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  1. It didn't work for me on "Miranda," and it doesn't work for me here. Why should it be the "entire plot"? Is the show saying that without a man, a woman is uncomplete? At least Cheyenne an Mayim are contemporaries (both 45 years old, although they're playing 39 on the show).
  2. I discovered the show from some YouTube clips, and when I got Hulu, I was pleased to see it was available. I binged the first six or seven seasons and enjoyed them, but I think it has started to lag. I didn't even realize season 9 had been released.
  3. I didn't care so much for this season. There was entirely too much of Wayne's show "Miss Fire," with the constant homophobic insults coming from the TV. They weren't funny nor were they clever. It also seemed like most of the characters have been reduced to their catchphrases.
  4. It's one of my favorites, not only for Beverly's role (she's probably my favorite), but also for the increasing creepiness as they go through loop after loop. Hands down, for me, is "Yesterday's Enterprise." I love alternate timeline stories. This one introduces the kick-ass Capt. Rachel Garrett of the Enterprise-C, the return of Tasha Yar, and space battles galore. Plus, Picard's: "Let's make sure history never forgets the name ... Enterprise." Thirty years later, that still gives me chills.
  5. I can't say that I really like the show, but, since I keep forgetting it's on, I do seek it out on demand, so there's that, and while I didn't think this was a particularly good episode, although there were a few elements that were OK. Swoozie Kurtz has gone too far with plastic surgery, but I did think her face looked like it has "settled" somewhat from the first two episodes. However, there's no way I believe that petite woman ever gave birth to big-boned Kat. I didn't like the mom's speech at all; all I could think was that no wonder Kat is a neurotic mess with social anxiety if her mother has been afraid for her since the day she was born. Have they mentioned Kat's father at all? It's too early in the series for that kind of heartfelt emotion. Now if Kat complains about her, we'll think Kat's the one with the issues. I really wish they had made Cheyenne Jackson's character gay. He and Kat give off much better gay man/straight woman vibe than potential romantic partners/unrequited love on Kat's part, but I guess with Leslie Jordan camping it up, there can be only one (gay man on any sitcom). I do not like the sassy "ethnic" employee. It's a tired trope that's been done to death. Why couldn't she be an earnest employee, wanting to learn everything about running her own business instead of sassing back at customers and her coworker? So the friend who couldn't be bothered to let Kat bring a friend to her re-wedding is now her bestie and they share a bed on a secret staycation?
  6. That's my order too. "The Red Shoes," by Hans Christian Anderson. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Red_Shoes_(fairy_tale) I never even got that. Big on my current hate list is the Popeyes commercials where the guy sings because he got Popeyes delivered. His voice is so freaking annoying. I see it ad nauseum on the streaming sites I watch. There is a newer one now, with a woman, who is so much better. The concept is still annoying, however.
  7. Oof, this was soooooo baaaaaad. I was embarrassed for Mayim Bialek; she was truly cringe-worthy, although the rest of the cast really wasn't much better. Swoozie Kurtz has so damaged her face, I expect her to play Jocelyn Wildenstein in the TV movie. (Jocelyn Wildenstein's "accomplishment" on Wikipedia is "known for extensive facial surgeries.") This was so terribly unfunny. I watched "Miranda" when it was on PBS, and while I occasionally found it humorous, I'm not a fan of embarrassment humor overall and there were too many instances of Miranda embarrassing herself for the comedy. That is not Mayim's strong point in any event. What was the deal with the "friend"? Are they establishing out of the gate that she's a big ol' bitch? If she didn't want Kat to bring someone who might be just a friend to her re-wedding, she shouldn't have indicated a plus-one. For that matter, are they friends or just people who went to high school together? If it's the latter, why even invite her? If they're friends, wouldn't Bridezilla know that Kat isn't dating anyone? I like Cheyenne Jackson, and I think he acquitted himself well enough here, but I don't buy him as a straight man. Now, I would be the first to argue that being openly gay doesn't mean an actor can't play "straight," but in Cheyenne's case, I didn't believe it for a second. Matt Bomer, Neal Patrick Harris -- I have no issue with believing it when they play heterosexual men. At the cafe, nobody impressed me. Leslie Jordan basically just plays Leslie Jordan in everything he does, and it looks like they're established the Black employee as "sassy Black woman." No thanks. They really, really, really overused the fourth-wall breaking. As a couple of other posters have mentioned, Burns & Allen did it well, and so did Better Off Ted. Kat's spit take at the audience in the first two seconds put me off. It's like those cheesy host introductions on bad TV shows (well, I guess that's true here). I might give it another shot, because I like Mayim Bialek, but I'm not hopeful. I completely forgot it was on in the first place & only watched it on-demand.
