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  1. I think she was copying his power, she was jumping around and Five was a little confused how she could move that fast. They just hid it so we wouldn't figure out she had a power yet.
  2. So it isn't Miranda. Is that the father? And Kay is aware that it's not Miranda and was looking for Jane. We got to see how Crazy Jane showed up. Diane Guerrero is almost up there with Tatiana Maslany on making each alter different enough where you can tell when it's someone else. Poor Cliff, just wanted to go to his daughters wedding, not get beat up and busted into pieces by imaginary bro jesus. Everyone has daddy issues except for Rita who has mommy issues. I do think Jane and Dorothy's stories are going to connect. Which makes me think Kay might be the one they need to help her.
  3. I think it was Diego in season 1 that said that Mom gave them names. As for why Five knew their names maybe he saw stuff with their names on it while he lived in their ruined house after the apocalypse for all those years.
  4. I went with Vanya wasn't in control anymore so essentially her body was an empty vessel that Ben was able to go into. Either way I loved that scene and that Ben was able to talk to another sibling and wasn't alone when he went towards the light.
  5. Robot Grace chose their names for them, Five jumped into the future before that so he never got named.
  6. Ben is Asian, we don't age like everyone else. I still get when am I graduating from high school and I'm in my mid 30's. It's also annoying to order drinks, they think I have a fake ID. As for why he ages as ghost I just go with he has superpowers. We also don't know how he died. If it was magical/powers related maybe that's why he still ages with the rest.
  7. I was yelling at them to send Ben. Lol I was happy when they did. I'm glad he got to talk to Diego and Vanya before he went towards the light and he didn't die alone again.
  8. I can see some being the same and some being different. I can see Reggie skipping getting Luther and Diego. If he was able to get different kids. But like others have said there was like 40+ kids born that day and he was only able to purchase 7. Unless he turned to murdering their parents like the Handler.
  9. I though Carl was going to do a lot worse to Vanya and end up vaporized. But using his own kid as threat was also very low. I am also surprised Lila is walking around place with no one saying anything to her. Especially in the all white retirement bingo hall or the hotel her mom is staying at. I liked the Five vs Vanya showdown and how powerful they both are. Plus it shows how much more control Vanya had over her powers now. If I were Alison I'd start wearing a metal choker around my throat. People who know her power are always going to go for her throat first.
  10. I'm not saying they should do it, I'm just surprised they didn't ask.
  11. Well that went as expected. They were arguing about who would talk first and Reggie walked into the room and took charge as usual. And they turned right back into their child selves. I'm surprised that after seeing how calm Vanya is without her horrible childhood trauma the rest wouldn't ask Allison to make them forget.
  12. I don't think that was an error either. I saw it as when they hugged the world dissapeared for a brief moment and it was just them, then came back when they let go. I was waiting for Vanya and Sissy to kiss since the first episode. I figured that's where their story was going. Sissy is much better than Vanya's previous serial killer love interest. Vanya not remembering her awful and traumatic childhood has done wonders for her controlling her powers. And she seemed to have given some of her power to Harlan. She is really the most powerful sibling. That's what still makes me think they were numbered by power level. 5, Ben (6) and Vanya (7) are by far the most powerful of the bunch or have proactive powers.
  13. Alternate timeline, I love it. What they did in the past did change their future. Reggie probably took a slightly different approach, I'm he was still an asshole. But it looks like he made Ben number 1 instead of Luther. Which is probably the better choice. I'm interested in what he did with Vanya this time since he saw have a little control over her powers. Since we didn't see the others yet, I'm thinking some of them are different kids. Maybe Lila got picked up this time. He saw that some of them were less powerful than others. Five and Vanya being the only ones that impressed him. I'm glad it was finally confirmed that Reggie is an alien. Although I was most surprised to find out that Grace was a real person and that Reggie did seem to care about her. Kate Walsh obviously had a blast playing the Handler and wearing the most outlandish outfits. However now I'm wondering how Team Zero found each other and all learned to use their to their fullest potential without Five's intervention? They looked like a real superhero team in the first episode. Klaus was bringing soldiers back from the dead with ghost Ben being able to use his powers.
  14. I do feel bad for Dorothy, Niles is an asshole and ruined the lives of multiple people. Everything that happened to all of them is his fault. I don't know if I'm with Cliff in finding a way to keep him alive to witness the damage he's caused or if it's better to let him die so he doesn't cause anymore damage. But then they would probably meet even more people whose lives he destroyed and no one would know how to help them. I'm glad that the gas station woman was nice enough to treat Dorothy like a fellow woman and help her out. That said I find Dorothy's story takes away from our team story. But so many shows like to separate everyone after the first season. The team working or not working together is why we liked the show in the first place. I'll never understood why showrunners continue to do this. I find Jane and the underground story fascinating. Especially now that they have an evil one that seems to want to be the only personality. I do wonder what happened to Miranda in the well. Cliff being a complete dork bonding with his daughter was great. Now we'll see how the Doom Patrol saves the world from melting.
  15. Dorothy's mother was immortal, she was only living Neanderthal left. That's where Dorothy gets her immortality and slow aging. But he should've been teaching her through the ages, not continue to treat her like a child.
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