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  1. I’m so glad this Vanessa is less conniving and that Mateo is less of a womanizer than Assaf ...
  2. Super haram. Haram means forbidden in Muslim law.
  3. Love love the Israeli version! I’m enjoying the American one but I think part of that is from my attachment to the Israeli one lol
  4. I’ll have to check it out - wdre/lir was all I listened to back then!
  5. Current favorite commercials: Motaur
  6. amass


    I love this show! Supposedly they are (were?) planning a third season... I mostly understand the Hebrew without the subtitles but I don’t know Yiddish, so I did have to concentrate for that. the actor that plays Akiva is also in “When Heroes Fly” - also on Netflix
  7. We just spent the weekend rewatching the original - as Amos and Vanessa say, “wow wow wow” 😅
  8. I love how closely they stuck to the original too... and being a south Florida girl I like that angle too 😀
  9. Sherry didn’t come up with name - she started singing the Annette Funicello song. Which I assume Britta’s mother used to sing....
  10. Well I must be the complete opposite from all you guys, the accent sketch was boring me till they started puking - I was laughing so hard I nearly peed my pants lol
  11. amass


    They’re in Denton, TX
  12. Dorothy Megan Gale from Kansas... bit on the nose
  13. The new, plant-based, country crock is parve, if that’s what you mean... the original country crock was not.... (I still won’t eat it however... if I’m making a meat meal I just substitute olive oil for butter)
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