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  1. This is such a weird story. He shot the wrong bear? What, did they hand him the mug shot of the bear they wanted to off and he mistook it? Plus, who even expected a story about a foreign prince being contracted to domaway with troublesome wildlife in 2021?
  2. Some song from the show popped up on Youtube, then I watched about 30 more and now I'm done re-watching the first two seasons and holy crap, I did NOT grasp the brilliance of the season 2 finale at the time. Sure, Rebecca's interactions with the Westchester Sperm Machine always read uncomfortable, but I don't think I've realized before that they're recreations of her interactions with Josh. First it was the text message. This is Rebecca's message to Josh when she moves to West Covina: Even the writing process is the same. Then, there are the chords of Love Kernels playing when she go
  3. I think seeing them with their spouses a lot of times also feeds into that perception. Wax doesn't tower over Max when she's in heels. Felipe is a giant sequoia on the other hand.
  4. Bonkerton. Hee. Oh, Francesca is there as well. They remembered her.
  5. As mentioned above, different occasions. Louis looks like he's trying to sell me some insurance here. Wills looks better in the video than in those photos released earlier.
  6. Definite favorites: On a mission from God to cockblock his sister Could start a fight in an empty house Big of heart, dumb of ass All true. :D
  7. Was George II passed over in favor of his younger brother Alexander or was his Constantine's eldest living son after Alexander died?
  8. I was the first to call him so on any occasion, but it's also true that we have little frame of reference of what (nearly) 100-year-olds look like. Maybe that is why most of us shuffle off this mortal coil well before that. Well those shoes just don't seem like a good idea. Just a fast way to pick up dirt. Although, maybe her ankles are swollen.
  9. I have to say that I find the fact that people seem to have started Elizabeth's death watch the moment Philip's death was announced really disturbing.
  10. Danish Queen Margarethe, linked just on last page, always wears glasses. Here's a more formal appearance. https://www.instagram.com/p/CMzHl4-A8IS/?igshid=14keyz9gq7dqb As for no dark nail polish in the British royal family, Harper's Bazzar collected some occasions of Kate wearing it when there was a thing because Meghan showed up at a function with near black polish. I'm also positive I've seen Sophie wearing something darker to official engagements. https://www.harpersbazaar.com/celebrity/latest/a25476392/kate-middleton-dark-nail-polish-royal-protocol/
  11. Damn phone. Fixed. I particularly love this one since there is plenty evidence of her wearing sleeveless, even strapless dresses.
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