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    S01.E03: Lamentis

    So she is a Loki that goes by Sylvie. Did she teach herself magic when she was younger, how has she managed to live a whole life without being reset? She's not a variant, she's from an alternate reality. One where Loki found out they were adopted when they were young, lost their mother when they were young and wasn't an Asgardian I presume since she never said she was. So she grew up with the Ice Giants or adopted by someone else? I do like the chemistry between Hiddleston and Di Martino. Then we also got confirmation that Loki is bi or pan. And we got confirmation the TVA workers are ac
  2. Bishop wanted to make a bunch of Sara clones with I'm assuming a copy if Sara's memories. So if we go with it's only the memories that make a person, hundreds of clones with Sara's memories would be her and any one of them can marry Ava. Half Alien Sara was making a human version of herself and was going leave herself on the planet. Would we have had 2 Sara's then? Which one would be her? Would human Sara have to kill half Alien Sara to get her soul?
  3. Sara's now a clone and half alien, how is she the same person? Just because of the memories. So if Bishop took Sara's memories and put it in one of his clone bodies or one of the Ava's. would we still say that's Sara? Or is it only acceptable because she's a body that still looks like her? Bishop was talking about this version and making a version that's more agreeable, meaning he's changing things about her and we don't know if he didn't add slight changes to her personality. Which would make her a different person. And with the soul, does the alien have a soul, does Sara have 2 souls now?
  4. How would it voluntarily leave? And why would it, where would it go? And I'm pretty sure Sara wouldn't ask another soul to leave so she can take the body. Sara was always willing to sacrifice herself and her happiness for others. That was a main part of her character. If they ruin that then they really did kill Sara. I'm also pretty sure Bishop made more than one Sara clone. Are those Sara too? Or is only one somehow the real Sara, but the others are not. That is the main reason the clone is not Sara to me. It's a copy of Sara's memories. Sara experienced her life, the clone only t
  5. Yea, that's why I was going with Sara's clone body created a new soul. Because if the clone doesn't, then Ava doesn't have a soul. Because I'd also have to think that Bishop made many Sara clones, how would each of them get Sara's soul? Or does only one of them get it and how did it decide which one to go into? That is why I can't see the clone as the same. It's a copy, the actual real Sara is dead. And that is why I'm upset. The Sara I've been following for 8 years died unceremoniously off screen and no one will mourn her because we have a copy that people just accept as the same person
  6. Exactly. We know from whats been established in this universe. The soul is real and goes somewhere after death and you have to go get it back. Original Sara died, her soul went to wherever its supposed to go. The clone has a new body and a new soul, with the memories of being Sara Lance.
  7. The TVA says they follow the time aura and hers matches Loki's. And why would she pretend to be Loki if she hates him? She seems disgusted by the name. If she's a shapeshifter she can be anyone, why give him the credit? Because it doesn't seem like she just wants them to blame him. It's not about him. She has her own agenda for her. It makes more sense for her to be Loki and just hates the name and changed it. I always found it dumb to put the sex in front of the female heroes name. She's lady Loki so I can differentiate between them when talking about them, not because it's a comic
  8. All these other Loki's implies that there are alternate realities at play here. Which means Loki at multiple times in his life veered of course and kept creating new timelines and realities. One where he accepted his ice giant heritage, one where he was like the Hulk, one where he won the Tour de France and one where he is a woman. Those Loki's all lived different lives until they were erased. So is female Loki one they didn't erase or is she a new one that found out about them. How does that work? She really veered of course from the timeline Loki is supposed to follow. If she was raise
  9. I'm guessing Lady Loki wanted Loki to follow her, since she left the time door open.
  10. So we have a female Loki that seems much more interested in chaos than power. She managed to blow up the sacred timeline. Now I'm wondering if the Time Keepers wanted this to happen, they had to know the outcome that's why they let Renslayer allow Loki to go on that mission. The Time Keepers probably don't care about the sacred timeline they just want their minions to care about it. I'm also wondering if the TVA workers are real people that they've taken out of time and erased their memories or if they are just created beings. Mobius seems to really like the 90's, maybe he is from that t
  11. I don't think John's allowed to talk to Sara that much because of Ava's jealousy. And Nate knows Sara but they were never that close. I'm just glad that they allow the other OG character they treat like crap to miss Sara and remember they are friends. Its the only thing we have that has only a little to do with Ava.
  12. That's because none of the new team knows Sara that well. Only Ava was allowed to bond with them, while Sara is glued to Ava and not able to talk to or about anyone but Ava. Sara is pretty much the guest starring love interest.
  13. I'm going to guess real Sara died after Bishop gave her that drink. We saw her collaspe. After that she was a clone. That's is why nurse Ava was checking her vitals and mobility skills.
  14. From the summary of the Western episode it doesn't look like the clone thing is going to be reversed in the next episode. If this clone thing is never reversed then I'm going with Original Sara disappeared in the S2 finale and Bishop replaced her with a clone in S3. That way I can imagine my Sara is still out there somewhere and clone Sara is the one stuck with Ava. Because no matter what they say a clone is a copy and not the same person.
  15. She's probably accepted the fact that her storyline is only going to be about Avalance. She wants directing experience and they are giving that to her. That's what she cares about now.
  16. That's Kayla the Alien that Mick took the ship with 2 episodes ago.
  17. They really couldn't stand that Sara had something that made her more special than their presious Ava. So they took the one thing that made her special away, the fact that she was hard to kill. And unceremoniously killed her and made her a clone so she can be equals with Ava. Who knew that bouncing Sara off a dumpster was a more respectful death. Then just being replaced with a clone. People are more than just their memories, our bodies tell the story of our lives too. Sara is dead. What we have now is a copy. How is this Sara not being victimized? She was killed and had her mind violate
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