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  1. Michael in the robe was hilarious. "And then they sorted you into Hufflepuff?" Lol. Lisa Kudrow!
  2. I mean, a lot of celebrities are like this. They need the press but they hate it. They avoid the photographers and the tabloids, but when it comes time to promote their new movie or whatever, HERE THEY ARE! Don't know how they'll manage to deal with the photogs here. Good luck to them.
  3. Plenty of other LSU alumni there managed to not make a desperate grab for attention.
  4. Yeah. Goddammit, man. No one would care about him throwing cash around if he just did it when there were no cameras around. And the new video from today where he feels up one of the LSU dancers is just creepy. Everything about him is "LOOK AT MEEEE I WANT ATTENTION." Somehow Randy Moss, Tyrann Mathieu and other stars managed to be at that game without making everything all about them. But OBJ gotta OBJ.
  5. Joe Burrow seems like a genuinely good guy and Ed O is just always Ed O and LSU is basically the SEC's version of Wisconsin so I really can't find anything bad to say about them winning. Good job, TIGAHS.
  6. Well, I don't think the tabloids should be the *only* reason they would step back. If they think the nastiness is going to go away because they're stepping back, I have news for them. Jennifer Aniston is what, pushing 50 and she's still getting pregnant every month.
  7. That's some pretty thinly disguised racism. Fuck the tabloids.
  8. Solid statement from the Queen. Maybe the next thing Harry and Meghan should do is hire the Queen's PR firm since theirs does not appear to be as competent.
  9. We don't actually know what they mean by being "financially independent."
  10. I like Harry and Meghan, but the timing of this and some of the tone-deafness has me shaking my head. You can't really control the press, particularly the tabloids and the paparazzi, but you can do things to get ahead of the narrative, like time your news carefully. Like, they released their statement at the worst possible time. It's a post-holiday January, traditionally a very slow news time. They haven't been in the public eye much. And they did it during the work week. Come on, man. If you don't want a big newsplosion, then release your statement on Friday afternoon of a holiday weekend. Nobody will care about your news by Monday or Tuesday. It does appear as though some of the saner news sources are coming out with stories saying "this is all Harry," because duh. On a side note: The Sussexes apparently visited the Hubb Kitchen and put photos from the visit on their Insta. I will note that Meghan needs a haircut. Her hair is looking a little frazzled, perhaps the travel, the stress, the post-baby fallout?
  11. If Meghan wants to be rich and uber famous -- well then why would she LEAVE the monarchy? Nobody will care about her if she's living in some godforsaken place in Canada (sorry, Canada). I mean the only way she'd be MORE rich and famous is if she's going to be some blockbuster movie star, and let's get real, that's not happening. Come on, man. SHE WAS LIVING IN A FUCKING TOWNHOME IN TORONTO WITH HER DOGS. It's kind of like the '90s when Paris Hilton was going out to clubs and getting in the tabloids EXCEPT IT'S TOTALLY THE OPPOSITE. It is fascinating to me to see this apparent family dispute being played out for all the world to see, and yet we can only really speculate on the real details. That's why I think it's dumb to just blame Meghan and be all "SHE'S TAKING HARRY AWAY FROM HIS FAMILY." That said, I don't think Harry and Meghan have handled it well, and they probably should have waited a bit to iron out details before rushing their statement out to everyone (like...what exactly will their duties be, what does "financially independent" mean to them, etc).
  12. I mean that's fine, but if they live rent-free at Frogmore then that's not being financially independent.
  13. I mean, I hope they realize that being "financially independent" means doing things like paying rent or buying their own home. They shouldn't be able to have it both ways.
  14. Nothing about Meghan indicates she wants to be the next Kardashian. I mean dude, she lived in a bloody townhouse in Toronto. That's hardly Kardashian-esque. Are you saying Meghan cheated? What the fuck? What do you base this on? And when has Harry asked for freedom from Meghan? Again what the fuck? The only thing Harry seems to want is to live his life the way he wants it. All that said, releasing the statement before they had everything pat down does seem to be a bit disrespectful. Not just on a royal level, on a familial level. Maybe Harry feels like he and Meghan don't have proper support from their family. Every family is fucked up, I suppose. You can give them royal titles and dress them up in designer coatdresses and put them in fancy castles and the fucked-up-ness of families will never change.
  15. Well, at the very least this is entertaining and salacious. This would actually make a great movie. Someone should write it and Harry and Meghan could star in it! Now that they need jobs and all to pay for the Costco runs. Oh my God I need this show in my life right now!
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