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  1. I think it would only be new to the Supergirl team because Flash already met a future daughter and the Legends would be like cool, we have Nora Darhk, Damian's daughter from the future on our team.
  2. Season 1 started out okay, then got progressively worse as it went on. This episode showing that even more. Ray was stupid in this and whenever Kendra, Carter or Savage are in a scene I want to fast forward. Although I did like Sara telling Savage he'd feel at home in hell after seeing Season 4. The only good things in this episode was Martin giving up his chance to go home to save Jax and or course team Killer, Klepto and Pyro. I love seeing Sara's first time in the Captain's chair knowing she was meant for it more than Rip ever was. I know they tried to make up for his intentionally harming Jax by him saving Kendra but at this point saving Kendra is another point against him. Just like them saying Kendra saved them from Savage by suddenly being able to knock him out. She's the reason they were in danger in the first place. Like Foggy said on Daredevil "You don’t get to create danger and then protect us from that danger. That’s not heroic, that's insane." They could really use Leonard's sixth sense of knowing when the mission was going to go sideways. It's too bad Wentworth wanted out. I miss him and his weird stilted way of talking. I liked seeing Nyssa again too.
  3. Probably talking about this one. Though the LoT facebook page has had this one up well before Season 5 was even announced.
  4. I forgot how much I hated this episode. Kendra showing how useless she is. She risked the end of the world for her stupid controlling boyfriend. Yeah I got nothing else this was definitely the dumbest episode of the season. This is when the show started to be hard to continue to watch. I'm glad they got rid of the dead weight and basically rebooted it for season 2.
  5. This episode showed how much better it was without Savage. I loved all the heart to heart moments we had with the team and their younger selves or loved one. This was back when they remembered Sara had a father. Seeing Teen Sara with bangs and Quentin with hair was great. I liked that Sara didn't try to change her life, what happened to her made her who she is now. That's one constant thing about her. She'd rather live in a nightmare that's real over a dream that's a lie. Older wiser Mick telling his younger self that it wasn't his fault was touching. He's grown so much on this show and I love it. Jax's story was sad too. This was some of the best work from FD and made me start to love Jax. I don't know why they thought it was a good idea to make Kendra's whole story about her love life. Because of that she was never allowed to grow has a character, she was always tied to a guy whether it was Carter, Ray or Savage. While CR wasn't the strongest actor she was also stuck in such a boring storyline that I don't think any actress could've made any better. Even if she had chemistry with any of them. The storyline was repetitive and pointless.
  6. Our first trip back to the old west and meeting Jonah Hex. I've always liked the old west episodes because the cast always looks like they are having fun playing cowboys. It makes me want to watch the Season 2 old west episode. I loved new Mick being the one that had the info on the hunters and the time travel knowledge. Being Chronos for however many years really made him grow as a person. And of course I loved that Sara drank him under the table and he missed the bar fight. Seeing Kendra meet an older version of herself could've been more interesting if it wasn't just about her love live. That Kendra obviously survived longer without Hawkman being around. Makes me wonder if it's really destiny or Hawkman drilling it into her head that she has to wait around for him forever and that causes her to never move on and sabotage her own relationships.
  7. I'm going to guess next weeks episode is going to focus on Jason and Rose and of course Dick, Hank and Dawn because we can't go that long without seeing their relationship drama. So we will have to wait another whole week to get back to the main plot. I think next season I'll wait until I can binge watch it. I binged the first season and liked it better.
  8. I was wondering that too, how did Donna not hear about Dick's arrest? She was still in the city looking for Rachel. Connor made the news and I know his is a bigger story but like you said Dick is the adopted son of Bruce Wayne that would've made the news as well. Especially since he went to prison. Donna did say she's probably the last person he wants to talk too. But he knows Rachel better than her so it makes sense she'd call him. He's the one that took her in, in the first place. I'm going to assume she called Kory too but she was busy dealing with her sister and killing her ex.
  9. So Dick sure was lucky to get stuck with sympathetic gangsters. And he's going to get his idea for being Nightwing from them. Also they keep telling us Dick was a Detective but not show us him doing any detecting. Donna acted more like a detective than Dick ever has. I'm still mad that Conner gets to have all his powers but no one else does. Donna should've just been able to superspeed after Rachel got out of the cab. The lasso's cool and all but Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl are more than that. They are Amazon warriors. I'm not sure why I'm supposed to care that Rachel's making friends with homeless teens and killing people when she doesn't know she is. Gar is finally getting some screentime. They still should've used this time to show us he can change into other animals. They made it look like Cadmus would help with that, but then at the end Mercy is giving him back to the Titan's probably to spy on them. I'm thinking this show is better to binge watch so we don't have these large breaks inbetween storylines. At this rate we are waiting at least 2 weeks between the main plot. Then they just break them up and spend 2 episodes on boring stuff until they get back together. It all just seems like they are wasting time because they didn't have enough story to last 13 episodes.
  10. I think Hulu would be the more likely choice since that's where most of the FOX and FX shows are going.
  11. That's how I see it too. I could go with the intentionally playing stoic if I didn't see Ruby Rose act the exact same way on Orange is the New Black. On Arrow S1 Stephen Amell was stoic and closed off but he still managed to have a personality when he interacted with other characters. Ruby Rose is bland all the time.
  12. I think this was the episode where the show started showing how much of a mess it was. Each episode has it's moments but the main plot is boring and illogical. I wonder if they were thinking of making Sara the Captain or if it just happened because they were starting to show signs that Sara was the better leader. Rip was always off by himself and only involved the team when he needed their skills while Sara was trying to get Mick and Leonard back on track and put the team back together. I think Sara going to talk to him like a person was when Mick decided he would follow Sara's lead. Carter and Kendra's story was boring as usual and a waste of time since we already knew about that lifetime. I forgot Jewel Staite was in this episode. I still miss Firefly. Also they gave Ray a twin brother but never mentioned him when we saw kid Ray in Season 3. Did they forget about him? The kid playing Per Degaton was able to portray someone much more threatening than Savage. It's too bad he didn't listen to Rip and killed his father and Savage and become the main villain.
  13. I liked getting a little glimpse of what League Sara was like since we are not going to get any more background on her. Ra's was much better on this episode then he was on Arrow. He also seemed nicer since he just let Sara go even though he seemed very fond of her. Enough to tell his daughter to learn from her. It is too bad we never had adult Talia meet Sara. I did feel bad for Ray when Kendra acted like she didn't care about the life they made in the 1950's. But I get it they were stuck so she made do that didn't mean she didn't like being with him. While I never really hated their relationship it was just a waste since we knew Kendra would go back to Carter eventually. But he's such a downgrade from Ray. It makes me feel for her that she's stuck with that creep forever. And our reveal that Mick was Chronos. Yeah, he was really dark threatening to make Leonard watch him kill his sister over and over again. And Leonard freezing his own hand to escape and help the team. He really was starting to become a hero.
  14. They knew they had to keep it a secret because dating wasn't allowed so they decide to make out in the hallway of the training ship. I guess that's showing us Rip was always a terrible decision maker. Lol
  15. Yeah this was one was one of the worst of the season. I did like Sara's story with the nurse. And them sort of dealing with the racism and sexism of the time. The bird people were dumb. Rip's American accent was great though. Also I just realized that the actress that played Betty is the one from Manifest.
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