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  1. Me too. He really seems like a catch for somebody. Sensitive, financially secure, mature and thoughtful. In the world of MAFS, this is like finding a unicorn. If they are actually creating bad matches on purpose for drama (and I absolutely believe they are) then Chris should have been the guy stuck with the dud because Eric has the potential to be successful with a woman who is equally in this for the right reasons - someone like Mindy or Olivia.....
  2. Tuxedos absolutely had pleated pants in the 90's - all I have to is look at my wedding photo to confirm! I know I said it's the style of pants, but it's also the shoe - back in the day, a tux was worn with an polished oxford or something with laces. These are being worn with very stylized loafers. I don't think either this shoe or this pant style would work with socks. It's a young look for sure. I understand why some don't like it though.
  3. This. I think this is just what she does all. the. time. It's hard to watch. Eric seems smitten, but this act is going to wear thin very fast. She is going to see the honeymoon as an ongoing excuse to keep drinking/partying. I did think it was a weird choice of words when he said "We're going to get through this, I promise" like it's a root canal or something, but he comes across as very mature, and she definitely is not. He's an old 34 and she's a young 26. I think there is a bigger gap in maturity between these two than the couple that is actually 10 years apart. It feels more like a 20 year age gap between Eric and Virginia......
  4. They showed her getting her hair done, but when you have straight hair, you absolutely CANNOT touch it when it’s curled or the curl starts to fall out immediately. Also the amount of product required to keep straight hair curled makes it look really dirty and ratty once the curl goes. Her hairdo was going before she walked down the aisle because she kept messing with it. Probably the wrong style for her wedding day, much like the heinous eyeshadow. Me too. Vincent comes across more sincere about his faith than that phony Chris who talks a good game and that is about all there is to his religion. My exact thoughts as well, but Chris is so in love with himself it never occurs to him that a woman might not find him attractive. I cannot believe we are only a few episodes in and this guy was getting yet another haircut! He’s the worst! My other thoughts: Brianna and Vincent are adorable. So cute when she said “Vincent is my person.” I hope it lasts. Also, I loved her dress. Maybe my favorite across all seasons. Clara might wear Ryan out. His facial expression at their reception table was a little alarmed when she was just talking and talking. Still, they seem to have a nice easy rapport going on. I hope her heart doesn’t get broken. The girl who is afraid of falling in love and not being loved in return being matched with the guy who has never said “I love you” is kind of a recipe for disaster. I am kind of shocked that Eric and Virginia hit it off right out of the gate. But there is no way this is going to last. They are polar opposites. And she might be an alcoholic..... Had to laugh when Clara was complaining on Unfiltered about hating her hair at her wedding as she’s sitting right next to Jamie who has her hair styled exactly the same way. 😂
  5. I second your choice. That staged photo of them in the link posted to the thread for last week's episode makes them look like two strangers being told to pose together. The vibe is not good.
  6. I would call it more of a French Bikini Wax, but it's quibbling......And thanks for this because now I can't unsee it..........gonna be a long season unless he keeps his hat on..........
  7. I did watch the Legends show to catch up with these characters, but I did not find it helpful in the least. There is not really any actual backstory there, it's just clips from the movies they were in, which taken out of context, does not make their story up to this point any clearer. I think if you need a recap for these characters you are better off just googling it on the internet, which I eventually did. I am coming into this with very little MCU knowledge. My Marvel viewing is limited to the Thor movies, the Guardians movies, Black Panther, 20 minutes of Dr. Strange, 15 minutes of Ant Man, and Peggy Carter. I have seen zero Avengers movies, so I don't know if this is for me because all of the easter eggs are lost on me, reducing it to a mediocre 1950's sitcom. I know it's more than that, but I can't even begin to speculate on what these clues represent. Unlike The Mandalorian which works for the casual Star Wars viewer because it's a whole new character, I don't think this translates as well for people not up to date on the MCU due to the long backstory on Wanda and Vision. Not sure I'm going to continue this one....
