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  1. Just remembered this one because I watch it this weekend....Battleship. I don't know what but, I really will watch it if it's on.
  2. I'll be skipping this one. Thanks For the spoilers, see you next Sunday! 😁
  3. I'm a sucker for good Caryl scenes. Guess I'll watch Sunday night.
  4. I never read the books and looking at the trailers I kinda remember the movie but, I think S1 will be a good refresher for me. I almost Googled the source material to find out the plot of the entire book series (I'm that curious) but, then it will ruin the show for me (probably). The trailers look good and I like the cast
  5. Not sure if this or the Rise of Skywalker Thread is the right place for this but, it's mostly funny spec about Palps return in Episode 9
  6. Thanks for Clarifying, i didn't know the Ghost Rider Show was planned for Hulu and not Disney+. Was this in the works for a long time? I know Disney has a majority stake in Hulu but, i thought they'd put everything on Disney+
  7. I might actually watch this one. I saw Jurassic World in theaters, it was OK but, the forced romance plot was dumb, IMO. I haven't bothered with Fallen Kingdom, they had me with Goldblum until I found out it was a glorified cameo. If Dern, Goldblum and Neill get actual screen time and, aren't killed off to make the new "stars" bigger I'll watch this one.
  8. I saw somewhere the the Ghost Rider Disney+ Series was canceled due to creative differences. Rumors are that Fiege wanted him for the movies
  9. Yes, I noticed that as well. I wonder if the self hatred came from being raised in a society that automatically viewed him as a freak and, with fear/hatred? Did it come from his "mother" did she raise him while hating him? Or did it simply come from his own physiology? He said that he was in a constant state of physical pain. Kevin Conroy wanted to spare them out of guilt and perhaps hope? Apparently his father created the Eternal Youth Drug which resulted in some people becoming mutants/recessives. He argued that recessive were once human. Perhaps he believed science could "save" them? Of course this brings up a host of questions. The matching colors was to make sure children wouldn't end up recessive. But do the children stop aging or will they grow old while their parents stay young? Will they still give the children the youth drug or realize that society has limits since the outside world is inhospitable. So many good questions. So much potential for a dark storyline.
  10. I would assume it was a product of the 90s as well, especially since reproductive options weren't as common then as they are now. I ended up watching this last night, it was cheesy but, had potential. Can you imagine a remake now with all the dark storylines they had available to them? It would be BSG on crack...I love it! Side note, Kevin Conroy is good looking, has a nice body and, not a bad actor. I don't know why he was more successful as a Voice Actor but, since he's the Best Batman, I'm kind of thankful for that. Side Note 2: I don't know why I thought tjete was something shady with the Doctor's sister. I had it in my head that she was a spy or something. Turns out she was just the horny comic relief.
  11. Oh wow, that's pretty deep for storytelling/character arc.
  12. IIRC it was a Pilot they turned into a TV Movie because it never got picked up to series. I think the storms and landscape would have eventually come into play. I actually remembered that movie (although didn't recognize the name). It had some good concepts for the 90s. I remember the marriage between the 'young' woman whose husband didn't take the drug and aged normally. There was also the controlled marriage (could only be with someone compatible). I couldn't remember the deal with the cromag team member.
  13. I actually kind of love that idea 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  14. Hmm, I'm really torn. I love Murder Mystery Movies/Books. However, I normally only go to the movies for big sci-fi/action movies which really benefit from the big screen. I kinda of want to see this in theaters. It looks funny, has a great cast and the sets/filming location looks beautiful. Maybe I'll make this a matinee
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