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  1. I'm from downstate New York. Anything north of the Bronx is upstate. 😁
  2. I like the one where they scare Louise with the haunted house. It had some genuinely scary moments.
  3. I still remember on 9/11 listening to 1010 WINS news radio because my office didn't have cable, so no good TV reception. Some WINS marketing staff person was calling in from her apartment's rooftop in Brooklyn because she had a clear view of the Towers, and then her shocked gasp, "Oh my God, the building fell!" Chills because we could only hear her. Twenty years later I still remember that moment.
  4. So he's going to be bitter for the rest of his life? Sometimes life sucks and you can't always get what you want. He built a new career in his 70s and 80s, something most people never do. I used to follow his Facebook page, until I realized it was just him (or his husband or staff) reposting stuff rather than original thoughts.
  5. That makes me sad for George. He's developed a great third or fourth act (let's face it, he's way past a second act), so why does he have to continue to hold a 55-year-old grudge? If he couldn't bear to say congratulations, then why not remain quiet?
  6. Why would Dottie move in with them and be reduced to living in one room? Did they drop the story of Kemi and Chukwuemeka looking for a surrogate to bear grandchildren for his mother? That's what I thought was being set up in that situation.
  7. I'll watch this episode again at some point when I feel up to it, but kudos to all the actors. I don't know if they're mostly sitcom actors, but damn, they've got some set of dramatic chops. Also, a special shout out to the actress playing Al's sister. She had to convey her terror and the chaos on Afghanistan just from her voice alone.
  8. Maybe they're screwing the delivery person on the tip. I really haven't paid that much attention to the commercial.
  9. I think Upstate New York. For some reason I want to say near Fort Ticonderoga, given the Revolutionary War ghost. The premise is that these people died in the house or on the grounds, yes? The Viking doesn't make sense, and neither do the flapper and the Wall Street guy (I think she'd have been more likely to die in Harlem and him somewhere out in the Hamptons). The wife better find a way to determine a ghost from a living, because it's already a tired trope that she keeps confusing the two.
  10. I hate that commercial. Is Elton John that hard up for money? And the bizarre creature with him is also a "singer"? The most offensive part of the commercial is them crying that they don't have the money to pay for their food. Looks like the "little guy" gets screwed once again by the elite.
  11. Well, it wouldn't be a Bob's Burgers episode if there was no mention of Linda pooping. Blech. At least there was no Teddy. I thought this was pretty weak. The spoof on what I assume was "I Know What You Did Last Summer" could have been good, but it wasn't. I thought that when the sisters showed up at the first guy's house, he was going to reveal he got a letter too, and we'd go on from there. Instead, it was pretty lame. Linda has done more damage to Gayle by trying to protect her than if she let Gayle fail on her own. Also, Gayle should be in therapy multiple times a week. I don't
  12. Wheelchair users are mobile; that's the point of someone with mobility issues using one. There was part of an episode last season where Dottie was in the process of closing her house to sell it and move in with Bob. There were some nice scenes between Dottie and Christine as they went through old belongings.
  13. I don't think it was great, but I'll be back to see how it develops. I think there are too many characters, especially since they seem to be always together.
  14. Sturgis is OK, so I can take him only in small doses. But I agree that the George, Georgie, and Missy are the reasons I watch. I can't stand Connie either most of the time. Connie deserves whatever she gets. She's nasty to George all the time. She blames him for knocking up her baby girl and 17 years later still holds a grudge. And she's nasty about him not only to his face, but she belittles him to his children. That's unforgivable.
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