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  1. Court

    NFL Thread

    Right their offense screwed them
  2. Same! I loved that part.
  3. I am so over Wheatley and the villain that never makes mistakes. I enjoyed the McClane storyline with Kesha.
  4. I think Dateline covered this crazy family a fee months back. I don't remember the brothers being on there. It's all so bizarre! I think we could have used another hour
  5. Y'all, I just want a Judd for myself. Where can I get one?
  6. Court

    College Football

    I don't think he meant for fans to actually do this. It's a reference to a famous call made by Larry Munson in 1980 when UGA won.
  7. I feel robbed that Queen Latifah didn't sing or rap. I was waiting all show for it! She could have had a verse in that last song. Boo show. I LOVED her convo with the girl rapper. I enjoyed the Harry/Mel antics. I didn't give a crap about the case.
  8. Court

    College Football

    Georgia's D was superior to their offense. I live in Georgia but am not a fan necessarily but I'm so happy they won. My mom is a die hard therefore I cheer for her. Also, love to see Saban lose no matter who it is.
  9. Last year, we had two microwaves in the cafeteria for staff to heat up their lunch. It was because we weren't allowed to eat in the teacher's lounge. We learned very quickly if we used both at the same time, it would overload it and both would stop working.
  10. I haven't watched yet but I think I'm giving up this show
  11. Court

    NFL Thread

    I want to hate Hurts but I just can't. He's handled the whole situation better than the WTF.
  12. I'd be happy if Kidd stayed away.
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