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  1. catrox14

    MLB Thread

    I went home sick from work and was further sickened by both games. Ugh. πŸ˜”πŸ˜•
  2. Pre season 14 TV Guide, featured a two page spread about Mark P and Nickifer, was pretty much accurate, this I think it will be the same with Jack. And I stand by my original specs way back when Jack showed up, that he is the character they want to spin off. IMO they were going to use WS to set Jack up. And that's why Jack is so important to Dabb and Singer. And why his story is with Billie and why he will be around to the end of the show and if Dabb has his way... Beyond.
  3. catrox14

    Supernatural Ending

    creative writers can write shorter arcs that still focus on Sam and Dean. They don't take off extra time for the conventions as those happen on weekends. Comic Con is basically required by the network. They may work 4 days a week but they film 12 to 15 hours a day. weekends
  4. catrox14

    Supernatural Ending

    I can't imagine they want the same schedule and a solid story for the boys. I would expect that their time will be more on the show since the end is here. I would expect that to have already been in the negotiations for the end of the show.
  5. catrox14

    Tennis Thread

    I think Serena underestimated Simona on this surface. Simona played the best she's probably ever played. Congrats to Simona.
  6. catrox14

    MLB Thread

    As much as I find Hernandez awful, that was Jim Joyce. He and Galarraga worked together on a book about that incident called Nobody's Perfect. The sad part is that Joyce was generally considered one of the best umpires in the league prior to that call.
  7. I thought Carver was being cagey /snarky about Dean so he wouldnt give up the big spoiler of Demon Dean since I think he intended to always go with Demon Dean in s9. IMO, Carver gave Dean the most interesting meta plot/mytharc he'd had since s4 so I think was being sarcastic given what I thought was a pretty meaty Dean mytharc in s9 and potentially s10. I do wonder when TPTB say things like that, and say the boys have to be together, which prematurely truncates a better narrative structure by keeping them apart a bit longer than was done in both s10 and s14. Is it their choice, or are they pushed by the network to put them back together after no more than 3 eps apart.
  8. catrox14

    Spoilers With Speculation

    I can only hope that Sam is once again, wrong about what he thinks the Big Bad ior Big Good, is doing. Having Chuck as the big bad is just a terrible idea, much like Chuck being proclaimed as God was a terrible idea that should have never seen the light of day.
  9. Well, at least he contributed to s15? Fingers crossed, its a good thing?
  10. Well, fuck a duck. Yockey was the best writer on the staff who IMO treated most of the characters with an even hand. I am afraid. I am very afraid.
  11. As much as Sam and Dean suffered from Jack's arrival, Cas really got screwed over the most IMO. They didn't even give Cas the "father" storyline when he was the one fighting for Jack's survival to the near demise of his relationship with Dean. He was sidelined, got beat up all the time in terrible ways, never mind the uncanny resemblance of Alex and Misha. I had to laugh when I read a comment from Jared, that I'll have to find when I have a moment, that Jack wasn't Sam's kid. I think even Jared didn't believe in Sam being Jack's dad. Jack might be popular with a certain segment but he sure doesn't deserve all the big kills and storylines he got after those were stripped from the 3 main characters. I maintain that he was always the real character they wanted to do a spinoff around or at least the one Dabb wanted. I think Berens was all about Wayward Sisters and even if tht had come to pass, I think Jack would have been spun off into that show. And since WS failed, we are stuck with Jack now. What a bunch of shit!
  12. catrox14

    You know you're watching too much Arrow when....

    ...you're at work, and see a product on the shelf called "Overwatch" and are completely confused because you work at a grocery store and it's a grocery item...and you think....Felicity....what are you doing?
  13. Ibwas not a fan of the one dimensional bullet point writing of TFW in Scoobynatural, which I largely chose to ignore because it was a one off animated episode. Sam was little more than bitchface Sam, Dean was horndog chasing Daphne, and Cas was comic relief with Shaggy. IMO. I hope he brings more to the table than that episode.