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  1. Put this on hold at my e-library and it will be at least a month. Oh, well. I'm going to start Madeline Miller's Circe meantime. I'm probably the last person in the world to read it, but excited all the same.
  2. Honestly none of these royals have any particular star power (well, Diana did). It's really their titles that make them interesting. Of the current lot, Harry might be the most interesting because of his youthful indiscretions, but even those are regular old youthful indiscretions that are been there, done that for a lot of people. He grew up, he got over the partying, he got married, now he has family drama just like many people have...snooze. Meghan seems nice enough, but really she's just a decent-enough actress who seemed to want to live a regular life. I don't think Harry and Meghan would have Spotify and Netflix deals if Meghan had just married Harry, the guy who lived next door to her in Toronto. Will's bride definitely overshadows him, however. Like Diana was prettier/more charismatic than Charles, Kate is way way way prettier than Wills, and she has more charisma.
  3. Pretty Little Wife by Darby Kane, a new entry in the domestic suspense-thriller category. I liked this one, enjoyable debut by this author. The narrator was one of those "unlikable" characters but to me she became likable. To me the best part of the book was the push and pull between the main character, Lila, and the lead investigator, Ginny. They had a great dynamic.
  4. Just finished The Lies You Told by Harriet Tyce, a slow-burn thriller about a woman who flees her marriage and goes back to London, enrolling her daughter in a snooty private school. The main character and her daughter are likable, and overall it was quite a good book, with some twists that were actually surprising (in this genre, it's become something of a surprise when the twists are surprising).
  5. As a South Asian Muslim girl and Marvel fan I can't wait for this! I bought the Ms. Marvel graphic novel for my daughter and I'm so excited to watch it with her. Iman Vellani looks completely adorable.
  6. And Mack being all, "who's Jeff?" I did appreciate all the small callbacks to the original show, not just the big things. And the stylistic callbacks too, like when they went to get the time capsule and they did the high-five and did the "freeze frame" for a second before breaking it up and being like, "wtf was that?"
  7. OK so I read Admission by Julie Buxbaum, the fictionalized novel about the college admissions scandal, and mostly I thought it was good. My main issue was the main character. She (and she said this in the book, so maybe it was deliberate) was boring as fuck. She had no agency, weirdly because she chose not to have any agency. She had zero passions or interests. She had no motivation to do anything. Even Lori Loughlin's daughter had her Youtube channel and enjoyed talking about fashion and makeup. Anyway. The best character in the book is probably Chloe's sister Isla. I liked their mom as well. I haven't read anything else by the author but I probably will check out her other books since I did like the writing.
  8. Yikes. Those photos in the article of them without their masks is not a good look. I get why people are upset.
  9. I finished A Sky Beyond the Storm. It was so good! Honestly I was a bit worried because No. 3 in the series was kind of uneven, and a lot of YA fantasy series start out strong and then finish in a disappointing way (looking at you, Holly Black). But in this case the finale really delivered in a big way. Lots of action, character development, angst, romance, all of it. I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys YA fantasy. I had started this series a few years ago when I made a New Year's resolution to read more books by non-white authors centered on non-white characters, and it's amazing how the landscape of fiction has changed since then, for the better! Hoping to start The Cousins tonight! I also realized that Admissions, the fictionalized story of the USC admissions scandal featuring Aunt Becky has come out, so that's also on my list.
  10. Just finished binge-watching this over a couple days and it was...surprisingly really good! Loved all the characters and the callbacks to the old show. One thing I did appreciate was how the show addressed stuff that was "okay" in the old show, mostly because of the time, but is not okay now. Like Zack taking photos of the girls in their swimsuits and making the calendar without their permission. Back then it was played for laughs because hey, early '90s, but nowadays? Hell no. All the young kids except for Mack were great. I think they need to put some effort into him other than "he's Zack Morris' kid and likes to prank people."
  11. Big day for me as a YA fan! Karen McManus' new one, The Cousins, is out, and so is A Sky Beyond the Storm, the final installment of Sabaa Tahir's An Ember in the Ashes series! Can't wait to get started on these.
  12. The Ravens by Kass Morgan and Danielle Page. I was excited when I saw this. A YA sorority of witches! And it wasn't bad by any means. But maybe I should have expected this since Morgan wrote The 100 series that became the CW show, but...it felt like a Charmed reboot. I wanted it to be darker, and while the plot did in retrospect become quite dark, the treatment of it was not. I don't know if that makes sense to anyone. It was like "OH MY GOD THIS HORRIBLE THING HAPPENED...let me redo my makeup and put on my pretty dress and angst over my boyfriend!"
  13. I just finished both of these exact two books! Invisible Girl was OK. It didn't really grip me either. The characters were just OK. I really enjoyed The Girl in the Mirror. The plot is a little like that show Sarah Michelle did where she played twins, the one that was canceled quickly. Great characters (I loved Iris, the main POV character), fun setting, good twists.
  14. The Witch Hunter by Max Seeck. I thought this was going to be a paranormal/horror thriller, and it kind of was, but mostly it was a police procedural/thriller. It started out strong, with a great suspense/horror sequence, and the first half was quite tense. But eventually it became kind of run-of-the-mill. Female detective scarred from her past, scary criminals, crazy serial killer, yadda yadda yadda. The book was all right, but I doubt I'll be picking up more in the series. Next up: Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell.
  15. Love & Olives by Jenna Evans Welch (she has others in this loosely connected series, Love & Gelato, Love & Luck). I liked Love & Gelato...but Love & Olives annoyed me from the start. I cannot stand books or other fiction (like TV shows) where simple communication could solve all the problems. Also, the love interest is supposed to be quirky and charming but I only found him annoying. And I wanted to slap the shit out of Liv's dad because he up and abandoned her when she was a child. Everything comes out at the end in a big information dump and by then I didn't care anymore because everyone kept lying to Liv when she should probably have been told the truth years ago.
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