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  1. I think In the future Kate is dead. During the flash forward from last season Toby mentioned that “Jack and Kate were on their way”. I think the adopted daughter may be named Kate as well.
  2. I put this reply on SYTTD-Atlanta thread but thought I would put it here as well. Lori and Monty both look fantastic!!!!! I like this version so much better than the NY one. I like the bridesmaids side of the show as well.
  3. I’m glad this show is back. I like it so much better than the NY one. Lori and Monty both look fantastic! I like the bridesmaids side of it as well.
  4. It just makes sense. Nicky is in a place that his brother loved and he and Kevin support each other. The scene at Beccas bedside, Im sure Nicky was telling stories to her about Jack and vice versa.
  5. I am all things Royal Family. The bad, good and everything else. First show was predictable but lots of interesting facts.
  6. Who's who in the House of Windsor: Queen Elizabeth II's line of succession By CNN Staff Updated 8:26 AM ET, Fri February 14, 2020 For more on the royal family, watch CNN Original Series "The Windsors: Inside the Royal Dynasty" Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT.
  7. I’d there a thread for this? Because it’s going to be a good series and I would love to discuss it with other interesting folks ? I don’t see it under Specials or CNN.
  8. I think Kevin is going to take care of Nicky and Nicky lives in the smaller cabin.
  9. OMG....LOVED THIS EPISODE!!! Kevin looked HOT at the end. !!!
  10. I finally tried to watch the “throuple” episode. That is definitely not a polygamist family. Just 3 very weird people with strange sex preferences who want to be on TV. The first wife was so annoying, very attention seeking. I wonder what the children think? Especially now that is was shown to the freaking country. Again I tried to watch it and finally turned the channel after 15 min.
  11. Alex’s mashed potatoes did not look appetizing at all. Too runny as liquidy She put way to much crap in them. Overall I thought the show was ok.
  12. Ok. I cried at the end when Nicky told Kevin he was a good kid. I think everyone needs to hear that from someone at some point in your life It was a good episode.
  13. Boring... I was online the whole time. Didn’t like any of the story lines. Did Nicky know Cassidy was in there?
  14. I always liked Maddie and Caleb and they will get through this. They do seem to love each other and their little family and I think it's best they are in North Carolina. They don't need the chaos the rest of the Browns provide. But to be snarky: this will definitely provide another season or two.
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