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  1. I loved Luther's apology to Vanya. I want them to become friends. Allison's storyline is not working for me. I know that on a meta-level, the writers can't have Allison go on national tv and rumor away racism, but I need an in-story reason for her not using her power. And no, not wanting to because she feels bad that she rumored her own child isn't enough of a reason for me. Have it be that her powers don't work anymore because of her throat injury or that she can only rumor one person at a time now so she can't do anything when there's two cops or something. But don't start the season wi
  2. I finally got a chance to start season 2. I'm loving it so far, but I'm confused by the "We have 10 days to save the world...again!" plotline. I'm not a soldier and have no strategy skills, but doesn't it take longer than 10 days to plan an invasion? You'd need to organize transport for thousands of people and for all of the vehicles (trucks, tanks, smaller planes, etc) they'd need once they got here. You'd need to organize transport for all of the food those thousands of soldiers would need, and fuel for all of the vehicles. You'd need to organize resupply lines and other war stuff. If Russia
  3. I forgot to mention my two favorite parts, both from the brother phone call. (1) Sterling Brown's ability to get his eyes to water right on cue is incredible. It always amazes me when actors are able to do that. I can make myself cry, but it's going to involve a lot of huffy breathing and forcing myself to think of the saddest things I can imagine, and it's going to take awhile. Actors who can instantly make themselves create one single tear drop are something else. (2) Kevin's reassurance of how the shirtless dancing was playing in the public eye. It reminded me of him thinking that getting a
  4. If they wanted to write a storyline where Randal connects with his bio family, why not just have him start hanging out with all of his cousins from William's side? I'm pretty sure they lived in Philadelphia. But then Kate told him that she knew where he was because they have a same friend on Facebook.
  5. They did stuff like that all the time on that show. There was another episode where Lithgow's character hit a squirrel with his car and then did the whole "Give my daughter the shot!" scene from Terms of Endermeant at the vet's office. It was great!
  6. Thank you! Jesse is the worst. I have no idea where this "he has a good heart" crap came from. He literally went to NA meetings to tempt recovering addicts back into using meth. He was a monster who sold poison to sick people for his own financial gain.
  7. So I finally got to finish the series. It had its issues, but I like the world and characters enough that I bought the books for my next quarantine reading project. The different timelines were confusing at first and I don't think they did a great job of explaining who people were and where places were in relations to others. Like someone else suggested, the show could've used a Game of Thrones type map at the beginning of episodes so we'd know where everything is. Yen is my favorite. I get why people find her "I didn't have a choice" stuff to be annoying, but I think it's like all the pe
  8. Thanks!
  9. I assumed her hand was fixed when she did her Get-Hot-Ritual, just like Yen's back and face was fixed. There was also the one girl whose face was cut up by the lightning in a bottle exploding, but her scars were gone at the fancy party. I just started watching the show and I haven't read the books or played the game, so I am confused about the Law of Suprise bond. I thought that Law of Surprise thing meant that Geralt and the child would be soulmates, but they were talking in this episode like he was some kind of deadbeat dad for leaving. In the earlier episode, the Porcupine guy said som
  10. For me, it's because Friends is ultimately a wishfulment show. I just started high school when the show originally started and it was everything I hoped my life would be like in my 20's. I'd leave my stupid podunk town and get to live in a giant New York apartment and have a cool group of friends who were closer than family while having fun adventures. And each character had at least one aspect that I admired or wished I could have. Chandler was smart and could always think of something funny and clever to say. Monica was fun and everyone wanted to hang out at her house. Joey and Rachel had gl
  11. In all fairness to Darlene, cops should not be able to arrest you for mouthing off. Saying rude and disrespectful things is not a crime. The fact that cops regularly abuse their power and stomp all over the rights of poor people is fucking tragic; it's not a "funny" subplot of a terrible sitcom.
  12. I never thought that Piper's combustion power should be connected to her freezing power or that Phoebe's levitation should be connected to her premonitions. Melinda had 3 distinct powers that weren't connected so it made sense to me that the Charmed Ones would also develop 3 distinct powers. I did want Piper to develop and advance her freezing power into controlling time in more ways (slowing down, speeding up, rewinding, fast forwarding, etc). And I wanted her to develop more control over her combustion power. It would've been cool if along with getting bigger explosions, she could've co
  13. Didn't she tell Mike's parents a story about her pimp? Am I making that up? Because of syndication, I've seen some episodes a dozen times and others only a couple. You're probably right about Phoebe just having an ear for language.
  14. I saw a meme the other day using Phoebe teaching Joey French, but the dialogue was changed to Joey thinking "Stay home" means "Go have a picnic in a public park" and it made me wonder, how does Phoebe know French? With the last name "Buffay," I'd imagine her dad's family spoke French, but he left when she was a baby. So did her mom teach her French? Also, Phoebe ended up a homeless prostitute when she was 14. So how did she keep up her French skills? A lot of my students spoke Spanish when they were kids, but as they grew up in an English speaking country and stopped spending large amoun
  15. I loved Kevin's worry about ending up on TMZ for getting arrested when helping his mom break into Joni Mitchell's old house and then commenting that it could actually work for him.
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