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  1. My grandma has very progressed dementia. The doctors recommended for us to just play along with whatever she’s saying, at least if what she’s saying is reasonably happy. Correcting her will just make her distressed, and there’s not really any reason to do that.
  2. This cracks me up, because it’s like — what work does he think a politician does? Math homework or something? The desk would look stupid facing the other way, too, especially with the flags behind him. But at least then it would look marginally less juvenile. Still pretentious and weird, but at least a LITTLE less juvenile. This just shows yet again that JED! (or whoever set this desk up) has zero experience of the adult working world. That isolation and infantilisation is tragic...and uh not a great argument for why he should be his district’s next representative
  3. Jessa keeps playing that Ben does have a job, so maybe he actually is at JB’s beck and call all the time? It wouldn’t surprise me, it doesn’t seem easy to get out from under JB’s thumb. I think Ben is totally clueless and he’s doing what he’s told (by JB and Jessa). Unfortunately, Jessa is clueless, too, and JB is genuinely shrewd, it’s like his one actual skill.
  4. For all we know, Ben liked Jessa not because she was the “hot” one but because she was the “smart” one. The teacher in the family. I wish Ben had grown up in a normal family and could fulfill his destiny to be a PE Teacher. He would love it..
  5. Ugh what are those captions? Fake, so fake. And why? It’s not like the Vuolos are even trying to pretend they’re doing cool stuff. I can believe they actually do eat pasta for dinner and study sometimes, those are ordinary activities. So what’s with the creepy charade, as though they have to fake boiling pasta or w/e “for the fans.” If you’re cooking spaghetti carbonara lately, Jinger, just say that and take a picture one of the nights you make it. Jeez Louise. Why are they the most awkwardly pretentious people on the planet?
  6. Also, I don’t know if it would appeal to him, but I think EMT training would be a great idea for Tim. I can see him working as an EMT or even as an orderly — I think it would be rewarding work and there’s room for advancement as he (slowly) pursues an education.
  7. Honestly, I wish the best for Tim because he seems to really be trying to create a life for himself — get an education, be independent — although he’s been hamstrung to high hell. Strange and spooky as he is after a lifetime spent trapped in that nightmare of a family, I’d take Tim over Jana anytime. The Rodriguez kids deserve a lot better than what they get and got, and they always break my heart. I can’t imagine living like that.
  8. I thought the post was too abstract, not really personal enough or focused enough on Jinger...BUT my own father always refused to do anything for my mom on Mother’s Day because “she’s not MY mother” and right this minute my friend is “enjoying” her “present” of getting time to clean while her husband watches their kid 🙄 So I guess at least Jeremy’s trying. Relationship dynamics like that are why I’m single, though 😂 Anyway, who knows if they’re using birth control. It’s possible Jinger and/or Jeremy just aren’t all that fecund. Felicity came quite a while after the wedding, too. Regardless of whether it’s purposeful or not, though, I’m glad for all their sakes that their baby train isn’t moving too fast. Jeremy clearly adores Felicity, but he also seems like the type to hand her off to Jinger whenever it’s convenient or he might risk getting his hands dirty. Wouldn’t surprise me if he has changed <1% of the diapers, for example. But maybe I’m casting aspersions 🤷🏻‍♀️
  9. Jinger was the artsy one. Who knows if she has any talent, because on the one hand her photos are crummy but on the other her wedding was nice 🤷🏻‍♀️ I don’t think it’s the show that squashed her personality, I think it’s the Duggar Borg combined with Jeremy undermining her confidence. Well, Jeremy and the virulently misogynistic world they’re a part of.
  10. I think it’s possible that Siah and Lauren eventually divorce. Neither seems like a Gothard true believer in the Anna mold, they don’t seem to have much of an attachment to each other, and neither seems like much of a “joiner” who would want to stay a part of a tight (if toxic) community just to keep from being alone. That said, I think they’ll be together for quite a bit longer. Lauren seems distracted by Bella and Siah seems to still be relishing his relative freedom since he married. Maybe they aren’t happy, but this is likely as happy as they’ll be in their life together. My guess is that one of them will genuinely fall in love with someone else, and then they’ll break up.
  11. How I see it, the marriages of Josiah/Lauren, Joy/Austin, Joe/Kendra, and Josh/Anna were probably arranged (or brokered) between the families. Maybe some of the boys were presented with a short list of “available girls” and had the freedom to pick one, but I think that’s about as long as the leashes got. I think Ben and Derick independently approached Boob because they thought one of his daughters would be good for a wife, and once they had his approval, they were paired off with whichever daughter liked them best. I don’t think it was an arrangement between families, but I do think those relationships were more or less brokered by Boob. I think JD/Abbie and Jinger/Jeremy were love matches. Both couples have the kind of chemistry that makes me think they just fell for each other. That’s not to say I think they have great relationships (I don’t), but they seem organic. I think Boob doesn’t arrange anything for Jana because she hasn’t especially liked any of the men who have come calling and she’s too obedient and useful for him to want to push her into a (punishment/prison) marriage against her will.
  12. Whoa she looks exactly like Michelle in that 3rd pic! 😳
  13. I think Jeremy and Jinger are trying to follow in Jimbob and Michelle’s footsteps, financially speaking. They’re with UTA as a family — that makes me think of Jim Bob’s family trust. The point of UTA signing a client is to negotiate contracts for that client, and the largest contract by far that Jeremy and Jinger deal with is for Counting On. If TLC is technically negotiating with “the Duggar Family Trust” for that contract, then UTA would likely negotiate on behalf of Jeremy and Jinger vis a vis negotiating on behalf of the Duggar Family Trust. No skin off UTA’s nose — that way they get a bigger commission and they aren’t associated with the radioactive parts of the Duggar family. I don’t think that Jeremy and Jinger act independently, for the most part and certainly where business is concerned. Jinger doesn’t even come up with her own “hobbies,” and Jeremy’s hobbies are wearing clothes and eating food. In general, with this family I assume they’re acting as pawns/puppets for Jim Bob unless proven otherwise, and getting a UTA agent to negotiate with TLC and provide branding opportunities is something that would benefit him as well (maybe even more than Jeremy and Jinger themselves, if the rumors about the family’s financial arrangements are to be believed).
  14. If I remember right, Joy also looked rough during her pregnancy with Giddy. Really sallow and drawn and just exhausted. She clearly was having a hard time. This looks like a MUCH easier pregnancy. I guess that’s a good thing, since she’s going to spend her life barefoot and pregnant no matter how much it hurts.
  15. Wow, UTA?! And as a “family team”? 🙃
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