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  1. Really? I would feel threatened as fuck. This is an adult male stranger under house arrest, sitting there with nothing to do and no place to go while every day draws him closer to being hauled into court on an airtight case that will get him a very long prison sentence. He has nothing to lose and is in a desperate situation -- and desperate people do desperate things. On top of that, the dude is an incorrigible sex offender and all-around-predator. And when Mrs. Reber asked for help before and said she was anxious about having him in her home, nobody listened -- so there's nobody who's going t
  2. Last night, I had another nightmare about the Rod kids needing help and not being able to get it. I'm reading a book called Quincunx by Charles Palliser (really good novel by the way) and it's very Dickensian. The narrator mentions rickets and other Industrial Revolution-era London problems, and it called the Rod kids to mind, I think. I really wish that Jill and David would take proper care of their kids, if only for our peace of mind lol
  3. Yeah, I'm genuinely scared that Ivy and Henry are going to get crushed by that collapsing bed one of these days. Jessa seems to be working out her issues by living EXACTLY as her parents did, or at least how they claimed to. It wouldn't surprise me if she were pushing for Ben to run for office, just like her father did.
  4. She did tell him that she wasn't comfortable, her daughter wasn't comfortable... And that's what she told the judge in open court, in private she probably went even further begging her husband not to do this. I really lay it at her husband's feet. He wants to get in good with Boob or the Lort or whatever and his wife and daughter are the ones paying for it. If I were Mrs. Reber, my marriage probably wouldn't survive this bullshit. But she can't really move out at a moment's notice, she's a housewife and probably doesn't have access to sufficient money. So she's probably trying to mak
  5. I'm sorry for your loss, @jcbrown Thinking of you and your dad. If you are up for telling us anything about him, I'm all ears
  6. They have grown men living in the boy's "dorm," too, right? I forget the name of the family, I think it starts with an H and I think they're Indonesian originally (?), but last I heard at least one of the men in the family lives at the Big House. Boob and Michelle are basically cult leaders and Laura and the H-kidults are members of the cult, so they are welcome at the cult compound. Seriously my perspective on it.
  7. I thought fried green tomatoes were for the end of the season, because you fry the green tomatoes that won’t have a chance to ripen before the first frost ruins them. Maybe they prefer friend green tomatoes to ripened tomatoes, that’s their prerogative, just seems unusual to me. Is it normal to eat green tomatoes all season and I’m the odd one? Jill’s Bible study… it makes me a bit uncomfortable for her to paint God as essentially “sky Daddy,” but I can see how that’s comforting and moving/powerful in a way… Not to psychoanalyze a stranger but I guess what makes me feel a bit uncomfortabl
  8. Yeah, in Jill and Derick's minds, when they put their family on display, they're being role models for good Christian living. When Jazz (or virtually anyone not identical to them in terms of culture, ethnicity, and/or worldview) is on display, they are tempting people toward hellfire. At bottom, these are religious zealots and I think that colors their perspective on everything.
  9. Oh, I'm sure that Jeremy does literally nothing around the house. Cook, clean, run errands, take care of the kids? No way. That's Jinger's job. Jeremy "works" for MacArther. He doesn't work for Jing. I'm 99.9% certain that that's how he sees it. Their church is incredibly misogynistic so they're strongly encouraged to think that way, too.
  10. I'm no expert either! I think you could definitely be right, but I think that with something like CSA images there is inevitably a network of people sharing and producing the images, so it's pretty likely that when one member of the network gets caught, that defendant has an opportunity to leverage his info on the larger network in order to get a better plea deal. And the prosecution can diminish that leverage by saying that if he doesn't provide the info, or decides not to plea at all, that he could get hit even harder with charges. I really don't know what is going to happen, I'm f
  11. Also very possible that Derick wants her to do it, because it's a good source of income for them. He seems pretty down to earth when it comes to money. Jill seems pretty extroverted, so I think she probably enjoys it as a social outlet... plus, it probably counts as a "ministry" in her mind and also brings in some money. I don't think there's some big end game to it, I think it's basically her part-time job rather than working in Amy's store or whatever.
  12. That's a good point. I expect that ultimately, Josh will plead out, because a trial would be too humiliating and everyone knows that it won't go well. I think they're probably asking for the delay both because that's just an ordinary thing to ask for and because it gives them more time to work out a plea deal. It also wouldn't surprise me if Josh were to be hit even harder with charges if he ultimately refuses to plead. How I see it, the whole incentive of a plea deal (for the defendant) is to minimize how much punishment that they're going to get, so it wouldn't be too unusual for a
  13. I have literally never taken a picture with my head smooshed right up against someone else's head. Just looking at it makes me feel like my personal space is violated. Good on Jinger for being more laid back than I am, but jeez, how uncomfortable (and potentially clammy).
  14. Fenna may also have needed to get heartworm or other anti-parasite treatment, and so they held off on the spay until that was over (the heartworm treatment takes many weeks, and my dog also had to have another anti-parasite treatment that lasted an additional ten. These treatments are serious business). Most rescue dogs in the South are heartworm positive and many also have other parasites because of the climate -- lots of mosquitos, etc. I went through all that with my dog, but I actually rushed to have her spayed before bringing her home because of regulations making it really difficult to l
  15. To be fair, a toddler sitting in the fridge pouring milk down her throat is totally a "don't just go about your business -- tell somebody!" kind of situation. Spurge is a young kid, if he's trying to seek praise from his mom or if he needs his mom's help when his younger siblings are out of control, that's totally normal. What is a problem is that the house is tense and chaotic, the kids are climbing into death traps or digging through the vegetable patch for food, and the 5 year old is the only one we ever see trying to reign it in.
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