  8. And let's not forget that they made it a musical.
  9. But now that you know it's a wig, you can go and buy that head of hair yourself. 😉
  10. I watched "Last Exit to Springfield" a while ago, back when The Simpsons was a lot cleverer. It's still one of my favorite episodes, from Lenny's "So long dental plan!" to Homer's realization that it means he'll have to pay for Lisa's braces, to the call outs to "Batman" and "Wrath of Khan," and, of course, Grandpa's story about the onions and the bees, which was the style at the time.
  11. And Bob and Abishola already had the discussion that Olu & Tunde would live with them after they were married. Me too. This show makes me laugh out loud several times during an episode. I do agree with others that there doesn't appear to be a passionate chemistry (like Mike had with Molly), but I like Bob and Abishola together. To me it's a more mature love based on liking the other person, not gonads. I agree with Bob that Kemi is annoying, but I thought her talk with Bob and how she went about getting him to realize he had to be more direct with Abishola was great. Rolling her underwear. :-) I didn't care so much for Douglas's story line, but I like that they moved him to the floor so he could interact more with Goodwin and Kofo. Those two are great, but having them interact with basically just Bob was restricting. Speaking for me personally, one of the things I like is that this show is doing is exposing me to Nigerian names. There's more to names than just "Mary" or "John" or "Bob" (which I think is the point of the opening credits with all the names.
  12. I got annoyed with Jill a couple of times: first, for pouncing on Andy while he was in the shower and demanding to have a serious relationship talk and then getting offended when he told her later, and then her saying she's like a terrier "I want what I want when I want it," which doesn't seem to take into consideration anything from him. While I think the break-up came out of nowhere, especially since they seem to have made serious progress at the dinner, I'm finding Jill to be so high maintenance as to be unlikable. The past few episodes have really shown just how selfish and self-centered and out of touch she is with regard to the hoi polloi. I was one of those people who said they wouldn't miss Christy, but in this episode, I did. While Bonnie was bloviating about her and Adam's relationship, Christy would have taken her down a peg or two. None of the other ladies will prick Bonnie's bubble of delusions quite like Christy did.
  13. Gene's rapidly moving up to Teddy status for me as a character I can't stand. I think they're Flanderizing him, to his detriment. He was always kind of quirky (like all the Belcher children), but now he's reduced to just one or two of his most annoying traits: eating gross stuff and his obsession with Linda. I was disgusted by the two episodes that had him eating a tater tot off the bathroom floor and getting worms and then eating visibly moldy chicken parmigiana (although part of that is on Bob for not tossing it in the garbage immediately). Then, coupled with his overbearing/obsessive "love" for Linda -- being "married" to his mother in one of the stories in the last episode -- and this one, acting like a spoiled little baby to the point of sabotaging her meeting -- have made him really unpleasant to watch.
  14. That's just sad to be so bitter 35 years later and to have let it define more than half your life. It obviously didn't affect the producer the same way.
  15. There were several laugh-out-loud moments for me in this episode. Georgie yelling, "Mary Cooper!" and her reaction will never not be funny, and their bonding over the movie was sweet. I wish they would show the human side of Mary more often. I thought she was going to sneak over to the neighbors for smokes and wine coolers, but getting caught with the "forbidden" movie was amusing. George and Missy continue to be gold. She looks like a teenager compared to Sheldon now. While I would hope Mary had the talk with her, I kind of can't see Mary doing that. And this is Texas in the 1990s, so would sex education and health and puberty even be on the curriculum? Even if it is a trope, watching George try to navigate Missy's "becoming a woman" was hilarious, and I loved his scene with the sympathetic drugstore cashier. The Connie/Sheldon interaction we all saw coming a mile away. Has she ever met her grandson before? She's usually smarter than that. (And, like Sheldon, I kind of found her talk of the different types of yarn and knitting to be interesting. It's a subject I know nothing about, so I'm always up to learn something new.)
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