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  1. Oh, my God. It's hilarious. Third photo. I imagine Kate and Justin Trudeau are exchanging super secret tips about hair care. Sharing is caring, you guys.
  2. Emma Stone and her fiance are a very cute couple. I don't even want to open that Armie Hammer thing.
  3. Honestly? I think they would. I don't really expect anything from a person who went off on a foster kid for being fostered. Mind=blown. There's homophobia, but this is some superior level bullshit. Congrats on going pro, asshole.
  4. So, at the end of this season, I'm very much pro Anne and Wilson, and very sad that princess Alice didn't get more screen time. Everything else is pretty much meh to me. Wilson is such a good egg, I'm gonna miss him next season. He had a very calming presence. Jesus on a stick, that whole mess with Margaret and Tony just kept getting worse and worse. The only smart step in the whole ordeal was Roddy hightailing out of there. Oh, congrats, Tony, you won, you prat. She tried to kill herself and you decide to marry your young mistress after being hypocrytical and obnoxious about it before. Funny how someone caught how Roddy was a younger version of Tony. There were obvious similarities between Margaret and the Thing. Which is an awful thing to say, but did make me laugh. But you know the weirdest part in this? Margaret's lady in waiting or whatever. She tries to convince Margaret to live a separate life from Tony and is throwing dudes at her, then she's shocked, just shocked at her hooking up with Roddy. Which, okay, yes, might be explained away by her finding the lack of discretion objetionable. But she's telling this to her husband while holding a book and being fully dressed during what was supposed to be a weekend of orgies from what I gathered before hand. 🤷‍♀️
  5. Thanks. She really is a fascinating character in kind of an uneaven season. I didn't know she never actually took vows. Her 'treatment' is a horrifying example of how vulnerable even rich women in supposedly positions of power were/are.
  6. Basically, because that's how quickly some of these things come into and go out of fashion. Another thing, which isn't intentional on the consumers' part is the shit quality of some of these items.
  7. bijoux

    Small Talk: The Quiver

    Huh. I don't remember ever seeing that in a store.
  8. bijoux

    Small Talk: The Quiver

    For these reasons we went back to a shower curtain. It's not ideal, I hate it when I get too close to it and it sticks to my skin, but cleaning is much easier.
  9. God, it's so exhausting being married to Phillip. It seems like Elizabeth has to pencil in something in for him in her itinerary. August 2nd - find P. a new hobby August 13th - find P. a new friend August 28th - P. peckish again. might like an around the world trip?
  10. Emilia Clarke on "Terrifying" Nude Scenes, Pressure to Please 'Game of Thrones' Fans
  11. How shocking. 🙄 And by how, I mean not in the least.
  12. Oh my God, it's like a way less douchy version of pre-island Oliver. Like, what if the Queens were 100% more normal and the kids were meeting Moira and Robert for dinner.
  13. I hope Jack Moore isn't included just because of his past work, but that we get to see teen William reunited with his family. Maybe it's my phone and eyes playing tricks on me, but SA looks younger than usual in the firat pic and then noticeably older and kind of gaunt in the second.
  14. You know what, if one of them didn't teleport somewhere and is willing to share how, I don't care.
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