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  1. Kaley Cuoco Stuns With Zero Makeup & Soaking-Wet Hair After '47-Hour' Sleep Oh, what that poor woman has had to endure. She's so brave, truly a national hero.
  2. A Marjorie episode in which she barely appears. I would have preferred to see Marjorie and her son work it out rather than yet another performance of The Bonnie & Christy Snipe at Each Other Ad Nauseum Road Show.
  3. Curiosity Stream is streaming a documentary on Wallis Simpson. Wallis Simpson: The Secret Letters https://curiositystream.com/video/2417
  4. So were the Duke and Duchess of Windsor (well, not her, since she never got the HRH), and they led a parasitic and useless life.
  5. I loved her books. The Macbeth ones more than the Raisin ones, but they were enjoyable, quick reads.
  6. That's not how it works when you're a member of a royal family with traditions and duties and expectations going back a thousand years. Has she ever stopped acting? Poor Meghan. All that planning and work to become a member of the British royal family and for what? She tried to win by changing the rules and now she slinks home. She's always been about duty. Interesting how all this discord didn't really start until he got married.
  7. Agreed. Pretty to look at, but otherwise, this movie suuuuuucked. It was all so pointless.
  8. Since "Murder by Death" is a spoof of those old-timey detective movies, isn't that the point of Peter Sellers playing the Charlie Chan character? Caucasian actors portrayed Charlie Chan in the "Charlie Chan" movies. I hate Sondheim. Here's my big UO: I'm so tired of Tom Hanks and the slavish adoration that he is a some kind of acting god. He's reached the point where no matter what movie he's in, he's always Tom Hanks, and it's tiring. I read that he's going to play Ove in the American film adaptation of the book "A Man Called Ove," a book I read over the summer and loved. He is so not the right physical type for it. He's just going to "Hanks it up."
  9. Why does the teailer give if a lesbian thriller vibe, especially when Nicole Kidman remarks about how hot it is? They could have chosen a different scene.
  10. I do. And don't forget the Instahoes on Instagram.
  11. Have you met the Internet? 😊 Mrs Butterworth is a widow. Her husband died from complications from diabetes.
  12. I don't pay for it. They want you to turn off your ad blocker to view the page.
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