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  1. Hmm, I'm really torn. I love Murder Mystery Movies/Books. However, I normally only go to the movies for big sci-fi/action movies which really benefit from the big screen. I kinda of want to see this in theaters. It looks funny, has a great cast and the sets/filming location looks beautiful. Maybe I'll make this a matinee
  2. Or because Christians don't really have to worry about getting shot/killed for simply practicing their religion the way Jews and Muslims do? If I was a writer in Hollywood I would use Christians over other religions for fear of creating more hate and potentially deadly situations.
  3. Did they really have to play that much of Kavenaugh's opening speech? I mean it was bad enough i had to sit through the lies the first time, couldn't TRMS cut it down and just point out he's a lying, liar who lies?
  4. From the link provided Gateway is listed as Bishop's Great Grandfather.
  5. I loved that, even mentioned it in The Boys thread. Late on the uptake but, I just realized that David Haydn-Jones (Ketch) is Aaron Rodgers "Agent" in those State Farm commercials
  6. I believe so, maybe Secret Wars? There was a Marvel wide crossover they used to collapse the 616 and Ultimate Universes into one. They could very easily bring that into play. Could also do some sort of reverse Onslaught storyline which they used to create a separate universe X-Men in one and all the other heroes in a separate Universe (created by Franklin Richards).
  7. Except Charles/Eric aren't the lead characters of the comics, the original movies, or the 90s cartoon. The reboot decided to focus solely on Charles and Eric just like the original movies made everything about Wolverine. If they want a POC character as their lead, there's Storm/Ororo.
  8. Probably little more than a cameo but, it is funny that even Tony's death couldn't keep RDJ away. I was actually surprised/disappointed that we didn't get any RDJ cameo in Far From Home. Peter putting on the EDITH glasses would have been the perfect point for a Tony goodbye video.
  9. Interesting, Marvel playing the long game from the start. I prefer the end scene we got to this deleted one. As for a MCU vs XCU i can see the points being made and, it could work. I think I still want a single Universe but, as long as Fiege is in charge I'm more than happy to give Marvel the benefit of the doubt in either situation
  10. I think it would be cool if they pulled from the X-Men pool and, introduced them to the Cosmic Universe (Shi'ar, Star Jammers, Phalanx, MojoWorld). They can wait on bringing back the traditional X Characters. I didn't know that Bishop was descended from Gateway. That's cool! For some reason, I thought M had a familial connection to Gateway. ETA: Tempus is another Australian Character on Scott's Uncanny roster when he was 'bad Scott'.
  11. I'd rather MCU develop POC from the X-Roster than take known white characters and make them POC (to me that's just a lazy way to claim diversity). The X-Universe has a lot of characters that have gotten little to no real love in the movies African America: Bishop, Shard, Sync, M, Penny, Emplate, Storm (freaking deserves better than the X-Movies, ) Darwin (freaking got done dirty in First Class) Native America : Forge, Warpath, Mirage, Silver Fox (yeah she's mostly there for Wolverine's Manpain) Aboriginal: Gateway (I always loved him popping up and sending people on adventures) Latino: Sunspot, Dr Reyes, Skin (poor, Angelo), Angel/Tempest, Empath, Rictor, Goldballs (his name sucked but he was sweet). Asian: Jubilee (my fave, deserves way better than the movies gave her), Tyger Tiger, Sunfire, Silver Samurai, Shanobi Shaw, Yukio (deserves better than that shit in Deadpool2 - was good in The Wolverine), Amiko, Karma, Mariko (see Silver Fox - but I really like Mariko), Viper There are probably a ton more, these are just the ones I remember from my reading. Put them on the big screen, make Storm the leader she always was in the comics, show why Jubliee is the last X-Men (yeah, probably retconned) and, skip that Vampire shit, I want my Firecracker back
  12. I believe the CW had a Lost Boys Pilot but, didn't pick up it, i think they left it on the table for the next Pilot Season. Of course they're now looking at a Dark Shadows Reboot (guess CW loves their Soapy Vampire shows). Not that I'm complaining, i'd watch both Lost Boys and Dark Shadows (if they were any good)
  13. I swore there was a tweet about America Chavez getting a Disney+ Show but, i don't know if that was fact or rumor. Found it, not official and i have no idea, if this site has any legit claims to inside sources https://thegww.com/exclusive-marvel-studios-developing-miss-america-series-for-disney/
  14. That would work, i actually enjoyed the Hawkeye/QuickSilver stuff in Ultron and, that's amazing because i generally don't like Pietro (save Peter David's run) or Wanda.
  15. I liked the Hawkeye comic I read with Bishop and Barton (Jeff Lemire) run. Looking forward to the Disney+ show. I have no idea about Hulking or Young Avengers but, people seem really excited by the idea so I'm curious
  16. Best review of this movie was Jeremy Jahns who freaked out mid review after realizing Isaiah Mustafa was the Old Spice guy
  17. He's my favorite of the 4 Netflix shows. I would love to see him show up again in the MCU. However, I don't see much room for him on Disney+.
  18. I have a question. I see on Twitter that the Save Daredevil Campaign is going strong. However, I read somewhere (maybe here) that Disney/Marvel have to wait 2 years before they can re-launch any of the canceled Netflix shows. Does anyone know if that 2 years is just for shows or if it's for the characters? Could they use the Netflix characters in supporting roles in the MCU and then bring them back to Disney+ (assuming they even had an interest)?
  19. It was very subtle and honestly could go either way because it was told from Butcher's POV (and he's generally unreliable). The 2 scenes that come to mind are the one flashback to Butcher/Becca sitting in the kitchen, Becca looks shell shocked and, out of it, Billy says something like I can't help if you won't talk to me. I think he tries to hold her hand and she pulls away. The other scene is the flashback of Butcher watching the security camera footage. You see Becca/Homelander walking into an office and then (we're told hours later) she sneaks out disheveled. I believe she was raped but, the narrative kept it all in flashbacks and from Butcher's POV and, it's not like he was super trustworthy. Hopefully, we'll get some answers very early in S2.
  20. Edward and Einstein were the best! I'd hate to see them left off the series
  21. Darth means In! 😁😂🤣😂 Please tell me you get the joke...
  22. And I thought Psylocke's 90s costume was ridiculous. Betsy has nothing on Sue 😒 . Although, the obviously used the same designer
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