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  1. re: "the only Asian in Philadelphia" -- it's also true that people will name the largest city near where they lived, so they don't have to explain they live in Bedroom Community #35, which is 35 miles outside the city but no one has ever heard of it. My hometown is 50+ miles from Chicago, but saying "I'm from Chicago" serves its purpose most of the time. If someone says "where in Chicago?" I'll say "4th cornfield south" and that's a lot simpler that leading with that. I like Anna, but her posture is horrible. I want to pull her shoulders down, lift her head up to expose her neck. And don't get me started on the cheeks on this show!
  2. Wade is my least favorite character on this show. Seriously, the only thing I like about him is his group of friends. Forrest had me laughing out loud last night.
  3. this!! I do find him very likable too. Did you see the summer show, where they revealed that he was undergoing intense medical treatment (chemo?) when he did his show? He had a feeding tube or something like that, said he couldn't eat solid food the whole time they were shooting. One of the other people said, "Oh! That's why you only ever took one bite of the BBQ!" I appreciated that he just put his nose to the grindstone and didn't play it for drama.
  4. Which bride was it that over-shared about her sister being a lesbian and had children by in vitro and she's been with her partner for a long time? I mean, good to get to know the family, but it seemed like too much detail for the time and circumstances. I seem to recall the groom making a stressed face, hopefully because it was TMI at that time.
  5. Yay! Someone else is watching!! Didn't he tell the guy whose Jeep it is that he wouldn't put more than "10 miles" or some insanely low number on it? And now it's his only vehicle? Yeah, I'm assuming he uses the RV dealer bathroom and the gym showers/bathroom. Don't worry, in the previews we saw a tantrum of a whole 'nother level. We'll see how the women handle the same news....
  6. To recap: Random stranger on Instagram gets to move into Senate candidate's home. Ballsy Blonde talks 2 people into giving up a 25-year business a couple of months into a pandemic (when we had no idea how long the world would be shut down) and put a grocery store in a downtown area (wonder if there is any kind of residential population there?) and ShamScam man sells his own mode of transportation and talks random guy he delivered flyers for into pre-paying him $10,000 for a month of services. Sure, this is all legit. Nothing hinky here....
  7. ..... and we're back!! With not 1, not 2, but 3 new versions of the show!! Version 1: 3 new "billionaires" trying to do what Glenn did, only better? Locations: Pueblo, CO; Tacoma, WA, and Fresno, CA. White male, white female, Black/biracial female (looked like from the picture that her mom was white??) Version 2: Glenn goes back to Erie to save small businesses in just 30 days! First up: The Tipsy Brew, a coffee place also serving alcohol and pastries that can't open until 9 AM Version 3: I think this is the one where Glenn revisits the BBQ place and tries to save it in the pandemic? I haven't watch this one yet, but I think it's scheduled on the DVR. @Mondrianyone, I'm going to need you here! 😉
  8. I agree that Jenna is a spoiled brat, and her dad has some issues he should work out in therapy instead of with his wallet.... but the thing about the rabbit and the crib needing to be set up NOW NOW NOW is over the top. She's only 20 weeks pregnant, calm down folks, there's time.....
  9. My healthy "farm" drink of choice. is there a form of alcohol made from carrots? Asking for a friend... đŸ€Ł
  10. the polar bear rug might have been okay --- but it had embedded glitter!!! I can't imagine how triggered I would be, trying to vacuum the rug and seeing glitter that won't come up! Or, worse, comes off and then gets spread around the house. Oy!!! For some reason, my FIOS DVR recorded 2 hours of a black screen (except for commercials) so I had to go out of my way to watch this online, on my laptop. I feel triple shame because 1) I took the effort to find a way to watch it at 4 AM, 2) seeing it on my laptop meant I couldn't play solitaire or backgammon while watching it, and 3) watching it from a foot and a half distance seems a lot more... involved... than I wanted to be with these people! I want my social distancing space back between them on my TV and me!!
  11. Kids don't want to hear their parents having sex --- and parents don't want to hear their kids having sex! YMMV.
  12. I stand corrected on whether they just met Brandon's girlfriend (I was wrong). And Brandon's mom IS way too involved in his life with or without his fiance. I stand behind the "my house, my rules" statement without apology. I'm a-OK if you find another place to stay because of them!!
  13. I wouldn't let my son share a room with a new girlfriend in my home, and I'm not Puritanical or controlling. Privileges are earned, though. It's my house, my rules. I will absolutely not be uncomfortable in my home. Like I tell my sons, if I want to make a rule that you can only wear purple while living in my home, you accept the rule or find your own place. I'm happy for you to have your own place, and you can make whatever rules you want for me when I come visit. If it's a long-time girlfriend or fiance who has proven herself to be respectful, then it's probably okay for them to share a room in my house. But Brandon's parents just met her, fiance or not. It's about earning that privilege by showing respect to my preferences and my comfort in my home. And when they're outside my home -- in Iceland, France, or the Motel 6 down the road -- it's not my place to say. Or my business. But: My house, my rules, period.
  14. You guys are right -- that was Varya and Geoffrey. Thanks for clearing up my memory. I thought I was going crazy!!
  15. Are we just pretending that Natalie's "surprise" visit to Mike (who had already hooked up and was playing house with his female best friend) never happened? No mention of that bit of history? Okay then.... And I can't believe Mike doesn't have dogs in addition to his wonderful cat. The rest of them? Let the train wrecks begin!!
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