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  1. Sakura12

    S02.E09: Episode 9

    Did the killings stop after Williams was arrested? That would indicate they got the right guy. Obviously I don't mean all killings, but that was a lot in an age range to be killed in short amount of time. I don't know if he killed all of them, I suppose some could've been killed by the guy giving them drugs. They reopened the case so I guess we will see if they can find more evidence. I do wonder if Williams had been charged with some of the child murders, would the mothers believe it or still think he was a scapegoat because they didn't believe one of their own could kill their children. When Holden was saying that Williams thought he was the smartest person in the room and they know the type. Bill gave him a look that said yeah, he's sitting right next to me. As for the BTK he wasn't caught until 2005, so unless they want to jump ahead. We won't see that story. I think the point of him is, he's operating right under their noses while they are trying to find find people like him. I do think Holden has tunnel vision with regards to his idea of a serial killer. Kemper even brought up they are basing their findings on serial killers that have been caught. That's why they are going with loners that are unable to hold jobs or have relationships and don't go to Church. That's why they would never have looked at Rader, a married father that worked at ADT and was president of the church council and a cub scout leader.
  2. Sakura12

    BH90210 In the Media

    That could actually work that into the show too. Streaming wasn't around when the show first aired. It's the new thing, I could see Tori wanting to get on the streaming train and being perfectly fine with the show moving to Hulu and talking about Hulu within the show. It's already having the episodes a day after they air on Fox.
  3. Sakura12

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    The whole thing is messed up. Sony own the rights to the live action character in movies, while Marvel owns the merchandising and the tv rights. But Sony can still produce animated versions of the character. Technically Marvel can make Spider-man a streaming show if they wanted.
  4. Sakura12

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    If Kit is playing Wolverine, he'd be closer to the right height, but that's about it. I hope he's not though. That's a lot of content, I suppose it worked for the movies to announce the schedule for the next few years. I'm excited for She-Hulk. I would assume Mark Ruffalo will make an appearance. Unless they have her show take place after the transfusion. Wanda Vision sounds...weird. I'm curious how Darcy from the Thor movies fits in.
  5. Sakura12

    S02.E07: Episode 7

    For me I think it's because Holden lacks empathy. He talks like he cares but I'm sure that mother can clearly see he's more interested in the murderer than the murdered children and their grieving mothers. Yes, he's trying to catch the killer but he never shows that he cares about what happened to them. That would make me suspicious of him. He doesn't see or care that he's using them to further his agenda. He does that with everyone that's why they all find him so off-putting. It's not just the mothers, the other cops, FBI, Tench and Wendy act like that around him too. Seeing Tench's son makes me think that's exactly what Holden was like as a kid. A creepy emotionless kid that lacks social skills. I'm surprised none of the FBI with their criteria for serial killer doesn't think that it matches Holden. The only outlier is he has a steady job. Maybe they will figure that out when they realize that some can hold down jobs and have relationships because they can fake it. I suppose that's why he's so good at figuring them out, because he's like them.
  6. When thinking about it, I think I'm okay with shows ruining themselves so much that I don't care if they cancelled over having a show I love get cancelled. If they had cancelled LoT after Season 2, I would've been upset. If they cancelled it after Season 3, I would still be upset but would've been okay with that ending. If they cancelled it after last season, I would not have cared. So I would be perfectly fine with next season being their last.
  7. Sakura12

    S02.E05: Episode 5

    I think the Manson murders are so popular is because they were so bizarre and it happened Hollywood and involved a celebrity. So of course Hollywood is going to milk that until they can't anymore. Like others have said I like that they made him not that impressive and the other killers think he's a poser because he's never killed anyone. Kemper was right, talking to Tex would give them what they are looking for over Manson. If they were studying cult leaders then he would be who they need to talk too. Look at all of us talking about all the killers we read about, we all have a fascination with them. Which is why I enjoyed when the shrink (?) was at first upset that Bill was late then got all excited that he actually talked to Manson. Trench is definetly projecting his son into his work now and even justifying the ones he thinks were manipulated into killing or being part of a killing like his son. That should be enough to know his son needs help so that can't happen again. With Gunn, things like that are why needed a #metoo movement. That was so gross and she couldn't say anything about it. Even if she wasn't gay, her boss was trying to pimp her out to a creep. I didn't even recognize Britton on the Umbrella Academy where he plays another killer (one with a heart of gold of course). It was his voice that was making me think about where I heard it before. I had to look it up to see he plays Kemper. Kemper is definitely an Emmy worth role of him.
  8. Sakura12

