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  1. Honestly, I could have fifty mother’s helpers and would not be willing to go to the Duggar Family Thanksgiving (TM) literally a day after giving birth, newborn in arms. Nor would I be showing up with bells on to the Monday Family Fun Night Ugly Sweater Party (TM) a couple days later. Hell, I wouldn’t even be with Josh at this point, let alone having more babies with him and cozying up to his mother and sisters. It’s not just that Anna is physically able to scrub up, it’s that she even wants to. It’s not just that she’s a Kool Aid drinker, it’s that she’s enthusiastic about making her own face and those of her children and even (infamous) husband the public face of Gothard — still! And by “still,” I don’t just mean even after all the scandals — that she’s going strong after eleven years is exceptional, period. I find those choices bizarre...but apparently, the Duggars picked this daughter-in-law perfectly, considering their goals. Boggles the mind.
  2. I’ve read that families with abuse, especially sexual abuse, often appear to have incredibly strict boundaries and rules to the outside world, because things are so transgressive and chaotic within the family itself. Sounds like the Duggars to me. Including the intractable stiffness and awkwardness and weird boundaries.
  3. Anna is remarkably good at keeping up a "wholesome" image. She's meanwhile losing kids in public, had a baby last week, and is married to...Josh (not even going to go into all the problems with that, you all know). Yet she still manages to scrub everyone up for a rosy-cheeked photo ops one after another. I'm seeing now why she was picked as..."a good match" for Josh. She's his perfect match, really. I find all these people so confounding.
  4. Love Felicity's thousand-yard stare. 😂
  5. There are a lot of very fundamentalist Christians in California. There’s also a lot of unexamined misogyny. If you guys ever watched Real Housewives of Orange County back in the day, you’ll probably know what I’m talking about — patriarchal, fundamentalist Christians with wives trying their hardest to look like living Barbies, an obsession with materialism and money that gives off more than a whiff of the prosperity gospel, and “old fashioned” values that are really just creepy 1950s cosplay. It’s not the “mainstream” culture of SoCal, but there’s definitely a social niche for people like Jinger and Jeremy. Personally, I don’t think the Vuolos are even all that out of place in LA, although the Duggars and their “folksiness” maybe would be. Not trying to bash LA at all, I lived there for years in my twenties and loved it, just saying that there’s a big fundamentalist subculture there, just like lots of places, and Jinger and Jeremy would actually fit quite well into it and be pretty ordinary IME.
  6. That’s probably how all the kids look under the crusty layers of makeup. It’s disturbing. I know other posters have said that the kids don’t seem to be in imminent danger and so CPS is unlikely to do anything, but starving children to the point that they look like this, refusing to educate them, “disciplining“ them with the Perls’ abusive methods, intimidating them so horribly that they literally, physically cringe and stutter on the “hostage videos” made to prove that they’re happy, and then marrying the girls off to the highest bidder...these children genuinely would be better off in a group home, I think. Even in juvy kids get three square meals a day, their own bed to sleep on, access to school, no forced marriage (aka survival sex), and some avenues for socializing outside of the family. I find the Rods obscene. Something very dark is going on there, there are plenty of large, poor, bible thumping families in this world and yet I have never seen children who look and behave like the Rod kids do.
  7. I feel bad for Jill that she can’t spell things like “c’mon” or “ad.” It was her parents’ choice to not only deny her an education but to even deny her access to educational resources like the library. She’s reading and taking her kids to the library now, so maybe she’s trying to educate herself and raise her sons differently from how she was raised. I can only hope!
  8. Thanks! 😁 For the nest building exercise, there were a bunch of twigs and leaves and things on the table and each couple had to work together to use that stuff to build a nest capable of holding three marbles. Josiah wanted to put a handle on theirs and Lauren didn’t want him to, so she finally peaced out to the couch, where she laid with her head buried in the cushions because of a “headache.” In the talking head later, she let slip that she was annoyed with Josiah for not listening to her about the handle being a bad idea (it made the nest a little more rickety) so she just let him do it his way so he could learn his own lesson. That was the last we saw of Lauren, she skipped all of the next day’s activities, which were basically just a vow renewal.
  9. It's even worse than that -- she wasn't on the other end of the phone, he was filming a video of himself reading the vows so that she could (theoretically) watch it later. And she didn't record herself reading any vows to him, or even write vows to him that he or the pastor could read. Either of which she could have done from a sickbed.
  10. Maybe the no-pants thing is part of the potty training? I've never potty trained a kid, so I don't really know. It just seems like it might be easier/faster for him to just have to pull underwear up and down rather than underwear AND pants, so maybe this is a way of making it so he can be more independent in his toileting? Honestly, I probably wouldn't put pics of a kid in just his underwear on social media the way she does, but at the same time, I think it's healthy that she assumes there's absolutely nothing "immodest" about it.
