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  1. I was watching Shawshank Redemption and was like...wait, isn't Alastair 1.0? Sure enough, he played one of the prisoners that abused Andy DuFresne
  2. Hi friends. I know times are really hard, so I'm just posting this here mostly to ask for good thoughts for my nephew and his family. They were hit by a suspected drunk driver nearly head on. This is a link to their GoFundMe. If you can help they would be amazing. Thank you for listening. https://gf.me/u/yjpbid
  3. Ya'll are going on about the hair and I just see ARRRMMMMSSS...LOL
  4. I think all the showrunners going back to Kripke said they would never bring Jesus into the show.
  5. I have to say, I would not have skipped Slice Girls, because it was way more than just man butchering Amazons. Dean had a rather important tie to the episode.
  6. catrox14

    MLB Thread

    Ugh. The DH is the worst that ever happened to baseball. Manfred is tied for being the worst thing to ever happen to baseball. FFFFFFFFFF If they put in the NL I might be done with baseball.
  7. Oh great. This just gives Tinhats more fuel for their shenigans. Sigh. That is a lawsuit waiting to happen.
  8. I wonder if they might be doing some kind of variety show on the CW next year? Like a Sonny & Cher thing? They are pretty funny together
  9. I was a bit confused. How do they get to 7 episodes when it unlikely filming will begin inJuly or August?
  10. I've long said on the Arrow forum that Sara and Dean would be a good match. Ship name Dera? Sardean? Yes SarDean it is!
  11. The Impala wins Best Non Human Character Other Categories still to be announced.
  12. Yeah! That's my boy! Dean Winchester wins Favorite TV Character for Canadagraphs Awards. Sam was 2nd and Castiel was 4th https://canadagraphs.weebly.com/polls-and-awards-blog/best-of-tv-awar ds-2019-winner-favorite-tv-character Supernatural wins Favorite TV Show
  13. If this article was actual interviews with Jensen and Jared, how could that go to print saying he filmed it if he didn't? So presuming he did film it, maybe he did it during his winter hiatus? Or during the season? He's the EP so maybe they did it in Austin? I guess someone will fact check it or something. I thought it was really weird.
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