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  1. What! She's complaining because he's NICER when the cameras are gone???? Huh??? Usually it's the opposite. I don't get her!
  2. I agree. He didn't bother me on their season as much as a lot of people. I like that he has a sense of humor and he seems pretty self aware of his short comings. He and Steph seem like a great couple together. I love following them both on Instagram.
  3. I would go with Christina. She seems a lot more normal and fun when she's with the girls. Olivia is so quiet and her idea of fun - something competitive - is not mine. I don't want to do an obstacle course or trivia competition or climb a rock wall. And here is the problem - did you see the house they were living in in New Jersey???? Not sure she could afford that on just her nurse's salary. Plus, probably long hours and she wants to be with her kids, which I don't begrudge her. I am not sure if they sold the NJ house with their move to Florida or if they kept it AND bought the FL house, but if it's both, she really needs to keep up her Unfiltered gig as well as couples cam.......
  4. Different strokes - AJ & Steph are my favorites. I like that they get along and there is no drama with them. Even with his business going under during the pandemic they were pretty upbeat and fun. I like that he didn't wallow and pivoted to do something else. I also love K&K and Gregg and Deonna, although the pre-baby nonsense was ridiculous to me. I really hope Woody and Amani join this show. I could watch them all day. Ok, maybe not all day, but I love them!
  5. Just came here to say that I watched this last night and I am still laughing today over poor Lupita Nyong'o and how one of the most beautiful women in the world became one of the ugliest cakes ever created. Nailed It, indeed!
  6. Same problem as a piggy tail holder...........
  7. She was a nurse. Maybe if her husband could hold down a job she wouldn't be working overtime (and I do mean overtime - there is a new IG story in my feed every time I open Instagram) at the IG/hosting gig. But I also think it's not so much struggling but wanting to live a champagne life on a beer budget when it's a family of three (now four) living on just a nurse's salary and whatever underemployed job Doug is/was doing this week......Plus, this enables her to mostly stay home with her entire family. But she over-shares. It's too much, up to and including her live birth on Lifetime TV. I don't need to see this woman's bathing suit parts (as my SIL who is a first grade teacher calls them) any more.
  8. A thousand times yes! I try to give her the benefit of the doubt, and I do follow her on instagram, but I am reaching the end of my limit here when yesterday I saw ANOTHER unflattering pic of her in a swim suit proclaiming body positivity. It’s like the 10th one this summer with the exact same message - last baby I never would have done this but but I am going to love myself blah blah blah.....girl, we get it. Enough already! I hope one day Henley and Hendrix rip her a new one for exploiting the shit out of them for her “career” before they were old enough to understand what was happening to them. Doug is well aware and equally shameless but they don’t have a choice.
  9. Well, to be fair, it’s not so much a reflection of the kids as it is the parents. 😋 I just cannot stand the name Baby Bergies. It is so stupid. And if I was those two I would have left that nickname at home with the umpteen other blonde siblings......
  10. Call me crazy, but she does not even look like the same person.
  11. My husband thinks they look like creepy twins. I personally have a love/ hate with him. I can’t stand his cheesy demeanor and hair, but he’s so fantastic. I bet the show now wishes he had won last year instead of the pervert...... I gotta say, I did laugh at that. The straight jacket, not so much. I do enjoy him though. I miss the headband..... Sad about Eskimo Ninja! I didn’t even realize he didn’t make the cut! Gah! I laughed. Also when his sister fell. Bye bye “Baby Bergies”! Gag. I don’t know why, but I have an visceral dislike of them. I think it’s the nickname. And her flash dance 80’s hair.
  12. @LuvMyShows Perfect analysis of the love/in love difference and why it doesn’t work here. I think Pastor Cal’s “love is a choice” spiel only works for established couples that are already committed. These people are still figuring out if they even like their spouse, let alone love them. And when “the experts” match people that clearly have different life goals it’s annoying to hear, well, just work harder. Um, no. Just walk away. If you can’t even agree on a major thing like whether to have kids you shouldn’t have ever been matched in the first place.
  13. You are probably on to something here. He is saying the right things but in a completely insincere way. He is not actually “doing” anything the show can exploit. In essence, he’s playing this game and winning, but they are not going to let that happen. Usually when someone is not cooperating or is difficult (see Christina or AJ) they are getting a shit edit. This is really interesting bc results are mixed. I’d say it’s pretty even on who is looking worse this time. Her “constant annoyance” reminds me of Meka. It’s really unpleasant to watch her frowny face talking him to death. She couldn’t even let it go when they had a fun evening out. The more she questions him the less she gets from him, the more frustrated she gets, and so on. It’s a cycle now, and they are pretty much dunzo.....their dynamic reminds me a little of Dave and Amber, minus the sex. I really wish they had been matched with different people. I do wonder if either would have been able to be successful with someone else...... Oh, and I just have to mention the shark sipper he was drinking from - I found the juxtaposition of him drinking from that while she sat there stone faced drilling him about his commitment hilarious.
  14. I said the same thing in my head. I think that was the most exciting run since Jamie Rahn lost his shoe and finished stage one without it a couple years ago. I cheered twice in one run - once when he leapt to the platform after losing all momentum, and when he got up the Mega Wall. Just awesome! Ditto and Ditto. I also should say I cannot recognize Thomas Stillings with short hair and without the genie pants. Also, he looks better with long hair. I am glad his wife is doing well after her surgery.
