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  1. Same here, chronic cough since September, I think it's that 1960s favorite, post-nasal drip. Got the evil eye at the grocery today myself. Happy to hear I'm not the only one!
  2. You know, this may not be such a bad thing, given the quality of writing this season. No one seems to be thrilled with what we've heard about Dabb's finale. Hopefully they haven't finished filming the Eugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckner ep.
  3. At the risk of having a hand slapped for going OT, I agree with you on Star Wars. I loved The Last Jedi and I loved The Rise of Skywalker, no matter what the different factions screamed. The 2 directors had different points of view, but they both CARED about and respected the story. Same can't be said for the SPN showrunners at this point.
  4. Jared looks lanky to me, not emaciated, that's just his natural state. Maybe he seems thin because he's not trying to bulk up anymore. Look at him compared to Jensen in picture #5 - he's huge.
  5. Do we know any of this? Pulling the plug has always been presented as a joint Jared and Jensen decision. I mean, Jared quickly found another role as if he were planning to be free next year. I’ve read lots of speculation about people’s influence on the writers, but I’ve never heard that Jensen or Jared had any real influence on the last season’s writing.
  6. Most of the writers are just not very good writers and don't think creatively, plus they're lazy. It's sad to watch.
  7. That may be what Jensen heard, but the music was crappy seasons 13 and 14 too. CW or WB must have cut the budget for music a couple years ago, I doubt it has anything to do with this being the last season. In fact, the last season should be when they splurge.
  8. Thin next to a normal person I guess. More interesting is the big bulge.
  9. This part bothers me too. Sometimes I wish J2 weren't such good team players.
  10. Here he is in Vancouver the week. Looks like the usual Jared to me.
  11. UGH!! I see that as a bad, bad sign that old characters are just going to be plopped into episodes with no rhyme or reason.
  12. I need a lot more context than you provide and can't really find any on Twitter. On the face of it, I read the photo and comment as more snotty/snarky than funny.
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