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  1. A quick minute with a calculator tells me that the average age of this cast is 43.25. Maybe I've forgotten a season or two here and there, but is this not the oldest cast ever on DWTS? I don't intend this as an ageist comment, but I tune into this show to see good dancing. The three oldest cast members, all women, are 55, 65, and 75 years old. They're probably not going to be able to dance well. Previous seasons have also included pro athletes who were still competing professionally, and able to learn to dance well. These two 39 and 44 year old athletes are definitely not that. And, as much
  2. I haven't let go of the thought that we didn't actually see Shaun melt down in Han's office. The last scene we in the office was Han telling Shaun, "If I have to call security to remove you from my office, you will be terminated". Cut scene. Next we see Shaun in the locker room, where he absolutely does melt down. I'm left with the fact that we didn't see Shaun being removed by security, and we didn't see Han actually fire Shaun. Is it at least possible that, after Han warned Shaun, Shaun left the office willingly, wasn't terminated, and was able to control himself enough to wait until he was
  3. Maybe I'm missing something, but I have no clue how this relates to her being a judge.
  4. I loved Jasper's dress. His design was, imo, the best example of the spirit of an unconventional materials challenge...to turn weird things into a semblance of fabric and end up with a fashionable, artistic-looking design that could actually be seen on a runway. He was robbed! Christina's zip-up hoodie was wonderful, and she should have easily been in the Top 2. The show spent so little focus on her in the workroom that I don't even know what her unconventional materials were. But that jacket flat out looked like something found in the athleisure wear section of an upscale dept store. I
  5. Poor, beautiful Viktor. He should have been among the top 2, and if not given the GB then he should have been put through by the "super fans" (whatever the bloody hell that even is). I hope he gets a wild card spot. Now Prince Poppycock must get through next week or I will be very sad. I don't think he's an act that the "super fans" would put through, so the only way I see him making it is as a GB. So far, my favorite thing has been the truly awful Hadwin losing again, though I wouldn't put it past Simon to bring her back with a wild card so he can try even harder to shove her down our thr
  6. Yes to this. She still looks great for her age, but the woman is 79-years-old.
  7. They did arrest the suspect just last week. Among the burglary victims were: Usher, Jason Derulo, Adam Lambert, Dorit Lemel, and Rebecca Hutton. Link: https://www.thedailybeast.com/los-angeles-man-posed-as-realtor-to-swipe-millions-in-luxury-goods-from-stars-homes-police
  8. Yes to this. "I'll take DWTS for one thousand, Alex." Of the guesses compiled from this thread, here (so far) are the ones that have appeared as contestants on DWTS: Antonio Brown Tommy Chong Gladys Knight Margaret Cho Donny Osmond Ricki Lake Lance Bass Joey Fatone
  9. Here are some other theories being reported about why the Unicorn is Tori Spelling: In the voice-altered voiceover, the Unicorn says her nickname is "Bird". The word for bird in Japanese is "tori". Also in her voiceover, she says that her "childhood should have been magical". That is the same experience that is the subject of her tell-all book, titled "Stori Telling".
  10. I'm all in for Prince Poppycock, Tape Face, Viktor Kee, and Shin Lim. Also interested in seeing unfamiliar acts from other countries, although if that Australian dance crew was any indicator, eww.
  11. Welcome back to my TV, Nick Cannon. I kept trying to see if you've started wearing socks again. I agree with others who've guessed that Peacock is Donny Osmond and Lion is Rumer Willis. If so, after seeing Antonio Brown unmasked, I'll be looking for other DWTS alumni to show up. I think Deer is Terry Bradshaw. Other than that, I'm just hoping Monster isn't CeeLo Green, as I've seen others guess elsewhere. I thought it was ridiculous when the judges kept guessing "A" list celebrities, like Lady Gaga. As if, LOL! I am kinda hoping that one of the future contestants will come ou
  12. That's hysterical, lol. I'm not too worried about ratings for the premier, as typically the Super Bowl lead-in show gets 25-30 million viewers. I am concerned about song selection though. I hope he chose wisely.
  13. @adhoc, you're probably aware of this already, but in case not: Dimash will be a contestant on CBS's new competition show, "World's Best". He will be on the premiere episode, debuting immediately after the Super Bowl on February 3rd. Can't wait to see him perform live on my TV!
  14. Yes to this. Through most of S1 it was, for me, the best new show in some time. Hoping for a course-correction, I persisted as S1 fell apart. But it never returned to its original premise, in fact becoming an entirely new show that I don't particularly enjoy. I let S2 episodes stack up on the DVR and FF through much of it. I almost didn't finish this S2 mid-season finale it was so ghastly. Not sure if I'll continue watching the rest of S2. Sad.
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