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  1. Fuck that and Fuck them. Stupid movie, bad choice.
  2. Watching the first part. I'm enjoying it, it's amazing to see the songs take shape and come to life. The relationships are fascinating as well. How they interact with each other and, even the most basic scene of George and Ringo talking about something they watched on BBC2
  3. Totally his eye. It was weird that I recognized his eye. 😂 You know I was just watching and I'm going to take a Wild Guess that New Blood is Harrison
  4. Yeah, for me those are the ones to save and bring into the MCU.
  5. Same. But after MCU screwed up both Eternals and Inhumans (IMO) I'm not sure it's worth it.
  6. I have no idea how you managed. I'd have gone crazy having all that knowledge 🤣
  7. This was EVERYTHING! I laughed, I cried, I jumped! This made for a great Ghostbusters 3. You can tell it was made by someone who loved the movies and grew up on them. I highly recommend.
  8. How does that jive with a Carol/Darryl road trip spinoff? It's already greenlit and scheduled for 2023.
  9. That entire scene was pure gold. I hated that he couldn't save her. Yet, I think that was one of the deeper stories. It really burned home how long they live, how much death they experience.
  10. Got to love Hollywood Math 🤔🙄
  11. I think it's Hobgoblin, I swear he's the one in the clip on the board with all the bombs flying around him
  12. I had that thought while watching, that she was in the same situation as Gwen, it would be cool if Garfield Spider-Man saved her
  13. So the Black Suit isn't Spider-Venom looks like a brand new suit, possibly connected to Dr Strange. I was watching Angry Joe reaction video and Alex made a good point, the scene with Spider-Man vs Sandman, Lizard and Electro could have had a 3 on 3 fight and they just erased the other 2 Spider-Men from the trailer.
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