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  1. I think they are confusing Laurel with Sara's dad. Sara never mentioned her Dad's death on Legends. But that shows how much they care about Sara as a character. She's only there to have Avalance. Her importance outside of that doesn't matter.
  2. I like that the Doctor is using her powers more than just being a super genius. It makes her feel more Alien.
  3. If that's the case, how sad is it that Sara can't tell her girlfriend she's going to a good friends funeral because of her childish jealousy. Why am I supposed to want Sara with this woman?
  4. I think he's doing a great job. The fact that he's so passionate about this role helps as well. In interviews he really talks about how much he loves the games and the books.
  5. I just watched this one. Still hate that they are giving Ava storylines that should've been Sara's. We haven't seen Sara bond with the team since S3 and Ava gets a whole episode for that. As for Zari I'm hoping these memory flashes start to matter to her. So far she doesn't seem to react to them. I was more interested in the Constantine and Charlie storyline and wish we spent more time with them. Whatever is going with them is more interesting then seeing Ava now being praised by everyone. Are we going to have another bringing back to life story. I really hope it's Sara that saves John to repay him for saving her. But that require Sara to matter to these writers. I hope Sara was with her new Super friends team and helping them set up the Hall of Justice. So I can imagine she's important somewhere in the Universe.
  6. No one said anything about Caity hating the pairing. Just that we heard from her that she wants more than just stories about Ava. Like some of us do.
  7. My dream would be for Ava and Sara to break up and Ava to leave. Since I know that won't happen. I want to see Sara's pov in that relationship. I don't even know what Sara sees in Ava or what she's getting out of it. I want to see Ava supporting Sara without making it about herself. I want Sara's issues to be dealt with. I want for Ava to learn that everything doesn't revolve around her needs. I want to see Sara outside her relationship with Ava. I want to see Sara talking with her team and spending time with them. They make jokes about Sara dying. But where did she go the first time where she was dead for a year. Being an assassin the obvious choice is Hell. So they could've tied part of the story this season to her. Sara could know one of the encores from meeting them in Hell. I would say Sara could talk to Ava about her experiences in Hell but they clearly shown Ava only cares about her issues, so she and Constantine could talk about being in Hell. They could have Sara think about the redemption of the encores and if she still deserves to go to Hell for everything she did as an assassin. That would be more dramatically satisfying for me to watch over Ava's 20th poor me issues.
  8. Seeing Zari just make me miss old Zari and that Sara would've made her the Captain instead of Ava. Since it looked like season she was preparing Zari to be her second.
  9. From that peek seeing Ava in Sara's role is a big nope for me. I would like it if she failed and learned from it, but she'll probably be sad that the Legend don't listen to her, then Sara will probably coddle her and tell she did a great job while calling her babe and doing some grand romantic gesture. Since that's Sara's main purpose now.
  10. It was called a magical illness during SDCC. More recently Caity called it a disability and seemed less enthusiastic about it. And with her even more recently saying she wants more personal storylines for Sara that isn't about Avalance. I don't have much hope that this "superpower" is going to be anything big for Sara. It'll probably just be another thing to push her out of leadership position so Ava can take over as Captain.
  11. Since they changed it from superpower to magical disability, blindness seems the easiest and premonitions is the cheapest. Add that to the writers not caring to write for Sara unless it involves her relationship with Ava. Boring and simple seems like it's exactly what they'd give Sara. She's not important to the story anymore.
  12. He could've used magic to make the weapon, he is a witch after all.
  13. I don't know if I want to watch an Ava heavy episode without Sara.
  14. I'm sure the League taught them to fight without their sight. That's usually part of assassin training.
  15. That's how I was too. I even went to few hockey games. I hope they can get Joshua Jackson to be on it or just cameo in it.
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