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  1. Are all these going to be What if the villains win scenarios? Even the ones where we see the heroes prevail, the Watcher says an even worst outcome awaits them. In this one we see Killmonger plan out his attack even more and kill T'Challa, Rhody and Tony and take over Wakanda. Is this going with Dr. Strange's the heroes only win in one outcome out of millions. Every other one they lose?
  2. She bet him $10 that his uniform would get dirtier after he spilled the coffee on himself so not to bother changing or something.
  3. Sakura12

    S03.E07: 51%

    I get why they went with computer oracle, I didn't say they executed it well. This showrunner has such a hardon for the Batfam and when he's not even allowed to use them properly. Which is why he should stick with focusing on the actual Titans.
  4. This ending was okay. I was never into Lucifer/Chloe and still am not. So spending so much time watching them make out was really boring. Then we only had a silent musical montage for the rest of the cast. They are who I would've rather spent that time with. So it wasn't the worst finale ever and I'm glad Amen became God because he's better suited for it. But I'm also unclear why Lucifer couldn't pop back up occasionally? I mean I get trying to save the damned would be a full time job but he can't be doing that all time. You'd think he get a minute rest time to see Chloe and Rory then go back.
  5. They showed that in the extra episode and during the fight to be God, she showed because Chloe was going to die. I was afraid they were going to do a clip show that they like doing for final seasons, so I'm glad it was reenactment of the stories Linda heard about with added embellishments. I was always wondering why they never told Ella. Since she was already a believer. I guess we are going with she's reacting better because she figured it out herself. And she's more upset no one told her. I'm glad Lucifer figured out he didn't want to be God. Because he would make a terribl
  6. I don't know, to me that proves she's Lucifer's daughter. She inherited his all about me trait. Which he still has and he's a over a millenia old. I'm going to guess some Angel's mature very slowly. For the celistials she would still be considered a child, maybe even a toddler. I loved Maze's vows, that was perfectly her. She's not will never be normal and I'm glad they kept that.
  7. Okay so the CSI Miami gag got me to actually laugh out loud. That was awesome. The rest of the story not so much. Mira really is a shitty person, she never let her mother know she was okay and left all those other girls with a man that was enslaving them. Dan should've realized Maze was screwing with him, because why would she randomly bring him up with a tailor.
  8. Either Lucifer is a bad influence on Chloe or Amen's rod is. Because she's been acting more and more like Lucifer. I was hoping to meet one of Maze's siblings, not have yet another Angel against Lucifer storyline. They really want to tell the same story for the final season? Are we supposed to know who that girl is, is that why they are not saying her name. Unless she turns out to be his daughter. Also Dan is dumb, he just got manipulated again.
  9. I still think Amen would be a better God, he at least cares about helping people. And he gives good advise. Lucifer is still his selfish self and knows it. As for the case, this was on of their weaker ones. Chloe still wanting to be Detective, you quit Chloe, no one made you do it.
  10. For me I saw them as just friends in the beginning of the movie. Then at the end it hinted at it might turn into something more. Since Katy is joining Shung-Chi in future movies we'll have to wait and see what happens.
  11. Sakura12

    S03.E07: 51%

    This is still the Gotham show with the Batfam taking center stage yet again. While the Titans do very little. Connor is used for science talk and a shield, Gar walks around talking to himself because no one else talks to him and Kory and Blackfire seem to have a family reconnecting storyline going on. Which is not at all what was set up in last seasons finale. I get them making Oracle a computer because DC is still being stupid and not sharing characters. That was a way around it. So I guess Blackfire and Connor are going to get together. Dick and Barbara are whatever. Don't really
  12. I loved the second season. But the movie is really bad. Rube is gone and they recast Daisy with a worse actress. The show was really good and the movie was nothing like the show. You can watch it if you want and form your own opinion of course.
  13. Zombies with super powers is terrifying, especially since they apparently had enough of their mind to remember how to use them. So I guess we'd be screwed if either Vision lost Wanda or Wanda lost Vision. They both would be willing to sacrifice everyone to keep the other around. At least their love story is more believable then Strange and Christine. However I suppose keeping Wanda locked up and feeding her is safer then letting her have free reign, the world would've probably been more destroyed with a zombie with her powers walking around. I liked seeing the heroes interact that
  14. Why would they address it? Sara is not an important character. I haven't watched past the western ep are Sara's healing powers ever used again or talked about? Or did they just kill off OG Sara for no reason other then to make her a clone like their precious Ava. With Sara still not allowed to have any thoughts about being an Alien clone, while making sure for the 100th time that Ava's okay with being a clone.
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