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  1. TeapotWakeen

    S02.E08: She Said Yes?

    Pretty much every parent on this show needs a hundred thousand Al-Anon meetings. I'd say the fiances of the prisoners do too, but most of them are just too clueless to be ready for recovery.
  2. TeapotWakeen

    Season 5 Discussion

    New episode last night, night before? and no one here to bitch about it? Oy. This show.... so much potential for snark. So, anyway, Steve the PI got pulled out and we didn't get to see his ass-chewing by the Sheriff. Damn, I was looking forward to that. And then Nerdy White Guy tried to start a Bible Study but no one showed up. "Gone Full Chulo" guy is letting his prison ego take him back over, but "I'm a Cop so Cops Won't Harass Me" Black Guy thinks he's organizing the disorganized? I admit to being confused about some of what's going on (working on computer while half-watching). Blonde Barbie doesn't like other participants messing with her game. Former Blue Hair Braid lady is threatening to fight everybody because someone used her phone minutes. Then there's the 3rd lady, the former Army & Navy vet who I can't remember what happened with her. Really, we needed Steve the PI to get chewed oout on the show for some closure. Everyone else is just... problematic.
  3. TeapotWakeen

    S02.E07: Rings and Runaways

    As he was whacking dandelions....
  4. TeapotWakeen

    S02.E03: I Want This to Be Real

    Scott, if you "just want someone to love you" then, seriously dude, shower more often. Ask out a woman who doesn't look like 10 pounds of boobage in a 5 pound bra. Learn to get some self-esteem -- you're not a bad looking dude. Regular hygiene and some therapy, and you could even be "a catch." But you gotta address the self-esteem and look to the "nice ladies" who don't abuse you for their own entertainment. There's plenty of us out here. But at the over-40 age, we're not as likely to settle damaged guys the way so many of us did in our 20s.
  5. TeapotWakeen

    S02.E02: The $12,000 Lie

    I am so hopelessly in love with this show that I have begun taking online sexercise classes and am shopping for a wedding dress even though I'm already married. Pretty soon I will have run through my savings buying phone cards and drugs for this show. I know it sounds crazy, but we were meant to be. I just know it.
  6. TeapotWakeen

    S02.E01: The Virgin & The Trick

    I can't believe it took 12 comments (!!!!) before someone brought up the Virgin taking Sexercise Classes on How to Be On Top. Seriously? It's really an indicator of the brilliance of this season's casting that that wasn't the FIRST THING out of everyone's mouths! Plus, thanks to commercials, I found out Bridezillas is back! Or never left, or something, but I've fired up the Tivo to get back episodes to be in training to return to that show. Oh, the week between 90 Days had seemed so long, but now I am happy again! Murphy Brown reruns, Bridezillas, Love after Lockup, 90 Days.... all I need now is some classic Designing Women and some 60 Days In (January?) and I'll be in hog heaven!!
  7. TeapotWakeen

    S11.E11: The Wheels on the Dog go Round and Round

    I've been Tivo and rationing out all the old seasons of the show (loved it so much!) and enjoy the new version too. I think the difference is really that SOME of the messages on the old show were more subtle. And the new show is more lesson-in-your-face. The old show was more-Murphy-in-your-face. I was also struck how, on the old show, there was a woman in a wheelchair in the newsroom. Her desk was by the elevator, and she was just another background person, but clearly in a wheelchair. How sad that we haven't come further on "just so happens" representations on persons with disabilities.... but nice to see that the old show was as good as I remembered.
  8. TeapotWakeen

    S11.E7 Diamonds Aren't Forever

    I just can't imagine eating that much restaurant food. Who eats out that much? Does anyone in this franchise cook? I mean, he's got a house manager and 2 maids --- no one cooks? That's too much processed food, I don't care if they're eating salads every meal (spoiler: they're not!!), that's still too much processed crap!!! And I say this as someone who just ate 2 7-11 hot dogs for lunch, because we've been living on stir fried veggies for 3 days and I needed JUNK FOOD.
  9. TeapotWakeen

    Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    I've been trying to figure out what kind of bed costs $3,000!! Top-of-the-line mattress (probably king sized?) and fancy bed frame?? Hell, I think my mattress and bed frame cost $1200 all combined, and that's probably including a bed-in-a-bag!! Sheesh!! Wasn't her wedding-that-wasn't-dress almost $1000, also? SMDH.
  10. TeapotWakeen


    There are few 15-year-olds who would willingly volunteer to do their own laundry. And Elsa's entire existence seems defined by what she does for her family, wanted or not. To require them to take care of themselves, as each young person should learn to do in age-appropriate ways, is to diminish her existence. FFS, she cut a grapefruit in half and poured a bowl of cereal for Casey. Pretty sure that was about age 7 in our house!! She's so bad at boundaries, she doesn't bother to knock at either child's door, she tells her child about her "experimentation" with a woman in totally inappropriate ways, AND she doesn't even require her children respect her. I'm not a fan of Elsa -- but boy have I known a lot of them!!
  11. TeapotWakeen

    Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    I'm sorry that happened to you, OldHag. Ditto Scarlett45: "1. You were not stupid, 2. That guy was a predator and you were a CHILD! " These young women need stronger parents (grandparents) in their lives. It makes me so sad -- no, MAD -- that these parents aren't parenting. Or started too late. The kids and their kids suffer...
  12. TeapotWakeen

    Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    McKayla, honey, condoms hurt because your boyfriend has never heard of foreplay. He is in it totally for his own pleasure, and clearly doesn't care if you enjoy yourself of not. Please stay celibate until you are mature enough and have enough self-esteem to realize that sex can AND SHOULD BE be pleasurable for BOTH parties. Unfortunately for some people that means not being sexually active until their 30s, LOL, but if your partner using a condom HURTS YOU, why would you want to participate? (True story: my boys have heard multiple version of the 'women are not receptacles for your sperm emissions' talk, much to their dismay!! ;-) )
  13. TeapotWakeen

    Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    Because some of these folks are parents-in-name-only. Parenting is HARD. It requires that you love your child enough to sometimes let them hate you. It requires that you say NO. It requires that you let them FAIL. It requires you to NOT BE THEIR FRIEND. It requires you to say "I didn't do this, you did this to yourself......" and it requires you to say "NOT IN MY HOUSE" and stick to it. The parents of kids like that don't end up on craptastic reality TV shows, though.... but their kids end up on Top Chef Junior, or Project Runway Junior, or Jeopardy Junior.
  14. TeapotWakeen

    Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    Mine have had condoms in their bathroom drawers since they hit puberty. They've had the lessons on putting them on zuchinni, they've had the "don't leave them in your car" talks, "you don't want to be a daddy, USE THEM" talks. When they had their first serious girlfriend, they each got a box of 36 condoms from me with a note attached to them. McKayla needs Al-Anon (or Alateen, based on her emotional age!) in the worst kinda way. I did crack up at Shannon's "My dad always had a beer to drink" -- not she didn't say he got drunk or that he was a drunk! And then she said "well, and it's not like he ruined anyone's life with it...." Yeah, Shannon, beer is a BEVERAGE to some people. Not you, but milk that resentment..... Would love to sponsor her for a week or two :/
  15. TeapotWakeen

    S08:E07 Sour Grapes

    because the censors objected to the CONSTANT use of the word "goddamn"??