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  1. I just discovered this show looking for something to watch during my coronacation, and I absolutely loved it! I was in my mid twenties in 2000, but I do remember being a young teen girl, and 7th grade is the absolute worst! I saw so much of my young self in these girls - I also had a bestie and we were not cool. We also were still playing with Barbies when 7th grade started, but somewhere along the way, realized we were too old and regretfully put them away for the final time. I loved the obsession with the boys, and “getting a boyfriend”, but when it’s not the boy you wanted, not really wanting to spend time with them (Sorry Mike Fermisco!) I loved how the sleepover started strong, but too much time together caused problems, and Maya’s jealousy was spot on. I loved the minor characters too - Sam, Brendan and Shuji were perfect. Even Alex, with his near silent coolness takes me right back to the “cool guys” I remember! I thought Handmaids Tale Season 1, and Castle Rock season 2 were the best Hulu originals I have watched, but I change my mind - it’s this hands down.
  2. I agree with all of the David Bridezilla comments. I think he has ramped up his obnoxiousness this season which is hard to watch after all of the growth he has shown over the last few seasons. I think the worst moment was that he wasn't going to invite Twila to the wedding! What?!? Compare his behavior to Alexis who has shown even more growth this season, and it's pretty disappointing. I loved how her wallowing turned into something positive and productive! My favorite moment at the tasting was Johnny eating that beef. Eugene Levy really sold the rapture he was in tasting it! And then him eating the rest of the samples at the motel - perfect! I kind of wish Moira had taken on the Sunrise Bay gig - they could still live in SC, and she could just work out of town during filming. I mean, how long was she in Romania filming The Crowening? I loved Stevie using Johnny's book to figure out how to get their business going. I am really going to miss this show!
  3. Favorite Line: "I'm not the garbage man! I'm the muffin man!" Ha Ha Ha! Fun story: That was my grandma's go to jam for putting any fussy baby to sleep. She would drape the kid over an arm and shuffle one foot back and forth while rhythmically humming "Muffin Man". Worked every time....... The blue frosting kitchen was everything. "We were so careful!" I loved the cuts to the bigger mess being made.....
  4. You are probably correct. I would consider Just Sam is up there too, but women are at a disadvantage just by nature of being a woman when thinking about the history of the show. I know since the "new" ABC seasons started, we have one female and one male winner, but historically, it's better odds to bet on a man winning than any woman.....
  5. I loved the call back to my number one favorite thing of the entire series - Moira's Fruit Wine Commercial! Their faces when they were tasting the wines - hilarious!
  6. True that! Music is definitely subjective. I recognize I am in the minority about Arthur, which is why I said what I said. I prefer Francisco or the British kid, but not because I think they are anything great, but more because I like the type of music they do. I am not into whatever it is Arthur is doing. I like Dillon as a person, and as someone from Central California myself, I have to root for the guy from Bakersfield, but again, I just am not into the type of music he does.
  7. Plus one on the teenager singing Lady Marmalade! I find it such an inappropriate choice. And I must be a crabby old lady now, but enough with the precocious teens. When it comes time to vote, they never win. And this is part of the problem - nobody wants to hear a little girl singing a mature song that they have zero life experience to truly imbue the song with. It just becomes polished karaoke at that point, which is what I thought Cyniah and Olivia did. Just no. Great voices, but no. I thought out of all of them I like Kimmy and Makayla the best. Maybe because they picked Demi Lovato songs which are somewhat more age appropriate..... My favorites are Julia and Sophia. There are a lot of strong girls this season. I think all of the guys are in trouble except Arthur who everyone loves. Well, not everyone. I don't understand the appeal. He is boring to me. I might be the only one that doesn't like him though....... At this point all of this seems pointless. Is the season even going to finish???? Blech - what a mess......stay safe and healthy everyone!
  8. My favorite part! The stare-off followed by her detailed recap of the soap opera plot was everything! Between that and the drive by "Title of your sex tape", Rosa FTW this episode for me! And maybe Scully. His eyes sticking out from the head full of glitter was hilarious. And good luck to them getting rid of that glitter. Glitter comes from Satan's craft supplies. You can never fully get rid of it! And just a question: Why is Amy always there? Doesn't she have a job elsewhere to do anymore? It makes no sense to me that she would still be on their floor and in their office constantly during working hours.
  9. Prepare yourself for more boneheaded decisions......
  10. My favorite was the kid who sang Old Town Road. I think it was an unexpected choice and his performance was great. Ditto Just Sam. She looked really pretty too. I've been a fan of the British kid but that was bad. It was so predictable for him to do Ed Sheeran - it just sounded like mediocre karaoke. Still, I like him and there was no way they were sending him home. I felt like for the most part they sent home the correct people and advance the right ones. Only wrong one so far to me is the girl in the satin crop top and skirt. I think she's awful. Apologies for not knowing anyone's name yet. I just can't get invested, especially since who knows if there will ever be a live round?
  11. Glad this got renewed. It's not the greatest thing I've ever watched, but it hits the sweet spot for my teen/tween kids as something we can all watch together that's not babyish nor too adult. It is one of three shows we all watch together, the other two being Stranger Things and Mandalorian.
  12. @Blakeston you might be right, but they got a goldmine out of Jessica and Mark with that plot. Maybe that is why they didn't bother with K&K - they are more boring and that slot had already been filled? It seems like they just decided to ignore them almost completely until the end.
  13. My ten year old was yelling at the TV because he was so frustrated by the stupid decision making done in this episode. When the 10 yo is frustrated, you know it's terrible......
  14. Well, this show was a pleasant surprise because I was shocked by a few decisions at the weddings: Shock number one: I didn’t think Gia and Damian would go through with it, but I thought she would say no and he would say yes. Good for him. Shock number two: I thought Kelly and Kenny would both say yes. Although not super shocking in hindsight, but I just didn’t care. ZZZ.... Shock number three: I would have bet real money that Barnett, excuse me - Matt was going to say no. She is atrocious. Good luck to him with his unemployed, debt laden white trash bride...... Zero shock that Jessica and Mark didn’t get married. Her TH after the non-ceremony is the happiest and most coherent she has looked since day one in the pod..... Which brings me to my favorite reality couple of all time: No way were they going to end on such a bummer, but I would have cried tears with Cameron if Lauren had said no. I love them! They are definitely Beauty and the Brains. I hope they stay together!
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