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  1. Court

    Station 19

    Well I hate Andy.
  2. That isn't how it works. It just isn't and these comments are why the stigma persists and people are reluctant to be open about it. Depression/anxiety is very isolating and the lack of support doesn't help. I get severe panic attacks. I cannot control them. Often, the triggers are irrational. Logically, I know that but I cannot prevent them or access that at the time. My mom knows the extent but outside of her? I've told exactly one person.
  3. I agree. Thank you for this. For me my depression often manifests in lack of motivation. So knowing what I need to do vs actually doing it is so different. Any action is very difficult. It's hard to explain.
  4. This show has destroyed Choi for me. He used to be my favorite. I hate him. I may hate everyone on this show except Sharon at this point. Also, there's no way the Dad wasn't going to find out. Everyone in that hospital would be talking about it. There would have been police already there.
  5. Also, I find it interesting that she always says "my husband" or "husband" when referring to him. She's delusional.
  6. I'm struggling to get through this Pam Smart episode. It's annoying that they're trying to redeem her and blame Greg for hismurder. Here's an idea, get a damn divorce when your husband has an affair. Quit murdering people.
  7. Do firehouses really overlap boundaries? I live in a city with it's own fire, police, etc but it is literally in the middle of a county. So sometimes the city helps the county and vice versa if they're close or it's a large fire. However, I don't think any of the firehouse bkundsides overlap
  8. I thought Piper's voice sounded different when she first started talking to Jo. Just me?
  9. Yes and I'm over it. Cain is so over the top and it's absurd. I now hate Morris Morris Chestnut and that man is or rather was on my free pass list.
  10. Court

    NFL Thread

    I can now rest easy knowing the Pats won't win another Super Bowl. These announcers have just slobbered all over Brady the entire game. How about actually announce the game? Give the Titans some credit?
  11. What about Tim? I hope they make mention of him too.
  12. Thank you. While my son doesn't have a diagnosis of autism, his diagnoses shares some behaviors. He has similar meltdowns and also stims. I've noticed I stim too but mine are just "socially acceptable. Reading the above made me sad for my son. Your reply made me have hope because I am confident he can live a full and happy life.
  13. Yes! I'm way behind but good grief, any goodwill Lea had built up with me flew out the window this episode. I hated it. Also, his mother sucks too. I hope his father burns in hell. WTF with running previews for next episode before this one is even over? Thanks for spoiling the episode for me.
  14. I also think the grandmother has some warped view of the twins. I don't buy their self defense claim for a second. She gave custody to her mom for some reason. Maybe she stayed on the road with the trucker Dad? When they were 13, she requested custody and won. Grandmother asked for custody and she won. Again, lots of violent and physical altercations prior to this. Grandma let then do whatever they wanted. Mom did not. Custody was given back to Mom. Twins hated it but court said try it for two weeks. Mom was killed 5 days later.
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