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  1. Exactly! I couldn't take him seriously while he's being all self righteous. Also, I don't give a crap that Conrad tortured a murderer by withdrawing morphine for a bit so he could save hostages. I won't rewatch but I'm positive Pravesh has broken/bent the rules at least twice when it comes to patients Again, because he is a whistleblower, any action taken to fire him will look like payback. I hate this storyline. I hate that they have them hating each other.
  2. Amen. Where was Devin and his high horse when he was busy cheating on his fiancee?
  3. I'd date Malcolm. I laughed multiple times at this episode.
  4. Fuck Delilah. She has yet to apologize to take any responsibility. That comment to Regina about her not having kids was crap. I'm supposed to buy that the hair from Dave was still on the damn sweater and that just happens to be the hair they tested? I dont think so. Even if unwashed, there would be a lot of other random hair, dust, etc. Since it can't be said enough, fuck Delilah.
  5. I didn't enjoy this episode at all. Or rather I might have had it been done differently. This show seemed to be telling us that Paul going to jail was all Miles' fault for being the anonymous tip. Paul didn't get any blame here and that's some b.s. He also lied when originally caught about the insider trading and then his solution was to abandon his family. I didn't have any sympathy for him. Even her mom blamed Miles. I understand why Cara is upset with Miles but again the blame lies with Paul and his crimes. I agree that Miles shouldn't have been the anonymous tip and worked with Cara longer but the level of anger at him just pisses me off. I don't see how there could be a happy ending even if Miles hadn't done what he did.
  6. It will emotionally scar them a helluva lot more when they find our years later. All the adults know. She will lose Charlie when she finds out. Keeping the secret only does good for Delilah.
  7. I didn't think she did. I'd like to point out that ultrasound dating is not an exact science. They're estimates and can vary a week or two in either direction. She needs a DNA test to be sure. I love Amelia and Linc's relationship and I wish they would just let the kid be Linc's. Or better yet, I wish they didn't write her pregnancy in.
  8. Ugh I wanted NFL go back and watch the soulmate explanation but I accidentally deleted it. Can anyone recap or is it available somewhere?
  9. Maggie: Part of being the best is knowing when not to operate. You shouldn't operate on family, period. I found her anger at Richard absurd. The best would call Teddy up to do the operation. She's pretty darn good too. It sounded like Richard didn't notify the other dr that Sabi was crashing since he said he wanted Maggie to operate. That's stupid. I loved Alex telling Maggie to be an adult.
  10. Court

    NFL Thread

    I think both Kaep and the NFL mishandled the entire thing.
  11. Exactly. I couldn't take Nat seriously after all the shit she has pulled. Can we have a show with Lathan, Abrams and Lanik? What happened to the gay med student? I liked him.
  12. I can't even hate watch this show anymore. I know I keep saying that but how in the world does Natalie get turned out to look like a damn hero after all that illegal shit she pulled. She was still wrong. She treated him for pneumonia even though the tests said that wasn't it. She kidnapped him more than once. Illegally restrained him! Fucking Natalie.
  13. Court

    NFL Thread

    He must have. I'd probably lose it if someone kicked me in the balls.
  14. Court

    NFL Thread

    Garret at least had the sense to apologize. Pouncey says he has no regrets about it which is pretty disturbing. @Bastet yes! Rudolph's disgust and reaction irritates the crap out of me. Own your actions too. You played a part in the fight too. He deserves a fine and one game suspension.
  15. Court

    NFL Thread

    I agree. I've watched it and read many opinions. I am in no way excusing Garrett and fully agree with his suspension. However, Rudolph played a part and should be suspended one game. You can see him tugging at Garret's helmet and he charged back in to fight. He's not blameless.
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