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  1. Felix looks like at least different people in different photos to me. The sjot of Maxima in her white suit with a long white scarf walking down the cleaning aisle is a thing of beauty. Jetsun reminds me of Gemima Chan from some angles.
  2. This was such a stupendous, mind-boggling line.
  3. Just wow. Supreme Court justice without practicing law. If that doesn't sum up Phyllis in a nutshell, I don't know what does.
  4. I don't think Pamela was being abused because she was stupid. I think Phyllis saw it that way.
  5. I think her chief motivation was to be the only woman in the room. Foreign policy was perfect because it was (or at least seemed to be) entirely male oriented. She practically orgasmed on that elevator going to see 'Ron' surrounded by all dudes. My overall impression is that she was a supreme mysoginist. I can't think of one woman she seemed to like. She looked down on, used and/or dismissed every single one of them. Phyllis' family was another way to feel superior to those around her. If she gave a crap about any of them, she wouldn't be dismissing her sister-in-law's effort, care and contribution literally every time we saw the woman on screen. I got some fanfic going on in my head about her and the man who approached her outside the hotel. Stupid Pamela not being able to deal with her abusive shithole of a husband was just another way in which Phyllis was better. Gag me. I did really enjoy Blanchett in the backstage during that godawful anti-feminist, anti-gay skit. Was that her closeted son on the piano during it? Effective was just the word that came to mind. I got slightly misty eyed when Bella called Shirley. "Hold the door open for those coming after us." But starting with the footage of real events, the run, Houston, the TV debate and so forth, yeah, my vision got blurry.
  6. I'm 99% sure there was a stricter law about papping celebrity kids instated a while back in California. Isn't that still in effect?
  7. I imagine her ending up in a similar marriga to her first.
  8. I really want Pamela to be the first to go. This episode spelled it out that her husband was physically abusive. I hope she takes her kid with her and doesn't come back from Houston. What a fucking vile situation she is in. Abused at home and the rest of the time she's Phyllis' foot soldier while Phyllis drums it into her head that the abuse is her fault and har, har, going to a women's shelter is vacationing on your abusive husband's hard earned dime. Phyllis, may you sweat in front of every man you try to impress and woman you try to denigrate. The attitude shouldn't be surprising though, since it's obviously Eleanor's fault that Phylis regularly lashes out at her, ignores her feelings and undermines her worth whenever she feels threatened by either her or anyone else. The exclusion from the family photo was bad enough already. You know what, Eleanor shouldn't go to one of her other brothers for Thanksgiving, she should hightail it with Pamela. I do like the inclusion of taking a family Christmas photo as Phyllis is turning into more and more of a Grinch. Sadly, I doubt there's any heart there to grow. Only entitlement and that's plenty big enough already. This episode made me realize that I actually don't mind the show ending in two weeks, because I'm planning to watch it all the way through once it does.
  9. Thank you so much for this. I'm not really sure what it is, but I laugher straight through. Is that Bruno Mars there for a blink and you'll miss it appearance as a dude the girlfriend is checking out?
  10. bijoux

    Small Talk: The Quiver

    As for women and inheritance in Austen, who could forget Lady Catherine de Burgh and Anne? Rosings went to Anne, no distant AF male relative since the property was not entailed. Apparently this was abolished in 1925. I will have to look if entail could be broken if someone was willing to pour time and money into it in the House of Lords.
  11. You mean to say the woman who called out two other women for having people do that for them now has - gulp - someone doing that for her? Say it ain't so!
  12. So what is the difference? I'm pretty sure I never handled either.
  13. I watched it on TV and liked it. I wasn't really on board with the breaking the fourth wall in the beginning, but it wasn't there so much and it didn't bother me on the whole. I do think this may work better for people outside the US, where this casehasn't made that much splash. I have heard of it, but only remember it in the vaguest terms. I had no idea who Gretchen Carlson was and likely forgot that Megyn Kelly was a part of it. I think the movie could have used more scenes like the one in which Megyn went on about white Santa and Jesus because I think this is an important part of this issue. I wouldn't want to be friends with these women, but they still didn't deserve what they went through. Margot Robbie is just so consistently great when she is given material. He phone call scene was the definite highlight for me. You know, I actually thought the brunette assistant would turn out to be one of the victims.
  14. I meant the German one that you said they were all translating differently.
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