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  1. I wonder if they might be doing some kind of variety show on the CW next year? Like a Sonny & Cher thing? They are pretty funny together
  2. I was a bit confused. How do they get to 7 episodes when it unlikely filming will begin inJuly or August?
  3. I've long said on the Arrow forum that Sara and Dean would be a good match. Ship name Dera? Sardean? Yes SarDean it is!
  4. The Impala wins Best Non Human Character Other Categories still to be announced.
  5. Yeah! That's my boy! Dean Winchester wins Favorite TV Character for Canadagraphs Awards. Sam was 2nd and Castiel was 4th https://canadagraphs.weebly.com/polls-and-awards-blog/best-of-tv-awar ds-2019-winner-favorite-tv-character Supernatural wins Favorite TV Show
  6. If this article was actual interviews with Jensen and Jared, how could that go to print saying he filmed it if he didn't? So presuming he did film it, maybe he did it during his winter hiatus? Or during the season? He's the EP so maybe they did it in Austin? I guess someone will fact check it or something. I thought it was really weird.
  7. Article about the end of SPN in the Austin Chronicle. Curiously, it says Jared already shot the pilot for Walker? When?? https://www.austinchronicle.com/screens/2020-04-03/killing-demons-and-blasting-sabbath-15-years-of-supernatural/
  8. My Favorite War Movie is "Gallapoli"
  9. Sorry. I'm the worst! But I really do love some of those for multiple reasons! LOL So Soylent Green: ....Yeah.....I went to see that with my older brother and I was way too young and it totally fucked me up. So that's what I remember. A good memory though is going to see Star Wars with my mom. LOL.
  10. I'll play: Favorite movie: Tie between Gladiator, WestSideStory, and The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford Movie that makes you remember your childhood: Soylent Green (it's a long story. LOL) Favorite Tom Hanks movie: Tie between Cast Away and Forrest Gump Movie that makes you cry: Brian's Song (Original) and Gladiator Favorite 80’s movie: Valley Girl Favorite comedy: Tie between Fast Times at Ridgemont High & Office Space Favorite sports movie: Field of Dreams Favorite horror movie: Halloween (Original) Most overrated movie: A Star is Born (2018 version) Favorite gangster movie: The Godfather Movie you can watch over and over: Tie between Gladiator and Field of Dreams Movie with the best soundtrack: I can't possibly pick one.
  11. I love him. Please let him be hinting at something as well. Either way, he's a beautiful dork.
  12. I don't see your point? The official SPN twitter tweets all kinds of things that have little resemblance to SPN at all.
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