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  1. I had no idea it was cancelled and now I'm so mad!
  2. I'll start watching again now!
  3. Yes!!! I realized that Max/Zoey pairing bothers me because why can't they just be best friends? Why can't they be platonic? I promise you it happens with no one pining away for each other. Also, I'm Team Simon anyways.
  4. I hate that they cut so many so quickly. I always want to know who the top whatever were regardless of team! Ryleighs instant save performance was awful and I've liked her previously. I wasn't surprised Corey won but I wanted it to be Jose or Pete. I just don't care for Corey.
  5. America saved Victor and John saved Pia. I haven't finished the show so no idea about the instant save.
  6. I think it's important to have Jeri on the show. Representation matters. There's not much I can find to show my 13 year old.
  7. I actually really enjoyed this episode. Loved April being back. They never should have let her go and brought in stupid Teddy. Or done Jackson/Maggie.
  8. Agreed. Eff you, Gwen. Shorten her pre nap walk and let Max finish his stupid song. Keep the kid up a few minutes. It will be fine. She was so passive aggressive bitchy. I'd immediately say no more and hire a nanny.
  9. Court

    NFL Thread

    It's possible the Falcons take Pitts.
  10. Court

    S01.E03: Superhero

    Agreed. I kinda hate Cassidy. Of course, she shouldn't be on that case! I also hate Grady. Cook your own damn dinner. I adore Lana.
  11. I can't see the names either. The poster above is correct. The huge avatars and notifications are very annoying
  12. I think he got a different tattoo?
  13. Court

    S04.E09: Blindsided

    Y'all. I didn't know how much I loved Albert until I was bawling through the whole damn episode. I thought the show was going to kill him off. Love love that they picked a Korean name.
  14. I'm not even done watching and I'm baffled that Pete was convicted. Kathleen seems like she was a terrible woman. I also agree that Pete's defense attorney did a shit job and failed him as well.
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