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  1. I'm still holding out hope for Austin and Jessica, but with four out of five divorcing, this doesn't do anything to help their success rate......
  2. Totally. I usually like looking for the spoilers, but I've gotta say, it might be affecting my decision to watch this season. The fact that it's only episode 3 and we already know for certain what happened to 3 of the five is making think this whole season is going to be drama with little in between. I do not want to watch a show with 6-8 (depending on what happens with Katie and Derek) people at each other's throats. And the fact that the episodes are TWO HOURS! doesn't really excite me to slog through this garbage either......
  3. Thank you - I feel like I'm losing my mind watching this with Shy and his crew just roaming the hotel. I just don't know how this show can act like this was normal during that era because it absolutely was not. Just read anything about how Sammy Davis Jr. was treated. Ditto the situation with Joel and Mai. I don't see his parents accepting her. Archie seemed cool when they were dancing, but I doubt Imogene would accept her into their social circle. It's totally unbelievable. Why is this show just ignoring the segregation and overt racism that was out there during this era? I wish the show would address it - it would be interesting to see Midge having to navigate touring with them and seeing how they are treated.
  4. You nailed it. He has behaved in some questionable ways just in this episode alone, and his conversation skills are also awkward. Him saying "I wrote them myself!" during the ceremony re: his vows, and "I just hoped it wasn't a dude!" right after the wedding was weird, and the conversation with his new mother in law was also super uncomfortable, and not just because they just met but more because of his awkward joking with her. I don't know if he is just completely lacking in social skills but something about him is not quite right.......
  5. @Yeah No I completely agree with your take on Brandon’s thought process. He completely misread that situation. My husband joked when we were engaged that he was going to do that with the cake, and I told him if he even tried it was going to be the shortest marriage in the history of the world. He then told me of course he would never do that bc he knew it would enrage me. (I’m the person who won’t eat ribs or wings bc of the mess, and occasionally eat pizza with a knife and fork if it’s too floppy). 😋
  6. I don’t think she’s a genius. I just think she’s smarter than him. Here’s my problem with that excuse: until the wedding there was no evidence that he suffered from anxiety. In fact, in the episodes prior to the wedding, he seemed like a well spoken smooth operator to me, even more so than Six Pack Zach (a million thanks @humbleopinion for that gem! 😂)
  7. I am thinking of grocery fliers - usually sales prices and pictures of the products. I don’t think a graphic designer is needed for that type of stuff. Where I work, the marketing department takes care of that type of stuff because it’s easy to produce and relatively basic. We only use a graphic designer for package design, our website and marketing sales materials. Obviously it’s different in different businesses. My point was more that I think Meka does something more involved.
  8. I work for a food manufacturer, and depending on the size of the grocery chain, that job can have a lot of power deciding which products end up on the shelves. I don’t know if she’s the actual buyer for whatever category she’s in, but even if she just does the analysis for the actual buyer I still think it’s a more complicated job than just making sales flyers. That seems more like a job for marketing to me....
  9. Ironically, it was Luke’s mother. Her son is an ass, but she wasn’t wrong.....
  10. I thought about this. My ethnic heritage is Hungarian. I have no idea fashion wise what the hell that would be. I think I would have to go more with where I was raised. I’m from central California which is very agricultural based. I would probably focus on that.
  11. I know how you feel. My favorites were Nancy, Geoffrey and Brittany in that order. I would wear Nancy’s pants and coat right now. Love. I am with Brittany - flabbergasted by the judges love of Victoria. Absolutely hideous. It’s starting to feel like a broken record...... Out of the top 2, I liked Dayoung’s jacket better than Chelsey’s fancy letterman coat. I just don’t get it at all. Maybe I would like it more without the letters. I agree with the guest judge that Dayoung’s jacket would look better with a skinny pant. But that skirt was probably easier to make for a one day challenge....... Sergio should have gone home and taken his old fashioned frumpy clothes with him. Shavi crying from embarrassment over his janky dress was more moving than Sergio bawling over Immigration issues. It’s hard to hear what you’re saying when we can’t see past the hideous dress we’re looking at, Sergio!
  12. Oh my gosh yes! It came off to me like it was a spur of the moment decision by him to do that, like he thought, “oh no, she’s very upbeat and bubbly and I’ve been a total idiot all day - I better show her I am a fun person!” It was so stupid. At least last season with Jamie and Beth it came off as playful between them. It’s still a dumb, juvenile thing to do. And let’s be honest, not too many of these couples need to worry about saving their cake top for their first anniversary. Hell, most of these marriages have such a short shelf life they should just refrigerate it and eat it before going to decision day.....
  13. This made me think of last season when Jamie did it to Elizabeth and she was all "My Eyelashes!!!!"
  14. Ha! The thing is though, all of the people I know with tattoos are not criminals (including myself!). It's just so mainstream now. Shoot, I went with my 63 yo coworker when I got my first last year, and she got one too! My Aunt that is in her mid-sixties just got two tattoos at Thanksgiving. They are on everyone and all generations.
  15. Re: The relative attractiveness of Zach and Mindy. My husband (a fifty yo man) said Mindy is the only woman this season he finds attractive, so I would not be surprised if Zach does find her pretty. I think Zach is handsome, but it's obvious he knows it. He comes off as so phony to me. I liked him getting on one knee and the post ceremony selfie was cute, but the constant winking is so douchey. He seems completely disingenuous. She seems so damaged, this just makes me sad that she is putting herself up for more heartbreak. Meka and Michael are just as painful to watch as Taylor and Brandon. I get Will and Jasmine vibes for sure - quietly obstinate guy with pushy woman who wants her own way. I don't see this going well. Austin and Jessica are still my number one for making it. He really, really needs to do something about that hair. He looked super sweaty and greasy when he was talking to the bridesmaids. Right now Katie and Derek are cute, but the previews look terrible. I don't know what to think, except they are too young and immature for this nonsense. Her drunk girlfriend is going to be super embarrassed when she sees this. Or maybe she's like Beth form last season and DGAF, in which case I expect her to be cackling over it thinking it's funny. Super classy......... I do not like Brandon. He talks like he's stoned. I think they are the worst match so far this season. This episode did not do anything to change my mind from last episode that he is not the brightest bulb.
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