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  1. I don't think she's done anything wrong, though. My daughter used to watch her videos and still wears the hairbows sometimes (though I think she's mostly over it now). She's just another fad and character like all the rest. Anyway, here is something hilarious: Elaine is, of course, Meredith in the Parent Trap movie.
  2. Wow, the story about the Thai royals is way more juicy than Harry and Will "going on different paths" and clearly fake stories about Kate being pregnant with twins. Gimme consorts who can't go out without heavy makeup being stripped of their official consort title because they faked pregnancy any day of the week. Also, someone write a movie about this. Or get them a reality show.
  3. I think their rift might be over that alleged affair that William had. That's when the supposed rift started. Well, that's my speculation based on nothing anyway.
  4. Nice pics today from Pakistan. They played cricket! And visited a mosque. The teal color is again very pretty on Kate.
  5. Of course Will proves me wrong! He is wearing a sherwani and looks great here:
  6. What the ladies are wearing is called salwar kameez and it's pretty much the national dress of Pakistan and for the love of God this dress is so so common in South Asia. Of course Kate was going to wear salwar kameez in Pakistan! And of course she's going to wear green and white. I do like that she's incorporated her own style into her salwar kameez. The green one looks like one of her regular coatdresses, and the blue ombre one also looks like one of her regular dresses, just with pants underneath. I'd like to see Will wear the men's version of salwar kameez (like Imran Khan is wearing) but I doubt that happens. This color blue is super pretty on Kate:
  7. Minneapple


    Ordinarily I'd say you're right. But the California law has inspired a wave of other states to consider similar legislation. I believe there's even a federal legislator considering writing a bill in Congress. The NCAA can't kick out all the states. I still think the NCAA will sue to stop it, but honestly their best choice might be to accept it and try to get ahold of this issue before it gets out of hand.
  8. Minneapple


    So everything about California's new law that says college athletes can make money off their name and likeness has been about the big moneymakers of football and basketball. But I actually think the effect on gymnastics might be more interesting. So gymnastics is like the one sport where athletes have to choose if they'll go pro at a very young age or take the college route. Jordyn Wieber made the choice to go pro and it may have been the wrong one. For Simone Biles, the endorsement offers were getting to be too much. She had committed to UCLA and the coach there tried to convince her to stay amateur, but the money she was being offered was too much to turn down. Now, if this Cali law goes through, gymnasts may not be stuck in that conundrum anymore. They would be able to take money for endorsements and still be eligible for college. Note: The law does not take effect until 2023 and the NCAA is probably going to fight these laws tooth and nail, so we'll see where it ends up, but I still think the possibility of what could happen is worth talking about.
  9. I can understand people not liking Meghan. I mean like I always say, it's our constitutional right to randomly dislike random celebrities (and if it's not in the constitution it should be!). What I cannot understand is hoping for her marriage to fall apart. Even if I randomly dislike a certain celebrity, I would never hope for them to suffer bad things. Well, unless they're like Michael Weatherly or Chris Brown and still have a career; it really does confound me how some celebrities still have a career and I hate the world when I think about it.
  10. As another poster mentioned above, suing over stuff like being called a "monster" is a waste of time. It's subjective and you have to prove actual malice because Meghan is a public figure. You have to show that the publication deliberately printed lies or didn't even try to find the truth. So what do they do, find someone who hates Meghan and testifies, "yeah, she's a monster," and then Harry and Meghan are responsible for all the court costs (that's how libel laws work in the US, if you lose the suit you have to pay all court costs). It must be awful for Harry to see everything that happened with Diana repeating itself. It's like the worst deja vu.
  11. Looking at the photos close up, I think Archie actually resembles Meghan around the eyes. It will be fun to see what he looks like when he gets older. Charlotte looks more and more like her great-grandmother every day.
  12. There are the Archie pics I've been waiting for! He really does look like his dad.
  13. I wanna see a proper pic of Archie. I just love baby pics. I guess I'll be happy with cute pics like this
  14. Dinklage just won Supporting Actor. They also had a cast tribute with a bunch of the mains onstage, then cut to...the castmembers not on stage? And Best Drama, though the show was shut out the acting categories other than Dinklage's win. Too bad, I would have liked to see Emilia and Gwendoline win their categories.
  15. I don't think the point is that these are meant to be bought by disadvantaged women. I think that what happens is that for every piece bought, the designer will donate one piece to this charity that gives the clothes to disadvantaged women. And I don't know about the price difference between the pieces but honestly $109 for a tote doesn't seem horrible to me. I bought Meghan's Everlane tote and it's lasted me a long time and hopefully will last me many years, so to me it's worth it. $120 for a pair of pants is pricey for me, just because my pants don't last that long. Too much washing and wearing. And I wouldn't pay $125 for a white button-down because hello, white button-down. The dress is priced so low I'm wondering what's wrong with it, lol. Meghan looks basic but very nice in her outfit today. Dark pants, white shirt, heels. You really can't go wrong with that look. And her hair is amazing.
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