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  1. Yes, I agree. That was absolutely awful. I wish Frasier had come to realize there isn't always someone for everyone, and that the love of his family and friends was enough -- something they could have done with Raj here.
  2. I've seen a few commercials for "Bob ❤ Abishola," and I'm kind of looking forward to it. Billy Gardell of "Mike & Molly" fame plays a man who has a heart attack and falls in love with his nurse, who is originally from Nigeria. If they don't go the "wise black woman who knows all" or "sassy black woman" stereotypes, it looks like it could be funny. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_❤_Abishola
  3. SmithW6079

    What shows do you like to hate-watch?

    None. If I hate a show, I can't be bothered to waste my time watching it.
  4. I didn't even notice, but I would assume she got it cut again during a visit to the hairdresser. That would have been both hilarious and awful. And I would have had less respect for a finale like that, because that's just the writers showing off, "Look what we can do with the characters" -- change for change's sake and not organic with the characters as they've been developed over the years. ** So people are upset that Penny is pregnant -- a sitcom finale trope -- while simultaneously being mad Raj didn't find the girl of his dreams and live happily ever after -- a sitcom finale trope.
  5. Those are two different shows.
  6. SmithW6079

    S04.E21: Sandra's Fight/S04.E22: Employee Appreciation Day

    No, you're not alone. I want to laugh too. That's why I watch sitcoms.
  7. Penny very clearly stated that when she got home after going out with Sheldon, she initiated sex with Leonard. Let's not turn this into another faux "rape" discussion. Also, she was the driver and we saw her stop drinking while they were at the bar.
  8. I thought the ending was very uneven. There were elements I liked and others I didn't. I still cried. I always thought Penny's "I don't want kids" never rang true, so I was really happy she was pregnant at the end. And in any event, the pregnancy was unplanned. I hated Stuart's incompetence taking care of the Wolowitzes' kids. He took care of Debbie, and he'd been their nanny for a long time, so he should have been fine. I disliked the ladies talking quite loudly on the night flight about Penny's pregnancy. How rude to the other passengers. I liked Amy telling Sheldon off, and both their speeches at the ceremony. What was the point of Anu? For that matter, what's the point of an arranged marriage if you don't actually, you know, get married? I would have been happy if Raj was happily single, but he still wanted the unrealistic movie version of love and marriage. Someone mentioned above that we were cheated of a Raj/Amy shopping montage; I agree. That would have been cool. And to the tune of "Pretty Woman." You don't believe people remain friends for decades? They work together and they see each other daily; they're in each other's lives constantly. Friendships can and do endure.
  9. SmithW6079

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    I liked The Big Bang Theory. Not at first; I thought the (second) pilot was awful, but I stuck with it. The quality varied from season to season (even episode to episode), and Sheldon was a character I hated most of the time. While it feels weird that it's over after 12 years, the amount of press coverage it's getting is ridiculous. Entertainment Tonight spent their entire broadcast on the show today; the CBS Evening News (sadly, without Jeff Glor) had a story about it. It's most definitely not the greatest sitcom evah, so c'mon, media, stop with the over-the-top adulation.
  10. Dr Sturgis's breakdown was heartbreaking, and I may have started crying when Connie found him and convinced him to come in as he took her hand. Kudos to Annie Potts and Wallace Shawn for that scene. When Mary came out to tell Sheldon Dr Sturgis wasn't coming, for a second I thought she was going to say he had died. Missy had some good one-liners, and I laughed out loud at George and Georgie's battle over the cable TV: "This isn't over, little man! Not by a long shot!"
  11. I've never thought the red chair was funny. Cringy, embarrassing stories that make their tellers look bad. They could do away with it and I wouldn't miss it.
  12. SmithW6079

    American Dad

    Yes, I quite enjoyed the main plot this episode, and I agree, they could have dropped the Roger plot for more of Stan & Tuttle trapped in the TV show. I don't particularly care for Tuttle, but it's good to see he's no longer a half-ton man. Baby Roger reminded me of the Simpsons episode when Scully & Mulder came to Springfield to investigate an ET, which turned out to be Mr Burns.
  13. SmithW6079

    The Cool Kids

    That scene actually made me laugh out loud. And then when Klinger Dudley came out dressed as Margaret, that was icing on the cake (until they were assholes to him and told him to scram; a nicer ending would have been to ask him to join them).
  14. SmithW6079

    In The Media: Fresh Off The Press

    I beg your pardon. It's about strippers. And it's a Jennifer Lopez project, so it's must be a quality production. 😁😁
  15. I don't think Meemaw is all that sweet. She's feisty and independent, but not really sweet. And as we saw in this most recent episode, she can be a bitch. I could totally see that Meemaw being nasty to Amy.