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  1. I hope they don't just add them into next season. Lucifer did that and it completely ruined the flow of that season. Yikes, Brandon's exit doesn't sound like it was handled well at all.
  2. Are they pushing Legends back because of the other shows? They finished filming and people are home to watch the shows now.
  3. I knew Caity wasn't leaving, the writers need her around to be Ava's girlfriend. I guess for Dom, they must really like working on their one liners with him since he doesn't do much else. It's not very challenging acting wise for both of them now but it's an easy and steady paycheck.
  4. It makes more sense for them to be on LoT since they both like to be meta.
  5. They are having a replica of the Supernatural impala on the show. With it being a tv show in the Legends verse. It would be awesome if the got Jared and Jensen to guest star as themselves.
  6. I could see Yaz staying because she really seems to have taken to the new purpose the Doctor has given her. It's bigger than being a police officer in small town. That's why I hope if Jack is in next season he wants to restart Torchwood and have Yaz join him.
  7. I think they probably erased the Doctor's memory every time he/she regenerated into a child. So the 12 lives she remembers are only from one lifetime. She's had many. So Ruth is part of another lifetime that was erased. The Doctor wouldn't remember being her just like she doesn't remember being a child experiment. It was probably easier to make the Doctor think she was on her first regeneration/lifetime with Hartnell. I hardly doubt they wanted the Doctor to know she's an immensely powerful immortal being that has unlimited regenerations. They needed to keep the Doctor in check, because the Time Lords are elitist assholes. They wanted to be the powerful ones. For me I think the mystery of the Doctor was already gone. We knew her story and where she came from. This opens the mystique back up again. Now we know nothing. So I'm all for this. I also don't remember Ruth saying her Tardis was stuck as a police box, maybe she was just using that because that's the last shape it took before she erased her memory. Plus the First Doctor only has his memories of being the first, so who knows how many times the Tardis could've had a broken chameleon circuit. Maybe they kept giving the Doctor the same Tardis, fixed it and he/she kept breaking it. From what I've seen the people that have hated 13 and Chibs since the beginning continue to hate it and the people that liked it continue to like it. So nothing has changed. I hated 11/12's run and continue to hate it while others think it was the best run ever. So again nothing has changed. That's the great thing about this show, if you hate one incarnation wait a few years and you might like the next one. Most other shows don't have the option.
  8. That's probably why he's so angry. All that wasted time and the Doctor will never die. The Doctor is special in this Universe she may not be special in her own. The death particle was made smaller when the Master tuned the Cyberman into a toy, so now it would only take out a planet not the whole universe.
  9. How is the mystery gone? We don't know where the Doctor came from and if there are more like her in another dimension. For me they put the Who back in Doctor Who.
  10. I figured there'd be a lot of feelings about this episode. Since I have no connection to Classic Who, I liked it. The writers before made the Doctor super special even Classic Who writers wanted the Doctor to be more than. So this just continues it. I don't mind that the Doctor is not Gallifreyan, because if she's from a different dimension I'm interested in her trying to find where she is from. Those light things from the premiere were from another dimension maybe they are from the Doctor's real dimension. If that's the last we've seen of the current companions, I'd have to laugh since she just dropped them of letting them think she died. Of course I guess it's better than most of them get. She didn't seem interested in sharing her life with them anyway, might as well let them think she's dead. Good old Barristan Selmy always taking one for the team. I just figured the Doctor would do it, but being super special something else would save her. What prison is she in. Is River there? Or maybe Jack. I can't wait for the Special and next season. With the Doctor having no regeneration limit this show could continue forever. And hey, she was ginger once.
  11. There's an issue with quoting. It adds the comments to the quote after closing the quote. Starfish on the Legends of Tomorrow board is having this issue. I tried to fix it and it did the same thing for me.
  12. They should make her Lachesis to tie all the storylines together.
  13. Since we now know Charlie is Clotho one of the Greek Goddess of Fate, I want Sara being the Paragon of Destiny to be connected to that. However with the writers saying they don't care about Sara as an individual character I won't be getting that. The "power disability" seems more and more like a throw her a bone storyline and it won't matter too much in the long run. It'll probably end up being about Ava somehow anyway.
  14. That was some great action directing from Caity. I did love the homage to HK action movies. Although seeing Caity behind the scenes with guns makes me wish it was her instead of Ava. Because that felt kind of lifeless instead of being epic. JM does not have the charisma CL has. Genghis Khan taking 700 years to get out of his tomb, I kind of wanted the encores to be out of their time to make it more interesting. So I'm glad we had one. They better keep his sword this time instead of wasting the gun like John did. I don't mind Constantine, I like seeing him with the other Legends. Him and Ray were good. Gary I could do without. So we have the Paragon of Destiny and one of the 3 Fates, I hope Charlie and Sara can share some screen time. You know if she can pry herself away from her only storyline of being Ava's love interest.
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