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  1. It does say they hope to continue filming in August. While I'm still skeptical about how it will go, I can't imagine TPTB would let the news that they wouldn't film the ending be made public in an interview like this.
  2. Isn't this pretty much an All Seasons discussion at this point?
  3. Ah happy 4th of July. JJ is really growing up. And it's a long time since we saw Jensen's hair long enough to curl at the nape. ♥
  4. Yup. The only difference is they actually let one brother be the Big Damn Hero and jump into the hole. This one just gets called a selfish quitter for even thinking about it.
  5. As I said, I believe his intentions are good and his heart in the right place. But it does read about how it affects him, not how it affects the people being discriminated against, hurt and killed (thus, #blacklivesmatter). Most of the criticism I read from Black people centers around this. It's perception, that's all. I sincerely don't mean it as a diss against Jared.
  6. I answered honestly and got Sam. Clearly, I am never answering honestly again. :P PS.. it was very easy to manipulate to get Dean. :)
  7. While I absolutely believe his intentions are good, to me, it reads like most things Jared does: all about Jared. LOL, my first thought was that somebody got a thesaurus for Father's Day. 😄
  8. That would be in even more poor taste and judgement than the agency doing it. Good grief.
  9. Huh? All the images are edited in. Do you mean the image itself is manipulated? I'm not sure if it is or isn't, but what difference does that make?
  10. "Those lips are wasted if you haven't been kissing on the air." Truer words, Leeza.
  11. That is a happy (gorgeous, sexy) place, indeed!
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