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  1. Court

    NFL Thread

    It's worth noting that Morris is the first African American head coach of the Falcons. I don't think any owners are willing to give Belicheck complete autonomy over personnel.
  2. I find the timing of the announcement odd. I figured next season would be his last. Wonder if any NFL teams will go after him.
  3. I have no doubt he did it. There wasn't enough evidence because the majority of the evidence wasn't even allowed. I don't believe for one second that a man as paranoid as Mike forgot to turn the recorder on I hope one day they find her body or some evidence and are able to retry him.
  4. I think Dhan knows she found Sir but not that he is captive in her basement.
  5. Did anyone watch this Tim/Becky case on Dateline? I'm curious of the impressions of the lawyer there as how she appeared on 48 Hours.
  6. I feel like Roxanne only has 1 definition of success and that's being an entrepreneur. A full time job to her is not enough.
  7. Court

    MLB Thread

    Yessss. I grew up in Texas and even with that lead, I refused to celebrate unti that final out. I couldn't quite believe it! So excited.
  8. The Clearing: while I agree the police had little evidence, I'm pretty sure he did it. It's odd he reported her missing but didn't drive around looking for her. He was over the top as he kept saying she was perfect. I also just couldn't get past the fact that she would use an USB cord to hang herself. His weird response and crazy eyes when he was asked if he did it unsettled me. His lawyer used the fact that he led them to the area as proof of innocence but I actually think that could easily point to guilt. He's arrogant and wanted to put on a show if they found her. All that being said, I'm not surprised they found him not guilty but it wouldn't surprise me if he did do it.
  9. I agree. I felt like they were leading up to them killing her together. I needed a lot more information.
  10. I wanted to reach through my screen and punch her in the face. She was so unlikable and her facial expressions were so exaggerated. Her explanation was that's their expert's opinion. Erin asked her why she didn't call her own expert to refute to it then. Lawyer was all "I could have" with some pursed lips.
  11. I pretty much agree with everyone here. I wanted Ryann to say no and for a minute I thought Trey wasn't going to ask Riah to marry him. I don't think Trey and Riah will last. I don't think Roxanne respects Antonio either. I think he might have actually worked but she feels like you have to be an entrepreneur to be ambitious. She is awful and she will never marry him. I mean Kat is a nurse and I don't see how you consider that not financially stable. There absolutely should have been more than 6 couples! Lisa is also awful and remains awful. I also questioned her pregnancy and part of me thinks she knew before they got there.
  12. Definitely a hoax! She also stopped at Target to buy snacks, robe and toilet paper. Now the real question is where did she stay for those 2 days? Is your boyfriend in on it? Her family is in complete denial.
  13. It is a bizarre story and I don't understand her motive? My understanding is that she walked home after being dropped off close. I find that even more suspicious though!
  14. Damn. Glad he was dropped. That's awful.
  15. I'm still angry that God Friended Me was cancelled. I also like East New York a lot. I agree that this episode had way too much violence.
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