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  1. I was coming to see if the news had been posted. It appears it is her. Now the question is where is he? Are his parents worried about his whereabouts? Is it possible that he committed suicide or is he hiding out or already in another country? It's obvious to me that he knows exactly what happened and/or killed her. This case strikes very close to home as I had a friend murdered by her boyfriend while they were on vacation.
  2. Court

    A.P. Bio

    I binged this in 2 nights and I greatly enjoyed it. Heather is my favorite.
  3. I'd rather have the bottom two couples win than what happened. I'm happy Will didn't win. No, Jeremy and Korey 4eva! I actually think there's more of a chance of the Alana/Charlie working outside of the villa than the others. You could see quick glimpses of Charlie being fun and opening up in the montages. I wish we had seen more of those moments between all the couples. Olivia is definitely going to break Korey's heart and I wish he had kept the money. I wonder what her castmates think of those disgusting social media posts.
  4. Agreed. It was clear the wrong man was convicted but there didn't seem to be any other suspects at all!
  5. Yes! She is submissive and just goes along with it. It really bothers me and I get a lot of red flags. I watched her body language because of a comment last night and they are right! Kyra drapes herself on him and his is possessive. All they do is make out. I think Will solely asked her to be his girlfriend to get votes. I agree completely. Korey and Jeremy's date was hilarious. Charlie was fun too during it. Show, show us more of that! Alana mentioned Charlie dancing on tables. Why didn't we get to see that??? Charlie and Alana get my vote but it's coming down to Korey/Oli
  6. I don't even wear makeup and I know her foundation is several shades lighter than it should be! I was afraid Olivia/Korey were going to vote for Alana/Charlie. It's not about who you want to leave, ding dongs. I'm sad to see Andre go but it's far past time for Trina to leave. I voted for Alana/Charlie even though I think Olivia/Korey will win. I legitimately fear for Kyra's mental health when her and Will inevitably don't work out.
  7. Andre has completely won me over. I adore him. I want him, Charlie and Alana to win. I know that's not a possibility but that's what I want. The past couple episodes something about the way Kyra and Will sit together really bothered me. I couldn't put my finger on it until tonight. The way he touches her appears very possessive and almost controlling. Kyra's mom and sister clearly convinced Dad to support Kyra and it was taking major self control for him to do so. I agree Will told her what happened but I fear for Kyra when she sees it because that will be difficult. I do think he downpl
  8. If that's true about Kyra, I hope they're booted immediately. Honestly, I know zero about her besides she likes to kiss Will.
  9. I can't even, y'all. Germy just keeps getting saved over and over again. I didn't realize Trina was that popular. I did enjoy her and Andre's conversation but she isn't even trying to get to know anyone! Alana has quickly become my favorite. I'm glad the islanders didn't dump them because of Cash. I do wish Casey had stayed because he's a cutie.
  10. There was 100% producer manipulation with that Andre pick. They wanted it to come down to Cash/Alana for Charlie. I don't think we saw Andre talk to Trina once. I'm not sad to see Cash go but Cash is better TV than Trina. But I really do like Charlie/Alana. Also, I really wanted Korey to pick Bailey. Blah. I'll be shocked if Kyra and Will don't win.
  11. So I find it interesting that not one of the guys that came in or any of the OGs have ever gone for Trina. I wonder why that is. How awful for Josh. My doggy passed away today and I lost it when he said his sister passed away. Korey! Go for Bailey. Forget boring ass Olivia. Cash was noticeably absent, not that I'm complaining.
  12. I didn't think Charlie was breaking up with her. I thought he was saying I don't know if I want to pursue this. I'm open to meeting new people. Then she ran away instead of listening like the huge hypocrite she is.
  13. WTF does dab pen mean? I am not hip. I'm an ancient lady that watches trashy tv
  14. Amen. I like the new girls. Olivia should have gone home already.
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