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  1. Rockstar99435

    S01.E12: Chapter Twelve: The Epiphany

    I really want to like this show, but they make it so hard. The witch world makes no sense at all. If a head boy gets chosen every year, how do they all end up becoming high priest? Their coven only seems to have about 50 people, how do they have enough witches to kill and eat one every year? I don't think the message that girls can only win because they are dirty, rotten cheaters is empowering. Sabrina didn't know the material and wasn't prepared. And it's hard to take all of her complaints that she couldn't study the night before the test because of demons seriously when Nick went out partying all night before the test and was still able to compete. (The only thing that was impressive was how fast the weird sisters were able to do research and find the answers). It's hard to root for Sabrina when she does things like angrily ask, "Are you accusing me of cheating?!?" When she did fucking cheat! Suzy/Theo does not have the skills needed to compete on the basketball team. The coach and players aren't jerks because they only want skilled players on their team. Also, how do they not have a girls team? Title IX was created back in the 70's. It would have made more sense for them to have a girls' team, but Theo wanted to try out for the boys' team because he was ready to transition. Did Hilda lie to Sabrina about how to win the potion contest? She told Sabrina as long as she didn't use near rhymes she would win, but Nick "rhymed" blood and good and the potion stayed stable. Then when Sabrina rhymes shark and dark, the potion goes bad. It didn't make any sense.
  2. Rockstar99435

    S02.E11: Lasting Impressions

    Wait, was Dick Van Dyke in Planet of the Apes? I thought it was Charles Heston?
  3. Rockstar99435

    S01.E17 Low Expectations

    I loved that part. This episode made me sad. Peggy's life makes me sad. Everything she does, all her hard work, is ignored or dismissed by her family. They actively make more work for her and mock her to her face. And even people outside her family dismiss and disrespect her. I know her license was fake, but the cop asking if he needed to call her husband and then letting Joey drive (because a 14 year old with a penis outranks an adult woman) was just rage-inducing. While I'm glad that the Dad agreed to be more supportive, he shouldn't have to be told to not encourage his children to mock and disrespect their mother.
  4. Rockstar99435

    S01.E16: Memento Mori

    Charity being the killer worked better than I thought it would. I just didn't want her to turn out to be a mustache-twirling villian. And I like that she believes she did the right thing. Villians who think they are good guys are always more interesting to me than 100% Evil bad guys. Yes, her reason for killing the Mom is pretty lame, as is her reason for killing the other Elders, but it's also pretty real. Most murders that happen are because a regular flawed person makes a terrible choice that they thought was the correct choice at the time. And now that Charity has been caught and sentenced to Hell, I can totally buy that she'd go with Parker's Dad. Not because she's now evil, but because she has no other options. I loved the look on the actress's face when she takes his hand. She's not excited or happy; she looks lost and hopeless. Her alliance with him is way more compelling than Phoebe's alliance with Evil Cole. And for the first time, I'm interested in what Charity's going to do next. I have no idea what's going on with Fiona. Or how she knew to go to the house. Or why she was sent to Hell in the first place. (I know the show told us at some point, I just don't remember what her deal was.) So I have a hard time rooting for her. Maybe next week, she'll be more compelling.
  5. Rockstar99435

    S02.E11: Lasting Impressions

    Maybe "violation" is too strong of a word. And for the record, it wouldn't have bothered me if a historian created the Laura Holodeck Program as a exhibit in a museum for people to visit in order to learn about the past and as part of that exhibit, the historian looked up her future and put that info on a plaque outside the exhibit so that the visitors could get the larger picture of life in the earlier 21st century. But Gordon would have been looking up her future for his own personal needs and that feels more like spying so it creeps me out. I get what you're saying about Gordon turning her into a digital sex toy, but I disagree because they only hooked up when her data was complete and Gordon didn't study her data in order to manipulate her into bed. He was just being himself and according to the full data, her simulation was interested in him. After he changed the data, he realized it changed her, so he undid it. I don't think he needed to look her future up to see that she was important without him. I think he realized that when saw the effect of taking Greg away and the effect when he put Greg back. Gordon learned that Laura and Greg were real people who had a life and connection that had nothing to do with Gordon and so he said goodbye.
  6. Rockstar99435

    S02.E11: Lasting Impressions

    I'm really glad that Gordon didn't look up Laura's history. That would have made it creepy to me. In her little video introduction, Laura was excited to share her life. She gave the future people who found her phone permission to read her texts, look at her photos, watch her videos, etc. But she didn't give them permission for anything that wasn't on the phone. So I was okay with Gordon using her data to make a holodeck program, but looking for info of what happened after the phone would have been a violation. I loved the smoking plot. The hidden cigarettes in the pillow made me laugh way more than it should have.
  7. Yay Khalil! I didn't like him very much at first, but he grew on me and by the end, I was rooting for him and Jen. I want to see him and Jen fight side by side next season. I know that Tobias is still alive so that they can bring him back later, but I really, really, really want him to just stay in the Pit Prison forever. They can cut to him a couple of times where we can see him being bored, but I don't want him to break out and I don't want him to fight Black Lightning. I just want him to be gone.
  8. Rockstar99435

