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  1. For Jensen to have to make peace with, or accept, or let go because he thinks he's too close emotionally, says to me that he doesn't think it fits with the character(s) or it takes Dean out if the final moments. Combined with the remarks he said he had to come to understand why it needs to be whatever way it's going to be, leads me to think it will be Dean being forced out of the hunting life in some absurd manner. I can see Dabb full on putting Dean in such a place that he can't hunt because he is physically and mentally unable. And rather than give Dean a heroic badass death, I would not be at all surprised for Dabb to him put Dean literally in an incapacitated state where he isn't even allowed to use his mind to save people and hunt things. Maybe he ends up as a drooling mess in the Cage after he is swapped out for Adam...again. And not because Dean is going to make a deal that saves someone but rather Dean will be punished by Chuck for refusing to kill Jack by making him literally irrelevant in any way at all. Dean might not even be able to remember his life as a hunter given what happened in Regarding Dean. Thus it ends with Sam taking care of an infirmed, incapacitated Dean which will make "dabrothers" (tm Aeryn13) fans go awww, Sam is now taking care of poor old Dean. And that's how it ends. That's my actual prediction.
  2. Oh boy. I'm glad Jensen is comforted. I am....not.
  3. I'm rather bothered they didn't even mention Kim Manners at all during the rundown of who had such influence over the show.
  4. catrox14

    Spoilers With Speculation

    If that happens it's because they recast the part, which NO THANK YOU! I don't see Mark Sheppard ever coming back
  5. Oh gods...I forgot about that stupid development. You know. I really hope that somehow that whole Mirror Universe thing in the s14 finale will have some pay off that all of this has been in Dean's mind because he really did get int he Box with Michael after all. HAHAHAHAHA. who am I kidding. If Yockey was still around, I might think he would do that.....
  6. Oh, don't get me wrong. I was not intending my comment as a defense if Berens atall. He's on my poop list. LOL I was just saying that canonically, even if Berens was digging at Dean, Dean himself has an actual valid reason for not voting. Sadly, I doubt Berens even remembers that part of the show. Sigh....
  7. ETA: That should really apply to Sam as well, so Berens should have answered neither vote. Also, that is a shitty question from Jess who used to do the spoiler pages. It's a 100% baiting question. I've lost a lot of respect for her for asking that at all.
  8. I don't remember where or when I heard this but I thought Jensen himself said that Dean doesn't vote? And he gave a credible reason that Dean doesn't vote because he's been declared legally dead and it would be voter fraud if he tried. Something to that effect.
  9. This is such bullshit out of Singers mouth. It wasn't accidental. Jack intentionally wanted Mary to stop and he used his power to stop her. He did it on purpose. I hate that they completely bailed out on Jack being a full villain by Singer framing it as accidental. And no being soulless wasn't even accidental nor out of his control. He chose to burn off his soul to use his powers so knowing it would burn off his soul. IMO, the only way they make Jack interesting is to take him full darkside and make him the villain of s15.
  10. I'm not sure, but I generally have enjoyed the episodes he's directed. So...yay??
  11. catrox14

    MLB Thread

    I went home sick from work and was further sickened by both games. Ugh. 😔😕
  12. Pre season 14 TV Guide, featured a two page spread about Mark P and Nickifer, was pretty much accurate, this I think it will be the same with Jack. And I stand by my original specs way back when Jack showed up, that he is the character they want to spin off. IMO they were going to use WS to set Jack up. And that's why Jack is so important to Dabb and Singer. And why his story is with Billie and why he will be around to the end of the show and if Dabb has his way... Beyond.
  13. catrox14

    Supernatural Ending

    creative writers can write shorter arcs that still focus on Sam and Dean. They don't take off extra time for the conventions as those happen on weekends. Comic Con is basically required by the network. They may work 4 days a week but they film 12 to 15 hours a day. weekends
  14. catrox14

    Supernatural Ending

    I can't imagine they want the same schedule and a solid story for the boys. I would expect that their time will be more on the show since the end is here. I would expect that to have already been in the negotiations for the end of the show.