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  1. Yep. Although I think for Perry it was a combination of knowing that there was a baby who couldn't stop crying, then a well endowed woman showed up, the baby went silent and then the only baby sounds they heard were cooing. He made the connection that the woman likely fed the baby. I am pretty sure he had seen that brothel menu before. It looked familiar to me. I wonder if full bosoms made them bigger but if her milk left her once she died making them smaller. I've seen movies from the 50s/60s reference a lot going upstairs as a euphemism for well-endowed in the bosom area. These days it's more likely to refer to the head.
  2. The only thing my non-attorney mind could think of is that perhaps, since it was the DA who asked for proof, he opened the door to it? But it wouldn't be Perry Mason without very fluid courtroom rules. Della wanted him to stop the revival because she thinks her client participating in it would make her (the client) look bad. Burger says doing things like that are reasons why he wouldn't have wanted to take the case. He know Della and Perry looked into the financial aspects of the church but they aren't prosecutors or law enforcement. They can bring it up but only the D.A.'s office can bring any kind of enforcement or criminal charges onto the church. So I think he's going to take what Perry and Della give him, do some more diligence to see what laws were being broken and then charge the church/offenders. Dell and Perry's focus is solely on creating doubt and one of the ways they're doing that is by showing that others had stronger motives/circumstantial evidence.
  3. I feel like this show would make a good binge. This episode moved the story forward but I'm ready for the wrap up. I liked how Perry was becoming more comfortable in the courtroom but I'm surprised the DA didn't try objecting to the introduction of the proof that the church was in debt. I do think people encouraged Perry to go down this route but to be careful to not get too detailed and I think he was successful at that. He linked George Gannon's participation in the kidnapping and ransom amount directly to the church's debt. It's a clearer motive than what they have on Emily and isn't motive essentially all they have with her? I will say the motive of greed might as old as time but I sure as hell didn't have baby essentially smothered by eating from a drugged up prostitute serving as a wet nurse in my "how did the baby die?" bingo card. There have been a lot of comparisons to The Alienist with its baby napping/baby killing story but having both reference is just weird.
  4. The baby had a health issue unrelated to how hard Teddi works out. There's more info in the media thread but she's fine now. Anyway, about Teddi's workout, I believe current opinion regarding healthy pregnancies is that the mother can continue similar physical activities that she performed before she got pregnant as long as it's comfortable for her. A pregnant woman probably shouldn't start something like running three miles a day if it's new to her but someone who ran three miles before pregnancy can continue that workout well into pregnancy.
  5. I don't think it was intentional but Sutton saying she heard it months ago doesn't give more credence to the rumor but it does give more age to the rumor. Again, that doesn't make it true but it also doesn't make it something just invented recently. I had a lot of thoughts about Denise's tears, "bravo, bravo, bravo" and Denise bringing up that she's going through things she doesn't want on camera. I don't know that the pain would be about Brandi's "lies" if they're truly lies. As others have speculated, it could be true and she doesn't want it on camera because it has caused issues with Aaron (a bit more on that later)*. Or it could be something completely unrelated that the women know about and Denise was using tears and "bravo bravo bravo" as a way to pray on whatever sympathy they have for any real issues she's going through. Because it looked like she found the rumor about her and Brandi sleeping together funny when it was first brought up. Anyway, this is not the first time the show has shown her trying to "direct" the content. It happened when she was strongly telling Aaron to shut his mouth when they left the barbeque. *So last season, Denise mentioned she took Aaron to get a happy ending and she ended up getting one too. They also went to a strip club together when they left the backyard barbeque. Those date night activities are pretty non-traditional so I don't quite understand what Denise's "I'm very married" was supposed to convey. She's provided enough evidence that "very married" for Aaron and Denise could be vastly different than what the other woman would conceive of for themselves. Maybe the issue is that they're not traditional but Aaron really doesn't want her telling the world about their sexual escapades which is why she has clammed up quite a bit this year and was mad Rinna told everyone she was going to go to a strip club. No but it's on camera. They know it's on camera. Even if they care, or don't care or even don't think it's true, Denise had to be told what was being said. Not telling her and letting her find out once the episode aired wouldn't have gone over well either. She said Denise doesn't have to tell anyone but that she wants to know the truth. It's the mix of curiosity but also know it's none of her business. My favorite episode of the show I've seen was last season's glamping ep where they seemed to have a lot of fun. That didn't bother me. A lot of people don't take allergies serious, especially if they've never heard of them. She was probably very limited in what she could eat there and be "safe."
  6. And then they tried to do something with Humphries and Camille as well. Wasn't he about to tell her how he feels or something before she left? So I think they might hint but I would be surprised if they actually did anything official. Same.
  7. Everyone knows they're watching a fictional show and actors aren't their characters. And fans who like a character aren't misguided if they see more in a character than others do. It's perfectly valid to watch the show with or without an eye on greater social implications, for pure fun or even just to memorize the actors to see who returns to set having lost weight during the break and who has gained it. (That has been the most interesting thing with B&B coming back, for reelz.) Or for even all of the above. Snark about characters, actors or stories but let's move on from the snark aimed towards fanbases or how other people watch the show.
  8. Reminder: This is NOT a spoiler thread so do not post your unpopular opinions about any spoilers, casting or otherwise. Thank you!
  9. For shows with a single thread, I can tell you that once something has aired, Primetimer policy is that it shouldn't be spoiler tagged. It can be tricky for those watching on a delay---even for those of us in the US who get the show after it airs in the UK. (Shows with multithreads are different.) The only thing you can do is to pay attention to when the episode you're watching originally aired and not reading any posts newer than that.
  10. All five seasons have aired in the UK and have been made available in the US. Season 6 hasn't started filming yet (I don't think). Other than casting information, there really hasn't been spoilers released. What are you looking for exactly?
  11. Don't all the female detective dress like Camille? Florence was in uniform until Camille left and then she started wearing tight clothes. I'm pretty sure they were going in that direction regardless of who the female DI would be. If it weren't Florence, it'd be Madeleine. I'm a little surprised at this, though. I wonder what made the actress change her mind and want to come back.
  12. I will too. Madeline probably needed a touch more development but I liked her. And Ruby was improving as well. I wonder who is going to replace her.
  13. If you think another poster is telling you that you can't post something, report it using the little flag at the bottom of the post. Please don't debate it in here. The only people who can tell you that you can't post something in here would be @scarynikki12 or myself and we'll do it with a nice yellow announcement post like this one.
  14. I think the fact that these shows take the stories to the press, like Brandi's alleged one night stand with Denise, so often and usually before the season even airs, hurts the shows. I mean last night's revelation would have been a jaw dropper even if it isn't relevant. Part of this show is watching these women share juicy gossip but the impact diminishes the longer we know about it. And because it was in the press, it was really hard for a viewer to remain unspoiled for the "shocking reveal." My jaw dropped when I first read about it. But when Brandi told the story, it was just meh.
  15. Hilariously, "Boards on boards" might not be a rule here exactly, but discussion of the old rule is certainly off topic to Perry Mason so I'm going to ask you to move on. Thank you. 🙂
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