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  1. It's the good ol' Show vs. Tell. Tell us that the sun shines out of Sam's ass but fail to actually show it, and Show us how competent and natural Dean is yet never once acknowledge it in text. It's a frustrating disservice to both characters, but in different ways. At least Dean doesn't unintentionally come off as phony or incompetent, I suppose.
  2. I also found it really cheap that Rory's situation with Lucifer was implied to be equivalent to Lucifer's situation with God. Last time I checked, Lucifer didn't cast her from home and force her to oversee the worst of humanity for millennia while also being vilified as the personification of evil and believing that she was utterly unworthy of love. Unless Chloe totally bungled her parenting, Rory was raised in a happy home with a big sister and loads of doting aunts and uncles, so I'm not quite seeing the parallels here. Just seems weirdly traditionalist to imply that no matter how many nurt
  3. At least Lucifer was introduced as a charming and fun character, with his darker aspects and flaws slowly shown to us over time and consistently balanced out by his other traits. Rory just popped in wings blazing as this stroppy goth with baggage that hadn't even happened yet, acting and looking like a bad fanfic self-insert OC. It was a hard sell for me to particularly sympathize or care about her when that was pretty much all her personality.
  4. Rory is supposed to be 30-40 years old (older than she looks) but she still isn't mature enough to give Lucifer the benefit of the doubt that he leaves for some important celestial reason rather than out of selfishness, or to stop punishing him for something he hasn't even done yet. And did she really think so low of Chloe to believe that she would've deeply loved a neglectful deadbeat? With her whole angsty-teen-goth schtick, Rory's the Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way of this show, complete with edgy knife wings. She was also raised and surrounded by loving family and friends her who
  5. I can't say I was a fan of seemingly all the plot development in 5B being walked-back on and losing a bunch of narrative weight in retrospect. Lucifer doesn't become God after all, Amenadiel becomes God after already having refused the position, and Chloe goes back to the LAPD. I've always admired this show for repeatedly shaking up the status quo and addressing the consequences, but I feel season 6 truly went backwards for the first time. I was so excited for what Lucifer being God would look like, all the ridiculous scenarios and shenanigans that could happen and the epiphanies reached, but
  6. So Jared overreacted. He'd already known from a virtual con with Jensen that the latter was working on something SPN-related, so the big "crime" was that Jared, who had no creative stake in the show, learned of the actual concept the same time as everyone else, when only the people directly involved in its development knew about it. He went to social media as his first impulse and set the tone by expressing how "gutted" and devastated he was instead of texting Jensen like a damn adult. Also called Robbie Thompson a traitorous coward over just the idea of a show that hadn't even been gree
  7. Do you owe it to the person behind you to hold the door rather than let it slam in their face? No, but you should still do it. The world can't run on everyone submitting to their worst, most selfish impulses by default unless they "owe" it to someone to be nice. That's how you get obnoxiously entitled Karens running around. On one side, Jared got his feelings hurt. On the other, practically everyone with even a tangential connection to the project got attacks and death threats and the funding for the project itself may have even been impacted. The latter was not a proportionate or reasona
  8. Funny how Jared is the only one in the entire cast and crew that would need this extra precaution and consideration so that he doesn't "act out". The rest can be relied on to be professional adults, including Misha and Jensen. Just not him. I don't see anyone crying for Misha on his behalf, even though he likely didn't know either. No one's bagging on the CW, who obviously agreed with and arranged this whole thing without telling their "golden boy". The only reason the hate-train went for Jensen is because he was singled out and thrown under the bus by that same golden boy. I agree: Jens
  9. This behavior from Jared didn't happen in a vacuum. He has a history of airing his petty grievances on social media and watching his fans swarm the apparent source of his unhappiness (who were service workers more than once). When you have millions of followers, your responsibilities in regards to social media are far removed from those of Joe Schmoe venting into the void. The reality is that crazy fans will always exist. So what is easier and safer, keeping your damn mouth shut about issues that absolutely do not need to be made public, or somehow convincing every single crazy fan that f
  10. Fancy that, this personal issue got hashed out privately without a problem! Oh, but then Jared wouldn't have gotten all that coddling and validation and "love"...
  11. We've only gotten Jared's side of this, and we'll likely never get Jensen's because he probably won't respond publicly. I don't see any point in criticizing him for not telling Jared because we know nothing about the circumstances as of now. But we can criticize Jared for his Twitter tantrum, since that was actually made for us to react to.
  12. If the roles were switched and it was Jensen who didn't know about the prequel, none of us would know either because Jensen doesn't air his dirty laundry out to the public. So, moot point. This issue did not need the fandom's involvement in any shape or form, and we don't have enough context (nor should we) to make judgements on Jensen's reasons for withholding.
  13. I agree about Lucifer. It's IMO a very tropey genre show that distinguishes itself via great execution, especially in the Netflix seasons. Unlike what I'd grown accustomed to with SPN, Lucifer has yet to truly disappoint me and has consistently given thoughtful, generous, and appreciative treatment to the main character and actor. It also finished off its fifth season without pulling a Swan Song on its lead, and certain elements of the finale just embittered me further toward SPN's Dean vs. Samifer and the stupid marionette version of Michael vs. Lucifer. Jensen and Dean deserved at least
  14. Well yeah, because Lucifer is the ultimate misunderstood scapegoat. That's a pretty important aspect of his story. And unless the argument is that the praise/worship of earthly religious figures actually matters in any tangible way, which we haven't seen to be the case, I don't see its relevance to the question of whether Lucifer or Amenadiel are better suited for the position of God. And the only religious figure who tried to assassinate Lucifer was a murderous, lying zealot, so I don't see how that'd reflect poorly on the former. Not to mention Father Frank took a shine to him, too.
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