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  1. Having watched the ep again. I now think Agnes stopped Herb from telling Vision the truth because she felt Wanda's anger and she didn't want to be part of her wrath. I still think she's involved somehow but I think she also fears Wanda's powers.
  2. I also wanted to add that I loved them using the trope of hiding pregnancies behind fruit baskets and coats. I wonder who the poor people are that are stuck inside the commercials. Lol
  3. Okay so instead of Hydra, the neighbors are probably a mix of AIM and Sword agents. Geraldine got in somehow but the Aim beekeeper did not. I'm thinking "Geraldine" did get mind warped then remembered when Wanda mentioned her twin. Then she was probably still confused and did a bad job covering. I hope we do see the real world next week.
  4. Wanda went from sweet to terrifying quickly asking Geraldine what she said about Pietro. I wonder if its because she remembered him it made Geraldine remember the real world. Because the way she said it like she was like she recalling something she heard rather than trying to get Wanda to remember. I also think Herb and Anges started remembering like Dottie last week because Wanda's pregnancy was messing with her powers. Anytime she lets her guard down people remember. I'm curious about Vision, did she create him or do we have another WW situation going on. Everyone else seems like they are real people. Whether they are good or bad in real life is yet to be determined. Now we have Tommy and Billy or I'll have to echo every one else. Elizabeth Olsen is really killing it in this show. I'm glad they gave her show to flesh out her character.
  5. So was Pen's entire personality a lie? She presented herself as a naive, bookish young woman who dreamed of the society life. But was really spying on and publicly humiliating all the ladies of the ton. And was lot more worldly then she let on. I was wrong then, she's not Gossip Girl, she's A from PLL. The only way I can buy this is if she has help, maybe the widowed lady that Eloise thought that Lady W was or the working woman and maids.
  6. I just binged this series, the trailer made it seem like Gossip Girl in the Regency era. It still kind of is. But I enjoyed it. I did get annoyed with the characters not talking to each other. Simon should've just told Daphne his stupid reason for not wanting children. Are we supposed to assume that Pen is more worldly then she let's on if she is Lady W? If Pen really outed Marina out of her friendship with Colin she would've just told him, instead she choose to publicly humiliate them both in her gossip paper. That's either petty vindictiveness or her gossip paper is more important than her family and friends.
  7. I think there is too much to unpack each episode for it to be a binge show. As other said the episodes would blend together and the discussion would be more about the end, then for each episode. I think Disney wants to keep this shows discussion going until the next one drops.
  8. Wanda wouldn't know Dottie since she just moved into the neighborhood. Agnes is supposed to have been there so she would know the Queen B of the neighbors. I think Geraldine is the newest member. Maybe she was on the helicopter that crashed into the bushes.
  9. I love Max continued not being able to help himself singing when getting sexy with Zoey that he went to a therapist about it. I'm with Zoey, Boyz II Men is much better than Take me out to be Ballgame if he didn't have to do the dance movements. Has she tried playing actual music during their sexy times to see if that distracts him enough? I also loved that Zoey's duet had no music on her part. Since it was Max's song. I'm glad they brought the female coders in, but I'm still confused at Sparqpoints company floor hierarchy. Why are the different floors treated as different departments if they do the same thing?
  10. This show is funny and heartbreaking and I love it. I'm always tearing up when watching in but in a good way. I don't think I've watched show that dealt with grief quite like this. I thought Zoey would be happy to know I she was missed instead of freaking out again. I can see her not being able to deal with people's problem songs, but the opening number was for her. I know about Lauren Graham leaving because of the Mighty Ducks show. While she was not the strongest singer I will miss her surprising turn to being Zoey's confidant. I'm team Simon, but I'll see how it goes with Max. I work for a tech company and we have unlimited PTO, don't think anyone's tried it for 6 weeks though.
  11. I'm one that misses shows I can overanalyze. I haven't had a show like this since Lost. I love the journey of discovering and dissecting every clue. It can be frustrating if it leads nowhere, but I love when there is a plan and being surprised where it goes. I think Dottie is Hydra, "Geraldine" is Sword, even Vision's boss could be a psychologist one of them brought in to try to get answers. That's why he kept asking why.
  12. I think they might go with someone befriending Wanda when she's at her lowest and manipulates her into creating this reality. She falls deeper into because it gives her everything she wants, a happy life with Vision. While the other person is doing something to her. Katherine Hahn's character is definitely involved, she's there to make sure Wanda stays in this reality. She popped up to distract her from the Sword helicopter. Which Wanda or her turned into a toy. The rest of the neighbors are most likely Sword or Hydra agents (that's why there are no children) that tried to get her and ended up mind controlled or they captured her at one of their facilities and she took over that.
  13. I don't think this is all her doing. I think someone put the idea into her head, she created the world and the outside force is trying to keep her living in her "reality" for their own reasons. So she is as much a prisoner of her mind as the people she is trapping.
  14. I think they made the right decision to roll this out weekly. This show begs for discussions about the hidden clues and wtf is going on and deep dives into what it all means. Lol That said I'm glad they dropped 2 eps at once. This one was the set up.
  15. I think it's deliberate the fact that they went more copy of the sitcoms instead of making fun of them. Because I think they are going with, Wanda most likely grew up watching American sitcoms and found them comforting. So its like her happy place in a way, life in sitcoms are simple and everything always works out in the end. Unlike the real world. She's not trying to make a comedy show about American sitcom tropes. She made a place where she can be happy and live her life with Vision. Yes the title is their names but this is more Wanda's vision of the world she wants. She's not a writer, she's a woman with uncontrolled superpowers having a mental break. This is how she "Invisions" sitcoms, however with her powers she's able to make it a reality. I think most of the neighbors are either Hydra agents or Sword agents that were trying to get to her and ended up being mind controlled into becoming part of her vision. (that's why there are no kids). They keep trying to send agents in and she just keeps adding people to her neighborhood. I also think Wanda is not completely aware she's doing that either. She has some lucid moments but she doesn't want to face that reality so she makes herself forget as well. We are seeing what looks like an innocent happy sitcom but in reality she's mind controlling a bunch of people and forcing them to live in her fantasy world. If you try to break her out of her reality there will be consequences, like the Vision's boss demanding answers, I think Wanda made him choke and was going go let him die and cutting Dottie's hand when she started asking questions. She spared them now but I think it will only get worse the further Wanda believes this is her reality.
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