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  1. vinnieprice

    S10.E02: Fit for a Queen

    Oof, that green was terrible. Well, the whole thing was terrible IMO but to be fair, Versailles is pretty tacky so I guess it's in keeping with the Marie Antoinette spirit? My husband said the blonde red team wife curses more than any other person he's ever seen on Trading Spaces and she's now his favorite person ever, I think he may be on to something. You know you've messed up a cake when someone tries to "smash" it and it just poofs into dust.
  2. vinnieprice

    S10.E01: Battle of the Decades

    There wasn't even a single macrame owl, so I don't think they can call it 70s. It looked like a roller skating rink to me. I could have forgiven the paint but the frisbees were just terrible. And how long until one of those kids rips them off the wall and you end up with just splotchy ripped paper and glue bits in your living room. Eesh. I love 70s stuff, if they had tried to lean into a 70s rec room kind of vibe it would have been more low-key and fun imo. I normally don't think Carter's an attractive dude, but I'm feeling that whole Burt Reynolds thing. Rowr.
  3. vinnieprice

    S07 E28 Deven & James

    Ugh, poor Sha'Quan, I really hope he can learn to respect himself more. Deven is such a knob.
  4. vinnieprice


    Yeah, I had to give Dr Nassif credit for his complete poker face when she was going through her spiel because it looked like he was trying very hard to not look at her flabbergasted.
  5. vinnieprice

    Are You The One?

    Oh man my husband lost it over this. We kept arguing about whether it was a million a piece or a million divided and no one in their right mind would do that for what, 28k after taxes? But I guess if I were 22 and wanted "my butt done" that's one way to do it.
  6. vinnieprice

    S02.E01: June / S02.E02: Unwomen

    I am always struck by how much of the violence on women in this show is perpetrated by other women. Aunt Lydia, but also the guard at the Colonies. They aren't as high up status-wise as Serena and the other women that I could see going along with the whole Gilead thing because they think they will be winners in the whole scenario, so are they just cruel? Are they true believers? Argh, so many questions. Man this is rough. I admit I totally thought that June had been taken by Mayday at the end of last season, so when they walked in to the stadium and turned on the lights I even thought "oh no, wait, does Fenway have a dome? Won't they see the lights on?" Ooooooh no. That was really brutal. I wish it was easier to watch this without thinking about the reality we live in right now.
  7. vinnieprice

    The Great Stand Up to Cancer Bake Off

    I loved Teri Hatcher so much because she was so good to go. Clearly a fan, and I could totally see myself practicing and planning like that. She was just great.
  8. vinnieprice

    The Great Stand Up to Cancer Bake Off

    I have to fast forward through the stories.. I just can't. It's too much for me. Fuck Cancer.
  9. vinnieprice

    Rebooted Season 1 Discussion: Straight Guy of the Week

    I had sat on the final episode with the firefighter for a bit because I didn't want it to be over, but finally watched it. What a great group of guys, they were so game. Really nice to see. And Jeremy's little speech he gave at the end about how they would never had thought about welcoming gay men into the firehouse before but had learned so much.. boy you know I really hate that it seems we have to have Gay Ambassadors rolling around to prove to people that they are human beings but I am very glad that these hearts are being touched and people are learning. Some people have found Jonathon's hair suspect for the grooming expert, but when it is down in his interviews it is soooo shiny and smooth and amazing.
  10. vinnieprice

    S05.E10: Fighting for Farrell's

    I don't understand why they even kept any other location open other than the main one. And boy, that daughter quitting like that.. she had to know that would be in the final show, she came off as petulant and weird. Bad look.
  11. vinnieprice

    Rebooted Season 1 Discussion: Straight Guy of the Week

    Oh, poor Joe, Bless his heart. When they said he had a show and that would be his "event" I thought oh, so he is actually a working comedian, ok. I mean, you're in the burbs of Atlanta, but that's doable even if it's hard. But then it comes out his brother is a "comedian" too.. ok... and then his show is hosted by the brother. Oooooh bless your heart Joe. Go back to school or something. Get a job as a video game tester.
  12. vinnieprice

    Rebooted Season 1 Discussion: Straight Guy of the Week

    Aww I like Jonathon. He was cute during the AJ episode when they were going through their experiences coming out and he's just like "yeah, there wasn't any hiding it" or whatever. I appreciate that there's a spectrum there and it's ok wherever you fall. Just do you. :)
  13. vinnieprice

    S09.E22: Episode 22

    I am surprised Lori went through with the deal for the Gunnar glasses. Maybe she's thinking she can make them into QVC-demo-friendly "vision helpers". I kept thinking of the old Blu Blockers commercials that aired nonstop on cable tv back in the day. If I were her when the guy was like 2.5% I would have been insulted and told him to shove off.
  14. vinnieprice

    S07.E05: Mary & Adam

    Stop trying to make Nev's wife happen, MTV. It's not going to happen. Ugh, poor Mary. I mean, yeah, she's a jerk for catfishing people, but she's clearly got issues. Hopefully the teeth thing getting sorted will give her a little more confidence, because she's so clearly willing to let people treat her miserably.
  15. vinnieprice

    S09.E16: S09.E17

    The flower arranging thing drove me crazy because she didn't go into any detail about the flowers themselves. For the demonstration with the Sharks she's using hydrangeas and gerber wahatevers and pretty high end, expensive flowers, are those the flowers your Jill EveryExec is going to get? Or am I going to go to one of these things at 65 dollars a pop to arrange carnations from Trader Joes? I know only from other investment shows like this, but flower logistics are a nightmare, so that seems like a huge piece of the puzzle missing. Plus, my god I don't need one more thing annoying "side hustle" Stay At Home Moms: are shilling on facebook.