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  1. Yes, that's it exactly. I have been living in a community in CT like that for about 8 years now. Before that I lived in a city in CT that was more like the Bronx in that it was full of racial and cultural diversity everywhere you went. So I have a lot of feelings pent up about the people you describe above since they are all around me now. Many of them talk the talk but I know they would not be willing to walk the walk. I think they would be shocked if they knew what my life was really like before I came here! They couldn't even relate to it but they want everyone to think they're cool a
  2. Thank you and the others for the condolences - I am so sorry to hear about your ongoing lung issues. I know a lot of people that have left the city for now. I just sold my father's apartment in Riverdale to a couple fleeing Manhattan. It was heartbreaking as it and many of the things in it were in my life since I was 15 and that was 47 years ago. I miss his friend and her cooking too. She lived steps away from an African restaurant that we used to go to every now and then. They would cater parties and had a nice buffet, which was great because I could avoid things I didn't care for. I
  3. I think the character of Kemi is supposed to be older than the actress playing her or I would agree with you. I suggested that last season and got told I was wrong, but judging from the way she was made to appear in this episode I still think I'm right. They are making her look post-menopausal, like she's at least in her early 50s if not older. But even 47 is still considered old in some cultures. A man of 42 is considered much younger for a man than 47 is for a woman. I don't think it would be unheard of for a man that age to pick someone 10 or more years younger than him. It actually m
  4. I wish my Mom were alive and could watch this so I could get her take on it. She was a professional dog groomer for several years and always owned dogs that needed grooming, which she did herself at home (Poodles and Westies). So that's one reason I tuned into this. I have to say that I don't know if she would appreciate all the abstract OTT shapes and colors. She was old school and I think she may have thought that stuff was a little too much. Although she did have a terrific sense of humor and was very artistic so maybe like me she would have softened up to it. The first episode I was
  5. I don't remember Reality Police but I know Walnut Queen for a very long time. I think she came over from TWOP when I came here in 2014. I hadn't realized she disappeared. I thought maybe she was just watching different shows. I was wondering what happened to Buttersister too but suddenly she reappeared and I hadn't seen her post for YEARS.
  6. Haha, both, actually. I had an aunt that lived in the Arthur Ave. neighborhood and I grew up on Sedgwick, then lived in Kingsbridge/Riverdale. I've been in CT for decades but my father lived in the Bronx until his death from Covid last year at the age of 92. My father's good friend and caretaker in his old age cooked some good African food for his senior center and him. I have not seen her or any of my closest friend in NYC for over a year - hopefully that will change very soon when my second shot takes effect! You are right of course. I admit I'm just an old cynic and need to see
  7. You could have fooled me with the way they acted in this episode. This isn't the first show where I've seen this attitude now, like European food is so last decade already. I'm just so over food snobbery and trendiness. They're just giving African food airplay now because a bunch of guilty white people want to make up for ignoring it until now. I was eating African food 35 years ago in the Bronx, where I'm from. I'm sorry I realize I see this issue from a different perspective than most.
  8. I looked at her profile and it looks like she stopped posting at the very end of December 2020. I thought maybe if she's posting under a new name she'd PM me if I posted about her. I got banned once too. I was one of the earliest posters in this thread and you liked my post, LOL.
  9. Yeah No


    Amen! I can't believe this crap got a 90% on the Rotten Tomatoes site from the reviewers but only a 14% from the audience. What world are the reviewers in? Makes me wonder who's being paid off to "like" it. The ratings appear to be pretty dismal so far too, and have gone down since the first week. Judging from the ratings of other TBS shows that have been cancelled, this one is probably next.
  10. Does anyone know what happened to @Neurochick? I haven't seen her around since last Fall and I used to appreciate her posts especially in the MAFS threads. PM me if necessary, thanks.
  11. Thank you, I felt exactly the same way. This got under my skin in a big way because I can remember being on the victim end of bitches like Maureen in my distant past. I cheered when Rosanna stood up to her and Ada. I've lost all my respect for Ada now too. Needless to say I don't think Rosanna was deliberately exposing anything. I'm sure she wasn't thinking at that moment and didn't realize how much she'd hiked up her skirt. Plus they fuzzed it out but I'm sure she had underwear on anyway. So what a bunch of manufactured BS typical of a show like this, sorry to say. I'm sure prod
  12. Yeah, I admit I've had a crush on Charles myself and it's gotten worse with the pandemic, so I match you in the pathetic department. I was pining away the entire year and only able to get a brief fix of him on Persil commercials, LOL. Seeing him again like this is just too bittersweet. So many disappointments and now this....Sigh. And of course I agree with you about missing Diana too.
  13. I've been avoiding a colonoscopy forever but have done the FIT test a couple of times - most recently about 3 years ago. I'm sure I'm overdue for another one. I have no family history of colon cancer but I know, I should do it. It's just that 3 years ago I had gallbladder surgery then 3 separate endoscopies to remove gallstones stuck in my bile duct so after that I was not keen on the prospect of any more "oscopies". Then we had the pandemic so of course that's my reason for not being up to date with this. Add to that a totally irrational fear of anesthesia, plus it takes me a long time t
  14. Yes, but in those early seasons "fusion" was seen as OK, my point was that it's different now and somehow today it's only OK when that fusion is between non-white cuisines. As soon as a "white" cuisine is fused with a non-white one it becomes too bland or underseasoned or something else less desirable. That's how it came off to me in this episode. I pretty much said the same thing in my earlier post. Not being able to taste the food I can't really say if they were unfairly characterizing Brittany's food as "bland", but it sure seemed that way from my perspective, especially when they alrea
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