    S02.E04: Episode 4

    I think the Corll story got buried when Gacy got caught. He became the more high profile story with a similar MO. Being from IL around that area, he's all I heard about it. They set up something being off with Tench's son last season. Of course they were doing that with Holden last season to and seemed to have dropped it. Even though he still matches their criteria for a killer or sociopath. This show is still interesting with showing how the FBI started building profiles and that most of if was just guess work. What is the point of that other agent. He acts like they don't give him enough credit but he rarely ever does anything. He had a chance in that interview and he failed. Wendy had to save it with her "fake" real story about her life. Which I guess is good that she went an interview and learned her line of questioning doesn't work. That bringing yourself to their level or finding a commonality is what gets them to share their stories.
  9. I don't know why people keep thinking of LoT as a dumping ground for other Arrowverse characters. The last character they took was Wally. Every other character was new, Nate, Amaya, Zari, Gary, Ava, and Mona. Nora while around in Arrow as kid I wouldn't count as an Arrow character and Constantine had 1 episode of Arrow compared to the entire season he's been on LoT. Plus he's a character from his own show that was on another network. Since they are getting rid of Ray and barely care about Mick and Sara and are only interested in the new characters. I don't see why they'd take a character from another show they don't care about. They would more likely make another new character, probably an original so they can do whatever they want with and not have to worry about because comics.
  10. I'm barely interested in next season as it is. This news doesn't help. With Mick only showing up to grunt once in awhile and Sara hardly being recognizable as the character I once I loved and Ray and Nora being gone I have even less interest than before. I know this an ensemble show and they get new characters, the issue is I've haven't been that interested in the characters they brought in. I can take or leave Constantine and Nate, as for their new original characters, I haven't been impressed with any of them. Gary, Ava and Mona. If they are going to get new characters to replace the ones I liked they have to be as good as or better than them and so far only one really has, Zari. So of course they decide to reboot her character so she's basically gone too. Amaya was alright but I wasn't that sad when she left and Charlie just stands around. They said they kept Nate instead of killing him last season because he had more story to tell. Really, Nate. The only reason I tolerated Nate was because of his friendship with Ray. He's the one that I feel has no more story to tell but the writers seem to have a hard on for him for some reason. Sara has an entire past to pull from and they never bring it up so to me it just shows me how uninterested they are in the characters that helped launch this show. Do they really think if their show was pitched with Nate, Ava, Gary and the Time Bureau they would be where they are now?
  11. They wrote Jax out in the middle of season. So they've done it before. Ray and Nora can leave like the Hawks left. They want to go explore being together. Ray, Mick and Sara were background characters for most of last season so it's not surprising the writers think there is no more story to tell with them. That leaves them more time for Nate and Constantine. I wouldn't be surprised to hear Dominck is leaving next. They will probably only try to keep CL so it doesn't upset Avalance. Not because they have a story for her outside of her relationship.
  12. While disappointing, it's not unexpected since it's been pretty obvious the writers of LoT are more interested in their new characters over the ones that helped launch the show. Last season the only characters that had any focus were Mona, Constantine, Ava and of course their favorite Nate. Ray, Sara and Mick were just background characters. I wouldn't be surprised to hear they are both leaving at the end of the season either.
  13. I'm pretty sure Mona's gone too. Both Ramona Young and the actress that plays Wolfie posted their goodbyes on Social Media a few weeks ago.
  14. Sakura12

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    I'm thinking some think that Disney should make 0% of the profit from the solo Spider-man films since Sony owns the character rights. They'll make money on the cameo appearances because they also have the characters they own. When it was Marvel that helped Sony out of the mess they were in with the email leak scandal. Without them Sony would still be trying to make up their losses. Venom did not do well because of Sony. Venom did well because of Marvel bringing hero movies to the mainstream audience. And Venom wasn't even a good movie. Marvel can easily explain away Spider-Man's absence by saying they are letting Peter be a kid. It's Sony that's going to have a hard time continuing with the current Spider-man story. Peter's main storyline in both of his movies was wanting to be a Avenger to being one. His whole last movie involved "Fury" and now the galactic SHIELD (since they haven't name checked SWORD yet). Their sudden disappearance from his life would be jarring and hard to explain away. The only they can do is wait a few years again and reboot the franchise for the 4th time. But since it's making money they are worried about how does not making movie at all help. 0% of 0 is 0. The first Venom was critically panned so I don't think they are going to be making as much money with the second one as they think. The Marvel stans will definitely be avoiding it since they took Spider-Man away. Some may not like Tom Holland's Spider-man but how many of the general movie going audience do you think are really going to want to see yet another Spider-Man reboot? Even in a few years. Plus I don't really see why people are trusting Sony with Spider-man, they ruined their last 2 attempts. What makes a difference now? Them taking what they learned from Marvel? Yet not wanting to pay Marvel for that guidance.
  15. Sakura12

    S01.E03: The Photo Shoot

    Jennie is doing great bringing the snark and I love that she admits that she's hot and cold and can turn emotions on a dime. She's definitely hooking up with Bodyguard. While I think Jennie was a little bitchy about how she went about it. She was right in Jason taking the high ground in regards to his wife when he just cheated on her too. Although he does still have a right to be upset that his wife cheated on him and got pregnant. I also am loving Christine Elise far more than I ever loved Emily Valentine. I figured she was being set up as Gabby's love interest. I didn't know if they were going to make her queer or not, so I didn't mention it last episode. Shay should've stuck with her first instinct in that kid being creepy. I don't understand how Brian went from I don't trust him to giving him the key to his house. That was such a weird transition. I'm hoping it's more that Shannen signed on after they filmed or wrote the first few episodes and had to film her scenes later and separately and cut them in. Shannen's been doing press with BAG and Ian, so they seem fine to be working with her. However still not enough Shannen for me, but I'm enjoyed her giving zen platitudes as answers to Tori. I also figured she'd tell Tori after her trek up the mountain that there was a path on the other side and Tori would think it's another platitude and Shannen would be like, no there was a path you could've walked up instead of coming through the jungle. Even though I agree Tori is doing a great job with the comedy. Which is her strength, she should let the rest of the cast handle the drama. Although it's interesting that Brian isn't telling anyone about his secret friend. He didn't tell Tori that's he's been in contact with Shannen this whole time. Or that he told already told her that Tori's been trying to reach her for the reboot. So she knew to ignore her calls. I really hope that Carol Potter is back for one more episode, I would love to see a therapy session with Shannen, Jason and Carol so we can have 3/4 of Walsh family together again.