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  1. They've been to Flagstaff in their youth. That's where Sam ran away, found a dog and lived on Funyons and Mr Pibb. I think maybe they haven't been to New Mexico.
  2. catrox14

    The NBA

    Man, that's awful.
  3. catrox14

    The NBA

    The news is saying that his kids were also on board? Oh my gosh. That's horrible.
  4. catrox14

    The NBA

    Holy shit. That's the last thing I would have ever expected. Damn
  5. So, how are the boys going to get across the Canadian border to get to Alaska.....I mean given they're shit out of luck situation now....how does that happen. Surely they'll get captured by the Canadian border patrol?
  6. Interesting comments/thoughts from the dance choreographer. I can buy his headcanon about why Dean was dancing in his drug induced state.
  7. He wasn't nominated that I heard about. I think he is being wooed for future stuff.
  8. This was so dumb and not funny. I laughed twice. My headcanon wrt to Dean not having one of Garth's twins named after him is that Gertie has a middle name of Deanna. I've also decided to headcanon that Baby Sam and Baby Cas we're aptly named because they were crying and whining. I thought "The giant is crying " was funny even if the youth actor didn't quite nail it. The tap dance scene was a big win for me because it looked liked Dean dancing, not Jensen. He still had slightly hunched shoulders throughout the moves whereas Jensen carries himself with his shoulders back. Dean knew Garth went to dental school and they played the tooth fairy joke then. This felt like it was trying to hard to be funny which made it not funny. And it didn't have enough heart to make any angst work. It was a mess.
  9. So, wait, did Garth just blow up the grenade launcher along with their duffles full of their fighting tools? Or do they, hopefully, have multiples of all the necessaries?
  10. catrox14

    MLB Thread

    It was even worse in a way. Tom what his name from MLB Network literally asked Walker how it felt to be inducted with Jeter. Like WTF!? But Walker had a great response. He said it was like being on the B side of a record LOL
  11. I was a Destiel shipper up until the most recent episode. My pint is more that her tone changed when her visibility increased. I just find it interesting.
  12. I agree. And sometimes I blame Jensen, who enjoys some of the more OTT physical slapstick comedy and that doesnt help. It's the one area where I wish Jensen would dial it back, for Dean's sake. Then again, maybe he's just given up and is doing stuff for his comedy demo reel. I dunno.
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