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  1. I just binged this and found myself enjoying it. I appreciated that it was mindless with no drama. I agree with others that they need to do the same dance or both slow or both fun.
  2. I'm still singing Lovestruck. I do love that they took all 3 songs.
  3. All Rise did but it's the only one I know of. Their finale was all done virtually and it was a fabulous episode!
  4. Yes, post! I think that her predilection to kill was there from the beginning.
  5. I read this last night when you posted and side eyed the mom's story. Turns out she was arrested this morning for his death.
  6. Ugh, I'm so mad and sad. We do not need an 8th season of The Goldbergs. This show is so much better than that.
  7. I loved this season. Maybe more than the first! I watched it in two days.
  8. Court


    I loved the adult cast and youngest daughter but this was just a bad show. Right call.
  9. Agreed. They didn't bang in the bathroom. It doesn't seem like a big deal to me. Daniel was going to say no to Vanessa anyways. It just seems like something that would be a tiny blip in the news. To me, it looks like Vanessa is looking for the easy payday and exposure.
  10. I loved the cross promotion with Songland. I'm sure Micah's original song was nice but I couldn't hear it until the end. I don't know if the music drowned out his vocals or if he was just singing too softly. I didn't like Toneisha's original song but I still love her and I'd like her to win. To my surprise, Camwess was my favorite overall tonight. I enjoyed Todd's original song. I wonder if that was because his was one of the only ones where he didn't write it first so it's a pretty good song to begin with!
  11. A couple of the songs featured on the Voice tonight were from Songland. I assume from the first season.
  12. Same. I can see that exact exchange happening between my son and I.
  13. Crazy Lori Vallow. I'm astounded she has supporters. Her mom and sister are delusional. I also found her mom's face very distracting and off putting. (I'm going to hell.)
  14. Dalia is the worst. She can stay in jail where she is.
  15. Like all of you, I was horrified by her siblings and brother in law. I wasn't impressed by them at all and wanted them off my screen.
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