  11. I think that Lauren was trying to be polite by saying that she was flaking out because she didn't feel well. If she had been being real, she would have said that she was too annoyed and frustrated by Josiah and needed to get out of there before she lost her frigging mind, but I think she was trying to be "good," "sweet," "polite" by blaming a headache, upset stomach, tiredness, etc, instead. It still came out in that talking head about building the nest, though, that she just really couldn't stand to continue the relationship building exercises with Josiah. I think she's really disliking Josiah and really unhappy with this marriage. To miss the vow renewal in particular says a lot. Who knows what either one of them is like at home but right now they seem like the poster children for "marry in haste, repent in leisure." Honestly, I think it might genuinely be too frustrating and painful for her to play at "happy couples" with a man who she can't stand. What I also found interesting was how unexpectedly awful Joy and Austin's relationship seemed. I think maybe the miscarriage did wind up bringing them closer together, because in this episode...It seems like a very patriarchal marriage, in a way that I found kind of distressing, and it also seemed like there's likely a lot of unhappiness behind closed doors. Austin seems to be wound so tight and Joy seems so browbeaten. Ben and Jessa also seemed to really not be getting along too well, but to me they still seemed very comfortable with each other in a way that the other couples aren't. Despite apparently being in a rough patch, they seem to me to have the most "normal" dynamic. Even Jinger seems to be performing for Jeremy. If any of you watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, they remind me of Midge and Joel's relationship in the very, very beginning of the show, before Joel left her. I guess instead of being "competing" comedians, they're competing influencers!
  12. Imagine what it took for employees to throw an owner out of his own club! To wave police down and ask them to take the owner to jail. And even then, the cops struggled to contain him and had to cuff him and put him in the patrol car just to stop him from laying his hands on more police officers. He needs to make amends to the people he violently assaulted and to all his employees. They are probably shaken from him attacking so many of them right at work, and probably very scared for their jobs. The flip side of him being so well connected is that the employees and even the patrons are probably very afraid to be on his bad side. Who wants to make an enemy of their boss, who is famous and rich and the chief of police’s buddy? Yet they stood up for themselves anyway, which just shows how out of control and scary he must have been. I worked in bars, clubs, restaurants for a decade and don’t remember ever seeing behavior this violent and out of control. Let alone from an owner or investor! This is way out of the norm. If he’s so ill that he can’t help but be a physical danger to the people around him, then he should be committed. But I don’t think that’s the issue, frankly. Nor do I blame alcohol. At the end of the day, he makes his own choices. This weekend he made terrible ones, that got other people hurt and no doubt scared for their own safety and livelihoods. I hope someone holds him accountable, but I am also not holding my breath.
  13. You don’t have to be a dummy to have trouble dealing with a violent, angry drunk. Especially one who is super fit and 6’5. Personally, I think this is coming from an outsized sense of entitlement. Tantrumming like a spoiled child, thinking he’s untouchable. Which is why I say he needs a reality check. Yes, I do personally think worse of him for this behavior.
  14. Yeah, getting violent and assaulting people is...smh. He needs a reality check. But I doubt he’ll get one anytime soon.
  15. Yeah, I'm sad because I'll miss her, but her death after hundreds of years of mayhem and ruthless ambition isn't tragic. She had a good run. Seemed kind of over the top that Sam was practically weeping over her, but I guess he's always been a little delicate. I get why Dean is angry, but I'm also sick of watching him snarl at people all the time. Like, not terrible character development but kind of terrible entertainment. I don't watch SPN to watch someone turn into a bitter old man. That's so relentlessly depressing. Just don't care about Old Phogey or Cas and their fight in Abandoned Hell. There weren't really any stakes. Everybody knew Old Phogey was playing them (what else would he have been doing?), and his power grab was actually kind of anti-climactic given that at first, his cryptic references to Dean's past in Hell and how much he himself looooooved Hell made it seem like much creepier stuff might be going on with him than he was letting no. But nope, just who he said he was after all. The most scared I got was when I thought they might be bringing Lucifer back with that incantation on the box. That brought a genuine shudder. Hopefully they will start having more night-time scenes. It's not just about daylight not being scary, it's also about the atmosphere. There used to be a kind of cozy/creepy atmosphere to the show, and it feels really bleached out like this. The bright light feels too sterile to me somehow. Like others, I think this was the strongest episode of the season, but that's kind of damning it with faint praise. I also am not a fan of bringing characters back just to kill them. Just because the show is ending doesn't mean every side character needs to die or otherwise get some pat ending. There can be a sense that the universe of the show "lives on" even if Sam and Dean's show is over. Hell, Sam and Dean themselves can live on! The show's world and even Sam and Dean as characters should feel larger than what we see on screen, that's what art is about, that's what it means to breathe life into a story or character. The show used to do that extraordinarily well, which is why it has the fandom that it does, why it can inspire endless fanfics. That was actually SPN's extraordinary strength. I hope that the show keeps sight of that, doesn't erase that by shrinking everything down to fit the stupid metaphor of God-the-writer and life-the-book. Ah well, I'll be watching to the end no matter what. L'cheim.
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