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  1. So two months after it's ending, these are the trends on Tumblr for the week ending Jan 18th. Ships. (Ugh << my commentary, not theirs) TV Celebs General. I find it fascinating that they say Supernatural 'continues to trend as actors revisit their characters'. Jensen is half of Destiel and is Dean Winchester (and arguably, is Supernatural) and he has had exactly nothing to say about the show or Dean since one day after the finale. Heh.
  2. And just think, if you do a series rewatch, every time Dean gets down and says or implies he won't live to grow old, he'll die bloody, etc., you'll know he's right. 😞
  3. I always thought that what the siren saw was that Dean wanted the little brother he was missing in Sam at that point.
  4. Supernatural is on Prime in Canada. It's not on Netflix in Canada.
  5. I was listening but only half watching - I thought the bus was on a ramp on the highway and got washed off/over? Did I dream that? LOL
  6. They handled the pandemic well, but seriously when is Athena going to stop going into questionable situations without backup? The bus accident was cool!
  7. Then I'd still question why Jared would believe that Sam would believe that, when, as many have already cited, Dean showed him multiple times that he did think Eileen was a good match for him. He was also present during the conversations with Jesse and Cesar and the conversation with Dean at the end of the episode (Chitters). Sam could've brought just about anyone back to life with his spell - he chose Eileen. And Dean supported him, and encouraged their getting together several times after. I don't see how Jared can claim to know Sam better than anyone given this, let alone know what Dean would want better than anyone. IMO, Jared (for some reason I don't understand) wanted this interpretation, and also for some reason I don't understand, he chose to use 'Dean' to justify it.
  8. Of course he can. The writers give him Super Sam (Red Meat, Stranger in a Strange Land (when he yells demons back to Hell), all the Chief nonsense, etc. etc. etc.) and he acts them exactly as written. The fact that he never once rolled his eyes while being called 'Chief' tells me he acts what's on the page.
  9. You know what though? At the end of the day, no matter what they do, Dabb will still have to be Dabb, and the other actor(s), the other actor(s). Jensen will be Jensen, and for that, he wins.
  10. I was watching the last scene of Birth Mother (for Kevin) and I didn't recall that he'd told Randall, "I'm stuck here in Vancouver", so maybe he was on his way to the airport, not driving back to California as has been speculated.
  11. Twitter has a lovely filter where you can block hashtags, words or even phrases from showing up on your feed. Works really well. Just sayin' 😉
  12. But Jared isn't (just) interpreting his character, he's interpreting Dean. And he's wrong.
  13. He can have opinions, but he can't have opinions on facts, and the fact is, Dean demonstrated, on screen, in more than one episode, in actions and in words, that he was on board with Sam and Eileen as a couple. To say Dean wouldn't want him with her is just not valid in the canon of the show. As to whether Dean wouldn't want to see him marry Ruby? I mean, wtf even is that? It's so ridiculous I have to wonder if he was misquoted, or maybe it was said as a 'joke' after mentioning Eileen, and the writer doesn't know anything about the character? Cuz yeah, human/demon weddings are not really a thing.
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