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  1. This is one of the best movies I've ever seen the humor and cast is just perfect
  2. I'm really enjoying this show, they've full on embraced the wacky and it's awesome. The show has been foreshadowing Gil/Jessica for awhile now and I'm totally down with it. I really enjoy Edrisa and Malcolm and i have to say the last couple of episodes Malcolm seems to be into it, not exactly flirting back but, not acting awkward about it either. I kind of figured Dermot Mulroney would end up being a ship blocker, love the idea that he's a Bigger Bad than Malcolm. The funny (not really) thing is people who kill for power/money would probably end up having more kills under their belt. It's just those kills are run of the mill (shooting, stabbing, etc). Martin/serial killers are marked by the gore and sensationalism. I have to say i loved the end credits, way fun, good on you show for having fun with it.
  3. I liked parts of this season. Some of the character interaction and journy's were interesting but, it fills like S3 was just filler. We have Sypha/Trever doing a side quest and the rest not doing much until the final 2 episodes. I always knew something was off with the Twins but, had a weird feeling they were Alucard's imagination. I kept thinking Alucard was in another timeline many years in the future. I liked the Vampire Sisterhood and Lenore ended up being the most interesting. Speaking of, I kept waiting for Lenore's Ring to be the One Ring to Rule Them All 😁 On a total side note, i can't believe it took until S3 for me to get Alucard = Dracula backwards 😔
  4. I liked this episode and, I'm surprised by how much I liked Eve/Malcolm.
  5. I liked Vicky, shame they didn't Marry. Maybe he could have changed their war mongering ways, or maybe he could be a stay at home husband while Vicky waved war?
  6. I wonder if there will even be a Summer 2020 for movies?
  7. I kind of like the idea that each season is a different book and gets a different title based on that book. I enjoyed the 2 part finale even though I knew Eric was going to end dead. His death was telegraphed the minute he said he'd protect Lincoln's family. It's a shame because i really grew to like him. For me Amelia is the weak link in the chain. Her emotional reactions are just too over the top. Like in the boxing ring, maybe they could have figured something out or maybe it was already too late (as I understand it guy wounds kill slowly but, the big damage is from the organs and intestinal bacteria. However, Amelia's overly emotional reaction and stupidity lesd to the FBI Agent's suicide. Yes, it was dramatic but the whole thing was stupid and pointless too. At least she wasn't stupid with the bomb at the diner. I swear when the cop got off the other bench and left i couldn't understand why Amelia was still trying to diffuse the bomb?! Glad that ended up being a fake out. I enjoyed watching the show, it's fine a Friday night show, give me something to watch on Saturday's. I'll watch if it gets another season
  8. She's probably one of the weaker actors but, I don't think its the actress. I think it's partly that Al is the "straight-man" surrounded by wacky characters so she's a bit dull compared to the others. The other thing is she acts/written likes she's better than everyone else when she's kinda the worst, she's arrogant and sanctimonious. I appreciate that she does realize when she's acting poorly and apologizes when she hurts someone or gets them hurt but, I just don't find her likable. It wasn't always like this, it started about 4 episodes ago, the one where Mikey got involved with the gang.
  9. I continue to enjoy this season. The sheer wackiness of the trial could have been a multi episode story it was fun to watch. Unpopular (probably) opinion, I don't like Al.
  10. I've never gotten that impression of Rachel, on the other hand, Chris Hayes is a total Bernie Bro. I was surprised that TRMS gave a Wednesday night block to Bernie Sanders and not Biden. I mean Biden just ripped the election right out of Bernie's hands. Then last night it was Elizabeth Warren who I love and, wanted to vote for (in June) but, she didn't win a single Primary including her home state and, I think, was 4th in delegates after Bloomberg in Super Tuesday. Not that I begrudge Warren because she's (IMO) the best candidate and it stinks that she droppedout but, it seems odd that TRMS hasn't booked Biden. I guess Biden has declined an interview maybe he's saving it for when he does up against Trump?
  11. I'm not happy they're going towards an Al/Chauncey romance. I much prefer their friendship. I liked Chauncley finding his inner tyrant and, scaring the snotty celeb into performing his hits. I didn't like Al in this episode and, I also have some left over issues from last week.
  12. I dont remember him from The Hurt Locker but, I really liked him in We Are Marshall. Checked the cast, now I'm wondering if I ever watched The Hurt Locker in full, I can only remember 2 scenes LOL
  13. That and non of them are Warriors/Fighters. I doubt any of them would have thought of armor, let alone had it handy. Their intent was to hide behind the walls and, hold the Fort until the actual fighters/army showed up. To me it was about as realistic as a fantasy show could get for a fantasy world.
  14. I read that yesterday and I have to be honest I thought that was a shitty move by Orlando. I'm on his side and, have no intention of watching next season but, he should have talked it out in private or in person, IMO
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