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  1. This show pissed me off. I'm behind and don't even want to watch the end. How the eff did they group these? I felt like the strongest groups were mainly all on the second semifinal night. I hate that the salsa couple went through too
  2. These readers, would they fit kids? Why am I considering this?
  3. Just watched the one on Dennis Rodman. I didn't know much about his background. I found it very heartbreaking.
  4. Yes, that's it!! Thank you!! It's unavailable but this gives me a starting point for her. I often let my kids pick out a prize from the dollar tree and she typically buys herself their Tupperware, lol.
  5. So during corona, I started watching QVC. I find it oddly soothing. One day, my 5 year old was watching with me and all the child has talked about is how she desperately wants some totes with Tupperware. She thinks I ordered it and keeps asking when it will get here. Well, I didn't order it and now I can't figure out what exactly she wanted. It was on a couple weeks ago with the cooking dude. She has a weird obsession with Tupperware y'all, and I thought she'd forget it about but she's talked about it every day. Anyone know what exactly she's talking about?
  6. I almost thought Dean had a taken a hit of the drugs or something!
  7. Kristy should've really sent Marcus home last week. I would've kept Trent over him. Something about Kyle's lips really bother me. #shallowpool
  8. Court

    MLB Thread

    Freeman and 4 Braves players test positive. The scariest thing here is he had a negative test in the past week. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29409316/freddie-freeman-four-braves-players-test-positive-coronavirus%3fplatform=amp I'm really thinking it's best that there is no baseball
  9. Was that the finale? Am I the only one that thinks the kids are being overly dramatic about Anthony being Luly's dad? I won't miss the show but I'll miss Larry. I'm going to pretend he answered the phone call and didn't drink.
  10. So when the world doesn't end, what do all of these people do? Do they insist they were right? Predict another end of days? Lament that we are all zombies? Are we now part of the chosen and full of lightness since we're still here?
  11. I read an article that said it was from the uncle's cell phone records and the texts about the pet cemetery.
  12. I didn't glean much new from the Dateline special but the cellphone records of the brother convinced me he was the muscle. Plus, Chad to an extent. But Lori is very clearly the mastermind. I thought her friend was very detached as well but I also think it may just be her way of dealing with things. I tend to deal with hard/sad things like that similarly and with a dark sense of humor. Not many get it but it keeps me from breaking down.
  13. I wish we had a rolling eyes reaction for her crap.
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