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  1. I hope the whole season isn't military-base based. The random challenges in the desert or in the city gave different dimensions to the challenges. Glad to have the show back!
  2. If anyone is (still) watching this show, I really need to know if the exchange between the younger son and the mom is as it shows on the promo: Mom: "Is there someone special in your life?" Son: "That's none of your business" I've bristled at that exchange every time I forget to FF through the promos. If my son responded to that question from me in that way, I'd invite him to leave my house. No further discussion, just "Get out. Now." So, I hope that there is more to the conversation, where the Mom gets nosier or more invasive, or pushier. Because that's the only way I can conceive of su
  3. Ugh, people who don't understand emotional labor really frustrate me. Bet ya $100 that Bao planned the meal, bought the groceries, pulled out what needed to be prepped... and because Johnny helped put the salmon on the baking sheet, he considers that "helping cook the gourmet meal." I have had to work really hard to get my (late) husband and 2 20-something boys to understand the role of emotional labor in the household. Had to stop automatically replacing things that I knew we were out of... had to buy my meals at restaurants when they couldn't figure out what they wanted to eat this week...
  4. Were they at Watkins Park for the luncheon? I swear that was the SAME gazebo and park I attended a wedding in back in April this year. It is a HIKE from the parking lot to the gazebo, hope production provided golf carts! This episode was so boring I was looking at the park's website to match up the trees by the gazebo...
  5. Johnny was dead to me when he took his selfie video next to Bao while she was snoring. You may not agree with or understand her sensitivity around her snoring, but if you're married, you damn well better respect it. I would never feel safe around him if I were Bao.... that's a BIG betrayal.
  6. Y'all are giving WAYYYYY too much credit for Ronald that he would have ANY of the tools you mentioned to cook a chicken -- air fryer, instapot, roaster pan, garlic, bouillon cubes. Dude probably doesn't even have a casserole pan and aluminum foil!! And it doesn't even sound like she knew he put it in the cart, so she couldn't even get what she could use anyway. How messed up is it that the RV Gang stayed in an AirBnB for one night? The cleaning fees alone would cover a couple of hotel rooms. 🥴
  7. It's very common for mothers in some cultures to call their sons "Papi," and no one confuses it as being anything other than a term of endearment. "Repugnant" when judging the customs of another culture* is a strong word. You're putting the definition of your language on the speaker of another language and telling them what they're saying -- in their own language. (* for a common term of endearment. Some customs are, in fact, repugnant)
  8. Pretty sure she called him "papi," a term of endearment in Spanish.
  9. This has come up twice in 2 different forums (Undercover Billionaire and 90 Day Fiance, Happily Ever After). If the episodes are released on a subscription service (for example, Discovery+) all at once (or early), but are airing once a week on regular channels, does posting about the series episodes before the general release constitute a spoiler? Does general release of episodes determine what is a spoiler, or are they fair game once they've been released anywhere?
  10. Yeeps, some spoiler stuff in there!! Then again, I think I'm the only one still watching, so I'll get over it.
  11. I am a bad, bad, bad person. My dislike for Grant includes chuckling at his getting COVID* because I hate him just that much. I'm glad the bar signs were sold to someone "within the family" and that the original owner can buy them back later if he chooses. That was a very good thing. Also, does anyone know why Tumeric Shots lady couldn't just shoot some footage on her cellphone, or ask someone else to get some shots while she was at the kickball game? No, it's not a professional-level camera, but she was doing a Zoom presentation, not buying airtime on the teevee. I really like the food
  12. I was so verklempt that I mistyped!! I don't know why I expected better from the moms.... I mean, they did raise these kids. Oy.
  13. I was just jobsmacked (I can't think of an American word that conveys being horrified-aghast-with-jaw-dropping mortification) at the changes in Myrka's mother and Ethan's mother. I literally couldn't listen to the teenagers because of how these 2 women looked. BACK AWAY FROM ATTEMPTING TO LOOK LIKE FACETUNE IN REAL LIFE, LADIES. Hoooooooolllllly crap. Thanks, I feel better for having gotten that out of my system. Anyone else watch?
  14. Everyone gathers on Zoom, sometimes from the same hotel, and... well.... tells all.
  15. Y'all see all the red flags ages before I do. If I ever EVER think about dating again (6 years as a widow), you all will have to vett him. Deal?
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