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  1. Court


    I'm watching When They See Us. I was having trouble placing the actress that plays Kevin's older sister. I looked it up and it's Kylie Bunbury. All it did was make me miss Pitch again.
  2. Court

    Not Getting Any Younger... Unspoiled Spec

    The revelation best be Diana finally finding out Liza's age!
  3. Court


    Farrah doesn't even look like the same person anymore. I think Derek's family hated her? I think she claimed Sophia wasn't his. Maybe they said she wasn't the love of his life and just a fling?
  4. Court

    A.P. Bio

    Ugh, this is one of my top 3 funniest shows. I even watch it live!
  5. Court

    S19. E08: Young and Addicted

    I'm really sad to say that I don't think there is a chance for Brett. I wonder if the beating he took resulted in a brain injury. I suspect there was more going on with his mom than just bipolar. I think she likely has addiction issues as well. I wish Grandpa hadn't taken him back in but it didn't surprise me that he did. He was clearly not into any of the Intervention from the beginning. Terrance: wow his own mother shot him up when he was 12? That's beyond comprehension for me. I felt Morgan's family blamed Terrance too much for Morgan's addiction. He bears a lot of the responsibility but she does as well. I hope she doesn't relapse.
  6. Court

    S15.E25: Jump into the Fog

    Glasses didn't bother me this episode but I would much rather see some of the other interns like Casey. Maggie, shut up. I understand she hates camping. But how hard is it to suck it up one damn time and try to enjoy yourself? Adults do that in relationships. They do things for other people. Instead she prattles on and never listens to other people. I hope this is the end of Jaggie but that's too much to hope for. Meredith and the rest of them are all idiots too. Also, there wouldn't even be a fucking trial. She would get a slap on the wrist, if not charges dismissed. I don't buy any love between her and Andrew. Blah. Also, Mere OWNS part of the damn hospital. You can't fire her. Pretty sure Alex owns part of it too. I now hate Teddy for what she's doing to Koracik. Hopefully, this means Teddy and Owen will go live in Germany. Wow, this finale really infuriated me.
  7. Court

    For The People

    I finally watched and just came here to say "Fuck Sandra and her high horse " but I see that's been covered.
  8. Court

    S05.E23: Relatively Grown Man

    Couldn't Junior just go to community college near home and still work? While I agree college isn't for everyone, that's just not how this was told. I'm a huge advocate of vocational/trade school but for advertising, Junior will eventually need a college degree.
  9. Court

    S04.E21: Forever Hold Your Peace

    That baby wouldn't even be allowed in the ICU anyways. Typically, kids under 10 aren't allowed in there
  10. Andre Braugher is a treasure. The way he laughed at the podium being moved slayed me. This episode(s) was amazing.
  11. Court

    S03.E22 The Dance

    Lots of elementary schools have dances. My kids school has 2-3 a year.
  12. I loved seeing Anna Ortiz. I legit cracked up at the Jeff and corporate scene. Sayid has slowly become one of my favorite characters.
  13. Court

    S19. E08: Young and Addicted

    I completely agree with you. My feelings regarding her aren't conflicting. I think she sucks.
  14. Court

    S15.E24: Drawn to the Blood

    So unlike others, I enjoyed this episode. But that's because I forgot about the Jaggie scenes. They were stupid. Especially Maggie. I hated the insurance storyline last week and I hate it more now. I don't buy that an insurance company would figure out the fraud that quickly or all those people would descend on the hospital. Honestly, I don't even know if they would figure it out after one instance. Also, they wouldn't arrest him nor would he serve jail time for one instance.
  15. Court

    For The People

    Yes, screw you Sandra. When you know you're likely to lose, you absolutely negotiate a deal. When you're likely to lose on appeal because of a Brady violation, you offer a plea. Jill and Roger did the correct thing. I'll miss this show too.