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  1. catrox14

    Spoilers With Speculation

    I think he said in another tweet he was going to contribute to the final season before he left.
  2. So here is some wild spec: Chuck isn't Chuck nor Metatron. He's a heretofore unknown twin. I mean if he can have a sister why not an evil twin? I am placing this is my official spec as to how they get out of this and not keep Actual!Chuck as the Big Bad. And it would be right in DabBlemmSinger wheel house of stupidity.
  3. https://www.eonline.com/news/1066914/tv-s-top-leading-man-2019-vote-in-the-final-4 Looks like Jensen made into the Final Four He's up against Dan Levy from Schitts Creek. The other bracket is Bob Morley v Can Yaman
  4. catrox14

    Spoilers With Speculation

    I'm thinking maybe they do a complete reset.. with Sam making a deal with Amara to take out Chuck and reset at ep 3? I can see that being a route to bring past characters.
  5. catrox14

    Supernatural Media: I Observe, With My Eyes

    Sorry, I posted this in the Awards thread before I saw your post here. Sorry for the redundancy.
  6. Jared won the TCA for Choice SciFi TV actor. Choice Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actor (#ChoiceSciFiFantasyTVActor) Aubrey Joseph – “Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger” Bob Morley – “The 100” Dominic Sherwood – “Shadowhunters” Harry Shum Jr. – “Shadowhunters” Jared Padalecki – “Supernatural” – WINNER Ross Lynch – “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”
  7. catrox14

    Supernatural Media: I Observe, With My Eyes

    He's been mentioned a couple of times a year in that particular publication, which is really nice. They gave him a write up for his hairstyle a couple of years ago as well. Jensen is so fucking attractive that it is really almost too much to take. He has it all IMO.
  8. I wasn't suggesting you didn't know. Sorry if my comment implied otherwise. I was agreeing with you and expanding with my own thoughts as to why I don't think consulting meant at all here that they were really particularly involved in the decision making process wrt to the series end much less collaborating closely.
  9. Consulting and collaboration are really quite different. Consulting, in this case, IMO, is more like 'Here is what we intend to do' vs "collaboration" which IMO is more like ' Here is what we are planning and we actively want your input on how this happens and should it even happen the way we envision'
  10. I guess that is why Dabb et al, had Jack declare himself a Winchester and it wasnt disputed on screen...so now the Winchester Bros story includes Jack and is really only ever going to be about Jack, since now its being spun that is 'evolved' to being about TFW being Jack's Dads which never flew at all. Didnt Jared say in a different interview that he was not Jack's Dad?
  11. We Lol. sure Jared... Misha wont get the spinoff with Alex...,Alex will get the spinoffband Cas will be excised from the story just like he was already... which is shitty for Misha (and also exactly what ive been saying since Alex came aboard). WS was never the spinoff they wanted other than Berens. It was always a red herring IMO.
  12. Ben Affleck took on Batman at 40 as did Michael Keaton. Jensen is the right age for the older Batman. Also, Milo is nowhere close to having the talent and screen charisma that Jensen has IMO.
  13. They love themselves some hurt! Woobie! Jack. It's so stupid
  14. catrox14

    Spoilers With Speculation

    I'm basing my thought on the other seasons wherein they have done time jumps between seasons i.e. S3 to s4 - 4 months, s5 to s6 -1year, s7 to s8 -1 year, s9 to s10 - 1 month, s13 to 14 - several weeks.