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  1. I think the idea of the Hustler choosing is, in theory, smart. They are supposed to strategize and control the game. Do they answer all the questions? Do they deliberately tank questions? Do they stay silent or do they talk a lot? They want to select people who they think will answer the most questions and can deflect suspicion from them. But I have noticed a run of the Hustler getting rid of the players of color quite a bit. In fact, the pattern has stood out to me so much that I thought the black man was the Hustler even though the white guy was almost too obvious in the second
  2. If you'd like to talk about random Food Network personalities, there's a perfect thread in the Network forum to do just that. But it's another off topic tangent in less than a week for this thread. Go back to this show and its actual hosts.
  3. Did anyone notice that Craig said the questions were based on the Hustler's life yet I don't recall him saying that the hustler was given the answers. So did they change the game? They select questions they think the hustler will know but maybe not the answers?
  4. Please move on from the off topic posts and focus on what is talked about on the actual show and the hosts who currently appear on the show.
  5. I just finished 10 too and I'm a bit irritated by the way they've gone about the romance setup. The reason Catherine pushing Neville towards Florence feels so awkward is because that is largely the set up to the romance--Catherine saying that Neville likes Florence. There really hasn't been an organic buildup to the relationship. It's more exposition (thanks to Catherine). They also just met one another. I think more of a focus should have been used to develop their personal and professional dynamic before adding a romantic undercurrent. This is only their first season togethe
  6. Airdate 9/15/2021 Please limit your discussion to events that occur in this episode. Real time events are spoilers and belong in the media or individual housewife threads.
  7. I didn't suspect her really--other than the fact that some of John's "the clues are intentionally deceptive" arguments made sense. I think John was almost too intense in arguing that it wasn't him.
  8. Move on from discussing Erika's body. I think we've said all that needs to be said. By the way, there is an ignore feature on these forums if you didn't know.
  9. Well Phoebe Waller-Bridge has exited this show. Now I'm far less interested in this. I don't mind them recasting the lead but when it comes to writing, I loved Fleabag while I've only ever been able to appreciate Atlanta even though I wanted to love it more than I did.
  10. We're moving away from the episode talk. Please take general cast talk to their threads and streaming talk to the small talk thread. Thank you!
  11. I believe it was later discovered that it's a video production company that happens to have the same name has Rinna's daughter's company.
  12. Bumping this up because it seems relevant given the discussion in the ep thread.
  13. I'd imagine that if it's goods that were purchased, that would be part of the estate that would be sold. For instance, they're not going to go after the jewelers who sold her jewelry; they'll try to sell the jewels even though it's unlikely they'll get what was paid for them.
  14. I think what makes the show brilliant is because of how it treats Monk-as-a-jerk. People around him don't coddle him too much. They push back. If nothing else, no one thinks it's cute. But the reason I think it really works is because of how both the show and Shaloub portray Monk as being in chronic, debilitating pain. And sometimes people in chronic pain don't always treat people as well as they should. There were moments where Monk would almost completely break and the pain was so obvious. There were also the episodes, like when Monk joined the cult, when he was happier when he
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