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  1. I doubt there would be much pushback. And anyway, who cares. You're out to win a tournament, not be nice to everyone.
  2. The game will be on the Peacock premium tier. If her mom doesn't have internet that's a tough one. It's only one game in this case, but ESPN has already moved a bunch of games to ESPN+. Don't be surprised if even more games move exclusively to streaming.
  3. I read that Usain Bolt will eat McNuggets wherever he travels because he knows exactly what he's getting in a McNugget and won't get sick after eating them. I tolerate sushi. My husband and kids love it so I've had it a billion times (they like to choose sushi restaurants for their birthday dinners).
  4. There will always be free network TV; that's mandated by the FCC. Live sports have gradually moved off of broadcast television to cable and now streaming, I guess, though there are still live sports on broadcast TV. NFL football, college football, some baseball games, college basketball. Though NBC just announced yesterday that Notre Dame's home opener will be exclusively on Peacock, and ESPN has a ton of stuff on its ESPN+ platform. Anyway. Murica, fuck yes.
  5. Right, I just meant that Skinner did NCAAs and then elite.
  6. She's gorgeous, athletic and SMART -- she goes to freaking Harvard where she's studying neurobiology!
  7. The last 15 years or so, the ladies haven't really looked prepubescent. They have powerful arms and thighs from all the tumbling. They're small, but they have muscles. They don't really develop hips or breasts, but that's a natural byproduct of working out for several hours a day, every day. You see that in other sports too. And, the average age of the women's gymnasts in these international competitions is going up, which is a good thing. It's super awful to throw young children into these competitions, particularly when they can get hurt at a very young age. McKayla Skinner just compete
  8. The US team is hardly a bunch of all-stars. Kevin Durant is the biggest star on the team. None of the big guns like Lebron James or James Harden or Steph Curry are there.
  9. Yeah, they're human beings. Nobody gets along with, for example, all of their coworkers. Some people will like each other and some won't. Same thing on TV/movie sets, same deal in sports.
  10. Actually since they removed Al, the commentary hasn't been awful. I could do without Tim but I like Nastia. And I don't think they have been all that biased. The streaming commentary is solid too. That said, it's an abomination that NBC didn't show all the medalists' floor routines in primetime (Mai's routine was adorable). There is zero reason for them to not show all the beam routines tonight. The whole thing took less than an hour, and that included the gymnasts' introductions which NBC typically doesn't show. They can even edit out the long waits between the end of the routines and th
  11. Bronze for Simone! China goes 1-2. Tonight on NBC: SIMONE BILES overcomes adversity to compete on balance beam! Oh and we suppose some other athletes might be there too. Who knows? WATCH SIMONE BILES ON BEAM!
  12. Simone! I'm getting all teary. She just competed on beam and LOOKED AWESOME doing it, only one small hop on the landing. She's in second now (I think she was underscored).
  13. A lot of elite gymnasts go to college though. Jordyn Wieber would have competed for UCLA had she not taken endorsements. Kyla Ross and Samantha Peszek competed for UCLA. MyKayla Skinner went to Utah. Suni is going to Auburn (as of now), Jade is going to Oregon State. Plenty of other ladies like Katelyn Ohashi and Maggie Nichols have been elite and then moved on to NCAAs. Given that they have been very successful on floor exercise, I don't think the American women should change anything. Hell, Jade just won a gold medal with choreography that featured waving her arms around, sort of in ti
  14. It was clearly intended to capitalize on gold medals in Tokyo.
  15. Minneapple


    Hey, the 2012 team final is on YouTube! Just started watching it, lots of nostalgic fun as I avoid work lol. And guess what, they're doing commentary...over the warmups. Will update to let you know if they show Aly warming up on floor lol. As for why gymnastics isn't live in primetime anymore, maybe NBC thought it could be a big anchor to get people to their apps and website if they showed it live on those platforms. Eta: They did show the floor warmups as the commentators blabbed over the footage, and they did show Aly falling basically on her head (she was OK, obviously). LOTS AND
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