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  1. I think he said he spent the summer near Niagra so I suspect that's his other kitchen we saw.
  2. Both Eric and the Reverend are played by Broadway actors. They sang earlier on the show too.
  3. @EdnasEdibles this documentary only has four episodes so it'll be only a thread in the specials forum for now. You can discuss the show here.
  4. I'm confused about Eugene. I believed the "coma" theory and that was supported by the weirdness of his jail time tonight. But then he walked into the house when Ginger's drunk mama was wandering around in a wedding dress and, once she saw Eugene, I thought we'd find out she had actually killed herself and that's why she saw him. But maybe he is alive? And wandering around the house? So is Jason (Mark) that woman's son? Or is the comatose dude her son? I really love that they have the Reverend and Eric sing. Anyway, not much happened in this episode, really, but there's just something I really enjoyed about it.
  5. I don't agree with this. I think what happened in DOS ultimately led to the Keith and the cult's demise but they did focus on how other things were bad--how Jness led to DOS. And last week they had the Mark, Bonnie, Catherine, Sarah and Nippy looking back on the fucked-up-ness of SOP. I got a kick out of the judge's pronunciation of Keith's last name after we discussed it earlier in this thread. It's an interesting question. They did go after some people who left but at that point, they also 100% bought into what Keith said. And Keith was accusing these people of financial malfeasance. And so was Clare. And wouldn't they know? So if Mark and Sarah bought into those accusations being real, then anything else the defectors were saying could be seen as trying to justify what they did. We are all vulnerable to who we trust.
  6. I saw they had a Prime special but since I thought I had it, I didn't get it. I had it just a few months ago for another show so I don't know what happened. I'm curious about how they'll wrap up tonight.
  7. Drats. I thought I had STARZ and it replaced Cinemax but it doesn't look like I do.
  8. Most of the posts on this page and the previous page have zero to do with DOOL Behind The Scenes. It's either better for the small talk/OT thread (GH talk) or "Past Talk." So move the discussion to the appropriate thread, please.
  9. Or hopefully hear some of the things that were missing/people want to see and focus on those things for the next season.
  10. What I like about some of those pictures is that it really does feel like they're lifted from a romance novel. I'm thinking specifically of the photo of Anthony and Simon in the men's club.
  11. This does not surprise me in the least. With so much not covered, it made me wonder if they were hoping for another season even though it's not typical for documentaries.
  12. I just found this Twitter thread where a Parisian hate watches (mocks endlessly) Emily in Paris. Every episode has a few tweets about it and then a tweet linking to the next episode's review is usually at the end. It's hilarious but also brings up so many valid criticisms that I hadn't seen mentioned yet.
  13. I do think India gets to tell her story the way she wants to tell her story but I do agree they should have reduced how much they showed Catherine if she's going to be in the new documentary too. To be fair to her, she may not have known at the time she was filming some of this that her daughter would want to do a documentary. India was still with Keith. Anyway, if anyone else is going to watch, I did create a thread for it in the Specials forum.
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