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  1. Yeah. At first i thought the money came from his wife, then i thought he copied Lincoln and wrote some best selling crime books. Now, I've decided he comes from a rich family LOL I do like this show, it has its flaws but, I like the team/characters. The only real issue (besides money) is Amelia they can't seem to pick role for the character. She's a super smart , competent young cop who can outsmart Lincoln and the next she's a scared rookie.
  2. I have this exact thought while watching the episode, where does he get all this money? It really did take me out of the episode. Poor Wife, I liked her but, always wondered how long he could keep up the happy husband fakeout
  3. You wouldn't know it going by FOX but, yeah there are a ton of good stories not named Dark Phoenix
  4. Tormond Giantsbane is joining Witcher S2, loved him in GoT!
  5. For some reason my DVR didn't record this on Tuesday night. I juat watched and I was great. The disaster gaga with the cart on fire had me (literally) LOL. The theme for this season is very obvious but, it works so well. I liked last season but, I'm loving this one. They really found a great theme and the cast works so well together.
  6. Haven't read the books or played the games but, I think he's awesome
  7. I like Edrisa and I'm glad we got some insight into her. I missed the end because for some reason the show started 10 minutes late. I will have watch the last 10 minutes On Demand tonight to see how it ends
  8. I'm binging Law & Order right now 😁
  9. Ah, thank you. I missed the chair, I thought she was kneeling
  10. Why couldn't the 3rd victim lean back on her own? Is it a balance issue?
  11. Only way those kids aren't dead is if this culture is bigger than Dateline indicated and the kids are hidden with other members. Sadly, I think it's more likely the kids are dead. 😔 Charles and Tammy were definitely murdered. I think Alex was asking well. This is all so crazy.
  12. It's in the tweet, unless there's a different one?
  13. Well that's certainly darker than the 80s movie with Sean Connery as The Green Knight
  14. Wow, i had no idea about his wife/family. That's sad.
  15. Huh, i thought he quit acting. I remember he wouldn't reprise his role in the Ghostbuster VG saying he was done with acting.
  16. I loved the "in memoriam" for Brett at the end.
  17. I think Portman does well with something that excites/interests her but, with with big budget sci-fi movies she seems to phone it in. I'm actually a Portman fan, i was excited when i heard she was cast in Thor but, the 2 Thor movies and the Prequel Trilogies she didn't (IMO) put much into the roles. I also don't know how she'll do with a comedy, she did Mars Attacks and Your Highness (both comedies) but, she played the straight person in both movies so it's hard for me to say how she'll do with Thor 4
  18. Not likely. IMO Postman doesn't do well in anything Sci-fi/fantasy related.
  19. I so want Sif back. I feel denied my Sif/Thor relationship. I can't believe they'd do more Jane/Thor the relationship was boring and the actors had Zero chemistry (IMO).
  20. I loved that. At first I thought he was going to give the jacket to Mickey. I loved that his grand idea was to carry the second jacket. LOL
  21. I liked this episode although i suspected Mom's friend from the beginning. Had a different motive though, figured it was a jealousy/unrequited love thing. I like that the Bone Collector is now back in NYC. I'm actually hoping the little psycho plants himself back in the NYPD and works/torments in person Lincoln.
  22. Yeah, I'm really enjoying this season so far. Last night's episode was funny and sweet
  23. I loved this episode, it was just crazy fun
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