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  1. I enjoyed this. I do agree that Hill House was a better horror story, but the title is Haunting and the house and the characters were all haunted in some form. Hill House was more character driven while this one was more story driven. The lady of the lake story should've been a little earlier. Or we should've seen more of her and not just her footprints. I did like the love story between Dani and Jamie and that Dani did visit all the way across the pond. I thought Flora would be the one telling the story but she was far too old, well Jamie was too but I guess she lived some hard years after Dani died. And they made the kids forget. Which I suppose people can forget a traumatic time and think it wasn't real. But then I would think Jamie telling them the story would've caused them to remember. I know they were going for a happyish ending like Hill House but I would've liked to see Flora wake up and place a doll by her bathtub or something. I'm also surprised no one mentioned the ring the storyteller was wearing.
  2. I did not see Neuman being the head exploder Supe. I'm guessing she works Vaught or at least Edgar. I wish they had done more with the girls get done scene. Stormfront should've supercharged Annie. As for Maeve showing up she could've followed Stormfront after the Nazi reveal, they showed her briefly when Stormfront walked through Vaught after the story leaked. Or if they actually give her a storyline and follow the comic one it could be explained. Kimiko surviving a neck snap is because she's the strongest Supe since she can't die. She's basically Deadpool. I'm thinking Ryan's powers are stronger than Homelanders. Is Mallory going to be raising him or are they going to put him in a lab and make Homelander 2.0. Also what was the point of the Scientology trip off since he just exploded.
  3. Mystique from X-Men had one powered kid and one non-powered one. As others said not every kid inherits everything from their parents. Even Homelander's kid could've been normal since Becca is. We don't know if Stormfront's kid had powers or not. So far the only non-aging one we met is Stormfront. We don't know if that's something they all have.
  4. I don't know what they are doing with Mauve this season. They also seem to be giving her storyline to Lampligher. She barely seems to matter so killing her off won't mean that much. I do wonder if Stormfront's power will supercharge Anne. I think she's underestimating her. The only reason she seems to put with her now is probably because she's blonde and white.
  5. It's the fact that she's a murdering psycho and a racist. She had no regard for the people in that building because of the color of their skin. The dad and his kids were not in her way, they did nothing to her. She killed them because they were Black. Then having her call Kimiko's brother "yellow" they were driving home that fact.
  6. I loved this. It's too bad they can't make it a real movie. The additions of Pugh and Platt and Megan and George was great. I agree all of the reunions of tv shows and movies is one of the good things we've had from this.
  7. I don't know if we need a whole show about a college for Supes. One episode would've worked.
  8. Wasn't Kimiko unconscious or at least drugged up? The people at the hospital are test subjects, Stromfront won't care if what they look like. Once they get a working version, she'll probably just kill the test subjects and give the V to the white, blond haired, blue eyed people.
  9. I guess that answers why Stormfront got in the Seven, she's Vaught's wife. I also don't think Starlight has to worry about her telling about the V. She seems to want the company exposed, probably so she and Homelander can take over. Butcher is still an ass but I did like him and Anne bonding over their shared puppy, Hugie. I know he didn't like being compared to Homelander but they are similar. Homelander hates anyone who isn't Super and he hates anyone who is. It looked they had another supe that Anne's powers at the hospital. Also when did Kimko and Anne meet?
  10. Me either. Sara basically made her whole life revolve around Ava. She's not allowed to talk about her family or other friends or lovers. She barely talks to her own team anymore. She had no reaction to Mick having a daughter, she didn't get to say goodbye to Ray, she didn't get to talk to Nora about their shared experiences being pawns of Mallus, I don't thinks he reacted to learning about John and Zari, she barley spoke to John even though he'd understand her trauma. She has been drinking a lot more, I'm going to fanwank that, that means she's not really as happy as she appears to be with Ava.
  11. I'm another who found this show on HBO Max. I loved it. I was so happy to see there was 2 seasons and that it got picked up for a third. Kaley Cuoco and Lake Bell are great as Harley and Ivy. I also love that they went with the Tom Hardyesque voice for Bane.
  12. Yes, it's a deleted scene where Sara apologizes to Ava for having so many traumas and not being there more for her I honestly don't know how more she could've been there for Ava. She pretty much ignored all of her pain, issues and life changing events to make sure Ava was okay all the time.
  13. She'll probably credit Ava for getting her through her time with the Aliens. Even though she survived plenty before Ava even existed. And I mean actually existed since Ava only was actived 5/6 years ago. The only hard time Ava had was when Sara died but that was like half second since she died shortly after. Otherwise Sara suffered through all the trauma while Ava reacted to Sara's trauma by making it about herself. I don't think I even want to attempt to watch next season.
  14. With Tatiana I think they are still in negotiations. Meaning they offered her the role and want her for it and they are discussing pay. So it's not a done deal. She won't be able to say anything until she signs the contract. WandaVision looks weird and crazy. I'm in.
  15. I'm just guessing because they focused on the lighter. Which seems likes an odd thing to draw attention to for no reason.
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