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  1. Fantastic movie. The musical numbers were great, the comedy was funny as hell and the cameos were perfect. I can watch this movie over and over and never get bored.
  2. It's a WB show so I don't see her going back to Legacies. Plec signed a development deal with Universal so she might be able to give her a job...eventually when she has a new show. Assuming Plec is willing to stick her neck out
  3. Yeah, sorry. Should have kept reading instead of automatically replying. I didn't realize the first link posted was TV Line and not THR
  4. Not when the WB fired you, terminated your development deal and, put a hit piece out on you. She's going to have to start at the bottom and beg for jobs.
  5. Morrigan2575

    Hamilton (2020)

    Beaker! 😍 OMG Janice as Peggy is perfect. Camilla as Angelica?! 🤣😂
  6. Yusuf is in the scenes with Allison. Looks like they're in a relationship/married? Yes, that looks like and older Hazel. I was shocked at first since I thought his story ended with S1.
  7. I've watched the video a couple of times now. They really didn't give Vanya anything. Allison rumoring Diego gets funnier every time. I have a feeling I'm going to like Diego's new friend as well.
  8. Yusuf! Aw shit, he's the man, loved him on The Originals. This looks awesome, Klaus is going to be a hoot. I hope we get more Ben. Kind of love the new looks for everyone. Diego and Klaus are looking hot with the long hair. Luthor looks hot with the new cut (but, I've been a Tom Hopper fan since Black Sails)
  9. I was coming here to post the Trailer. Is that a shark chasing them in the speed boat? Please tell me that wasn't Stillwell's Breast Milk?! Loved We Didn't Start the Fire...anyone know the version/cover artist? Watched it again, that was Billy Joel's version.
  10. I liked The Crystal Skull, it's better than Temple of Doom. I'll show myself out now 😉
  11. Morrigan2575

    Hamilton (2020)

    I thought he got the Oscar for Moana. I figured he was missing an Emmy. When I saw her had EGT and only needed the Oscar i figured this would get it for him. Maybe when In the Heights gets released.
  12. Morrigan2575

    Hamilton (2020)

    Bummer, LMM only needs the Oscar fot the EGOT
  13. Morrigan2575

    Hamilton (2020)

    I never saw Jesus Christ Superstar. Must be why I went to Amadeus. Guess this is a pretty standard trope
  14. Morrigan2575

    Hamilton (2020)

    I have a question. As I was rewatching this morning I noticed that in the opening number everyone is in white except for Burr. Has any thought, analysis, Q&A been done on that? I know Burr serves as the narrator so that could be the answer. However, i wondered if there was some other meaning? Also, was LMM inspired by Amadeus? This had a very Amadeus/Salieri vibe to the Hamilton/Burr relationship. I read about Bullet yesterday it's quite brilliant. This musical is amazing, the songs are infectious from start to finish. The cast is wonderful, I especially loved Daveed Diggs's Jefferson.
  15. I actually heard good things about Stargirl but, refused to watch because i have no interest in paying for DC Universe, Maybe I'll give it a try if it's on CW
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