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  1. Amara's story was about being silenced and shut away for opposing her brother, a male entity, as an equal. She eventually found it in her heart to forgive him and gained appreciation for his creation while still being proudly herself. She was as powerful as God and deferred to no one. Yet she ends her time on the show by abandoning all that, including her special bond with a human that had nothing to do with her brother, over hurt feelings. She vanishes completely, voiceless and powerless again, while her brother stays exactly the same after having absorbed her. This character couldn't have had a more demeaning exit if they tried. A whole essay could be written on just how wrong this narrative choice was. I don't usually participate in discussions about the show's treatment of women, but come on... This insulting mess could be somewhat redeemed if Amara's connection with Dean and her influence on Chuck, now that she's part of him, somehow helps to save the day (or serves any purpose at all), but I am loathe to waste any optimism on this raging dumpster fire.
  2. I'm struck by how noble and courageous Dean was just last season, when he was planning to send Michael and himself to an eternity of torment at the bottom of the ocean. That was not the same man in this episode, yelling desperately about sacrificing someone else because he couldn't stand feeling like a puppet. They could have easily framed it as Dean wanting to save the universe (because that's the kind of person he ACTUALLY is), but instead let it be all about Dean's personal existential crisis instead. It was breathtakingly out of character for him to be so self-centered; he's literally NEVER THOUGHT OR ACTED THIS WAY BEFORE! The more I think about it, the worse it gets. Dabb and co. inherited this lightning-in-a-bottle combination of actor and character (mostly actor, let's be real), crackling with vitality and authenticity and passion, and yet they continuously trash him out of inexplicable spite in favor of bland woobies. At least these fuckwits can't erase the many, many years of the real and wonderful Dean Winchester, no matter how hard they're clearly trying. Hard to believe that Last Call 15.07 shares a season with this utter bullshit.
  3. Positive: Only Ingrid Bergman rivals Jensen Ackles' ability to hold tears in his eyes while still looking breathtakingly beautiful. ... Yeah, that's all I got. This episode... wow. Dean's gonna need an extended hospital stay after the semi that was repeatedly mowed over him. Funny how in over 14 seasons of the show, Dean was almost always the skeptic and Sam was the single-minded ends-justify-the-means guy, but now they completely switch personalities for no discernible reason. Congrats to Meredith Glynn for finally finishing the Koolaid. She, Berens and Dabb will now have to fight each other over the "Hates Dean Winchester the Most" award. What I'm dreading most is the "meta" that will undoubtedly come up on Tumblr like clockwork. Yet another addition to the "abusive, neanderthal Dean" dreck, how Sam and Cas and Jack are the sweet cinnamon rolls who need to teach him how to behave. But this crop of hacks has characterized and framed Dean this way so often these past years that it's an official pattern by now. Jensen has done his best to soften it, but he can only do so much. I also realize that my priorities and values are very different from what the show is trying to sell me. When Dean yelled that Jack wasn't family, I cheered. When I heard Billie's big, "evil" plan to put everything back to where it should be, my first thought was, "sounds good to me!" When Sam mewled and whined over and over about finding another way because they "don't give up on family," I was reminded of Dean's willing sacrifice in season 11, and how the last time they tried to find another way, Michael got out and Jack lost his soul and jumpstarted this newest mess. It's almost comical how dangerously pig-headed and reckless Sam and Cas are. Dean's got Jack literally about to blow up in front of them with minutes to spare, and they're still nattering on about finding another way. Point to me for calling out Billie as the "real" villain (in Dabb and sycophants' eyes)! Guess this is how they'll explain Dean's death books. Maybe he was intended to be her successor and she wanted to prevent that, so she lied about his fate? What a deeply offensive end to Amara's character: literally absorbed into a male one and losing all her agency and personhood because her feefees were hurt. As a bonus, Dabb gets to be rid of yet another of Dean's stories and relationships that only belonged to him. His unique and undefined bond with Amara gets tossed into the trash like it was nothing! I'm sure that Dean will be made to grovel in the next episode. It's as predictable as that crappy brand of Tumblr meta by now. They're two sides of the same coin. Awful, just awful.
  4. "Unity" - (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (TV-14, LV) (HDTV) ONE WAY OR ANOTHER - Dean (Jensen Ackles) hits the road with Jack (Alexander Calvert) who needs to complete a final ritual in the quest to beat Chuck (guest star Rob Benedict). A difference of opinion leaves Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Castiel (Misha Collins) behind looking for answers to questions of their own. Catriona McKenzie directed the episode written by Meredith Glynn (#1517). Original airdate 10/29/2020.
