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  1. This show lost its plot a long time ago, now it just seems to be about wacky they can be. Even the characters barely act like characters we met in the beginning. They used to be better at balancing the wackiness with serious stories, now they just care about how much they can get away with. The critics like it so leaned 100% into it. Amelia Earhart was used as hey we need a historical figure to because that was the plot of the show. When in earlier seasons meeting and finding Amelia Earhart would've meant something. Instead she's just used as another wacky character in a show that only c
  2. I don't know why any of them are enabling Nicky's crime spree. All she keeps saying is she has to do things and they are all like okay, let me help you commit crimes. Especially when it's clear she's out of her league and has no idea what she's doing. As unrealistic as it is, I'm glad Zhalin made it to San Francisco. Although she just had a team break into a mansion in Dubai, why didn't she use that team. The ones she used seemed kind of useless. I'm thinking her story about Pei Ling might be half true. Pei Ling taking the sword is what could've got their father killed or something.
  3. This show is continuing to be a cute show. I have a lot of nostalgia towards the original movie, so I'm glad I'm enjoying this one. The tricks that would never work in real life over actual hockey is one of the staples of this universe and I love it. It was great that Bombay used their phones instead of eggs. And a surprising turn from Stephanie, giving Alex advice to be the coach and face whatever is holding her back.
  4. Considering Sheldon's unreasonable belief in his code all George would have to have done was kill a bad guy for Sheldon to turn on him. However I think Walt has been framing George this whole time or used his mind powers to make George turn. Since he doesn't want anyone loyal to Sheldon around. Hutch was told from his mom that the Union turned on his father. So I can believe that they all turned on him because of Sheldon.
  5. While the younger gen is annoying, maybe we could've seen more of them discussing the code and Sheldon's leadership. Instead of seeing them just partying and being killed in fights. We saw not all of them are just in it for the fame. Ghost beam was one of the more interesting ones and they killed her off for Grace to have a moral dilemma. I guess I'm in the minority but I kind of liked Chloe. I liked Hutch too despite his stupid hair. His magic teleporting stick is interesting too. How did he get it, if the other red cross guy had it originally? And is that guy dead? Also what is Brandon
  6. One thing I did like is, apparently Sara is considered one of the universes most dangerous creatures.
  7. No wonder Caity had so much free time. She's barely in the episode. I'm really thinking they just did this to show how awesome Ava is at being the Captain. Ava gets to bond with all the newcomers while Sara is always missing or in a coma. Sara is just there even in her own storyline and now she's dying again. I still like that Mick is the only one that doesn't consider Ava his Captain. He chose to follow Sara after Leonard. He didn't choose Ava. She just inserted herself as the boss. I do like that we are getting different aliens. But the meat thing was gross when I saw it on Buffy
  8. While this was much better than their usual story of the week, once again it wraps up too neatly in the end. I feel like they don't really have a clear plan for this show. I did like seeing everyone together. The family dynamics still remain the best part. I am still trying to figure out Henry, I think most people would be annoyed with Nicky's one track mind. I mean I guess the mystery of the glowing weapons is really interesting. But doesn't he have anything else to do? Maybe not since it seems like the parents, Ryan and Evan seem are the only ones with jobs.
  9. Sara's only around because of Avalance. If they can get Ava fans to ship her with someone else they would jump at the chance. They seem to hate that Sara was still considered the lead so they made Ava the co-lead and made sure the press and everyone called her that with the stupid co-captains thing. If they can have Ava without Sara they would love it. I wouldn't be surprised if Ava being the Captain now sticks for good. They'll just go with Sara's to traumatized to be the Captain. Sara will be the new Mick. She'll say some lines, maybe have a fight scene and then spend the majority of h
  10. This is a TV show though and relationship drama always plays a big part and they could try to float the idea especially if they are looking to get rid of Sara the last remaining original team member. So they can focus on their favorites, Ava, Constantine and Gary. It's not like they care much about writing for Sara's feelings, it's only Ava that matters.
  11. I was okay with Mona in the beginning too. That's why I'm taking a wait and see approach.
  12. Haven't we had enough Hank and Dove episodes.
  13. Another reason for me to dislike Ava, she erased David Bowie making a song about Sara. Sara would've loved that. :D
  14. I hope Mick continues to not listen to Ava because Sara is the only boss he'll listen too.
  15. They are so desperate to have people love Ava. When besides Avalance shippers, I don't think most others care about her as her own character. Mostly because she barely is one. She hasn't changed much from the character she was is in her first episode. Even her list was just her judgments on each of them. Which she has always had about them. It's too bad they just wanted to make Sara 2.0 with her (which in itself is why I can't get behind Avalance) instead of making Ava her own character.
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