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  1. Good thoughts to your Dad, 7kstar
  2. In a observationally interesting way?
  3. Sam is for sure pansexual when it comes to getting with monsters and demons. LOL
  4. It's not just people thinking it up on their own. The show has shown and told us that Dean lived on his own, and lived with Lisa. He wasn't happy but that was because Sam was in the cage. To me, even though Dean always wanted to protect Sam, he could live without him. He did it with Cassie, too.
  5. The thing that grates is that they could have spent 3 minutes showing Dean applying for that job or even getting the job (glad was wrong and it wasn't a will), still hunting a bit, and then telling Sam he's quitting hunting, but let's take this one last case. And then he dies. To me that would have been truly tragic. Show us a time jump like 4 months later or something so we could see Dean seeking a new life, caring for the pooch, grieving Cas or trying to get him out of the Empty, and then accepting he isn't coming back. Show Sam grieving Eileen or having a long distance relationship with her. To me that would have had a much more tragic punch and would have been a much bigger FU to Chuck. Because Dean had so much more character development, than this finale implies. I'm still smad!
  6. Here's why I think Dean's death was shitty. It wasn't an accident. I think the vampire knew it was there. A vampire did kill Dean, by intentionally slamming Dean onto giant nail/hook thing. I hate it.
  7. I could even live with finding out Dean was in the Malak box all that time, with Michael messing with his head.
  8. It's seems weird that the wildly loyal audience needs a reminder that Sam has anti possession tattoo to realize that is what was on Nephew Dean.
  9. Maybe IRL , but Dean and Sam have met ans soent a lot of time with Celestial being so i think they would have an understanding, until the writers say they dont. As to the show, would it be grace that Gack has put upon those who get to heaven so they will only have good memories? Is this grace that a human bestows on another human? Do they not have the choice to remain hurt and unforgiving in Heaven with no apologies given by those who have done the hurting? If Gack has made them all live in heaven together without resolving anything between them, then isn't he kind of already taking an active role in humans lives? It's just so treacly to me.
  10. Random thoughts on the episode: I am pretty certain Badd did lift Dean's death from AHBL. But this time it was Sam crying over Dean. And yet the only thing Sam did was listen to Dean sing his praises. Not once did Sam say anything like "Thank you" or "I love you, too". I mean I get Sam was in a bit of shock, but you'd think he could have squeeked something nice to say to Dean about Dean before he dies. JFC. Dean did not get a peaceful death. He died traumatically and he had to practically beg Sam to stay with him. He was scared of dying alone. That is not peaceful. The only thing that made it tolerable was Jensen's performance. No offense to Jared but I thought that was Jared's tears more than Sam's. Also, no one can convince me that a shirtless Sam followed not long after by a Walker promo wasn't a plea for some SPN family to follow Jared to Walker with a carrot of shirtless Sam. I also think Sam going to Austin for a hunt and closing down the bunker was another stealth promo for Walker because it's going to be set and filmed in Austin. Kind of telling the audience that Sam is gone but Jared will be in Austin. I thought that paperwork on Dean's desk was likely a will. So, back when Sam said no one will remember them except the people they save means the Winchester gospels no longer exist? And with Dean's belongings presumably still in the bunker, did Sam leave them there in case Mrs Butters ever comes back? Or will they stay there for an eternity? That was weird. I'm sure I'll have more random musings later. #deandeservedbetter
  11. I can't begin to express my ire o we this end. It was not good. Dean Winchester did not deserve a piece if rebar in his back as his death. Just shitty. And once again, Jensen stealth spoiled Dean's ending. And I love him for it. The music seemed like a completely different show but at least Dean's Family theme played over Dean's death. I am waiting for Sam Winchester's Gray Wig to be a Twitter handle.
  12. I'm having a Juicy Hazy IPA and cookies
  13. I'm feeling verklempt. As much as the show has annoyed me recently, I'm gonna miss the hell out of Dean Winchester.
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