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  1. I barely noticed the commercials. Were there many? At first it started a little sitcommy with the obvious Netflix dig and the "Everybody Loves...joke" but as it went on, it got better and felt like it had never left. It trended on Twitter in the US.
  2. This article says that they're going to air the first three seasons on Saturdays.
  3. I'd like the fight she had with Max if I felt at any point Max would take her epiphany and treat her mother better but I'm not holding my breath. Don't get me wrong, I think an ebb and flow is realistic, it just makes for frustrating TV.
  4. I kind of wonder why they would do this for young Nick but not young Jamie? I do think both actors captured the mannerisms of their older versions surprisingly well.
  5. I think the problem with "H" isn't that the series is centered around him/her, IMO. I think the problem with "H" is that the person gets progressively more powerful and all knowing as the series goes on. All corruption seems to eventually tie back to H. So the small details about H dropped each season have now turned H into this massive reveal that will likely be a massive disappointment. How could any character live up to the myth of H?
  6. Yep. She's supporting her daughters. She's supporting her mother. And it sounds like she's still paying her ex-husband either alimony or child support. I do think she has made reference to alimony in the past. So any money issues she might have aren't related not knowing how to save.
  7. This is also streaming already on IFC On Demand and online, I think. Oooh boy the first five minutes or so are eeerie considering what is going on right now.
  8. I enjoyed the first four episodes but yeah, showing Jamie as killing the psychic felt anti-climatic. So where does the show go from here? I'm hoping the show can surprise me.
  9. The show is back on March 5th. We're going to do season threads from here on out so please post all discussion of the episodes in this thread. You can still use the other threads for things unattached to episodes. S04.E01: Steady Rain S04.E.02: She's Fifty
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