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  1. Not sure. I know when I dipped into the Jeff Lemiere the Title was Hawkeye and featured both. I think it was canceled not too long after and I don't think there's a current Hawkeye Title featuring either character. I don't necessarily think that there's a passing to torch exercise with these characters but, I don't know what MCU has planned.
  2. Have they announced that this is a limited series or a one and done? Just want to prepare myself, don't want to get too invested
  3. And yet they haven't done anything in the movies or D+ to build a Team. MCU has been pretty consistent in how they build up to a team movie. What I am seeing is that a New Avengers Team and Secret Defender team have been given the same setup that The Avengers got in Phase (basically cut scenes showing the connection). Can Young Justice happen? Sure. Can it happen as a movie? Absolutely. Have they done anything to set it up yet? No (IMO). Can that change tomorrow? Absolutely.
  4. I guess I don't feel like they've spent any time building the Young Avengers. They've introduced (or will introduce) Young Avengers Characters on D+ but, have made no attempt to connect them, IMO or really build a team. That could change, I'm sure we might see some connection at the end of Hawkeye (or kne of the 2022 movies) but, what I'm seeing right now is MCU building a new Avengers Team and a Secret Defenders team but, I've yet to see them do anything to build a Young Avengers Team.
  5. Given that Chris Evans has a background in theater and song/dance, they missed an opportunity for hilarious cameo
  6. That trailer looks really fun. I hope Rogers The Musical is as cheesy as it sounds LOL
  7. Just watched the Hawkeye Trailer, it looks FUNn I'm actually really excited to watch.
  8. Given the cut scene in Shang Chi it seems more likely they are building a new Avengers Team/Movie than a Young Avengers movie. If they do a Young Avengers I think it will be on D+
  9. Never knew his name but, I recognized him from Happy!
  10. October would be a good release date for Blade. Deadpool is strong enough to get a July release and Fantastic Four could end the year, it's a family movie after all 😂
  11. Is Lawrence Fishburne really not in this?
  12. After seeing Keanu as Ted (clean shaven) I'm voting Keanu keep his John Wick Look in all movies from here on out.
  13. I think the there were 2-3 episodes of S5 i liked, the one with the storyline from the maintenance workers POV, the Brakiri Day of the Dead episode and, the one with Penny and Teller which actually might be the same as the Day of the Day episode (why I said 2-3). Byron sucked and, I was biased against Not!Ivanova 😂 For S1, I remember not liking Sinclair and thinking his acting was OOT. Now, there were times that he was a little OTT (so far) but, I'm noticing a lot of well acted scenes, The Believers is a great episode. I think I spent a lot of time comparing Sinclair to Sheridan and,
  14. I didn't think I'd like this one, I'm not a huge fan of Doctor Strange and put his origin movie in the bottom of the MCU list. That being said I ended up enjoying it because it was so bleak and dark. I liked that they ended the episode with a giant L. In his arrogant belief that he could do anything, Strange destroyed the world to save Christine only to lose her again. The voice work was great, Cumberbatch did a wonderful job. Wong is just pure awesome, he's one of the things I liked about Strange's movie. The other thing was the cloak. I can't be the only one to get sad when evil Stran
  15. Just got through Believers and, I can honestly say my opinion of S1 has changed. I used to find if very weak and never rewatched but, I'm off a different opinion now. There was some really enjoyable stuff and some deep storylines. Any chance S5 doesn't suck as much as I remember too? 😂
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