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  1. Most of the people Mando has run into have been shady (to some extent). I tend to think of anyone out to hurt Mando or Baby Yoda as "bad guys" anyone that helps them are "good guys". Anything else is irrelevant to the grand scheme of the show 😁
  2. I haven't kept track until now (and didn't finish S2) but, of the main cast I would guess, Shadow, Wednesday, Laura Moon, Mr World, New Media, Tech Boy. Of the secondary characters Anubis and Bilquis. Unless they're gone?
  3. My first thought was why is always female Twilek's in love action Star Wars? Then I'm happily surprised to see a male. I must admit I didn't see the double cross coming. The action sequences were very good, I also loved the visual style. At first the episode reminded me of early Rebels (I had to check the credits to see if Feloni wrote it). Then I started getting an Alien vibe. I loved the Heist/Horror movie mash up, it worked really well. I was instantly amused at Baby Yoda playing hide and seek until I realized the evil droid wanted to kill Baby Yoda. I absolutely loved Baby Yoda checking his hand after the droid was destroyed...did I do that?
  4. It's an interesting question. I know actors have these option contracts so every year the studio has to pick up the option for the next season. If they don't pick it up, the actor is essentially fired. However, I don't know of many shows where there's a planned season gap. There's always a lot at play because if you give up/lose an actor it could be difficult to get them back. They will go out looking for work and may end up committing to another project and, then you're screwed. Generally EPs would look for ways to keep the character around (even if they're not in the book - Sweeny) just so that the actor is locked in for when they do need them. My guess is the truth lies somewhere between Orlando's version and the EP's version. So yeah, maybe Nancy isn't in this part of the book but, they could have figured something out if they really wanted to keep him around (side quest, back story, VO, etc)
  5. WTF? That's the perfect message for Black America right now. Well S1 was great, S2 was iffy and, I still have 4 episodes left, think I'll just skip the rest and read the book (which i bought and never read because I didn't want to ruin the series). Nancy was my 2nd favorite after Sweeny and, I've been a fan of Orlando since Evolution.
  6. Bummer about Mad Sweeny. I struggled to finish S2 and now have no desire 😒
  7. I think the one benefit for Golden Globes, SAG and Emmy's (i think) over Oscars is that they have drama and comedy/musical groupings. So, a movie like Knives Out can actually win a Golden Globe (in theory) where it wouldn't even be nominated for an Oscar (generally).
  8. Egon and Janinie finally hooked up?! Looks good, they went much younger then I expected. I was thinking passing the torch to college students. I like the addition of Paul Rudd as a sort of mentor roll for the kids. I think I saw a rather large Slimer in one scene
  9. Was that Boba Fett at the end? We are on Tatooine and, this takes place right after RotJ. I know that Boba Fett survived the Sarlacc in the Extended Universe. I liked this episode, the whole show is really just an old fashioned Western and, I'm totally down for that. Watching Ming Na-Wen I'm stuck by how young and beautiful she looks. My other thought was damn Disney is just recycling their actors, directors, etc. Feloni really needs to be given a Live Action Star Wars show or feature film, he really is quite talented and loves the subject. If they ever make an Ahsoka Tano film (rumors) they should give it to Feloni
  10. My take on Jessica is that she's wrapped up in a lot of guilt because she lived with a Monster and had no idea. I think the controlling of the kids is to make sure she's never blindsided again. Plus, I think there's an extra level of control with Malcolm because she's afraid he will turn out to be like his father. That being said, I find it really interesting that Malcolm is more like Jessica (full of empathy and guilt) while Ainsley (who Jess and Malcolm think were spaced from Martin's influence due to age) is very much her father's daughter. She is very much a sociopath (IMO), incapable of empathy. If the show goes on long enough, I hope that "twist" gets explored. They are really hitting the Gil/Jess shipper notes in the last 2 episodes. I also wonder if there was a momentary dalliance between the two, many years back? I know Gil was married and doesn't appear the cheating type. However, maybe attraction that they fought off due to his marriage? When they showed 'Alfred' with his throat cut, I actually wondered if Mildred(?) did it knowing they were after her Johnny. I kind of like that idea. I hope the cops manage to get there in time but, I'm guessing he's a dead man. I watch a lot of L&O and Criminal Minds so it was really funny to see this take on the BAU and NYC Cops. My first thought, Hotch would never allow such an unprofessional profiler on his team. My other thought was Van Buren would have played nice but, put bitchy cop lady in her place. Honestly, that lady was just so OTT she might as well have been twirling a mustache. All in all a good MSF and, I look forward to the show's return in January
  11. I think it was the makeup. They over did the spray on tan and then added makeup to make her look like a "typical" trophy wife. Same and I like that they gave me cues so I could time the look away/eye covering. Not to add to the grossness but, I was terribly afraid that Daniel Craig was going to take a sip from the Big Gulp after the car chase. Speaking of, I loved how they Detective commented "that was the dumbest car chase in history" LOL
  12. Nevermind, this was explained in another post Back to the episode The poster that called it The Magnificent One was spot on, this episode was basically the Magnificent Seven (Seven Samurai) but, with a happier ending. I also go back to the Mandalorian being a live action RPG, I kept wondering where the Romance Sub-plot was and here we have it. Come on Mando every good RPG needs to complete the Romance Sub-Plot LOL . Gina Carano is still built, I figured she would have toned down a bit now that she was doing more acting. I could easily believe that Cara could not only kick Mando's ass. I was worried she would end up betraying them in the end. I loved that they went in the opposite direction and saved Baby Yoda. I have to agree, I felt like they were treating him like a pet and not a child. That was a bit of a turn off
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