  5. https://aborddelimpala.tumblr.com/post/186118024388/myspnlittlemoments-188365-i-loved-that-scene One of the most memorable quotes and deliveries of the whole show. Not only was the written line an Omega-level "oh SHIT" roast on its own and cemented a vital part of Dean's character, but the way Jensen played it just took it all to the next level. Instead of yelling or spitting these lines in rage ie. taking the obvious route, he's reeling with emotional devastation and heartbreak instead. His tears and wavering voice as he roasts Satan to a crisp with only his words and utter contempt make the scene much more poignant than it likely would have been. Dean has never been taken in by power or prestige, only actions and their consequences. He holds everyone to the same standard, from random humans to archangels to God Himself, and won't hesitate to say so no matter how strong they are. This is why he represents the best of humanity.
  6. Oh joy, Berens giving his obvious fave Cas a martyrdom tongue-bath while having consistently written him as an obnoxious, unrepentant asshole in previous eps. Wonder if Dean will fall to his knees again and weep mightily for the pure, perfect angel who was too good for him? Maybe denigrate himself some more as the cherry on top? 🤢
  7. Thinking about the latest episode and how punchable Sam's delivery of the "just drive" line was. The way he shook his head and closed his eyes, as if the very concept of Dean's presence next to him was utterly unbearable. Way over-acted IMO, and made Sam look like a pissy, sanctimonious drama queen. Or a 60-year-old stereotypical British snob cursed to witness someone's use of the wrong fork during supper.
  8. I really love Emily's interviews (and social media snippets) too! Her appreciation for Dean as well as her character's connection with him is always nice to see. She clearly cares, and that scene with him in 15.15 stood head and shoulders above most of the season purely because of both actors' investment and chemistry. Given the spoilers we've already gotten, I've long speculated that the "best" case scenario at this point would be Sam becoming the new Darkness (hence possession by Amara) and Dean becoming the new Death (Billie is actually a scheming manipulator who lied about Dean's death books and they have to kill her or something). Jack would be the new God (barf) and Cas would take the Spawn's side as official right-hand babysitter. It wouldn't be the worst ending in the world for me, and even has some merit, but I'm not optimistic it'll even be this good.
  9. Kudos to Dabb's sycophant for discovering the basic concepts of guilt and trauma. Dean feeling guilty about not killing the monster as a kid was in character, and his reaction to hide the nest of dead kids from everyone else was also rather affecting. At least it was better than Dean happily munching on a sandwich and serving as comic relief right after an archangel busted out of his head and slaughtered all the AU hunters. Less kudos for yet another iteration of "poor little Sammy didn't get a normal life". WE FUCKING GET IT. Sam couldn't enjoy an upper middle-class existence and was forced to keep moving around. But it's kind of hard to feel sorry for him when his sibling had it objectively worse and has it brought up way less. It was an interesting dynamic for Billie to chat with Dean and only Dean about "getting his house in order". The undeniable implication is that he's the one considered "in charge," who has the final say in how things go down with the members of his "house". Otherwise, Billie would have just gone to Sam and told him everything. Of course, for these writers, giving a character agency also means dumping all the blame on their shoulders. In exchange for Dean's status as Death's conversational equal, he also has to be the bad guy who keeps secrets that will blow up in his face. I mean, I guess I'll take it? 🤷 I know Jack's quest is being framed as noble and tragic, but his motivation reeks of tunnel-minded selfishness. It's pretty damn immature to commit a grand gesture of martyrdom just to force someone to forgive you. It's emotional manipulation at its finest. Jack thinking this way makes sense, but it's also being framed so positively. Definitely seems more like a writing defect than a character defect. Sam's bitching and moaning at the end left a sour taste in my mouth. It doesn't even matter why he's angry anymore; I've had more than my fill of Pissbaby Sam over the previous seasons and I'm just done with that aspect of him. At least Dean's brief reticence, though not sparkly-pure in terms of morality, was somewhat interesting. But seriously, Sam is angry at Dean for wanting to preserve the last existing universe at the cost of one life, a sacrifice that both of them have made and let each other make? Geezus, just pull your head out of Nougat Boy's ass already, dude. The case itself was just a pale rip-off of Something Wicked. Not too terrible, though, which is high praise for this writer.
  10. Sam was willing to let Dean blow up in season 11. Dean was willing to let Sam throw himself in the Cage in season 5. They've both been willing to sacrifice the other when it meant saving the world. But they are NOT, and have never been, obligated to sacrifice themselves for the world on principle. They owe the world fuck-all, especially considering how they've been toyed with and manipulated their whole lives. Both he and Sam have been cosmic pawns ever since they were born. Dean was not obligated to kill his little brother, the one he'd practically raised, when he wasn't yet past saving. Sam wasn't obligated to kill himself to close the gates of Hell when the world's ongoing, millennia-old demon problem had absolutely nothing to do with them. Amara has the power to stop her brother in exchange for the preservation of the last universe and all the people in it. If it were Sam or Dean's choice ie. going against their brother, they'd take it. They'd scramble for another way first, but when all other options were exhausted, they'd ultimately go through with it. They've definitively proven that already.
