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  1. Glee is one show I'd love to see a Behind the Music for. I bet Dianna Agron would have some good things to say, if she would talk at all. Melissa Benoist has also reportedly liked some of the anti-Lea tweets. And then there's Heather Morris, who's all casually, "yeah, she was hateful to everyone, not just the black people."
  2. Finally started watching this show. Holy crap can I ever relate. Like Devi I grew up wanting to do nothing more than get away from my hometown, go to college and get a cute white boyfriend. Even as a -- gasp -- Muslim. We have Muslim Indian aunties too! And boy, do I know what it's like to be in a shop where you need to pick up something quick but yoi're dressed up in a lehngha or shalwar kameez and everyone is staring at you and asking questions and all you want to do is get your coffee and leave. The Bollywood songs were fun. My parents love old-school Bollywood so that was the soundtrack of my youth.
  3. Someone recommended Prep to me and said the author does teens really well. I read the book and found the characters to all be whiny, selfish and boring. The main character in particular had zero personality and didn't exhibit any growth at all.
  4. I agree there were hints, and yeah, they needed a better burn into her descent into madness. I mean a LOT of people were defending her burning of the Tarlys and saying it wasn't a sign that she was going to go crazypants. I don't know if that's because they were just big Dany fans who wanted a big heroic ending for her or they genuinely didn't get it. And the ending of Jon killing Dany to save the world is basically Buffy killing Angel...only Buffy killing Angel was ten thousand times more emotional because it was a much better-written story. And, it was done on a fraction of the GoT budget.
  5. Daenerys' season one storyline was hands down my favorite character arc on the show. But after the dragons were born, particularly on the show, they became a huge crutch for her. Her character devolved into the dragons and little else. I do think the showrunners fell in love with the spectacle of the dragons and left everything else behind for that including the writing. "Here's your billion-dollar CGI dragon combined with a fifty-cent script that features Sansa marrying Ramsey for no discernible reason whatsoever. Enjoy!"
  6. Yeah, that was Something Borrowed in which the main character is the cheater but plays the victim. Her books are trash.
  7. Oh yeah, absolutely. I always say that if hating on random celebrities isn't in the Constitution, then it should be. It's the obsession that gets me. Like...making Insta stories about Archie's name? Why do you care so much what other people who are not you decided to name their kid? And how do you trash someone for reading a book to her kid? Everyone has their hobbies, I guess.
  8. Where Does Novelist Emily Giffin Find the Energy to Hate Meghan Markle so Much? So apparently it's being brought to our attention that Emily Giffin, author of those "Something Borrowed" novels, hates Meghan. Like really really hates her. Like is obsessed with her. Is obsessed with Archie's name. Which...ok then. Seems bizarre. She's locked down her social media since these posts were brought to light (not that they were hiding anywhere before).
  9. For those too lazy to click. Charlotte looks a lot like the queen. I would like the dress better if it didn't have the shoulder ruffles.
  10. Were those the seasons in which Jack was the DA? I liked those seasons too. They were a nice breath of fresh air and a change after like a hundred seasons of the same thing.
  11. There's actually another photo of him where it appears there are spots of paint on his shirt.
  12. A couple I've read since lockdown started. The Henna Artist by Alka Joshi. About a henna artist in 1950s India who also provides her rich clients with herbal remedies to help them conceive and to have "natural" abortions. Such lovely, vivid descriptions of India. Good characters. Malik, Lakshmi's small child "assistant," is probably my favorite character. The only character the book missed on was Radha, Lakshmi's sister. I think the book could really have benefited from a POV chapter from her. But overall a very good read. Thorn by intisar Khanani, a young adult Goose Girl retelling. I wasn't expecting a whole lot from this one but it's surprisingly pretty good. All Your Twisted Secrets by Diana Urban. Teens get locked together in a room, forced to reveal secrets, blah blah blah. The characters are archetypes. The plot is decent, flashing back and forth between present and past. There's a twist that I didn't like or buy. This one was just ok.
  13. I also wondered this. Maybe it's one of those things where she didn't want to move? A lot of older people are set in their ways and refuse to move no matter how much their living situation might improve.
  14. Hazel and Fiver from Watership Down!
  15. You would think they'd be smarter, but sometimes they seem kind of stupid. The rushed announcement that they were splitting from the royal family that was a holy mess, then this latest announcement about their foundation. Also when Elton John went defending them to the press about their carbon footprint ("I THREW MONEY AT THE PROBLEM SO PLEASE DON'T BE MEAN TO THEM!"), and the timing of their move to California was not smart. I mean I'm just an idiot isolating myself in my house and even I know how those moves are going to look to the tabloids. Harry and Meghan in all their wisdom and experience with the tabloids didn't go, "well, maybe we should hold off on this." Some of what they've done screams how detached they are from reality, like a lot of other wealthy, privileged people. I think William and Kate are more boring than Harry and Meghan. But I almost think that's by necessity. Harry and Meghan have at least made some interesting moves like splitting from the royals. William and Kate obviously cannot do that.
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