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  1. I don't mind that they adressed it, but I don't think just the timeline of Charlotte's time on the throne is enough for full integration and acceptance. IMO there needed to be something preceeding it to set the stage for dukes and... well, I'm not really sure what title Lady Danburry's husband had.
  2. I went to check because you raise an interesting point. The credited writer for this episode on IMDb is Joy C. Mitchell. And in fact, there were five female writers plus Chris Van Dusen, the show creator, on the writing staff.
  3. Nope, that wasn't in the book at all. I actually thought Will or some character like him could have been in the book, because it seems so romance novel-y for the hero to go to someone to kick him about to forget his sads, but ot turned out not so in this case. Yeah, Pen has that money after being in business for over 10 years. At this point she may be breaking even. But you're right, that could be one of the reasons behind this choice.
  4. I like her looks more and more as time goes, even though the bangs kill me. Violet, who do you hate, Daphne or me? But I just can’t get over her snooze worthy personality.
  5. I recommend the Regency slang video for ‘Regency fuckboi’ alone. I’ll never be able to read that type of character without this popping to mind. Well executed, Sir. 👏
  6. Well, Maxima is kind of the queen of big everything. Big bows Big sleeves Big pants Big jewelry She's in a league of her own that others can only aspire to achieve.
  7. Honestly no idea. The only Featherington family member mentioned in the book that wasn't introduced in the show is the youngest sister Felicity. But Mr. Featherington is already dead by the start of the series and not mentioned all that much. I can't even think of any of the books' chatacters they could try to introduce in this capacity. Going by future heroes, Phillip has already been brought in, which leaves John and Michael, Francesca's future husbands, and Gareth, Hyacinth's future guy, who's also Lady Danburry's nephew. I don't know how any of that would work. Even as for villains, of the male variety, I think there's an old guy in Gregory's book, but can'št really remember anything about him. That's really all I can come up with. Whoever it turns out to be, they'll have to change a lot about the character, but they've already done so with Berbrooke, so I can't see that stopping them.
  8. I doubt they will drop so far, but I do imagine Portia being really pro-active about bettering their chances next season. The show will probably jump ahead about a year, just like in the book, because there's not really much for her to do during mourning without appearing like a monster. Portia wants social standing, not just money, and she can hardly throw herself or one of her daughters at someone during this period without everyone looking down on her even more than they already do. Phillip should expect a lot of correspondence from her, I suppose, and I imagine the yet unknown heir will be called upon as well.
  9. Shondaland came up with this concept, it wasn't there in the source material.
  10. Maybe my deal is that I find Thomas a much deeper writer than Quinn and fear her subtleties would be lost in an adaptation. I really don't know what to think about this Barbara Taylor Bradford deal, since those books, or at least some of them, have actually already been adapted. Why not find something new in such a vast pool of authors?
  11. Mashable's A very serious ranking of all your 'Bridgerton' crushes Whether you agree with the rankings is beside the point, really, because the pros and cons are uniformly hilarious. Topping the hilarity is the fact that Jamie Beamish, aka Lord Berbrooke, shated it thusly:
  12. https://www.amazon.com/Romancing-Mister-Bridgerton-Epilogue-Bridgertons-ebook/dp/B00U6SFUVA Romancing Mr. Bridgerton, ebook edition is on sale.
  13. I think Thomas is a great writer. But I think her works deal mostly with internalized conflicts which can be challenging to adapt. Not impossible by any means, but requiring a great deal of skill. Though I have to say, I remember her endings feeling somewhat rushed. Then again, I haven't read her books in a while, so I could be misremembering. Since we've mentioned Loretta Chase, I started re-reading Miss Wonderful and how great is it that the hero is avoiding romantic entangelments not because he's jaded, but because he's a romantic who falls hard and fast in love with disasterous consequences. Plus, the Earl of Hargate has one of, if not the best introduction of parents in romance novels.
  14. That first photo perfectly illustrates why William was a dreamboat for so many girls. Edward looks like a totally different person. Are we sure he wasn't switched at some point?
  15. I went to read the 2nd epilogue of The Duke and I to check what you were saying. While it takes place 21 years into Simon and Daphne's marriage and all her sibling are married for years at that point, you're right, Colin and Penelope being married and having kids is key. Even if they were to switch the storyline to one of the other Bridgertons, it still couldn't take place next season. I have to say, this is a rather nice depiction of a long standing marriage, but the editing is abysmal. Either it's a matter of Colin and Penelope having different number of kids, switching between four and five, or one of their son goes from Thomas to William in a matter of a page or two.
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