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  1. I can’t get over how few books are in that library 😂 And the few that are there are arranged like props! What a bunch of wannabes.
  2. For all we know, Tyler’s mother would love for Tyler to live with her, but he prefers to stay with the Duggars. For all their faults, they gave him stability when he needed it, and maybe he still needs it. It is so wrong for Pickles to stick her nose into such a sensitive topic. That’s just so hurtful, and she’s not part of the situation so she has no idea what’s even going on. Taking Tyler in and treating him as one of their own is maybe the most compassionate thing the Duggars have ever done. Not that it’s such a big deal to take care of your own relative (who you presumably love),
  3. Yup! My first mortgage payment in Aug 1, and orientation is in mid-August. So I'm planning to take my time, but be fully moved in by Aug 1 (meaning have moved all my things to the house, not necessarily unpacked and everything). The truth is that I would love to just get a truck and get everything over there immediately! But I need to be slow and steady and stick to my planned timeline, to keep from things getting totally nuts with pets and commuting. Plus, my boyfriend is dealing with getting his parents into assisted living, and it's consuming 99% of his bandwidth right now...we've talk
  4. OMFG if my neighbors were posting stalker pics of me whenever I happened to be out in the yard or running errands or whatever, like I'm a zoo animal on display... Can you imagine if your neighbor were doing this to you?! Dehumanizing, boundary-crossing, and voyeuristic. That Jill doesn't see that says so much about her.
  5. I closed on my house yesterday 😁 There is absolutely nothing to rent, there wasn't even a rental that we could go look at. So buying it was! And thankfully, it turned out really well. The house is gorgeous and move-in ready, in a nice (albeit very suburban) neighborhood very close to parks, the library, stores, as well as highways and commuter rail... I'm just still in shock that "they" let me actually buy it! No idea who "they" is in this case, but you know what I mean! My boyfriend and I are going to have to downsize to both get into the house, and it's also going to be the first t
  6. And Derick is raising his kids even more conservatively than he was. His mother worked, for one. Jill is not as well educated or as empowered as Cathy was back in the 90s/2000s. Cathy, the woman who gave her sons shirts about how hitting them was good child-rearing. That's really saying something.
  7. Remember the video when they gave Ivy a new dress and she was looking at herself in the mirror like ☺️ and clearly feeling so beautiful? It was adorable. I think she likes pretty clothes. Ivy seems like a sweet kid, I hope her light isn’t smothered by her parents’ neuroses and zealotry.
  8. Yeah, he probably got a thrill out of publicly degrading her.
  9. Nobody sane is a sk8tr boi at 33. It's possible that nobody sane is a sk8tr boi in 2021! Or maybe he looks like a loon because he's trying to be a knock off Kanye. Who is ALREADY a loon. It's fine to love fashion, but unfortunately, he doesn't really have an eye. He has always looked ridiculous and costume-y in his get ups. Other people could probably pull them off, but he just doesn't have enough style. I don't think it's that he's too ugly, he's just missing the personality or the vibe to pull off something more unusual. The clothes end up wearing him.
  10. On the one hand, I agree, but on the other hand, a fourteen year old who is acting out sexually needs help. Not ditch digging and shunning, actual help. Because something is going WILDLY wrong when a kid maybe not even past puberty himself is doing things like assaulting his younger sisters in common areas of the house and watching porn so publicly that random little kids are walking in and telling on him. Like, there's curiosity and then there's THAT. And I know that JB and Michelle know that a kid acting out like that is a HUGE red flag, because they are obsessed with sexuality and
  11. I dunno, she's a million months pregnant, has three little kids, and a ton of family/emotional shit going on. I'm wearing sweatpants right now and I'm not even dealing with any of that 😆
  12. Totally agree. She has the freedom to divorce, and I'm glad. Her life doesn't have to be over because she wants to end a romantic relationship. I never saw her wedding, but she looks very unhappy in those wedding pictures.
  13. I think the Howlers essentially raised each other, and their parents never bothered with them before, so why bother with them now? I think they're given an allowance and basically left to do whatever they want. Some of it is gender, I think, because the Lost Girls seem just as suffocated and insulated as ever. But some of it might be their parents just not caring all that much, because the older boys seemed to have been given a lot more pressure and attention. To be honest, in this family, it seems like the less attention a kid gets, especially a male kid, the better. Maybe the paren
  14. My boyfriend's parents are in rehab and will be going to assisted living eventually. So for right now, their cat is with me! I'm not sure yet whether he will be staying with us for good or if he will be able to go back to my boyfriend's parents once they're settled into AL. Sam seems happy to be here, though! He's easy-going, and I think he's loving having some company. My dog, Portia, is also EXTREMELY excited to have a new friend at home. She is being very, very good but sometimes her excitement gets the better of her, and she goes from wagging her tail to wagging her whole body and dan
  15. Fascinating thought, but I think Anna is a true believer and would never participate in a tell-all. I don’t think she has any leverage against JB and Michelle — if anything they are probably blaming her for not “doing her job” by keeping Josh on the straight and narrow. They are probably not as forgiving as we are for her failing to monitor his computer activity, for one. I think she’s in danger of becoming the family whipping boy. She does not come off as a very nice person, but I also think she’s in a very precarious position and doubling down on delusional cult bullshit to cope. I have
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