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  1. I think that's a real stretch. I'm also not sure what you think the writers' supposed "agenda" is -- that a wall is a good thing? In any event, the Japanese are being forced to build the camp fence of the internment camp to keep them in, not other people out.
  2. But they were already working in reality. Well, yes, I'm sure. It was just a stupid storyline to pick.
  3. What is the "agenda"? Japanese immigrants and their American-born children were torn from their homes and imprisoned in internment camps in harsh conditions just because of their race. That's not an agenda, that's history, a rather shameful part of American history.
  4. I liked them, but their story seemed a little weird. Personally, I thought the brother with all the tatts was the hotter. He definitely seemed the dominant one, until the end, with the picking of the apartment. I thought the two-bed, two-bath one was best. Wasn't the one they picked the one with the bedroom/closet? I thought the younger brother was really being a dick about it over $100 a month. How convenient that the tatt brother managed to get a job at the very restaurant they went to in the beginning. 😂
  5. I remember watching "Space: 1999" back in the 1970s, when the future was 1999. I've rediscovered it on YouTube, and also the free streaming app Tubi. A lot of it is corny and cheesy, but it's got a great theme song (season 1 at least), and often thought-provoking stories. I'm enjoying the retro look at the future. 🙂
  6. I watch shows like this more for the apartments than for the "story lines." I did find it odd, yet charming, the three men who were so close to their mothers, but a little off-putting that they took mom along with them (well, two did, I recall). I'd kind of wonder at my potential roommate who needed his mother with him to look at apartments. I forget which one it was -- the Nashville woman? -- who ended up taking the apartment with the two roommates. I was hoping she wouldn't pick that one, because they were kind of creepy with their rules and demands that the roomies hang out together in the evening. I'm renting a room in your apartment, not signing on to be your friend. If it happens, great. If not, so long as we're civil, that's fine. I knew a married couple who had a roommate, so that didn't seem that weird (then again, they had a house, not a small apartment).
  7. I probably won't be watching it at all, since I don't subscribe to any streaming services. It makes me sad, because I thought "The Orville" was a great SF show and a nice change from all the dark dystopian futures that make up most of SF today.
  8. Why not? Soap operas used to recast roles all the time without convulted stories about disfigurements and the need for plastic surgery.
  9. In his memory, we must try to take over the world.
  10. Oh, Constance. Keep going like this, and people will be saying, "Constance Who?" Constance Wu Confronts “Diva” Behavior Allegations In Her ‘Hustlers’ Media Rounds
  11. Ugh. Texas-to-Vienna woman was so unpleasant. I felt sorry for the "property consultant" forced to deal with her. She had negative comments about everything. The room she took was a dorm room, wasn't it? The fact that it had maid service seemed to indicate it was. (When I was in college, we had a cleaning lady for our floor.)
  12. I found this story on Thailand's new royal consort interesting and confusing. Flying a jet and firing a gun: Thailand releases rare photos of King's royal consort CNN admits there are difficulties in reporting on Thailand's royal family because of laws in Thailand that make it a crime to criticise the royal family. What seems weird is that both the new queen and the new royal consort are that they are high-ranking members of the military, which seems at odds with being in subordinate royal roles.
  13. That is my worst nightmare. 😨 I don't watch celebrity roasts, and Alec Baldwin can be pretty douchey, but I am finding his self-deprecating commercials for his celebrity roast to be hilarious. I especially like the one where his acting class improvs him to 1984, and he's a doctor. When he asks what he's doing, the old lady says he's delivering his wife, Hilaria.
  14. There was definitely more to the South Africa mother & daughter relationship than we saw. I felt like there was an undercurrent of hostility between the two. Mom wasn't as serene as I would expect Buddhist monks to be, and the daughter kind of came across as spoiled and pretentious, frankly, although good on her for getting her sommelier license. Also, lady, we don't need to hear that you had to get out of your hometown because you hated your family and they hated you. I would think not a lot, since they kept harping on his coming from a village with no electricity or running water, unless that's all a lie. He was a fire dancer, which seems like it would be a tourist-type entertainment, so he should be used to busy crowds. Their choice was a foregone conclusion, since she was adamant about not walking far to work, and the apartment that was also within walking distance was too expensive. RE: The Lithuanian couple. Overall, I liked them, and I got the feeling she had been the pursuer in that relationship.
  15. There's this blind item from Blind Gossip: https://blindgossip.com/four-breakups-to-spin/
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