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  1. And more divorces. Exactly. This show is so gross, and for all their talk about being proponents of marriage, they are really all about drama rather than making good matches. This really means they don't care about marriage at all and are totally cool with the amount of divorces that occur each season. What is more baffling is why I would expect more from a low rent basic cable tv show. That being said........ They are just doubling down now. Shame on them. They couldn't even come up with THREE decent grooms each season and now there are FIVE???? If at least 3 of these grooms signed up voluntarily I'll eat my shirt. There is no way at least two or three of them were not recruited.......
  2. In other not shocking news, MAFS fan is also posting that Jamie and Beth have split. She is back in North Carolina apparently. I would put a link, but I have never figured out how to do it..... All I can say is, I’m surprised it took this long.....
  3. Ilovepie

    S02.E08: Dirty

    That’s what I thought too, but then it seems as if they retain everything from the people they are possessing because all of them seem to know everything about the person whose body they take over, and they are able to act like nothing happened. Maybe the original person’s memories (or essence or soul or whatever you want to call it) are still there because of how they do the transfer?
  4. Ilovepie


    Me too! Just finally finished watching this and it was such a heartbreaker with them. I love the actress playing Casey - she is the star of this show for me, especially this season. I find it especially hard bc Evan is so sweet and Izzy is a mess, and Casey knows this. Overall, I think they handled this situation pretty realistically. I am glad it wasn’t an easy decision for Casey. I liked that she didn’t want to be a cheater like her mom, and I liked her conversation with Evan at the end. It makes me hope they will stay friends bc they do need each other. I really hope Netflix gives this show another season. It has so much heart that is missing from most of their original shows. I would love to see what happens with Casey and explore more of Elsa’s relationship with her mom and reconnecting with Doug, and I think we all need to see Sam and Zahid’s apartment.....
  5. Truer words were never spoken! Except I absolutely think he would have won. I know they implemented the judges picking who went home to prevent another situation like Bobby Bones, but all it succeeded in doing was making it look like even worse producer manipulation. This season still ends as a farce when the arguably best and most popular dancer is sent packing by the judges one week before the final where he would almost certainly have won. And surprise, surprise, all four finalists are going on tour? I’m more pissed about this season than last - Bobby winning sucked but at least that felt honest. This year it’s obvious the producers picked the finalists. They need to let the public decide once it gets to the semifinals- the voting public should decide who goes to the finals, not the judges! This season turned out just as disappointing as last year for me. I don’t think I’d mind if they put it out to pasture at this point......
  6. Definitely not alone. The season became a bust for me with the elimination of James. I just do not enjoy any of the people left.
  7. I hear what you’re saying, but I felt the music was doing the heavy lifting in Kel’s routine. If he had a different song I’m not sure it would have been as emotional, and just on dancing alone, I thought Hannah was better, particularly the lifts. I wish Witney would have removed some of the lifts and let Kel do some dancing that conveyed his message more clearly. Overall though, I do agree that I wish they would drop contemporary.
  8. I love it I love it I love it! That moment when all the Mandalorians flew into view to help him was everything! This show is killing it. It’s insane that a faceless almost silent character is able to convey so much. Was there anything new in the flashbacks to Our Hero’s childhood when his armor was being forged, or was it the same thing as the first time? That was a lot of grubby stormtroopers in that building - exactly what is Werner Herzog playing at here? The still art at the end of the episodes is fantastic. How long until they start selling reproductions of those alongside all the Baby Yoda merch? 😋
  9. Finally caught up watching this, and all I’ve got to say is WHAT THE HELL??? I cannot believe this happened! What utter bullshit in the judging on this stupid show! I really thought before this episode started that all had been righted now that Sean was gone. Guess I was wrong. The season is over for me without James. I wouldn’t have even minded if someone else had won as long as he made the finals but for him to be out in the semis just ruins the season for me. My heart breaks for his family. I know it might be insensitive to say so, but I thought Kel’s contemporary was not good - it was nothing but a bunch of lifts featuring Witney- there was very little dancing on his part. And I didn’t understand what the dancing had to do with his story. I thought Hannah’s contemporary was much more fluid and Alan asked more from her than Witney did from Kel. So of course he gets all tens and she gets nines. Seems par for the course. I honestly do not know why the judges feel the need to prop up someone who clearly does not have the votes to win. Ally has been at the top of the judges leaderboard and STILL ends up in the bottom. She will never win unless there is more fuckery with the judges scores - maybe they will give her all tens and everyone else will get sixes - will that give the producers the ending they so clearly want??? I don’t care who wins now. Kel, I guess? The other three beach wave blondes are interchangeable to me. I wish it had been Kate and James in the final. Blech. Another season ruined.
  10. I think your first sentence says it all - it's just a matter of preference. For me, the first season dragged on aimlessly and the ending was really a non-ending; of course I have no idea if this season will end the same, but I just think the story is tighter and the characters more engaging. My husband and I are keeping up with it whereas the first season took us months to slog through. It felt like a chore to finish it for us. Obviously, this is just my opinion. And the father remarrying and child feeling left out is something that many people (myself included -see my whole post!) can relate to unfortunately. I thought it was a good way to humanize Annie. As far as the shock value, the first season had it as well - remember the massacre in the prison or the one-off where the B&B couple lose their minds? I guess it doesn't bother me because this is billed as a horror show so there is an expectation that there will be some shocks. I am sorry it's not working for you though! At least it's more like an anthology series - maybe you will like the next season better? (If there is one!)
  11. As a child of divorce whose father remarried and started a second family, I can certainly relate to Annie feeling like she was being replaced. It was especially cruel of Rita because she knew how isolated Annie was and how attached she was to her father, and I lost any sympathy for her/them when they moved her into the attic without a thought for her feelings. The book dedication was just the final straw. I am with everyone who finds Annie & Joy more compelling than the not-vampire story line. I'm not sure how that is going to resolve as they keep adding to their numbers, but maybe there is a limit to how many hosts they need based on how many ghosts there are? I was kind of surprised that Ace's brother whose name escapes me did not try to kill or turn Nadia when she came to talk to him........ It's kind of jarring to see Ken Cosgrove as an evil possessed pastor.......... Either way, this season of Castle Rock is vying with Handmaid's Tale Season 1 as the best Hulu original I've seen - I am absolutely loving it!
  12. Back here with more questions: at one point he says the weapons are part of his religion. Does “Mandalorian” refer to a religion, a race of people or a group of trained fighters, or all of the above?
  13. They are definitely together- I follow them on instagram and they post constantly from all corners of the globe. I think it’s funny that article says they are taking a long break from work because from their IG posts it looks like they never work and all they do is travel!
  14. I wish it were so, but sadly, it sure feels like it isn't possible in the world we live in today, which just depresses me to no end. Civil discussion is rare in the era of social media. Thank you for a measured, rational response to Sean Spicer. I couldn't care less about his politics, and I don't care enough about this show to follow any of the celebs or pros on sm. He deserves to leave because he is the worst dancer, but like you implied with your David Ross comparison, it's not the first time someone stayed longer than they should. I at least appreciate that he is trying his best and has a good attitude, plus I love Lindsay. It bothers me more when someone has a terrible attitude. I would rather that person (see Lamar) go before someone who is enjoying the experience and at least trying their best. Speaking of having a good attitude, I was sad to see Karamo go, but he was very gracious about it. What a sweet human being. I encourage anyone who hasn't seen it to watch Queer Eye -it's very heartwarming. He is my favorite on that show!
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