  15. Oh my gosh! What the hell was that lace thing in her hair??? And her style seems to be 50,000 low cut wrap dresses. Except when she was wearing jeans and a turtleneck at a resort in Mexico.......... OTOH, I think Karen and Amani have great style. Almost every week Amani is wearing something I think, oooh, I would like to wear that! I'm still thinking about that jewel neck sweater she wore at their friends and family party. And now I can add that white dress from this week 😜
  16. I think the show is working overtime to paint him as a villain, yet at the same time, there is, so far, other than the Bachelor Party, not a lot to justify this. By this time in other seasons, we have seen actual horrendous behavior by some of the guys, and this guy is nowhere near as bad as Luke, Matt or Brandon. He's not even as bad as Zach or Michael. So far, Brett was flirty at a bachelor party before he even met Olivia, and is sarcastically passive aggressive about owning his house and not wanting spend all of his disposable income on travel. Olivia seems frustrated, but she has not specified how he is different in private. She mostly seems annoyed that she can't lecture him into submission to what she wants. I don't know what exactly he has done to any of these guys to get the disdain they show on Unfiltered, or if it's just support of their wives who have taken Olivia's side (or in Henry's case, he has never liked him). But frankly, I can't imagine any of them being friends in real life with a guy like him. Either way, it just feels almost like bullying because nothing we have been shown has warranted this level of disgust (even from Pastor Cal!). Unless something will be forthcoming, I don't find him to be that bad, and I don't feel sorry for Olivia because she is just as annoying but in a different way.
  17. Bill likes being on tv, so having Sharon around keeps their story interesting. Him in his undies and robe, not so much.......
  18. I am so tired of Olivia. My family all watches this show and we text about it (rough times during Covid!). Dour is the word I came up with to describe her. My sister and her husband are team Olivia though and dubbed him "The Douche". My aunt then proclaimed them "The Dour and The Douche"......A new buddy cop show coming to CBS spring 2021! 😜 I am seriously over the piling on of what an asshole Brett is on Unfiltered. I think it's totally shitty. He hasn't done anything as awful as Brandon, Luke, Zach or Matt, but he is being totally vilified. Why I wonder???? Sure he's smug and flippant, but his wife is not exactly a prize either! Honestly, I just think they are a complete mismatch. They would probably be better with someone else. Ditto Henry and Christina. Instead, they are all bringing out the worst in each other. Unlike....... Amelia and Bennett and Woody and Amani. I find it interesting that we were only shown Dr. Robot visiting the struggling couples. The two rock star couples got to navigate their exercises (or maybe Sexercises for Woody and Amani!) without her guidance. I freaking love Woody and Amani. Best couple in MAFS history. There, I said it. And I loved her white dress and necklace. Miles and Karen are there too. Ok. ZZZZZZ.......
  19. Yes to all of this! It is utterly ridiculous that Erica thinks that her dad is disapproving because Rick didn't ask permission! And it's so stupid for 69 yo Rick to go to her younger father to ask permission to do anything! This is all a big nothing though. You know she isn't walking away from her sugar daddy......... Ditto on the rings, I love jewelry! But why does anyone need a $300,000 ring???? Nothing says understated elegance like a giant boulder dragging your hand down! 😜 And I'm pretty sure Kevin is moving to get away from Katie. He does not care about her at all. It's actually kind of painful to watch them. Girl, go back to Bakersfield and be a big fish in a small pond.......or you know, get a real job........ I love Rodney and Desereee! They are so awesomely awful! That bathing suit!!!! Ha ha ha!!!!!! And having to watch the up close tongue bath they were giving each other - I swear, it felt like it went on for an hour. Blech! I feel this is part of the appeal of this show. All trash, totally ridiculous!
  20. In the age of zoom school, it sure feels deluxe now! My kids were both in their pajamas the first day of school - it looked more like a first day of summer picture! 😜 And in more Covid weirdness, I have to go in an hour to take my son to get his school picture taken - we had to make an appointment to go to the cafeteria and do it since they aren't at school right now.....
  21. I think the experts have been way less visible these last few seasons, especially since they started putting them up in a single location. Maybe it's just a lot of cost cutting measures by having one location and not having to fly the experts in and out to film. They are relying on the participants interacting with each other and giving advice to each other rather than the participants getting advice from the experts. They can hardly do worse!
  22. I can see them both being serial daters - lots of one and done. Brett because he is a jackass, and Henry because he is beyond boring.
  23. Nope. Didn't miss the crowds at all. I did hate how loud the fake crowd noise was though. I wish they would tone it down - at some points I couldn't even hear Matt and Akbar, which is ridiculous considering that noise is fake! It completely is. How many dads have made it? This is not a thing. At all. It was interesting seeing the Island Ninja running without a crowd to play to. I actually think that helps him as he frequently gets distracted with playing up to them.....
  24. Yep. I don't know why he can't just say this to her! Is saying "you're being rude" worse than saying "you're impatient"? Or maybe even couching it in these terms: "It makes me extremely uncomfortable when you argue with the production crew. I have trouble getting past that." He is terrible at communication though, which is why he shouldn't have been picked for this show. He is basically the antithesis of Bennett who is comfortable with who he is and able to verbalize every thought eloquently..........
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