  8. Well, to be fair, every decade has fashion that fits into that category. Personally, I don't mind it because the pants have a fitted tailored look to them which I find way more appealing and youthful than baggy and over sized, which was how pants were when I was young in the 1980's and 1990's. Woody from last season is especially dapper and he sports this look. Full disclosure though, I wear most of my pants and shoes the same way. Even shoes that normally require socks I wear half socks, so it looks like I am wearing no socks - even sneakers. As I am writing this I am sporting white cropped jeans with adidas sneakers. No socks in sight! 😛
  9. Just weighing in on the no-socks look with dress pants: All of the current styles for men are skinny tapering to just above the ankle, almost cropped. I think wearing that style of pant would look ridiculous with a sock. If it's an old school straight leg style covering your ankle and breaking across the top of your shoe look, then I think sock-less would look stupid. It's more to do with the style of pants......
  10. Whoa! Haley and Jacob look awkward! Jacob's face says A LOT. I think Eric and Virginia look surprisingly happy and together. Unsurprisingly, Clara and Ryan and Vincent and Brianna look the most natural and compatible. Chris and Paige look exactly like I would expect - perfectly positioned in total awareness of the camera. The star of that photo is her booty........
  11. Bwah ha ha!!!!! Yes, this. I cannot believe these people that go around spouting about how religious they are but there is zero evidence of it in their life. I am not a prude, but I feel like one after listening to that conversation. This is just more information about these girls sex life than I need to know. Geez!
  12. I also like him. I don't think he's old though, just older than most of these guys. I actually think he's kind of handsome, and I like that he gave a lot of side eye to Chris and the blow up doll and Vincent and the stripper. Although I'm not sure Haley is super easy going - she's the one who said she does what she wants, when she wants. Words not super conducive to a healthy marriage.......I'm pretty sure she seems easy going only in comparison to these other ladies like Clara, Paige and Virginia who are A LOT. Her mother and friends seem nice though, so that's maybe a good sign. Either way, we shall see......
  13. Thank you. That is the answer I was looking for - I am aware it's a phrase, just where did it originate? I hadn't heard it until Amani said it last season, but now both Paige and Brianna have said it. I'm a 48 yo white lady, but it's nice to learn new things! 😜
  14. Wow. Just wow. Are they scraping the bottom of the barrel here or what? These women are too much. How in the hell did Virginia get picked? She is not ready to get married at all. And way to go experts, pairing the girl with issues from divorced parents with the first participant who has already been divorced. And strangely, that’s just the tip of the iceberg that is the mountain of reasons these two are completely incompatible. In this analogy, their marriage is The Titanic, I guess. Amelia sends her compliments on Virginia’s purple wedding day eyeshadow though...... I was gearing up to feel sorry for Paige, but she talks in pseudo religious hyperbole just like her stranger fiancé, AND seems just as sex obsessed like him too. If he doesn’t find her “ugly” ( seriously, what a creep), they might compatible. Mr. Ilovepie observed that if Chris is so worried about women wanting him only for his money, he should probably stop bragging about how rich he is..... Vincent and the stripper. SMH......dude, your new stranger wife is going to see this and will not be impressed with you trying to get her phone number! Be better! Clara reminds me a little bit of Elizabeth. She is extra with a capital E. We’ll see if she becomes intolerable. I imagine some people here have already reached their limit with her. Oh and ps, Clara, from a biblical standpoint, being submissive has nothing to do with being subservient. I’m so tired of that verse being used out of context. My feelings about Jacob and Haley can be summed up with ZZZZ....... Can someone educate me about where this “whole wife” phrase comes from? I keep hearing them say it, and Amani said it last season too.....
  15. This. Most Christians I know believe in the sanctity of marriage and try to avoid divorce if possible. If the odds are pretty high you are going to be divorced 8 weeks after your marriage, and they absolutely are on this show, then that wouldn't be okay or something to shrug off. This show doesn't actually care about marriage. This show makes a mockery of marriage. That's been proven by the fact that people like Chris himself are chosen, and they obviously mismatch people who have nothing in common just for the sake of drama. It's about making a tv show, not necessarily about making successful marriages - that's just a bonus if it works out! But then I suppose that is also self serving since it gives them more fodder for their spin-off Couples Cam. Having juuuust enough successful matches gives them a sheen of credibility, even though it ignores the absolute horrible overall track record. The only real "Christian" couple I think has come from this show is Gregg and Deonna. It's definitely not Chris.
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