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  1. I apologize for the delay @Pepper the Cat. You do not need permission to start a new thread (assuming one doesn't already exist) in the appropriate forum. I believe Other Dramas would be appropriate for Coroner. You only need to ask if you want a full forum with individual topics for each episode, a media thread, a small talk thread....etc. A single thread would likely be best for The Coroner but if you want a full forum, reply here using these guidelines. Otherwise, go ahead and start a new thread in the Other Dramas forum.
  2. I don't know. Mauricio's alleged crimes are probably bigger in terms of money but the employees Lisa & Ken are allegedly screwing over probably need the money more.
  3. We've moved numerous posts discussing the past to the past discussions thread. It's hard to write guidelines for this but you should ask yourself these questions when bringing up the past: Is your talk of the past directly relevant to a spoiler? Does the past behavior explain why a spoiler does or doesn't make sense? Is your talk related to the past of a returning character who isn't relevant to current discussion and sudden talk of them in the current plots thread would make unspoilered posters suspicious? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then past discussion is relevant. If the answer is no, then anything beyond a sentence or two belongs in the Past Plot Discussion thread. Discussion that goes too far off tangent may be removed. If you want to deep dive, tell the thread that you're moving the discussion to the Past Plot Discussion thread and invite them to join you there. If you are not involved in the discussion and feel that it should move, use the report feature to notify the mods. Do not tell other posters where to post. If you have any questions, PM @Door County Cherry and @scarynikki12.
  4. Yes, restaurants are well known for being one of the industries with more than its share of toxic workplaces. Sexual harassment, bullying bosses and wage theft are more common than they should be. But that doesn't make it right. If what the employees allege is true, it's against the law and the VDPs are facing penalties, fines and settlements.
  5. But if this actually happened, it would be kind of awesome for drama purposes. Have we ever had two housewives sleep together?
  6. Beck and Love are different but his attraction to them boils down to the same thing. He sees in them what he wants to see. So trying to figure out what he sees in them vs. what we see in them is kind of pointless because it is all in his head. Who they really are doesn't matter. In fact, as soon as Joe starts seeing them for who they really are is when their lives are suddenly put in danger. He punishes them for not being who he created in his mind. The only thing that temporarily saved Love is her pregnancy.
  7. I think the narration is overdramatic because Joe is overdramatic. That's why I find the narration both entertaining and necessary. I kind of loved the things Penn did with the delivery. For instance, he always seemed to put an emphasis on the word "you." I was worried about that for a bit too and I would have had a hard time believing it considering how codependent they were. So if Forty had to die in that moment, having the cop do it made the most sense for me. I already responded in the book thread but I do think the only benefit in making her his killing equal was to show that no, there is no perfect person out there to fulfill or change him. If there were, that'd be Love. Instead, she became a villain when he learned the truth about her.
  8. It was. And yet, the only thing I could think of was some of the acupuncturists I know who have mentioned that crying at the end of a session isn't unheard of. It's not common but a thing that has happened. So I kind of laughed when it happened because I normally would have thought it was so far out of left field until recently. The talk therapy isn't common, though. That's a Gabe specialty, I suspect.
  9. I liked the jail twist better. And maybe I don't think Love is going to be a formidable opponent for him once he decides he's done with her. Her reprieve likely only lasts as long as she's pregnant. No, in the final two episodes, the series diverted quite a bit from how the book ended probably because it'd be easier to write another season with how they chose to end it compared to how the show tried to end it. There isn't a third book yet. I know the author was considering writing a third book but it's unlikely that it'll be out before the next season goes into production. I think that's why the show diverted from how the book ended since there wasn't a path, yet, of how to get Joe out of his legal troubles. But they could come back to the books if she publishes another book before the fourth season. The New York murders, which were touched on more in the book and eventually led to Joe's arrest, could get more focus in the third season but they'll have to create an independent story to fill the rest of the time. The third season could leave off where the second book leaves off.
  10. If it's not based on the book or spoilers, you can post your speculation in the What's To Come For You thread. If it's based on spoilers or book talk, you can post in the You: The Book and the Sequels thread. It's not that posting theories here is expressly prohibited, I just don't want it to take over this thread so anything other than a quick spec probably should go in one of the other threads.
  11. So how did we feel about how the show adapted Hidden Bodies? There were some parts I loved. Some changes I hated. And some changes I didn't like that might not have been changes but it has been a while since I read the book. Now, I say I hate some of the changes now but I didn't like that Candace was shown alive last season yet I ended up kind of liking that she became the "Amy" from the book---although Amy is still alive in the book series and I always suspected she might reappear in Book 3. I don't think I'm going to come around on the decision to make Love a serial killer, though. I thought the way the book did it--with her basically accepting him--was enough and could have done similar things for future seasons. So do you think they'll do some of the things they basically excised from Hidden Bodies next season?
  12. No and I hate that they focused so much into his mommy issues and abandonment this season as much as I hated that they focused on the bookstore owner in the first season. None of that is why Joe kills. Well there is Ellie. She's young but she convinced me that she could grow into a survivor out of necessity. And there is the cop who is now looking at Forty (who also could have worked as someone alive to go after Joe) for Henderson's murder. He might try to track his movements before he died and find out that he went to see Dr. Nicky (also a loose thread depending on how long his zen attitude lasts). I am not a fan of them turning Love into a serial killer as well. I think it highlighted a problem where I felt the show swerved too much into Joe's POV instead of having there be a tension between his POV and what probably actually happened. I mean, his only kills were objectively "bad" people. He obsessed over trying to be "good." I don't believe he would have let Will walk. And turning Love into a serial killer* makes me nervous they'll go in an "everyone is twisted" next season. My favorite moment from the finale was when Joe wondered what kind of father he'd be if he loved someone like Love--that was just the right amount of Joe hypocrisy. *Spoiler is a brief reference to how they wrote Love in the book And there likely will be a season 3 as I believe the production company just secured a tax credit. Since I doubt another book will be out before they write it. Overall, much like I preferred Hidden Bodies to You, I preferred Season 2 to Season 1. I think I liked the secondary characters more. I think Delilah is my favorite character on the show and I'm sad she died. Forty was annoying at first but towards the end, he was so rootable. I'll move the rest of my thoughts to the book thread if anyone wants to join me to compare/contrast this season to the book and where might they go from here.
  13. I expected more swearing on Netflix. Maybe nudity. But not the vomiting. So much unnecessary vomiting. Please stop.
  14. I am missing something about Will. Did Joe steal his apartment and his identity? If so, wouldn't Delilah recognize that this was not Will or find it odd he has the same name as the person who rented the apartment earlier?
  15. Airs 12/26/19 E10 and all season discussion
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