which explains what is really going on here. I also don't blame the Twit for having her reservations about being too close to Ryan and suspending her business activity with him. I just don't think she's being consistent with that though, because I wouldn't engage in some of the behavior she has been engaging in regarding mask wearing/not wearing and who she lets herself be around unmasked indoors. Her idea of who she can and can't trust doesn't add up to me. She is OK with being around "Lenny" unmasked indoors and yet would never do that with Ryan. It makes no sense. I get it that she worries about who Ryan has been around and whether he is being honest with her, but can she really trust Lenny on that score either? I wouldn't. Plus, as it has been pointed out, she could always do her sessions with Ryan outdoors. I think part of her problem with trusting Ryan might have to do with suspecting that he knew more about Chase's relationship with the other woman that he never told her when things were happening with that. And I don't really blame her for that either. I get it that he and Chase are best friends for a long time, but I would think that he should tell his "business partner" that kind of information.
  14. Yeah, I hear you, me too, until I found out that CT is not going to schedule people with underlying conditions for the vaccine until March. 😞 People 65-74 are supposed to start scheduling some time in Feb. My husband doesn't turn 65 until March. So there we are. I guess it's not too much longer. I suppose it doesn't take much to discourage me these days. I can only hope they are able to ramp up distribution and we get to schedule earlier. Meanwhile I know people in NY in those categories that have already gotten their first doses.
  15. I personally wouldn't find that show very interesting. There's no implication here in my opinion that a woman needs a man to feel complete or any such generalization. Kat is just crazy about THIS man and everyone ideally wants to end up with someone. Hence the premise. Making him completely unattainable romantically would defeat her and since she is our heroine we want her to have everything she wants.
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