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  1. I'm torn. Jared gushing over it gives me the heebie jeebies, in the same way that Jensen's reservations do. But I can't get over him using 'fantastic' in this latest interview. There is no way I believe Jared would love it so if it wasn't A+ for Sam. But I also have a hard time believing Jensen would go with 'fantastic' if Dean was just a passive bystander in the end.
  2. Lol, there is literally nothing that is inviolate in this show.
  3. Even money says it's a woobie Sam scene. I'd have said woobie Jack but this is the WeeChesters episode, right? So only about 60/40 that it's Jack.
  4. I said it at the time and I'll say it again. They both said hateful things, but Randall was worse.
  5. I think maybe Jensen burned a trench coat. Lol! I hope that he really did have a change of heart about the ending, but I keep getting the sense that he was asked to walk back his very public reservations about it. Interesting that they finished filming in the studio with three full days left 'on the road'. Badd really needs to wash his hair.
  6. That is a pretty sweeping statement right there. Not every person on the planet is focused on their appearance above all else, and not every person sees 'thin(ner)' as the ideal body.
  7. One last time at Paleyfest http://www.nerdsandbeyond.com/2020/10/20/jensen-ackles-jared-padalecki-misha-collins-and-alexander-calvert-announced-for-supernatural-conversation-at-paleyfest-ny/ ETA: The Boys also has a panel at Paleyfest. Wouldn't it be cool if Jensen could be there for both? 🙂
  8. If it is legit, and backed by the actors, approved by WB, etc., why do they need a petition? ETA: and if it is 'inspired' by SPN and set in the SPN universe, they would never be able to reference the Winchesters or Castiel, Rowena, etc. anyway. So basically, they are trying to get their fanfic to air, in hopes of being supported by the 'audience' that might recognize it as SPN, a show that is pulling in a bare million viewers at this point. Yeah, Netflix, get right on that would ya?
  9. The sisters characters' last name is Collins? LOL! Honestly this looks like a fanfic come to life. I can't imagine it is any kind of sanctioned Supernatural spin off.
  10. She was just as clear in S11, when the character was created, that she came first and Chuck locked her away. Even if you take the sibling rivalry, he said/she said, the canon was made clear. She was locked away because she was destroying Chuck's creations. None of this nonsense that the universe came into being when 'the twins' were separated. It wasn't just Death telling Dean what he needed to hear. It was Death, Chuck, and Amara, for a whole season. Science and the Big Bang have nothing to do with it - crap writing and a showrunner who doesn't give a single fuck about the show and its canon does.
  11. What @Bergamot posted is from a transcript of the actual episode. How is that difficult to accept? http://www.supernaturalwiki.com/11.09_O_Brother_Where_Art_Thou%3F_(transcript) Amara: It’s incredible. How it endures, the propaganda. He was so threatened by me, fearful that I would make a more perfect creation than he. So, he exiled me. Virtually erased me. Passed on stories that I was a threat. So I guess it wasn't just OG Death who 'told them what they needed to hear'. Or, it was ret-conned to fit whatever whichever writer is pulling out of their butt this week.
  12. With both announcements coming so close together, I would be shocked if Jensen didn't have a heads up from Roth. It's great he got the deal in place first, so they will have a chance to prove themselves, regardless of Roth's continued presence. Even though he is a strong supporter of Jensen's, I doubt that was the sole reason they made the deal.
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