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  1. That was my thought during the scene. If this is a delusion/dream then it would make sense, especially the "stop it, stop it" line repeated.
  2. Which one Tom or Henry should be Hercules?
  3. It doesn't. Her name is in the opening credits therefore she's listed as "in the episode". Series Regulars get credited for every episode even if they aren't in them. Recurring characters (Guest Stars) are credited only in the episodes they appear in.
  4. Gotld I really hope they don't go Dani/Malcolm. Nothing says OTP like one person constantly accusing the other of being a crazy serial killer 🙄 Dani is on my shit list for her interference in Gil/Jessica's relationship. I liked the ledge scene, it was really good and I got a kick out of the team working together to help Bright in his crazy scheme. I loved the headless reveal the way Edrisa and, Malcolm both geek out over stuff like that amuses me. I don't really need Malcolm in a relationship, I'd be totally cool if that never came up but, if they're going to put him with someone I think Edrisa is the better choice.
  5. I have to no idea if there's any truth to this but, I have my heart set on Tom Hopper for Brian Braddock https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/marvel-reportedly-henry-cavill-captain-britain/
  6. Yeah, that was a typo. I meant she seemed confused about being there. Oops 😊 Thanks, I admit I didn't pay close attention during the magic show
  7. I'm thinking that was a real Helicopter and Wanda turned it into a toy. I think Wanda is so protective of this dream world with Vision she doesn't realize what she's doing to reality. It would explain how Geraldine just showed up and didn't seem very confused about everything. Did Geraldine interact with anyone outside of Wanda? I know Dottie called attention to "them" when Wanda/Geraldine were talking but, I wonder if it was more addressed to Wanda and Geraldine being a real person wasn't seen by the others?
  8. Excellent thread title. My first thought was Wanda went crazy with grief and this is the result. However, I'm not sure the MCU would go that dark with Wanda or any of their characters. It would be really interesting to me if they did show Wanda losing it with her grief. She lost her parents at 10, her twin was killed a handful of years ago (from her perspective) and then she was forced to kill her love to save the universe only to have that ripped away and watch him die again.
  9. I think we need a speculation thread 😁
  10. I'm curious to see how far they take it. If this is Wanda going cray cray and creating this new reality. Are these people real (mind control/altered personalites)? Are they people she created with her powers and, will fade to nothing once she "wakes up"? Is she even aware of what she's doing? She's partially aware that something isn't right and is able to control the "story" but, is she fully aware of what she's doing. For me that's the interesting part. The Sitcom stuff is just a vehicle to deliver the slowly unraveling mystery.
  11. That's pretty much what I'm watching for. I don't care about the sitcom stuff. I'm watching for "clues" of the real story.
  12. That's what I assumed before the show started and episode 2 certainly seems to indicate it. It certainly would be in line with her comics persona...she's a bit cray cray 😂
  13. Oh. You know I just assumed it was the same time that they went back for the cube. So Steve went to replace the cube and then took another stop? Now I'm starting to dislike that ending 😁
  14. He went back I time to the 50s or 70s I couldn't remember. That's why I said Korean or Vietnam war. Basically they could keep Steve around based on Endgame by setting the movie in the past
  15. Yeah, they can totally de-age Old Steve if they wanted to. Sci-fi has a million ways to deal with that. The indication seems to be that he'll play a co-star role in other people's movies. There are ways they can do that without a Retcon of Engame but, that won't make me happy 😁
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