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  1. Ok - I'm glad I'm not the only one who laughed. And I laughed every time they showed her black blobs. I couldn't help it! I don't watch this show for the disasters, but when it's this bad, it just was funny to me. I did feel horrible for her and when her show stopper leaked I felt even worse. She was a delight - I will miss her on this show. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I actually like Freya a lot. Until this week, she has done quite well, and she knew this was going to be a challenging week for her - she said so before they even started. I like that she's just getting on with it and no
  2. Ooooh - good thought! It would certainly make sense since Bunny is wearing that sweatshirt.
  3. I'm thinking maybe Bunny went to talk to Mabel for some reason, and the murderer was in there (possibly for the green ring?) lying in wait for Mabel to return and got surprised when Bunny came in instead and stabbed Bunny with the knitting needle because it was close at hand? I just cannot fathom why Bunny was wearing the Podcast sweatshirt....... I am wondering if we will hear the podcast "Only Murderers in the Building" from Cinda's perspective next season? Either way, I hope our group gets cleared quickly and is out of jail early. Got a good laugh at Siri playing"Fields of Gold" b
  4. I think it's just a flailing reach for some justification for making a ball gown/formal evening wear, which is not really much use to most people most of the time, even people who do go the opera apparently!
  5. I think that dress would have looked better if it had just been one solid dress without that netting or whatever you call it in the middle.
  6. Ok so this has been bugging me - in the show, they are clearly invisible in mirrors, but in the opening credits they are visible in photos. Shoot, in the Atlantic City episode, Nadja even has a picture of herself in the sixties with the Rat Pack. Are we supposed to just hand wave this? Nandor with the feathered hair and short shorts was everything. Colin Robinson is killing it this season. He is a deeply weird person and I love it. Do energy vampires have some obsession with poop? Because it sure seems that way - he was waaaay too into sorting through Guillermo's crap at the beginnin
  7. This is where I miss Heidi. I can almost hear her saying after dismissing Caycee, “And Darren, you are also out because you made nothing.” Me too - the facial expressions directly into the camera were gold. What - you didn’t wear a strapless floor length gold sequined gown??? Or, perhaps a floor length organza gown that looks like it’s choking you??? 😂 I did not mean to dis opera. I live in central California, so not too many opportunities, but opera is not my thing at all. Still, I bet it’s awesome to see at the Met! It just makes me crazy because it seems very specific
  8. I agree completely, it is tokenism. It’s been going on long enough that a pattern has emerged that the designers with the plus sized models are in the bottom more often than not. I wish the show would rectify this somehow because it’s getting offensive how obvious it is. The reality is that clothes look better on women built like clothes hangers. I say this as a woman who wears a 38C bra and fluctuates between a size 10-12. I don’t watch this show for realism - how many times are they making clothes out of vegetables or car parts or some other “unconventional material “, or working with the id
  9. I like this - it makes sense with them having access to all of that stuff in the funeral home, and they have shown themselves to be ruthless when necessary. If they knew Tim was investigating them it's possible they poisoned him to get him out of the way. I just can't remember what they knew and when. I don't think the prodigy has anything to do with this other than to reveal that Jan was lying to Charles. And can someone explain why Mabel and Oscar were sleeping in Charles apartment along with Oliver? The gag with Jane Lynch was awesome. I loved her mimicking Charles. I am goin
  10. I thought the same, but Michaela confirming it makes me think otherwise. I guess we'll see.....
  11. I am sorry for your loss. And I agree with your assessment of the interviews. Reality shows love that stuff for the draahma, but it feels misplaced on a show like this.
  12. Isn't that the truth! After reading the bios, I'm most interested to see Zayden, Chasity, Aaron, Shantall, Coral & Praije. I am prepared to actively hate Katie. And my expectations are extremely low for Kristina just judging by what she is wearing in her photo despite her background....... But I guess time will tell. I'm just glad it's back!
  13. Hilarious! My favorite was the continuation of the Gut Milk being shown..... I also liked when one of the superfans said he had to leave because "I have to go to work, you know?" and Oliver offhandedly says "I don't believe that at all" or something like that......It really doesn't sound funny here but Martin Short's delivery made me laugh.
  14. The ongoing Gut Milk references are killing me! I actually did a spit take when they were talking: Charles: This Gut Milk......is so good! It's 13% alcohol! Oliver: I know! I think it's making my abs grow! HA HA HA!!!!! Seriously, I hope they keep the Gut Milk humor coming! Oliver eating the expire hummus also made me laugh ;-o I like the grumpy detective - the backstory with her podcast loving wife explains her disdain for our trio at the crime scene. And I love the trio. Individually they would be kind of annoying, but together they are magic. This show just kee
  15. Gah! What the hell happened to this show!?!! They have completely neutered it and turned it into another stupid cake contest! It has been a yearly ritual in our house for my son and I to watch Halloween Wars. We started several years ago and he is now 12. We made it 15 minutes with this garbage before we turned it off. I hate to say it, but I’m actually sad they ruined this show. We deleted all the episodes and stopped recording it. Another FN show turned to crap……
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