  11. At least Dean and Amara's history was acknowledged and built upon rather than conveniently forgotten. And it was pretty satisfying when Dean got to call bullshit on her weak-sauce reasons for bringing Mary back and call her "just another cosmic dick" ie. actually show some fire and defiance again. So I wouldn't necessarily take what Amara said at face value, since Dean so strongly rejected it and was framed in the right. Telling off omnipotent cosmic entities really is his thing, isn't it? Hehe. Too bad he had to lie to get her to help at the end. I'm sure that won't blow up in anyone's faces (literally!). What the hell is going on with Misha's Cas voice? Has he been smoking a pack a day ever since his last appearance? He sounded like a parody of himself. Then I had to get the vomit bags when they kept harping on and on about his sweet, fluffy "son" Jackie Poo Sue. One unintentionally funny moment was when that girl called Jack hot. An argument can be made for cute, since that's his entire personality and demeanor anyway, but this character (not necessarily the actor) has all the raw sex appeal of a teletubbie. The case was boring and took up way too much of the episode. By comparison, I was practically on the edge of my seat in anticipation of Amara's casual sit-down with the Winchesters. Maybe the main characters are the main characters for a reason? And a person-bomb? Really? AGAIN? Oh noes, and it's Nougat Sue on the chopping block this time! Boo frickin' hoo. These writers are still stealing from Dean's storylines to gift-wrap them for another character, and it NEVER works. Just makes the copy-pasted story look even lamer by comparison. ETA: Also, it makes no sense that an archangel nephilim has to do all this magical quest bullshit to "power up" when regular human Dean was capable of holding a soul bomb that could kill Amara, no bells or whistles required. Especially since she and God are supposed to be twins now ie. equal in power. Well, any reason to swaddle Nougat Boy in cheap CGI light shows.
  12. MATT COHEN DIRECTS - Castiel (Misha Collins) and Jack (Alexander Calvert) work a case involving members of a local church. Meanwhile, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) go off in search of Amara (guest star Emily Swallow). Matt Cohen directed the episode written by Davy Perez (#1515). Original airdate 10/15/2020
  13. Pleasant episode that went down easy. High praise for this season. The more they keep hammering away at how Jack is the only one who can save the world, the stronger vibes I get of season 11. Everything was pointing toward "kill Amara" right up until that penultimate episode, where it all went tits up and they had to scramble for a desperate, last-ditch solution that actually involved at least one of the brothers as an active agent. Similarly, there's no way that something doesn't go massively wrong at the eleventh hour with the "kill God" plan, otherwise it'd be the most linear and unexciting narrative in history. (Watch me eat my words when the finale airs lol). Mrs. Butters was better than I expected. She didn't fall into the easy category of "bullying Dean because his pain/embarrassment is funny" camp. I definitely got the sense that she genuinely cared about them, and that all her gentle criticisms were in good faith. In other words, she wasn't a Missouri. Sam being the favorite of a fussy, old-school matronly type also tracks. The same writer had already given Dean his well-deserved dues in 15.07, so I'm okay with it. I'll savor Dean not apologizing for his feelings for as long as I possibly can. It was good that Mrs. Butters provided an outside POV to reinforce, once again, that killing someone's mother is NOT easily forgivable nor easy to brush off. That didn't exactly last long considering she eventually cheerleaded Jack for his world-saving mission, but I'll take it. I hate Jack the character for what he represents in the story, for how he's hogged the spotlight ever since he arrived, and for his complete lack of compelling motive or personality except "cute", but damn it all if Alex isn't doing his best. He's the only reason I can remotely stomach Nougat Boy on my screen (as long as he's behaving himself). But seriously, they couldn't have given the world-saving mission to a less interesting guy. I don't give a shit if he kills God. Why should I? What does this mission mean for him? What personal stake does he have in the victory? What exactly is he sacrificing for it? This is also why I'm crossing my fingers that our actual main characters will have to step in when it all goes disastrously wrong. They really were laying on "savior Jack" pretty thick, even for this crew. 🤷
  14. It fucking infuriates me that Dean, who has THREE direct connections to active players/unresolved mytharc threads (Amara, our Michael, his death books) may still wind up playing mere cheerleader on the sidelines. At least Sam had his Eileen romance and his stupid God wound plot, even though neither went anywhere. Dean hasn't even gotten that.
  15. I think the general takeaway here is that the ideal Hollywood bod is a fanciful and unhealthy lie, that even heartthrob actors would never look like that naturally when they're out living their lives, and that the absence of a six pack does not automatically equal "out of shape" or "lazy". And I, personally, cannot comprehend Jensen's face being considered as anything other than the proportional archetype of masculine handsomeness (want "aging frat boy" complete with an actual dad bod? look at DiCaprio), but that's just me. 🤷
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