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  1. freesia

    Good Morning America

    No!!! I just saw the announcement on GMA this morning. I love the weekend team of Dan, Paula, Ron, Rob, and Adrienne, so I am super bummed to see any changes to it. Personally, I think Diane’s vibe is too low-key to carry the main anchor role with Dan (or frankly, as pop news anchor before they had Adrienne) - she seems better suited to individual stories. Adrienne would probably be good, but I do love her as pop news anchor. Maybe they’ll bring in someone new?
  2. freesia

    S02.E04: Penny And Dime

    Me too. I still blame Karen for indirectly causing Ben Urich's death last season by incessantly pushing him to investigate dangerous leads. And the fact that she crossed a line that even Daredevil has been unwilling to cross by shooting Wesley and doesn't seem the least bit bothered by it. So, I'll admit I've got a bit of a bias against this character since the end of last season. This pairing feels so awkward and unbalanced. Plus, law firm partner dating his office assistant? In most offices, that's ethically shady. Now, for things I loved about this episode? That scene in the cemetery with the Punisher was amazing and utterly heartbreaking. I definitely got the feels watching that.
  3. freesia

    Top Chef in the Media

    An article on Kwame and his upcoming restaurant in DC in the Washington Post: https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/food/chef-kwame-is-ready-to-show-dc-a-fine-dining-experience-unlike-any-other/2016/02/29/523d0b76-d8d4-11e5-925f-1d10062cc82d_story.html
  4. freesia

    London Spy

    I don't think this is the case. Danny mentioned that he was very careful, and I got the sense that the only time they didn't use protection was with oral, which the nurse who took Danny's blood test admitted was low risk (though not without risk). I guess my first thought was wondering whether he even had HIV in the first place. Couldn't the powers-that-be manipulate the results to make Danny think he was infected? He didn't see what the nurse did with his sample after he gave it. It would also break my heart if Scottie betrayed Danny. Come on, Danny needs at least one person in his corner!
  5. freesia

    Saints and Strangers

    I, too, enjoyed this miniseries. I especially enjoyed the bits involving the politics between the various Native American tribes. I believe Squanto was under suspicion because: a) he was clearly lying about Hobbamock agreeing with him when Squanto was urging the trading party to continue on instead of heading back to the fort when they had sprung a leak in their boat; b) his cousin, who was the one with the bloodied head found by the settlers left behind at the fort while Squanto went on the trading mission, said that the Pokanoket and the Narragansett were joining forces to attack the settlers, but when Hobbamock's wife was sent to confirm this with Massasoit, Massasoit stated this was a lie; and c) when the settlers went to rescue Squanto from when he was taken prisoner, Hobbamock found him in a tent completely unbound, which called into question about whether he was actually a prisoner. He also was clearly mistranslating a bit when the Narragansett came to pay tribute to the settlers to try to insult the Narragansett/rile them up (which worked because the Narragansett then sent the settlers a bunch of arrows - a sign of war). It seemed like this was all an effort to try to get the English settlers to fight. My question, though, is why was Squanto trying to incite a fight in the first place?
  6. freesia

    S02.E04: The Fall Ball

    It is, and the translations are accurate. Constance Wu has a bit of an American accent when she speaks, so I don't think she's a native speaker. But Grandma's Mandarin is pretty legit. That Shaggy dance by Eddie and his friends was everything!
  7. freesia

    Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

    I thoroughly enjoyed that series! I did want to go back to the prophecy, however. I know the Raven King seems to have rewritten it, but the prophecy seems, for the most part, to have come true (other than the magicians "failing," if "failure" means the killing of the Gentleman). I'm still wondering about the meaning of the first magician in the prophecy (who I think I feel fairly sure is Norrell) burying his heart in a dark wood beneath the snow, yet still feeling its ache. When did this happen? Unless this is in reference to Strange burying his "wife" who was really the moss oak? But all the other clues point to Strange being the second magician. Anyway, I echo others' calls for more of this story (especially to learn more about Childermass, who I find fascinating), but will also be content if this is where they leave it.
  8. freesia

    S01.E03: Episode 3

    I thought Demelza had scars on her back from her father's beatings? But she doesn't seem to have them anymore. Perhaps the beatings weren't bad enough to cause permanent damage?
  9. freesia

    Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

    Yes, I don't really understand why Norrell insists that there can be only one magician in England or why he automatically believes that Strange will be competing against him. Why can't Norrell just practice his "Norrellian" magic and let Strange do his own thing? Is it really just about ego and control? He did seem to be relenting a bit when he tried that last ditch compromise to let Strange be considered an equal and have access to his entire library, so it can't just be about ego, can it? It totally looked like Childermass as the Raven King to me. And now I am much more intrigued by this character. He seems to have some kind of magical abilities. And I think he was the one who insisted that Norrell come to (and stay in) London when Norrell was ready to hightail it back to Yorkshire.
  10. freesia

    Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

    I'm a non-bookreader, so definitely no spoilers, but I had the opposite reaction. I thought that Norrell is the first magician and Strange is the second because Strange seems to be fascinated by faeries and learning more about the Raven King while Norrell obviously fears any discussion of these topics (probably based on his experience with reviving Lady Pole). Agree that Stephen is probably the nameless slave after being shown with a crown in the mirror.
  11. freesia

    Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

    Did Vinculus give a slightly different prophesy to Strange? If anybody has the transcript for what he said to Strange, it would be great to see it. Or maybe I'm misremembering and he said the same thing he said to Norrell? Non-bookreader here and feeling a bit confused after the first episode. But I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing as long as answers start to unfold in later episodes.
  12. freesia

    S06.E11: Glitter Ball

    I actually quite like Darienne, especially after this episode. Sure she throws a lot of shade (what self-respecting queen doesn't?), but she's also self-depracating (not afraid to poke fun at herself) with a wicked sense of humor. I thought her puppet show with Courtney this episode was hilarious, and I love how she didn't melt into hysterics after everyone else picked her for elimination (including herself!). She acknowledged that she f*cked up and then proceeded to lay it out in the LSFYL like a pro. Plus, she's got mad make-up skills - love the way she paints her face. That being said, Bianca better win this!!! But I'm not mad that Darienne is still in it.