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  1. Except Collin Robinson has the opposite problem - he won't stop talking about mundane boring topics nobody cares about. Henry never says anything, interesting OR boring! Also, Collin Robinson doesn't have any trouble making eye contact 🙂
  2. I think it's too early to place all blame on "the experts" - lest we forget: BOTH Jamie and Elizabeth admitted they lied to the experts during the interview process.......
  3. I will be astounded if those two have sex. I don't think it's gonna happen. I don't think he's mean or nice - how would we know - he has shown zero personality and little emotion! There's no there there, you know? Cristina seems like a pill, but her comment about the friends was probably because she couldn't think of one thing to say about Henry - she knows virtually nothing about him because he's so silent! His friends made a bigger impression. I had second hand embarrassment when they went to their room and he sat on the bed looking down silently moving the petals and towel animals around. Just strange. I also think she keeps talking about her job because they are traveling and it's an easy subject and he is giving her nothing. She is trying to hold up her end of the conversation, but he is not. I would have already reached a point of frustration, especially seeing all four other couples meshing and happy and relaxed (at this point anyway!). It's gonna be a looooong seasons folks. Four episodes in and the honeymoons haven't even started!
  4. Also, repeats are constantly airing. No way they can keep doing that.
  5. Why wouldn’t he be? Someone who dates that many people is probably not that picky. At the very least, he appreciates that she is a nice person. But I don’t think this leopard is going to change his spots any time soon. I still predict heartbreak for our 70 and Sunny Gal.
  6. Me! I leave my clothes in the suitcase. And for all you fussbudgets and germaphobes, I stuff my shoes in sideways or upside down on top. No shoe bags. Oh the horror! Henry should not be on this show. How the hell was someone this boring cast? He is almost mute. Or is he a robot? Zero personality. I actually thought Cristina was trying to get something, ANYTHING! from him, but he almost always answers with yes or no and little elaboration while staring down. if she didn’t talk, it would be complete silence. It’s almost frustrating watching him - I keep waiting for some sign of life, but so far, nothing......This one is DOA...... I guffawed at Bennett’s dress. I can’t help it, I love their interactions. Ditto Woody and Amani. They are still my favorites. Her calling him on the smacking and “heavy flirting” (“I’m not mad at it” ha!). I love her. Good for Woody for getting therapy. I hope this lasts. I’m going to be so bummed if it goes sideways with them. Waiting for the shoe to drop with Poor Olivia. This can’t last, right? Brett will be showing his true colors soon enough. And where did he get that old timey suitcase? I guess he doesn’t need a rolling one because his muscles are so big??? So far, Miles and Karen are boring to me. I did like her hat. They will probably stay married and have minimal drama. They are here to bolster the success rate..... Just think, by this point last season, Meka was already pissed at Michael and sleeping in a separate room. It’s already a better season!
  7. That is hilarious! Full disclosure: I honestly have no idea why I picked that as my screen name. I mean, I do love pie, but I am an accountant, not a pastry chef. It in no way describes me, but I do like that visual! 😂
  8. Atlanta then Houston? Can someone please explain why the hell the show has not gone anywhere west of Texas?!?? I live in California and would love to see L.A., San Diego, San Francisco, Denver, Seattle, etc.........
  9. Yes, listen to the music that is playing for each of the wedding scenes. You honestly don't even need to look for spoilers or look at the spoiler thread to know what's coming- you can always tell what narrative the producers are going for with the music choices. It's really obnoxious. My personal favorite was the sad, sad music that always accompanied any scenes with Amber and Matt.......
  10. I agree that there is always speculation on this topic, or my other favorite: He/she is gay. There have been a lot of awkward people on this show (my personal favorite is Neil), but I have never felt like any of them were anything but just that. Henry is the first one that I questioned (in my mind) if the weirdness went beyond that, but like I said, we haven't seen much of him yet and maybe it is just that he's an extreme introvert with massive social anxiety. Even if it is just that, I don't think that bodes well for him under these circumstances. And I do agree with @gonecrackers that the show is making a mockery of it with the music cues (circus theme, really?!?) and editing.
  11. I put a lot of qualifiers on why I was loathe to say that. But I do admit it crossed my mind while I was watching because some of those characteristics are things that someone on the spectrum would do. I am not saying he is anything other than awkward at this point. His wife is no prize either.......
  12. @gonecrackers I too have a special needs kiddo, and I am not going to lie, but I thought it too. I really don't like labeling people, and it's really not fair to him to put that on him when we've seen what amounts to a few minutes of screen time, but he has some strange tics (scratching his head at the wedding) and odd mannerisms even besides the inability to make eye contact. I don't know what is going on with him, and maybe just being uncomfortable brings this out in him, but I don't think he should have been chosen for this at all. At the very least, he was paired with a woman who is not going to be sensitive to these issues since as "the princess" she is used to people catering to her (other than not sending her flowers apparently), not the other way around. And someone who by her own admittance idolizes tv marriages (good lord) and could not be bothered to learn his name nor prioritize her stranger groom over her own earring crisis, she is going to be a disaster for him.
  13. I am way late to the party for this episode due to being out of town last week, but I gotta say thanks to everyone for the laughs - some of the comments this week are hilarious. To all the peeps who think Olivia would have been better with Henry, I say just no. I don't think Henry should have been chosen for this show. He is an uptight (judging by crazy dad's comments about his fastidiousness) introvert that his own (bitchy) friends say is boring. A woman whose favorite music artist is Lil Wayne is also going to friend zone him as well. He seems really strange to me. Poor Olivia (my name for her at this point) deserves someone better than EITHER of these two. And it is obvious that this stupid show matched Henry and Cristina for the drama just as much as Brett and Olivia. There is no way these two are ever going to work. It is painful to watch. Henry is awkwardness personified and Cristina is just awful. Love the weirdos (Bennett and Amelia), but my favorites right now are Woody and Amani. He is extra but it is waaaay more interesting than watching Henry stare at the floor. And Amani is low key funny as well. This season is already better than last season. Although I turned it off before "This season on Married at First Sight" so I wasn't instantly deflated by the drama to come.......
  14. I do find it somewhat useful to try to parse out the true story of how things went (since it’s all filmed after the season is over). Let’s just say some people are better actors than others, and some cannot hide their disgust for certain participants. It was especially delightful and cathartic to see participants bagging on people like Luke and Matt. My favorite was Queen Kristine - she did not hold back on her feelings about Luke. Or just seeing Mindy’s face as she tries to discuss Zach. Last night was frustrating seeing Pastor Cal try to justify choosing Brett, when it’s completely inexcusable.
  15. Get outta my head @humbleopinion! I see we are still residing in our Hotel California, because I came here to say exactly this! 😂 She talks a good game on instagram about loving her postpartum body (she’s calling it 4th trimester- is that a real thing?), but when it comes down it she covered herself with hair......
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