    S01.E16: Wendi's House

    I'm pretty sure telling Eddie telling the Dad was part of the plan. As far as I can tell the plan was: 1) Have Eddie tell the Dad to lie to Wendi about him going to the leather working class. 2) Dad tells Mom that Eddie is lying to Wendi. Mom "figures out" that Eddie is lying to them about going to the leatherworking class. 3) Mom goes to Wendi's house to catch Eddie there. Wendi tells her she is lying to Eddie about her mom not living at the house because she's afraid that Eddie will pressure her into sex. 4) Mom tells Dad that Wendi is lying to Eddie. Dad gets mad that Wendi is lying to/manipulating poor dumb Eddie. 5) Mom and Dad make Eddie and Wendi communicate their feelings. At the end of the meeting, Eddie is allowed to go to Wendi's house w/o supervision with Mom and Dad's blessing because they think that Wendi is responsible and doesn't want to have sex with Eddie. Eddie telling the Dad to lie started the scam because it manipulated the Mom to think they were doing something wrong, only to learn that Wendi is a good catholic girl who doesn't want to have sex. The kids got caught and Mom realized the manipulation when she found the coin purse with the recipt and learned that Eddie was never in a leather working class. He was going over to Wendi's house just like she thought at first.
  9. Rockstar99435

    S01.E16: Wendi's House

    Poor Eddie. Wendi's plan (because you know Wendi came up with the whole thing) would have totally worked if he hadn't tried to go extra with the coin purse for Mom. Joey's take on religion always cracks me up. "Just tell them nonsense until they feel better." Pairing him with Lawrence was great. They bring out the best in each other. I also cracked up at the Dad's comment about Wendi being 'bright and pretty.'
  10. Rockstar99435

    S01.E15: Switches and Stones

    I think it's a trick. Either the sister freed from Tartarus is a shapeshifter who is either framing Charity because she's EVIL or because she believes that the Charmed Ones' Mom was to blame for the rift between sisters and took revenge. (She did have that line to Maggie about not letting anyone come between her and her sisters.) I just think it's too early for the sisters to be betrayed again and also I really don't want the Elders to be evil, especially now that they're just powerful witches who look out for each other.
  11. Rockstar99435

    S06.E10: Gintars

    All I kept thinking while Terry was freaking out about bugs on his face was I really hope nobody tells him about his eye lashes because I can't watch him rip those out.
  12. Rockstar99435

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    Yep. If Monica, as an adult in her mid-twenties, started dating a random man who was in his 50s, it wouldn't necessarily be weird or predatory of him. But he knew her when she was a small child, watched her grow up playing in his pool with his own children who were her friends, and then started dating her. That's creepy.
  13. Rockstar99435

    S03.E14: The Graduates

    I think I would've liked the Deja/Teacher plot point better if the teacher had removed her name but the students all figured out it was Deja because they knew she was Tess and Annie's foster sister. Posting her essay with her name attached is such a bone-head move. Protecting students' privacy is so important. When I was getting my teaching degree, they covered it in multiple classes. I just don't buy that Deja's teacher wouldn't have removed her name before posting it. But I do buy that she didn't think through that the students would be able to figure out who the mystery writer was and still start calling Deja 'pontiac.'
  14. Rockstar99435

    S01.E13: Manic Pixie Nightmare

    I loved that the sisters were all "Maybe you pixies should band together and protect yourselves." It used to drive me nuts on the original Charmed when the magical beings would just expect/demand that the original sisters to be their bodyguards/protection. I'm glad these sisters didn't jump and volunteer to be the guardians of the pixie hearts. It fits better with the empowering women to empower themselves theme to have the pixies learn to take care of themselves and not rely on others for protection.
  15. Rockstar99435

    Unpopular Opinions

    Or at least have a conversation about it. There were so many little things that could have been developed with just a few lines of dialogue. Have Chris be angry at Piper when she calls the kids at Magic School freaks and then confused by his feelings because he'd built her up in his head so much after she died. Have Chris be confused by Piper's comment because when he was a kid she made the teachers at Magic School create and teach an anti-bully curriculum. Have Chris know how to open the secret drawer in that dresser. Have Chris start adding ingredients to Paige's soup because it will need balance (or some other chef comment, I don't know how to cook.) I also think the writers should have gone all the way with the cause of his resentment and have Chris hate Leo because he wasn't around and Piper died. I don't know how Piper died in his future, but Leo can instantly teleport and heal. For almost any circumstance, if he had been there when she was hurt, she would have survived. When Leo made some shitty comment asking if he missed too many baseball games, I wanted Chris to throw Piper's death at him. Or even just the aftermath. If Piper died when Chris was 14, why didn't Leo take custody? He's still a child. If Victor weren't around, would Leo have let Wyatt and Chris go into foster care? Is maybe the real reason Wyatt went dark that he was a super-powered teenager whose mom just died violently because his dad wasn't around to save her, and then his dad abandoned him and his brother for his job?