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  1. They do look unfinished, but if you are eating it and you are not a big fan of frosting (raises hand) they are delish!
  2. This. To me, it's flavor profile is "sweet". It tastes like nothing to me and has a weird waxy texture. I loathe it. Yes! I could not believe all of the crazy toppings! There are many flavors that go great with Brownies, but these were insane - who the hell wants figs with their brownie? And meringue? Huh??? I was thinking it would be peanut butter or caramel or mint, or maybe some raspberry topping. But instead it was marshmallows and honey and dates???? Crazy......Oh, and Laura needs to understand it's not a s'more unless all three ingredients are there: marshmallow, chocolate and a graham cracker! I personally think Linda deserved to be star baker, or at least top two for consideration. Her Showstopper must have been bad because she came out pretty well on the first two rounds.......
  3. @Silver Bells I am so sorry to hear this! It's really hard when your doctor doesn't seem interested in actually "caring" about you! That was my problem with my old primary. She talked in a monotone voice that showed zero emotion and she seemed like she didn't care at all. I developed severe insomnia a year after my son was born to the point I was melting down and having panic attacks. I was neurotic by the time I went in to see her. I was almost in tears. She listened to me silently and then said "Ok. I'm going to prescribe Ambien. Try that. I'll see you in a month." I was almost more upset when I left than when I went in! The Ambien did help me, but she was horrible. Stupidly, I continued to go to her until two years ago when I had an infected toe and she prescribed the wrong antibiotic. I ended up in urgent care 2 days later. Some people are just not good doctors, and you are correct - a little understanding goes a long way!
  4. I think she will be great! She has shown herself to be warm, caring and really able to lock in and listen. Those are wonderful qualities in any doctor (or spouse for that matter!). I just switched primary physician this last year after suffering through several years with a GP that was cold as ice with zero bedside manner, so to speak (I was too lazy to look for a different one that was taking new patients). I don't think she's as whimsical and carefree with her career - she couldn't be to get through med school. Everyone has different needs when determining what would be a good fit for their primary doctor, but I do think she will be a good at her job when the time comes.
  5. I am glad this episode reveals why Flora is always saying “perfectly splendid”. I was thinking it was a little too twee for a kid being raised in the 1980’s, even if she is British. Now it makes sense.....
  6. So true! As soon as they showed that bird, I said to my husband “he’s so going to kill that poor bird.” Maybe that drawing was supposed to make us somewhat sympathetic towards Miles, but that kid is creepy as all get out. And why on earth would she allow hide and seek after being locked in a closet the day before? Why not just say “Hey! Let’s play Candyland!” And I hate to say it, but look in any clothing store right now and you can find similar pants - light wash, high waisted with pleats. The 80’s fashion has returned to haunt us in 2020.
  7. I guess it depends on how you interpret it......also, I don’t think she needs a mask to ride her bicycle by herself. I do not wear a mask when I am outside in a place that I can socially distance. When I am at work or in any building the first thing I do when I exit and get away from people is remove my mask.
  8. Thank you for this. I live in a suburban neighborhood and I never saw so many people out walking with their families and dogs as in the early days of lockdown. I took many walks with my kids and dog because that was all there was to do! I am dumbfounded by the criticism of a woman alone on a bicycle! This is exactly what people were told was approved activity. And shame on her for being happy? I say good for her keeping her sanity and spirits up during a sad and frightening time.
  9. Can someone please explain why they need to explode confetti at the end of every freaking dance? It’s so stupid! It kind of loses the wow factor when they do it every single time..... Tyra continues to look completely ridiculous, only this time Carrie Ann joined in. WTF??? I am having trouble distinguishing between Chrishell, Kaitlyn and Monica. They all just kind of blend together for me. I guess I like Kaitlyn better because I like Artem? My favorites were Justina, Nelly and Jeannie. I liked Nev too but that quickstep was verging on frantic for me. That song has a fast tempo but it seemed even faster than the original. I thought the all the clothes, makeup and hair was over the top insane. They all looked like they were wearing Halloween costumes if you were going dressed up in an 80’s theme. Vernon deserved to be saved out of pity for being forced into that horrible wig.
  10. Agree 100%! I know this has been nightmarish for many people, especially those who have been sick, or have lost loved ones, or for those living in areas that were really hard hit by this. I don’t diminish that at all. Starting in April I was furloughed for three and a half months and I called it my Coronacation. I have not been off that long since I have been an adult - even my maternity leave with both my kids was only three months! I guess it’s just being thankful for the good things you have rather than focusing on the bad. I think Amelia is just a joyful person naturally, and also someone who writes music and sings. I didn’t get the impression she was happy Bourbon Street was empty, just showing that it was.
  11. Huh? How is it selfish that she was biking down Bourbon Street singing? That just seems like her normal personality. Should people just walk around miserable all the time? I thought she was just commenting on how empty it was. People are allowed to go outside - I didn't see anything selfish about what Amelia said or did. As far as Amani saying she was happy Covid happened, I am giving her a pass. I don't think she meant that she is happy the people are sick and dying. I think she meant that being in quarantine allowed them more time to get to know each other. It just wasn't the best way to express that, obviously.
  12. @Silver Bells CONGRATULATIONS! That is amazing! In this day and age where marriage is so disposable that is something to be proud of. Being married takes so much hard work - I admire people that can work together and make it last! ❤️
  13. Sigh. Shouldn't have brought this back up, but here goes: Dave actually said yes on Decision Day. They stayed together, and one day he came home and SHE had moved all of her stuff out. He was still in it. I don't want to get into it again because there is already a thread for their season, but I kind of feel like people forget he stayed and she left him. Okay - back to the current group.......
  14. I am sure the experts bullshit will involve leaving the failure at Brett's feet and telling poor Olivia that she will find someone wonderful in the future. We will never hear them say they fucked up by matching two people who have absolutely nothing in common except a couple cats. Or rather, the producers did since I'm pretty sure they pick these people and the experts just pretend to do it.......
  15. It's the fact that they are showing everybody in this cast including one of the experts bagging on him. We've seen Miles call him an asshole, Christina called him a fuckboi, and Henry has not wasted a single opportunity to say how he dislikes him. Plus, Olivia has been on Unfiltered multiple times playing the victim with everyone supporting her and side eyeing him. It's a ridiculous amount of piling on. Last week showed the conversation with Pastor Cal where she calls him out for his being disingenuous on camera but they cut it off before the part where she says he's actually a nice guy off camera. Meanwhile, crickets from Brett. Is he sarcastic and smarmy? Yes. But I don't think he's quite the villain that they have made him out to be, nor is she some woman done wrong in the vein of Kate, or Amber or Mindy...... As far as making himself likeable, I don't think he gives a shit about that, especially knowing the show matched him with a totally unsuitable woman.......Frankly, I like that he went home. It's ridiculous watching Henry and Christina lying about whether they should stay together. The audience isn't that stupid. The real story is that THESE TWO SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN MATCHED! But of course they are never going to admit that, and he left before they were done with him, so hey, he's an easy target for production to spin into the villain role....... I get why people dislike him, I really do. I just resent the spin and Olivia not being called to account for her behavior. Or maybe it's just me - everyone hated Dave and I liked him, so there's that too 😜
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