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  1. It's very common for mothers in some cultures to call their sons "Papi," and no one confuses it as being anything other than a term of endearment. "Repugnant" when judging the customs of another culture* is a strong word. You're putting the definition of your language on the speaker of another language and telling them what they're saying -- in their own language. (* for a common term of endearment. Some customs are, in fact, repugnant)
  2. Pretty sure she called him "papi," a term of endearment in Spanish.
  3. This has come up twice in 2 different forums (Undercover Billionaire and 90 Day Fiance, Happily Ever After). If the episodes are released on a subscription service (for example, Discovery+) all at once (or early), but are airing once a week on regular channels, does posting about the series episodes before the general release constitute a spoiler? Does general release of episodes determine what is a spoiler, or are they fair game once they've been released anywhere?
  4. Yeeps, some spoiler stuff in there!! Then again, I think I'm the only one still watching, so I'll get over it.
  5. I am a bad, bad, bad person. My dislike for Grant includes chuckling at his getting COVID* because I hate him just that much. I'm glad the bar signs were sold to someone "within the family" and that the original owner can buy them back later if he chooses. That was a very good thing. Also, does anyone know why Tumeric Shots lady couldn't just shoot some footage on her cellphone, or ask someone else to get some shots while she was at the kickball game? No, it's not a professional-level camera, but she was doing a Zoom presentation, not buying airtime on the teevee. I really like the food
  6. I was so verklempt that I mistyped!! I don't know why I expected better from the moms.... I mean, they did raise these kids. Oy.
  7. I was just jobsmacked (I can't think of an American word that conveys being horrified-aghast-with-jaw-dropping mortification) at the changes in Myrka's mother and Ethan's mother. I literally couldn't listen to the teenagers because of how these 2 women looked. BACK AWAY FROM ATTEMPTING TO LOOK LIKE FACETUNE IN REAL LIFE, LADIES. Hoooooooolllllly crap. Thanks, I feel better for having gotten that out of my system. Anyone else watch?
  8. Everyone gathers on Zoom, sometimes from the same hotel, and... well.... tells all.
  9. Y'all see all the red flags ages before I do. If I ever EVER think about dating again (6 years as a widow), you all will have to vett him. Deal?
  10. I teach ESL, and "he/him/his she/her/hers" (along with "in/on/at") are really hard for English Language Learners... we spend HOURS AND HOURS on it. I don't really like the couples on HEA, but then I think about who could have been on (Coltee! Paola! Baby Girl Lisa!) and I think "okay, I'll just have it on in the background..."
  11. Al-Anon is a group for anyone who has, is having, or ever has had a relationship (of any kind: boss, employee, grandparents, teacher, etc.) with someone who is alcoholic. We work the program, we work the steps, we have sponsors (non-related to us, and same gender, MOM), we make amends, we do service work, etc. There is only one word different in the Steps between AA and Al-Anon. Persons who might find Al-Anon helpful are those who focus too much on someone else's behavior, who aren't able to set and keep boundaries, people who accept unacceptable behavior, people who focus on people-pleasing
  12. I'm glad they finally acknowledge that Al-Anon exists, but there's no way Marjorie wouldn't be busting Bonnie's chops for trying to be Adam's sponsor. Program couples work when they stay out of each other's nuts-and-bolts programs, and support each other's principles. Ugh ugh ugh. On a program level, episode was BAD, on a comedy level, it was okay. I'm about ready for the series to be wrapped up, but I'm going to miss the characters.
  13. Didn't Natasha do very well with previous guests and their dining setups? Or am I mis-remembering? I mean, yeah, she's whiffed on this charter, but NINE PEOPLE. You cut corners where you can (no garnishes when mealtime is moved up earlier, hollandaise on the food instead of in a little pitcher, whatever it is) to try to get the food out all at the same time. NINE PEOPLE. With at least 3 different "menus" (kids, young adults, adults...) I don't think any of the previous BD chefs could handle it either. That's restaurant crew and timing work, with an expediter. I also noticed Barrie said "no buf
  14. multiple people asked variations of why Mike's friend didn't just use her credit card -- there were plenty of times in my life where I either didn't have a credit card, or didn't have room on it for any purchases. I remember coming back from a work trip (pay on my card, employer eventually reimburses, shitty shitty company policy!!!) and having to call to find out if I had enough credit left for a sandwich in the airport. Ugh. Am grateful those days are over, but I know they're not for everyone. I was kind of a hold-out on Mike's assholeness, didn't see it as clearly as you guys did, but
  15. Does anyone else wonder whether Paige's butt has been enhanced? When she was wearing the tan bodycon dress and was walking around, it just wasn't... moving with her? reacting the way it should?? I don't know, it seemed like maybe there were some implants going on.... I'm old and can't fathom how the much-dreaded "saddlebags" is actually in fashion now (Paige doesn't have them, but some women celebrate them these days --- good for them!!!!). But in that dress, it was really obvious that something was different in how those body parts moved...
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