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  1. If you had asked me yesterday, I would have said that we didn't need a reunion and just let the show live in sydication peace forever, but yeah, I will definitely be watching it...with popcorn. I am kinda worried that they're going to fuck it up. As long as Monica and Chandler are still being awesome together, I'll be okay.
  2. I'm wondering if Khalil will let him out. If Khalil faces off against Tobias and starts to lose, I can see him releasing Painkiller to take over the fight. As much as Khalil hates Painkiller, he's more afraid of Tobias.
  3. Wait...are we supposed to see Nick as being romantically drawn to the Dark Lord? Because that is not at all how I interpreted those scenes. I thought Nick was drawn to the Dark Lord because he wants to get violent revenge on the guy who raped him for what felt like decades.
  4. I loved Ros when searching through Hell. "Hey guys, two things: One, Dibs on Sabrina and Two, I think we should split up."
  5. I thought the Barbara was a jerk at first, but I like that she was also kinda right about the double standards of care we accept from Dads. Paul wanted to be rewarded and praised for bringing his kids to school on time all the other days, as if (1) bringing your kids to school on time every day isn't what you're supposed to do and (2) Moms ever get rewarded or praised for bringing their kids to school on time. Paul wanted to be praised for making a kid a drink he didn't want, making the class switch from paper towels to cloth towels (and don't think I didn't notice that he didn't mention who was going to now have to do laundry for the class every day or where that would happen), and helping a kid with his zipper. Helping the students and cleaning up are things Moms are just expected to do every day without acknowledgment. Does Paul notice them? Did Paul ever thank any of them? They are there every day. Paul helped out ONE day and expected to be praised for being a great dad. He was more interested in soothing his own ego than actually helping out at the school. And when he didn't get the praise he craved, after ONE day, he quit.
  6. I always really wanted to see some granddaughters show up*. All of the sisters went back and interacted with Patty and/or Penny. It would've been fun to see that storyline from the other side. How would the sisters react if three random witches showed up using their powers and knowing things about their house? And if they did it in Season 7, it could've also been used as a way to bring some peace to Piper and Leo that the boys are okay, that Chris's sacrifice was worth it, and that baby Chris grew up in a happy time. *This might have happened in Season 8, but I've never been able to make it past the first few episodes. I've rewatched the series a couple of times and I always start to petter out mid Season 7, taking longer and longer in between episodes, that by Season 8, I just sort of forget that I'm watching the show. I don't hate the later seasons. The individual episodes are fine/enjoyable when I watch them; I don't really care about any of them anymore. Then when I remember that I'm doing a rewatch, it's been so long that I end up starting the show over again.
  7. My favorite Rachel will always be "Oh yeah? Beth dies." It's not only the line, but the smug way she delivers it. She knows she has the trump card and she's just pissed enough to use it.
  8. Snake world! Not as cute as Kitty History, but I'll take it. The growing piles of assassins was great. I don't know what it says about me, but I sorta love that whenever Morty tries to do the right thing or fix things, it always blows up in a horrible way.
  9. As much as I enjoy watching Khalil's training scenes, I just have to know, what exactly are they offering his sparing partners in terms of compensation? Why would it ever be worth it to take that job? Almost every single time we see him practice, he maims, paralyzes, and/or straight up kills his sparing partner.
  10. I'm rewatching and just saw The One with the Cat. It's been forever since I've seen this episode and I have to admit: I don't think Phoebe is the bad guy in this episode. From the knowledge she has, she found a stray cat and thinks it's the reincarnated spirit of her mother (which is ridiculous, sure, but it's a belief that is not hurting anyone and brings Phoebe comfort). Before they know anything about the cat not being a stray and having a real owner, Ross is upset with Phoebe thinking the cat is her mom, like it affects his life at all. It's not that he's not right, but more why does he need so badly to take this away from her? At this point in the story, it's a belief that brings Phoebe peace and gives a stray cat a new home. Why does Ross need Phoebe to not have this? That's what Phoebe is angry about at the end, that her friend cares more about being right than about her happiness. And once Phoebe finds out about the little girl, she immediately says good bye to the cat and contacts the real owner. Phoebe never wanted to take a little girl's pet away, she thought she found a stray and then gave herself a story about her mom's spirit to make herself feel better. Ross is the bad guy, not because he was wrong about the cat not being Phoebe's mom, but because he couldn't let her have this nice lie even when it wasn't hurting anyone. Also, that canoe is beautiful. I refuse to believe that the guy who made it or his roommate would give it away for free.
  11. I don't really have a dog in this fight because I kinda hate both Toby and Kate, but if the thing he's actually mad about is the lying than TeamKate all the way. Toby lied to Kate for months about working out, humiliating her by making her think that he was just effortlessly losing weight by being stressed while she was stressing eating. He had no problem lying to her face, telling her that he was going to the store so she wouldn't know he was working out, but he thinks Kate is the bad guy because she lied for 48 hours so he could enjoy being there for Jack's first bite of food? Asshole.
  12. From what I remember, pretending to be dumb was more of an age issue than a time period issue. I was in middle school in the early 90s and remember multiple girls flat out admitting that they were doing badly on purpose because "boys don't like smart girls" but most of them out grew that mindset by high school. The problem was that for some of them, missing out on the advanced classes in middle school meant they couldn't take the advanced classes in high school which may or may not have affected their college/career plans. I don't remember any Science teachers giving girls a hard time for liking science, but one of my Spanish teachers told us that the books were trying too hard to be politically correct and that we shouldn't have to learn the female form of doctor, lawyer, and pilot because there weren't enough of them to make it worth the effort. (I'd like to point out that the only difference between the male and female form is that the last letter of the word is either an O or an A.) So it happens.
  13. Ugh. Becky was my favorite, but this episode has ruined her for me. It's like all her entitlement from the original series on steroids. She has no right to Bev's money. Her "plan" is stupid. Like others have pointed out, what is she going to do for rent/food/baby supplies if she isn't going to make any money for a year? But the worst part was when she took Baby Bev away from Dan until he forces Darlene to give her money. People who use their kids as weapons to punish and manipulate others are the worst kind of scum. Becky is gross and I kinda hate her now.
  14. Plus, Practical Magic is about a cool, dreamy guy who starts off really intense ("He talks about our love in terms of centuries") and then turns out to be controlling and physically violent. English teacher voice: Foreshadowing! Oooh! Maybe Kate and Rebecca will have to poison him and then bury him in the backyard.
  15. I was wondering about that, but I think his defending the student had more to do with his control freak issues. He hates Jefferson, not because Jefferson is good or bad at his job, but because the kids like him more and that challenges his authority/power. The ASA guys coming into his school and removing his students without his permission is a challenge to his authority. (But it would be more interesting if he did switch sides...or at least become more grey.)
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