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  1. Every Olympia/Claree line in that move was gold.
  2. Was there only 1? The one with Michelle Pfifer was the same as the Ghost character? I thought they were different movies. OK, so I didn't like Ant-Man and Wasp 😂
  3. Isn't Universal the distributer for Incredible Hulk? Wasn't that the deal? They could use Hulk in MCU movies but, stand alone Hulk movies have to be released through Universal Pictures?
  4. Another one where the cast was right up my alley, Norton, Roth, Hurt. Yet, it fell flat for me. The only scene I actually remember being excited about is the mid-credits scene where RDJ/Tony Stark shows up. The Hulk vs Abomination smackdown was fun, I think. I'd have to watch it again. Wow, I just checked IMDb and Tim Roth will be back as Abomination/Emil Blonsky in the She-Hulk Series. I was already excited for it since I like She-Hulk what little I've seen in comics...most recently Xavier's Lawyer. I love Tim Roth and, I'd like to see him against Ruffalo's Banner as long as it's A
  5. IM3 sucked, I didn't like 2 either. I enjoy ranking the movies but there are so many now its hard to evaluate. At this point I just basically go with movies I'll watch multiple times vs 1 and done. Multiple viewings: Iron Man, Captain America First Avenger, Winter Soldier, Civil War, Avengers, Ultron (shockingly), Infinity War, Endgame, Ant-Man, Homecoming, GotG, GoTG Vol. 2, Black Panther, Ragnorok One Viewing: CM, IM2, IM3, Strange, Far From Home, Hulk, Thor, Antman and Wasp 2 and 3 Never finished: Dark World. Anyone else actually forget that Ed Norton's Hulk movie is par
  6. Is Chris Hayes running seriously late the last 2 nights? It's 9:03 and we haven't even gotten to the handover yet.
  7. I wanted to love it, with that cast I thought I would but, I just didn't feel it.
  8. I didn't like Brie Larson as Carol, i thought she was dull and lacked charisma. The best parts of the movie IMO were Fury and Goose, with Maria taking the 3rd spot. Jude Law was a crap villain (I thought Marvel fixed that problem but, he was just a cliche). It was fine but, not something i'd give a second viewing too. I would put this in the bottom of the pack, along with Dr Strange, Thor, Thor2, Ant-Man and Wasp 2 and 3. I actually had no plans to watch CM2 but, now that it's including Monica (who i really liked from WandaVision) and Kamala who i've been curious about since th
  9. I really enjoyed these last 2 episodes. I actually came here wondering if the episode ended with Bryan and Finola in an altered reality. It seems like that is up for debate. I'm just going to go with a cool twist that they are in an altered reality but, close enough to their real one that it doesn't matter. I have to give The Network credit, they had me with the promo. It has the scene of Bryan talking about getting back to his partner and then Finola saying (tearfully) if you could say something knowing you'd never see me again. I watched and was 🤔...where did this romance come from? 🤷🏼
  10. That was how I viewed it. She was able to alter wood, grape vines, etc.
  11. We have a winner! Now if only MCU could bring over Mr. Wednesday from the canceled American Gods 🤣
  12. Yeah, I think I forgot what were movies and what were D+. Or more accurate I keep thinking of MCU in terms of Movies with a few D+ series scattered. I have to start thinking of MCU as both movies and D+ equally. I have a feeling that's going to take me awhile to get in that mindset.
  13. Yes it did but, Blade, Deadpool 3 are movies.m for sure. I thought Moonknight was a movie too but, maybe that's a D+ series? In any case. I think the answer is Phase 4 ends with that Fantastic 4 teaser and Phase 5 starts with Blade (as far as that list goes)
  14. Is this accurate? Seems like a few of these (Blade, Moon knight, What If?) Were left off the Phase 4 Trailer. Oh wait, maybe from Blade on is Phase 5?
  15. I actually thought she was a new clone not Jenga Fett. I was not emotionally prepared for this episode. Seeing Kanan right at the moment of Order 66 and, then having Crosshair turn on The Bad Batch was too sad. I liked them when they were first introduced but, I'm shocked at how attached I was to them during this episode. Seeing Saw again also made me happy/sad. This is going to be a roller coaster for sure.
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