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  1. I introduced Shikaree to Naja when Shikaree was just 3 and 1/2 months old and Naja was about a year (I have only a vague idea of Naja's actual age). People told me that two cats from different litters would not get along well. There was an adjustment for the first 2 weeks, but no peeing.
  2. That's so weird. I greatly enjoy Miracle Whip, but it doesn't go with sweet things like fruit at all.
  3. Ooh... does she have an intact male and female in the same house? What does she plan to do with the inevitable kittens? I have 1 male cat and 1 female. I got the male (Naja) 6 months before the female (Shikaree), but he was fixed before she came home. I considered not getting the female spayed, because when she went into heat it was just so darn cute. Once she started peeing everywhere, I changed my mind quickly. So was the devastating news was the death of a pet pig as we had speculated?
  4. I saw the description for episode 5, airing on the 26th. It says the victim is a hockey player. Oh boy! Liv as a hockey player! I can't wait for the wacky hijinx that will ensue. Maybe there will be a lot of aggressive machismo and some hockey with improvised equipment.
  5. The comparison is a little faulty because HIV makes people weaker and eventually kills them. Zombie-ism makes people stronger, more dangerous, and is not fatal. An untreated zombie turns into a wild animal. It is a lot like rabies, but due to its non-fatal nature it is not as self limiting. Also there is no cure or vaccine. Oh wait, there is a vaccine but the dumbass who invented it is not sharing it with anyone. HIV also isn't nearly as virulent.
  6. Thrifty

    The Mick

    The Alba plot sucked. The plot of "person gets stuck somewhere for a long time" is such a cliche. The Chip plot was inane. Are his fingers made out of sausage links? How did they sever that easily? And does he not know how to dial 911?
  7. Since I was really young when this show was on the air, I really should have mispronounced the actor's name as "Bronson Pinch-AHT" (rhyming with cot or thought). I don't know how I didn't and got it correct and pronounced it to rhyme with "hoe" or "though". Unless maybe I didn't and the first pronunciation is right.
  8. Why does Liv prepare her brains in such complicated ways? Zombies can't taste anything anyway.
  9. You're giving the writers too much credit. Peyton, for example, is not some dumbass 22 year old. She's a smart, accomplished prosecutor.
  10. I watched this show as a kid in the early 90s. For some reason that I can no longer remember, I thought the title was an oxymoron. I watched it again on DVD in 2009. It's weird that this activity of nostalgia is now itself a nostalgic even, since it happened 9 years ago. In one of the episodes, Larry laments the progress of his life at his age, which he states as "24 years old". Since I was 28 at the time, Larry being younger than me blew my mind. Also, he didn't look like he was 24. That show had such a great theme song. I am listening to it at work right now, and trying hard
  11. Yes. I had that walk patented with the Department of Silly Walks, and he stole it from me. We have been embroiled in litigation over it for the past 3 years.
  12. I have a scratch on my right wrist. I tend to get a lot of scratches, because I have a pair of rambunctious kitty cats. They heal up, but they eventually get replaced by new scratches. I keep thinking of this show whenever I look at those scratches. Early in this episode, just before eating the Brain of the Week, Liv made some joke about not wanting to get fat, or lose weight, or something. I thought "Oh. That's what this week's character is about." Then I reminded myself that she hadn't eaten the brain bits yet. That's when I realized that she goes through so many wacky per
  13. It's a decent point, but I just cannot let go of this fact that terrorists took over an American city and the government is just letting it happen. I should probably relax, since it's just a TV show, but I can't do that any more than the writers can make Liv behave like a normal person.
  14. I feel like the writers are completely forgetting their premise, and the show is depressing me. A plague is running loose in a major American city following a bioterrorist attack. The US government and the World Health Organization do not seem to be making any effort to create a cure, or retake the city from the terrorists who have conquered it. I know it was discussed on this forum that the military trained zombies have an advantage over the humans in the U.S. military, but that's no excuse. The military doesn't just chicken out because things are tough. Especially when the threat is on
  15. That's what I was thinking. The humans at that event were being extremely reckless. When you have a virulent and contagious disease on the loose, the LAST thing you do is INCREASE crowded social interactions with infected people. Seeing Blaine with the stolen cures depresses me. One guy able to turn back the pending apocalyptic plague, and he's too greedy to do it. This show is getting so caught up in maintaining the status quo that nothing will ever be resolved. Combine that with the increasing agonizing irritation of Liv being completely overcome by even the smallest amount of brain,
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