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  1. I'm binging Law & Order right now 😁
  2. Ah, thank you. I missed the chair, I thought she was kneeling
  3. Why couldn't the 3rd victim lean back on her own? Is it a balance issue?
  4. Only way those kids aren't dead is if this culture is bigger than Dateline indicated and the kids are hidden with other members. Sadly, I think it's more likely the kids are dead. 😔 Charles and Tammy were definitely murdered. I think Alex was asking well. This is all so crazy.
  5. It's in the tweet, unless there's a different one?
  6. Well that's certainly darker than the 80s movie with Sean Connery as The Green Knight
  7. Huh, i thought he quit acting. I remember he wouldn't reprise his role in the Ghostbuster VG saying he was done with acting.
  8. I loved the "in memoriam" for Brett at the end.
  9. I think Portman does well with something that excites/interests her but, with with big budget sci-fi movies she seems to phone it in. I'm actually a Portman fan, i was excited when i heard she was cast in Thor but, the 2 Thor movies and the Prequel Trilogies she didn't (IMO) put much into the roles. I also don't know how she'll do with a comedy, she did Mars Attacks and Your Highness (both comedies) but, she played the straight person in both movies so it's hard for me to say how she'll do with Thor 4
  10. Not likely. IMO Postman doesn't do well in anything Sci-fi/fantasy related.
  11. I so want Sif back. I feel denied my Sif/Thor relationship. I can't believe they'd do more Jane/Thor the relationship was boring and the actors had Zero chemistry (IMO).
  12. I loved that. At first I thought he was going to give the jacket to Mickey. I loved that his grand idea was to carry the second jacket. LOL
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