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  1. In improv, there are "yes...and" rules. If someone makes a suggestion, the next person to speak has to accept it and then build onto it. If they reject it, then the comedy stops evolving. I think the opposite is true with the housewives. If someone starts drama at you or accuses you of something, you can't say "yes...and" because that stops the drama. So a HW has to say "no....but you...."
  2. A dramedy from Darren Star. Threads: On y va: Anticipation for Emily In Paris Paris Match: The Media Thread Sex In The Île de la Cité: The Small Talk Thread
  3. This was posted in The Americans thread so I'll post it here. It's an interview with Matthew Rhys. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/27/arts/television/matthew-rhys-perry-mason.html
  4. She didn't get the diamond because her ex refused to let her children film the show. For all we may bitch and complain about seeing the families of these women, I guess it's part of the requirement getting the diamond. I do find it kind of hilarious that whenever we see Garcelle, it's rarely with the women; it's with her kids, her ex or even her friends. I think that's what made me roll my eyes in this episode. Someone had just pointed out that she put up an Instagram regarding Aaron's endowments which she took down because it made her daughter uncomfortable. Yet she still claimed that the conversations she had on the show wouldn't be something her kids would know about. Oh and the fact that she wouldn't respond when asked how her daughter reacted. Whether people talk about sex is probably a personal choice. However, it's much easier to find out about sex/sexual things without having to talk about it with friends these days. The internet is there for any kind of question. I do think it's still possible for teens to be unaware of kinkiness. Do I think the children of Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen are going to be those people? Nope. That said, I'm not sure Rinna was right that the kids would go watch Wild Things. They are likely going to be told about it but I'm going to think most kids would actively choose to avoid actually watching it. I think Meg Ryan's son was in his 20s before he actually watched the diner scene from When Harry Met Sally. Well, as I said last week, I would question why parents would send their children over to be filmed at an alcohol-fueled adult party for a Bravo reality show at the house of a woman who can't stop bragging about her husband's dick and who invited her ex-husband's escort to have Thanksgiving with them (I actually think that was a lovely think Denise did but still...). If they clutched their pearls, I'd point out that the parenting fail happened long before the word "threesome" was muttered.
  5. One of my favorite things about what Shelley Long did in the first season is how you can see Diane laughing in the background like a real person at funny things other characters said or did. It ever endeared Diane to me and I never grew to have the same level of affection for Rebecca.
  6. I liked it but mainly because I like the cast. I actually liked Belgravia for the most part too---(unpopular opinion but maybe more than Downton which I gave up on after like season 3). I felt it moved nicely. The drawbacks really were Charles Pope, who is good enough for eye candy, and Maria, who I liked well enough but wasn't all that interested in. Susan was interesting regardless of what (or who) she was doing. And I even came around a bit on Oliver.
  7. The confusion makes sense since "Mayday Mayday Mayday" is a distress call when you're in trouble. But that's why it's complimentary because it's a call for him to save the day. I'm not sure how true it is but allegedly Mayday was chosen because of how closely it sounded to m'aider which means "help me" in French. I always kind of got the impression that he was quite good but he shortened his career with alcohol so he never quite had the longevity that could have led to a more lucrative lifestyle.
  8. I'm going to be judgey but Denise seemed more worried about what the parents might say other than anything else. But these are parents who let their children go over to Denise's house while a reality-TV filmed, alcohol-fueled party was taking place. So it seems strange to fear they'd clutch their pearls overhearing some sex talk. Is it possible? Sure. People are weird. But I also think, if I were a party goer, I'd be confused as hell about what Denise was actually objecting to considering she kicked off the sex talk. And then she expects the alcohol sloshed brains of her guests to figure out where that line is? See, I thought his caress of her face was more realistic than Dorit wanting to make out with her hubby at a business meeting.
  9. Nope but it was pretty clear to me why they accepted her limitations and not Denise's. Erika set the tone of the evening from the minute she opened the door. She didn't engage in squealing and shouting only to try to pull back that atmosphere. That's what Denise did with the dick talk at the table. Like it or not, once she opened up that some sexual things were acceptable at that dinner, it was going to be hard to get a reign on things. Especially later in the evening after the alcohol had been flowing heavily. The women didn't seem as drunk at Erika's. Finally, I am always impressed with how Erika scolds. There's something very calm, firm and authoritative about her tone of voice. It's just amazing. I wish I had that. I also don't mind Rinna saying she doesn't mind poking the bear. The sort of acknowledgement that she's on a TV show is the thing I like best about her. After all, they're tried to make drama out of Dorit bringing up that Sutton said she was going to freak out. They gotta do something.
  10. I know. I like her but she seems to be in this far less than Sutton who is just "friend of." She needs to learn that she needs to invite these girls to the birthday party for her twins---or at least a shadow birthday party that they can blow up. That's how it works. She tries to make her daughter's happen but I think Lois is pretty awesome on her own. She's a sharp, active 91 year old who has been funny on this show and survived a serial killer. Bring her on as far as I'm concerned. See, I guess I thought Rinna prepped Sutton well enough but maybe it's because I find it hard to believe she'd burst into tears over Dorit's stupid digs. So it struck me as fake even thought it might not have been. I don't even remember what she grabbed but it didn't really make me all that surprised either. It'd be kind of fake if Rinna pretended to be shocked that her college age daughter drinks alcohol. Heck, my parents are as straight laced as they come and even they allowed occasions for us to have a little bit of alcohol before we were 21. (Ironically, it's probably the reason I don't really drink. I was exposed to it too young to appreciate the taste and it made me never want to get accustomed to it except in desserts.)
  11. I think you mean Dan Savage.
  12. Yep. But I don't think money is the primary motive of her mother. Maria's father has a title. Even though Charles might be a good businessman with good earning potential, it'd be considered a step down for her not to marry someone from the noble ranks. That's why her mother is so insistent she marry John who is in line to inherit the Earl's title. If she knew Charles were the actual heir, I suspect her tune would change immediately. I don't think James has a job. He creates them. I get the impression that the only reason he has risen as far as he has in society without a noble background is because he's disgustingly rich from his business affairs. So they probably would be shunned by the people they're intermingling with now but he'd probably still make quite a bit of money. As it stands, even though Charles's mother's background isn't what the Bellasis clan would have chosen, the Trenchard money coming with Charles wouldn't be unwelcome.
  13. I don't recall if it was stated outright either but last week she and her maid were talking about how she hadn't asked for "rags" for a while. If she's not pregnant, she at least thinks she is. So this was billed as a Season Finale. I guess that means there's the possibility that this will go beyond a mini-series.
  14. At first I thought it was going to be awkward but then I found myself laughing quite a bit. And it even had the pathos of a Monk episode. We do need a movie. And that poor dog looked so annoyed when Tony got up at the end.
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