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  1. I completely agree with this thoughtful analysis of them. It seems like they are both committed to staying together, so I think they would benefit from some counseling to work on their communication issues. I hope the best for them, but I will say I am sick of watching them argue and Shawniece cry over it on this show.
  2. I'm not sure why that is surprising - they were on SM before MAFS like most millennials, they just have a boatload of new followers now. The difference is that they are not shilling any products there (yet). Their SM appears to be just that - social. My favorite part of snooping on Clara's instagram is seeing her as a brunette until recently. I think she looked way better that way.
  3. I like them too but to your first point, I think the las vegas pastry chefs are going to be hard to beat as long as they guess the correct dessert, especially now that they realize they need to try to make the exact dessert that the clues are pointing to instead of an over the top version of it. I keep thinking this is going to get less interesting as they learn what to look for, and what is a misdirect. If everyone starts guessing correctly, it's just a straight baking competition. It was already less interesting this last round when four out of five guessed correctly. It was obvious who
  4. I guess I must be blind, but I just don't see what everyone else sees with Shawniece and Jephte. I know he cheated on her, but that was years ago and they both seem to have made peace with that. They aren't the first couple to weather that situation and stay together, so taking that out of the equation, I don't see the "Jephte doesn't love her" story everyone else sees. What I see is are two people who want different things and don't communicate well with each other. He tip toes around things with her because she becomes unhinged the minute they disagree. At this point she is just as much to b
  5. I had to do a double take - for one hot second I thought the guy Paige was with was one of the Unmatchables rejects!
  6. But didn't you hear Clara say she wants a new $3,500 dress? And this is the wedding they both actually want (not so subtle shade at the MAFS sponsored one). It also sounds like they have a lot more people that they want to invite as opposed to the fifty they were allowed to invite to their MAFS wedding. I follow them on Instagram and I don't see him that way at all. I'm pretty sure the withholding was show-related. And I have been married for twenty plus years, but if I told Mr. Ilovepie I wanted to have a re-commitment ceremony and it was going to cost eight grand just for the
  7. Once again, I found myself wanting to FF through the couples with kids. I didn't need to see more of Ashley's birth, and I find Danielle and Bobby and their kids boring. My husband who is 20 years older than Bobby was horrified by his old man outfit when he left for his work trip. Why is Bobby wearing that polo and why is it tucked in to his shorts? Oof...... I liked Jamie & Elizabeth's gift to each other. I laughed when they were joking about the fact that they were already married being their secret when everyone in the park cheered at the proposal. Those two continue to astound me,
  8. Holy Hell, this was boring. They have milked this cast dry. I got confused as to which show I was watching because two of these couples are also on Couples Cam right now. My fast forward button got a work out. The only interesting tidbits to me are that 1. Ryan still talks to Chris (what! why????) and 2. makes more than Clara (what exactly does he do?) and 3. it's enough money that he didn't bat an eye at the $8,000 price tag for a NYE/wedding party venue. It's really too bad they aren't on Couples Cam because I find them the "best" couple this season. I saw on Instagram Stories a funny p
  9. I like it too. I am hopeful that this season is a "good" one. They seem to be in a pattern of every other one being drama filled garbage. DC bad, NO good, ATL bad. Hopefully this is one of the ones where they did their best to cast legitimate couples. I think casting older couples might help weed out some of the idiots, although Olivia and Brett were an over-30 couple and look how that turned out.........
  10. It's also interesting that all of the participants except one are over 30 years old, and most are between 33-35. I wonder why they are skewing older this season?
  11. This. I couldn't believe what a cocky know-it-all that guy was. What an idiot. And the mother/daughter team will be next to go. After they came back from investigating, it was like they hadn't even spent a minute in there. What were they doing while they were supposed to be looking for clues? I am not a baker so hats off to these people. I think this is harder than it looks. I was stumped by the buttermilk. I thought red velvet too, but then the whipped cream frosting made no sense. I still can't figure out why people try to make their own twist on the dessert when there are clues th
  12. From your keyboard to Beer's......ears????
  13. This right here has kind of dimmed my excitement for this show. I am glad they were able to do some abbreviated season last season, but now I am totally bummed that they filmed the qualifiers all in one city with the same obstacles. I was already losing interest last night and there are four more episodes with everyone running the exact same course???? I am also missing the energy of the live audience and I don't love all the youngsters. I just am not drawn to them. It reminds me of when American Idol lowered the age limit. All of this bums me out, but sadly I am just not excited for this show
  14. I thought she came off shrill and unreasonable here, but these two are too much. I guess it's not an episode of couples cam unless S&J fight and she cries. It's obvious from that conversation that they want totally different things. It's not pleasant to watch. I did not need to hear Ashley moaning in labor. I guess I should be happy I didn't have to watch her writhing on a table mostly naked giving birth. I am sick of this show exploiting the birth stories of these people, and maybe sick of them letting the show do it. I am grateful I didn't have to see Danielle birthing B4, and I pra
  15. That sounds delicious - I want to make one now! :-0 I like Joel McHale. His brand of snark suits me, and this show is kind of ridiculous so it fits here. I did laugh when he straight-faced told those ladies they made his favorite stew in regards to that runny pie they made.
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