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  1. So I guess Linda didn't make up "Pickles," the male strip club that serves pickles (and they're good), when she lied about going to dinner theater. Bob and Linda need to have a talk with Tina about what's appropriate and not and being a sexual predator. I just find her so disgusting when she's perving on an attractive man, especially because her behavior would be condemned if she was a boy.
  2. To be fair, it was painfully unfunny from the get-go.
  3. In 10 years, when they reboot this show again, they will erase these children so Will & Grace -- now pushing 60 -- can have the same wacky adventures they had 30 years before, because the characters will have experienced no lasting growth and development.
  4. You can still go to bars and not drink alcohol. I don't drink and I go to bars. I have no issue with getting either a soda or seltzer and cranberry juice, and fuck the ones who make a crack that I'm a teatotaler. Never felt I lost any networking opportunities because I don't drink, and if my friends are that shallow that the basis of our friendships is alcohol, I don't need those people in my life. Andy's offer to not drink isn't just because his girlfriend "doesn't like it," it's because she is an alcoholic and had asked him to help her maintain her sobriety.
  5. What was the point of introducing Louise as the manager of the restaurant if Becky is going to quit and work in the Lunch Box with Jackie? I know Mark's death devastated Becky, but at some point, wouldn't it have occurred to her that working as a waitress in a bar is not what Mark wanted for her? (I understand about depression and grief, but did they ever say that Becky went to therapy to help herself cope? There are free grief groups and sliding scales for therapists.)
  6. I've watched this show a few times, and it's really not good. The characters as drawn remind me of how characters were drawn in the old Mad Magazine, which makes them slightly surreal and exaggerated. The grandmother seems a ripoff of Annie Potts's Meemaw from Young Sheldon. The granddaughter is every single teenage girl stereotype ever. I can't figure out Jenny. At times it seems like she's supposed to be above the rest of them, but other times, she's as white trash as they are. As I said previously, the talking-to-Jesus thing is not as clever as they think it is, but I like that he's voiced by Kumail Nanjiani. I've always liked Ike Barinholtz, but too bad Wayne is the stereotypical redneck idiot. At least he's "hot."
  7. That he's right and she's wrong. She wants him to stop trying to give her correct information because she wants to remain an ignorant bitch rather than admit she's wrong. When I saw the latest Peleton commercials, I thought, "Just when I thought they couldn't get any douchier."
  8. Someone on YouTube did a video trying to figure out how much Bob is worth. Reading some of the comments makes me realize we aren't the only ones overly invested in the Belchers' financial struggles.
  9. This sounds like it could be a disaster. Bob moves from potential romantic partner to employer. Abishola is not a home health aide.
  10. That has made me laugh out loud every time I've seen it. I love how Abishola gets into it.
  11. I thought she realized it was the real Michael and Jason because of Jason's comment above. A real demon in a skin suit would know Janets are not real girls. That was Jason's way of tipping her off.
  12. I'm still seeing the "come on, Peleton" pretentious commercials. Isn't Peloton something like $60 a month? To me, that's not really affordable to ride a bike and watch some guy on TV.
  13. He'd probably go for the insanity defense ... you know, 'cause he's nuts. (I'll let myself out.)
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