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    Description: Unbelievable follows the story of a teenager who reports a rape, only to be charged for making a false accusation. Threads Unbelievable In The Media Spoiler Thread: The Unbelievable Truth Small Talk Thread: Believe
  2. Door County Cherry

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    I think either the makeup artists were horrible or the lighting was bad or both. I think they look fine on the show in general outside of questionable plastic surgery but the makeup looks like what happens when I apply a lot of makeup and I don't wear makeup so it was bad. I get that sometimes you need that to look good under the lights but that didn't happen with these lights. I'm guessing people give more credit to Kyle because she came to the union with a working background and likely money. She was investing in the ground up of the agency. And as partners in n business and in life, I assume they negotiated how to divide their labor to support the business growth. I'm not saying Camille didn't deserve her settlement but her situation is different. Kelsey already had about 14 or 15 years of being on hit sitcoms by the time they married. Yes, they invested his money and made more but investing is easier when you have money to invest and it's easier to take risks when you have money to fall back on. Plus, Kelsey was clearly going to have a job for the foreseeable future. She did help him earn more money but I feel she clings to the notion of merit as if many many others couldn't have done something similar had they millions of capital at their disposal that they didn't have to raise themselves.
  3. Door County Cherry


    Nope. And you kind of need retention for this show. I think I'm going to wait until season 3 Congress out before watching 2.
  4. Door County Cherry

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    I missed the nasty whore comment. Camille's statement in the dressing room was a good one I'm not sure why that wasn't what she said in the reunion show instead of her bon bons comment.
  5. Door County Cherry

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    They didn't show everything but they did show her Vegas opening.
  6. Door County Cherry

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    My guess? She heard all the "she's boring" complaints and realized there's a delicate balance to being on these shows. You have to be willing to get attacked, which she was last season by Erika and Dorit. But you also have to be willing to attack/stir up stuff. She didn't really get into that last season. She backed out once she realized she was being set up to go it alone even if what she was going to go after Dorit for was just. However, she'd look silly if she acted like she cared more about LVP's dogs than LVP and wisely hit the brakes. LVP refused to film with the other housewives but she was still filming for the show until the end.
  7. Door County Cherry

    Line Of Duty

    It's not. London Kills was okay but nowhere as good as Line of Duty.
  8. Door County Cherry

    S01.E05: Thirsty Work

    I get the impression that everything is really timing-dependent. If the assistant is holding that rod while the blower is molding the glass into the shape they want, it might make sense that the assistant is the one who runs over to the glory hole to get it hot again ASAP because they leave it out as long as possible before reheating it. I know with the annealer, we had other artists get a little mad when another artist and his assistant kept the annealer open too long. I guess they were afraid that the glass would crack if it cooled down too quickly.
  9. Door County Cherry

    S01.E10: Best in Blow

    Deborah grew on me throughout the competition and I'm happy she won. I appreciated the whimsy she displayed in her concepts and I was super impressed with the sausage/frying pan part of her final. Other than the globe within the cloche, while sleek, I was disappointed in what Janusz put out for the finale. I wonder if he was able to accomplish his ultimate plan. He mentioned more than once how far behind he was, especially compared to where Deborah was. Deborah is the kind of glass blower whose pieces I feel I'm more likely to see in a museum. Janusz's pieces feel like things I'd be more likely to commission for my own home. And I suspect that will be the end result for him. I was happy they had professional assistants in the finale, especially since so much of what the contestants could accomplish rested on what the assistants could do. I'm also surprised we didn't have more glass disasters than we did.
  10. Door County Cherry

    S01.E01: Snapshot

    I agree. I wish there were more description of what was involved. I love the technique challenge idea. As it is, we see a lot of twisting and blowing but there's no close up of what is actually happening with the glass. A slow mo close up would be nice. Sometimes we see the blowing without even showing the glass. Then they jump to someone new. I've seen a few eps so I'm not sure if this is the one but I think Alex's piece was hard to see on TV. It probably played better in person. I wonder what happens to all of the pieces made.
  11. Door County Cherry

    S01.E06: Pop Art Blowup

    This was my favorite challenge so far. I loved every piece but unfortunately Momo's didn't really look like a razor.
  12. Door County Cherry

    Race & Ethnicity on TV

    For those interested in talking about Bridgerton more in depth *cough* like me *cough* there's now a forum for it. https://forums.primetimer.com/forum/4486-bridgerton/
  13. Door County Cherry

    RHoBH in the Media

    Kim would testify about what Kim said if it were relevant. Any knowledge they had would likely be revealed in a deposition which is testimony under oath. If they had no knowledge, it'd be a waste of the court's time for the plaintiff to call them to court. And if the judge is star struck, it'd be even a bigger risk for the plaintiff to call celeb people who are considered friends of the defendant's wife.
  14. Door County Cherry

    RHoBH in the Media

    Except at trial, there's a real live judge who likely won't have much patience for a lawyer bringing forth witnesses with nothing relevant to the case to offer and will likely be even stricter in enforcing scope boundaries. Heck, whether or not they're even deposed will depend on how much money the plaintiffs want to waste.
  15. Door County Cherry

    RHoBH in the Media

    It's a possibility. Absolutely. But I tend to think they're being named mainly for the splashy headline value of it more than a true belief they have any in depth knowledge of this deal. What's a long shot is that we'd get any in depth knowledge about the finances of the other housewives. Unless there's reason to suspect they financially benefited directly from this deal, digging into their finances would be out of scope of the lawsuit.