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  1. To be fair, I don't think the train for Russia was part of any leg this time but yeah, I had to laugh. Biking and white water rafting with a short drive and then going up an icy mountain with a snow storm headed their way which likely meant they couldn't gun it even when they did hit the car for North America. And that discloses another issues with going off of a pace time--what were the conditions like when the pace crew went through? I get that the South Asian team might actually prefer tasks that require their own physical skills over having to rely on how fast a boat is choosin
  2. Dammit. I just read that it has moved from Acorn to Britbox for Season 6. I don't have Britbox. I don't even know if I want to get Britbox.
  3. I was going to mention him in my post as well because I think that's probably the closest comparison--except that his character/love story was still going to be front and center. But yep. He was perfectly within his rights to leave. And while his career didn't explode, he has worked about as much as his costars who stayed on the show.
  4. RJP will either be George Clooney or David Caruso. It seems as if there is no in between for the media. Shelley Long was on Cheers for five years. She fulfilled her contract. At the end of her contract, she opted to leave and try her hand at movies and focus on parenting. Her movie career didn't take off. And now, she's forever lumped in with the likes of David Caruso just because she completed a job and decided to bet on herself. Even though taking risks is almost essential to deciding to pursue a career in acting since so few make it. George Clooney did the same thing with
  5. I am so glad others have noticed that it seems like Team North America's treks have been more physically demanding. It seems like every stop involved climbing while we're looking at other groups driving or taking the train or taking a bus. We don't know but I suspect it would have been. I bet there's some strategy involved in these legs. Dave seems really focused on taking the shortest route over the most strategic route. IT also made me realize that going through the marsh made it seem quite difficult whereas it's possible that the river route would have been longer but less
  6. I've lived in the midwest for much of my life and...hmm. I remember when she first made it. I had never heard of it. That's not to say we don't have some funky "salads" in the midwest but this was not one I knew.
  7. So do we think they'll follow the books? Or do we think they might change things up? With Simon not coming back, I almost wondered if they might try to replace Francesca's story with Daphne. Make her the widower who gets into a relationship with Simon's cousin?
  8. I can see why some related to the show might feel that way but if they didn't think to lock him into a contract past the first season then any choice he makes is one he has the right to make. I like RJP but Simon was kind of meh to me so I won't personally miss him as much as others will but I've been there when a favorite character leaves after a season because the actor only signed for a season. It sucks but if they wanted someone willing to stick around past the first season, they should have found an actor willing to stick around past the first season. But I do have some spec
  9. That would be my guess. For instance, the original Law and Order used to be segmented depending on the channel. One channel had the rights to the first couple of seasons. Another channel could show the later seasons. And another could show them all. There are also shows I watch on streaming from other countries where Season 1 is actually the third or fourth season of a show because they don't have the rights, for whatever reason, for the earlier seasons. It's weird.
  10. That's so wrong but so so true. But that does make me wonder what would happen to a team if a teammate drops out or needs to leave. I know in shows like The Amazing Race or the Eco Challenge (*sniff* RIP), all members need to complete the race but in this episode, a member of Team North America mentioned almost being one team member down. I wonder if a team can continue missing a member. If there's no penalty, I'd tell Autumn to beat it.
  11. Gosh that South American scenery/glacier was divine. I do not like Team Russia so they'll probably win. I love the teamwork on Team North America but goodness did their trek look amazingly difficult.
  12. This is the comings and goings thread...not a speculative casting thread. Please refrain from recasting a character unless news comes out that the character is actually being recast.
  13. I'm jealous of those getting Season 10. The only upcoming time I see for the show is in May and it's a Season 9 episode.
  14. I think so. I believe the statement talks as if she will be helping Anthony navigate his story.
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