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  1. I think they were looking to stabilize it to inject in adults. Apparently it's more unstable and, creates some messed up supers.
  2. No and, I wonder if that was the actor or director/Producers making the call? Ashmore is really good but, I do wonder if his casting was an easter egg of sorts. Hahaha, let's cast Iceman to play our Pyro?
  3. There's going to be a spinoff https://www.engadget.com/amazon-the-boys-spin-off-142159743.html
  4. It's a good question. So far Homelander is the only one to have a super kid (I think). I wonder if this is why Stormfront is so high on Homelander, that he's the only one to reproduce a super?
  5. Wow, this was a great episode. I don't havich to say that hasn't already been said. I love the parallels they're drawing between Supes and Norms, Butcher/Homelander, French is/Lamplighter are just two sides of the same coin. I find their powers interesting, Starlight and, Lamplighter had to draw power from another source, they can't create, while Stormfront and Homelander seem to be able to created their own power. ETA: Forgot to mention, Annie killed Randy from Monk 😔
  6. That's what set me off thinking this was still Coma Archer. I'm not ruling out the season ending being Archer waking up real and this season was a fake out. Or Archer dying for real and, we find out this season was a the final company dream. I really, really hope they don't do that. Your entire post made me think about how last season ended with Archer waking up and Mallory talking about her it's their story, a (sort of) love story. In this episode we even had Archer standing Mallory up on a "date". I cans we them highlighting and juxtaposing the Archer/Mallory and Archer/Lana relationships. I can also see Lana being or becoming the new Mallory.
  7. Shows you how much attention I pay to that kind of stuff. LOL 😀 Ohh, that sounds fun. I always wanted a Fury+Hawkeye+Black Widow spy thriller movie.
  8. Wasn't Lana all hung home about getting AJ into that Prep School in the Archer P.I. Season? I think AJ is way too young to be sent away to boarding school and I can see it being revealed that it was the Husband's idea (especially if they insist on putting Lana/Archer together). However, I can also see it being Lana's idea, especially having a super rich husband. I liked this one, Hands' underground lair was a dream. I did have one brief moment of panic that we really are being teased and, this is another coma dream.
  9. Richard Madden? I thought he had a girlfriend, some blonde?
  10. Thanks for posting the spoilers. Out of curiosity, why did the old gang breakup?
  11. So true. Pam was his constant in all the dreams even if it wasn't romantic/sexual.
  12. I don't think that was racism. I don't think Homelander views people as inferior due to race, pretty sure he thinks everyone is inferior and, he pretty much hates everyone that's not him. My impression of Homelander is, he's an emotional child with super powers. He wants/needs/demands people love/adoration/attention and is incredibly jealous of anything that pulls them away. He doesn't love Maeve but, she's his and, he will destroy her and Elena becuase she doesnt love him. He resented/hated Teddy because Stillwell loved her son. I'm actually surprised he didn't let the baby die. With A-Train it was mostly because he was weak (heart issues post V) and a screw up. With Blindspot I think it was his Ego/Arrogance and being big man on campus (so to speak). He figured out that Stillwell was manipulting him started S2 with putting Ashley in her place. He's in charge! It's his team! He will decide his own PR/Media! I'm not defending him or saying he's a good guy. I just think he doesn't care what race they are, they're all inferior to him. On the other hand Stormfront is a classic Nazi, she views races and non supes as inferior but, her rascim overshoots that because even though she views Supes as the "master race" she views non white Supes as disgusting/inferior (A-Train and Kimiko's brother).
  13. Was this spelled out somewhere or was it just the lighter?
  14. Hah! I totally missed the shade thrown at Whedon. 😁
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