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  1. The only line I remember is from Slash Fiction "Well, if your gonna be stupid, you might as well be smart about it." It also sounds like a Crowley line too
  2. My guess is that pic was taken on the same day he took the one of him shoveling snow and he posted it today.
  3. That's almost worse for Sam in a way in that Jared is implying (if not overtly stating) that Sam disregarded Dean's hope for Sam and Eileen as well as everything shown on screen since Eileen was brought in, and was brought back (by Sam lol). Worse its almost implying Sam went opposite of Dean, rather than honoring Dean. Ijust don't buy Jared's reasoning for Sam re Eileen, other than 'because Dabb wrote it that way' and he can't really justify it well. JMO
  4. What a strange and IMO wildly wrong interpretation from Jared re: Dean's opinion on hunters being together in his later years. Its so off kilter that it makes me wonder if Dabb told Jared that was his reason for giving Sam a blurry wife in the finale. Otherwise, it sure makes it seem like Jared did not watch the show at all in the past four seasons because Dean consistently supported and encouraged Sam and Eileen. I think it was pretty clear Dean changed his stance with "The Chitters" episode when he learned Jesse and Cesar made it work as a couple. How weird
  5. Hot fucking damn! Jensen wins Critics Choice Award for Best Actor in a Horror or Fantasy show. Gotdam , I am so proud of our guy!
  6. If he moved to Colorado, he's at least at a mile elevation. That alone takes some getting used to and if he's at higher elevation even more so. If he's in Colorado now... And I don't live there anymore,.... Son of a ....
  7. That guy has always come across to me as a troll. I think he trolls all sides of fandom.
  8. Good thoughts to your Dad, 7kstar
  9. In a observationally interesting way?
  10. Sam is for sure pansexual when it comes to getting with monsters and demons. LOL
  11. It's not just people thinking it up on their own. The show has shown and told us that Dean lived on his own, and lived with Lisa. He wasn't happy but that was because Sam was in the cage. To me, even though Dean always wanted to protect Sam, he could live without him. He did it with Cassie, too.
  12. The thing that grates is that they could have spent 3 minutes showing Dean applying for that job or even getting the job (glad was wrong and it wasn't a will), still hunting a bit, and then telling Sam he's quitting hunting, but let's take this one last case. And then he dies. To me that would have been truly tragic. Show us a time jump like 4 months later or something so we could see Dean seeking a new life, caring for the pooch, grieving Cas or trying to get him out of the Empty, and then accepting he isn't coming back. Show Sam grieving Eileen or having a long distance relationship with he
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