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  1. God, Michael sucks. Chase was thoroughly charming throughout, but Michael is just not compelling in any way. Do the writers hate Michael and that’s why they write him as a sad sack who manipulates women into marrying him (what he did to Willow after she learned her own baby died was gross) and knees people in the nads when he’s feeling insecure? This is our leading man? Just give his screen time to Chase, who at least seems to be trying to do something with the shit material he’s given. Poor Trina. I like the actress a lot and she actually squeezed an emotion or two out of me, but I agree
  2. Sonny and Jason talking about Karen hurts my heart. Jagger/Karen were a bit before my time, but I'm YouTube diving into their storyline and am at the end of 1992. Seeing where she is at the end of 1992 vs. where I know she'll be in a few months' worth of videos bums me out. Sonny is such a piece of shit. Men feeling bad about their actions toward women after the fact because they associate them with their daughters is so cringy, too. If I thought this would lead anywhere, maybe I'd care, but Sonny's been down this road before and he's still the same old sack of shit, so whatever. Chase is
  3. I don't really watch talk shows much, but Drew Barrymore getting her own show intrigued me. I haven't really tracked her career , but I feel like Drew Barrymore is too good for this world. I want to protect her and shield her from any and all criticism because she seems so earnest and like she just wants to put good out into the universe (please no one ruin that impression for me!). I didn't mind the show at all, and it made me laugh out loud a fair amount (though admittedly that was sometimes because some parts were so bonkers). Sometimes I had to watch through metaphorical fingers covering m
  4. Can anyone clarify the pronunciation of Liz’s last name? I would assume it would be spelled Orteco, not Ortecho, based on the way it’s been pronounced. I don’t know why, but the picture of Rosa with the handprint on her face was really unsettling to me. The developments in her death have been really interesting, when I thought it would be the most boring part of the show. I have to admit I laughed at Max’s sadbang face at the end there.
  5. I liked it just fine. I didn’t really notice the discrepancy between Nathan Fillion’s age and the age of the character, but it kept bothering me how his age kept getting brought up, especially by the guy who wants him gone. Wouldn’t that be considered discriminatory? Aren’t people over 40 a protected class?
  6. Dean is so one note and annoying. Barrett Doss’s character is pretty much the only one I don’t hate, beside Maya when she’s not blowing smoke up Andy’s butt. I might actually enjoy a crossover pairing if they were to explore Hughes with Deluca (please no more Maggie adoration from Dean, its so awkward and forced). The most annoying part of the show (after the kid) was Andy speaking in Spanish after not hearing what she wants to hear. Even if he didn’t understand Spanish, he should understand muttering under your breath using that tone doesn’t mean anything good!
  7. I wanted Molly to live and I’m pissed she didn’t. That’s pretty much all I got for this episode.
  8. Am I not understanding the Paris of 2001, or is it kind of ridiculous that someone with Suleiman’s experience (Credit Suisse intern, published papers on banking, etc.) couldn’t get any job other than falafel seller? Not even, like, bank teller or something? Perhaps in some other country if the “stain” of where he lives is too great in Paris? Jack Ryan is kind of the least interesting part of the show, which makes me sad as a Krasinski fan. Hanin is amazing though. Every scene with her leaves me anxious.
  9. That’s exactly where I am. Every time it started to veer in that direction, I cringed. He just seems to play a similar role in Ruth’s life as in Justine’s, unwilling mentor of sorts, with the added bonus of working well together and putting a better product together than apart. I just don’t see the romantic connection/chemistry. The camera guy is much more of an equal romantic partner, especially after seeing Sam treat Ruth like shit in the beginning of the second season. Sam’s more like the skeevy uncle than the love interest. No thanks to any sort of romance between them. I love romanc
  10. God, I really hated that storyline, so it’s going to take some doing for me to forget how much his character sucked and represented everything I hated about GH back then. I was always more of a Michael and Maria fan way back when, so I’m really hoping they get those characters right.
  11. Am I missing something, or did Isobel mispronounce Liz’s last name? I’ll watch this, but I don’t really think the promo shows any of the magic the original did (no matter that my rewatch a few years after it went off the air left me puzzled as to why I loved it so damn much...)
  12. I was considering restarting this series to see if I could finish it, but ended up rewatching the first few episodes of Trial and Error instead. It truly is brilliant how they incorporated aspects of this case into this show (though Larry was so much more sympathetic than Peterson). The ending is even more hilarious now that I know more about this case. Had no clue there was any real life inspiration when I first watched it. Now I wonder where the Trial and Error showrunners stand on the Peterson being guilty or innocent question.
  13. I have to say, when I read that the editor was involved with Michael Peterson, it threw all credibility out the window. The slant toward the defense makes complete sense now. The director should be ashamed to put this out, or to claim that it made no difference. And however the defense lawyer thinks he’s coming across, he’s really coming through as the exact opposite of the Making a Murderer defense attorneys (irrespective of the items the defense apparently dropped the ball on). Those guys seemed sincere. This guy just seems like a tool. I’m only four episodes in but I’m so annoye
  14. Eh, I’m not going to argue that Ivanka deserves more than a modicum of respect from Samantha Bee or anyone. Her apology seems sincere, leave it at that. Obama would have taken that apology and been gracious about it, showing he’s above the nonsense, but Trump and his crew really seem to revel in this idiocy. It’s just so frustrating to me that the White House will take this and run with it as more hypocritical distraction from their own disgusting behavior. Samantha Bee is really the only person I can stand listening to regarding politics because she seems as fed up, annoyed, and frustra
  15. I agree with this, but I really don’t think that’s how Mirai means it to come across at all. I don’t think she has the timing or the wit to pull off what Adam does (not even Adam has it all the time either, but he certainly had some last night), so it ends up sounding cringey instead of funny like she meant. Intent vs. execution I guess. I feel so bad for her knowing what the public reaction will be. I really liked her arm movement yesterday, kind of sad to see her go, though I am happy to see her stop putting her foot in her mouth. I really liked Adam’s performance and wish these d
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