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  1. Court

    The NBA

    I totally thought about you while yelling at the game during the first 3 quarters. I get to attend game 6 and I'm so excited. I would love if Hawks win 6 but I think it will go to 7.
  2. Court


    This has been on my Netflix list to watch and this show is bizarre. Yet I'm oddly captivated by it.
  3. AGREED. I think I was supposed to feel sorry for her but I didn't. I think she says the right things but would do it again the same way
  4. Same! I really wish networks would allow shows more time to breathe and find their footing before canceling them.
  5. Court

    The NBA

    I really want the Clippers to lose since they dumped games to play Dallas. But Dallas has to be more than Luka and they are not there yet.
  6. Court

    The NBA

    That 4th quarter had me on edge. They almost blew a 17 point lead.
  7. Amelia, TALK to Link! I hope the show doesn't make Jo/Link a relationship. I enjoy their friendship. I thought Link's proposal was adorable. He just shouldn't have done it at a wedding! Come on.
  8. Court

    The NBA

    I loved the bow so much. But I'm a Hawks fan sooo
  9. Amen. The storyline really pisses me off as a single parent. That grandmother is a total bitch.
  10. Court

    S01.E07: Race

    I agree about Sharon. Exhume the body and get further proof. I didn't understand the objections to it.
  11. Court

    MLB Thread

    I am so disappointed by this. I hope the Braves immediately distance themselves.
  12. I agree. I ordered the TSV back in April and they canceled it to not enough stock a few days ago.
  13. It was as was the YouTube videos. They showed them before his blinds.
  14. I'm sad to see this show go and will especially miss Lola and Mark's friendship. I hope other shows take notes and learn platonic opposite sex friendships.
  15. Anyone have any success in canceling an item that is on backorder?
  16. Court

    Station 19

    Hated all Carina/Maya stuff. You can't just stay in the country because you're engaged. It doesn't work that way!! Loved the Ben scenes.
  17. Jones is definitely guilty. I would have convicted easily. Frank Birgfield reminds me of my Papa.
  18. I enjoyed the Jackson/Mere stuff. I wish this episode had solely focused on Jackson leaving. I always wanted them to get Jackson/Mere together and thought it would have been interesting. They do have a lot in common and to bond over. I hated the Teddy/Owen crap. Write them off along with Glasses and Carina. Hey, just because you're engaged doesn't mean you get to stay immediately. It's still a long arduous process.
  19. This really bothered me as well as the show fulfilling all these stupid ways shows typically go. I wanted to love the finale and I did love parts but I'm so annoyed with the love story that I kinda hated it. I wish the show had gone the route of Zoey/Max realizing they love each other as best friends and aren't in love with each other. I wanted to see her tell Simon about her powers and see that relationship navigate the difficulties of that. Mo's line, you have kids, I have her was the best line.
  20. Any thoughts on the Pettit murder?
  21. I had no idea it was cancelled and now I'm so mad!
  22. I'll start watching again now!
  23. Yes!!! I realized that Max/Zoey pairing bothers me because why can't they just be best friends? Why can't they be platonic? I promise you it happens with no one pining away for each other. Also, I'm Team Simon anyways.
  24. I hate that they cut so many so quickly. I always want to know who the top whatever were regardless of team! Ryleighs instant save performance was awful and I've liked her previously. I wasn't surprised Corey won but I wanted it to be Jose or Pete. I just don't care for Corey.
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