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  1. Jared's name might be more recognizable, but I'd bet a good portion of that is for his various social media attacks on service workers and other celebs, and his arrest. I'm okay with Jensen being less well known if that's what it takes. Jared and his wife definitely have a higher social media presence and most certainly harder-working PR people, I'll give him that. Jensen gets plenty of recognition and kudos from his peers, and I have zero doubt that his star will rise exactly as high as he wants it to, now that he's not tied down to Supernatural any more. He's not even on the-show-that-s
  2. I haven't liked Sam for a long while, but I did used to like Jared and very much enjoyed the J2 relationship. It's hard to imagine just how far he's fallen in my estimation over the last few years. This incident, throwing Jensen under a bus, not to mention his horrible tweet to Robbie Thomson (which seems to have been miraculously forgotten by Jared and the press ) pretty much wiped out any respect I had left, and this interview swept up the dust. Interesting he thinks it's ok to 'keep secrets' from friends and castmates when he's the one doing it. What a big, phony, d-bag. I did get a g
  3. Toronto and area has a lot of tourist attractions and things to do, so I doubt they'd be sitting in an apartment waiting on Dad 24/7. I do think it's more likely that he'll fly home than them coming here, but then they also might like to get out of the Texas heat, too. It's good that they'll have some options at least.
  4. Officials also announced today that as of Aug. 9, children under 12 — who aren't yet approved to receive a vaccine — will be exempt from the quarantine requirement after entering Canada and can move around with their parents if they follow public health measures.
  5. This is Us, nominated for best drama, Sterling for best actor, and Chris Sullivan (!!) for supporting actor. I love Toby, so that is cool. Sterling is certainly deserving, but I wish they'd recognize Justin, too. I wonder if they are regretting Phylicia Rashad's (guest actress in a drama) nomination yet.
  6. Hollywood Critics Association has announced their inaugural awards nominations. They seperate streaming from broadcast networks which I like, because they are very different playing fields, IMO. Both Mandy and Sterling received noms for lead actor, but surprisingly, Hannah Zeile was nominated for supporting actress. I like it!
  7. Nice to see Jensen promoting his Batman movie. Not sure what that second tweet though, lol.
  8. It's kind of hilarious that there is so much 'but.. but.. BUT CANON!' when the show itself disregarded/changed/retconned at will - whether it served the story (at times) or not (more often) and so many wished they (me, I mean me) could just disregard the Badd years entirely. Why not tell a different story? Maybe it will be just that - a butterfly effect - change one thing, change everything.
  9. Look at Superman & Lois currently on the CW. Granted, I don't know a lot about the wider Superman universe (comic books). But while they are Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane, and the broadstrokes are things I 'know' (she's a reporter, he came to Earth as a child and was raised by the Kents in Smallville, he has this Kryptonian ice-lair-whatever), the rest of it is like nothing else I've seen before. It's a new/different take on familiar characters, and I'm there for it. I'm sure there are die-hard Superman fans who haaaaaaaaaaate it, just like there will be SPN purists who will never give
  10. Given that we know they were manipulated by Cupid (on orders from above and/or below) and that they were mind-wiped at least once. Who's to say how many times the angels had to interfere to keep them together? I just keep circling around to the fact that Jensen & Co have invested a lot of time and energy into this idea (he said in that zoom con panel it was pretty much all he'd been doing) and they wouldn't have landed on it if they didn't know how to make it work. He also took the time to read and retweet that one article, emphasizing that making it work within canon was the fun part. I'm
  11. I nominated Dean's death in a few other categories as well, but a least it won this one (appropriately). It should've won saddest, too.
  12. Nice that they don't mention Jared's hateful tweet to Robbie. Even they see how transparently mandated the makeup tweet was. It's also sad that they are taking their 'facts' from Twitter. The depths of my disdain for Jared over this knows no bounds.
  13. It works if they were manipulated by Heaven/Hell (which is canon). He could have found about about Mary's hunting after their marriage (canon) and had his mind wiped pre-1979 so Dean, and then Sam, could be born. Easy peasy. ETA: Actually, a series of mind wipes, since we know that it happened in canon after the events of The Song Remains The Same.
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