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  1. Oh I thought the season premiere was better than this episode because the "talk to cameras" were a little bit more obvious. But about half way through, it started improving for me again. They did flesh out the characters a bit more. I like that Randi is short for Miranda and a nod to the original series. I also think the "romantic rivals become friends" plot, which is a bit cliche, was still done quite well. I thought Max was going to bristle at Oscar's kite suggestion but the joke surprised me by having Kat think it was for her and Max getting the "rain check" which I thought was ado
  2. I kind of hate the series and I don't think this is a surprise to anyone. Kind of predictable.
  3. That's a great point. I think there was at least one or two more glances to the camera but it was MUCH more subtle and natural than it was last season--more in line with how the original did it.
  4. They were both her brothers so it was a little weird that Kat had a crush on Joey even though there is no relation between Mayim and Joey or Kat and Joey. They referenced Blossom's dance. And I believe Joey and Leslie Jordan both said "whoa" at the same time which was his catch phrase. The dance is in the opening for all seasons of Blossom. This version had all the cast doing it. As for the actual episode, I kind of liked it. Phil and Randi eating tuna actually cracked me up and I like how they resolved the Oscar, Max and Kat plot. I've seen Oscar liste
  5. Manhattan has 1.6 million people living there. I don't care how small it is in size. Being that dense in population is going to have a major impact on who one does and does not see. Routines are more likely to influence who people see on the regular. I do not want to see crossover stories. If Jack shows up on SVU? Fine. If Carisi is consulted on a Mothership case on the Mothership? Fine. But I don't want the baloney that is taking place between SVU and OC. SVU is used to set up a continuance on OC. There are investigations leading to a perp who is part of the larger, ongoin
  6. Regular time slot on Thursday, January 13.
  7. Season premiere at a special time: Sunday, Jan. 9th at 9/8 Central.
  8. And the most ironic part about it is that I have been on Sylvie's side in her treatment of Emily because Emily is obnoxious. But now that they want me to take her side against another character, I can't because I think that other character likely has a very good point. Basically, I feel like this show is incapable of creating a character whose side I'm supposed to be on because the minute they decide I should be on that character's side, they do something where I don't root for them.
  9. I wanted to give Sharelle the benefit of the doubt for some of the things that happened in the show--gotta make TV, you know. But then I remember she is happily having the 7th (or 8th) child of Chad Ochocinco and I question her decision making. Verrily.
  10. It looks like Chicago according to his Instagram.
  11. He is. But more of an interesting asshole than the wishy washy assholishness of Gabriel.
  12. There are but I think it was a combination of all the clues. She knew how important the pan is to Gabriel. Gabriel also had been acting weird towards her even though the reason they broke up was supposedly just because of the movie. But mostly, it was learning from Matthieu that Emily had a secret lover she never told Camille about and that's why he walked away. It had nothing to do with whatever lie Emily told her about why she wasn't in St. Tropez with him.
  13. I think they also want to hold her up to Emily. "You think Emily displays ugly American tendencies,, just look at her boss."
  14. Seasons 9, 10 and 11 have been on TV the past few days and I realize that Seasons 9 and 10 are probably some of the seasons I've seen the least. I'll start an episode and not immediately remember what happened. It has been nice to revisit these seasons I don't remember as well. That's what rewatching this season and even Season 9 has brought up for me. There were quite a few complicated cases that had "pound the pavement" feels to them.
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