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  1. amass


    I thought it was just because had been accused and convicted of stealing the same necklace 25 years earlier.
  2. Well that’s just crazy. Presumably they were told what to pack!
  3. I’m certain Lottie was joking about the clothes.
  4. I don’t know if this goes here or in the Israeli show thread but some casting news for the original: https://deadline.com/2020/11/omar-sharif-jr-keshet-studios-israel-series-the-baker-and-the-beauty-1234612926/amp/?fbclid=IwAR1PJUN86OvFxStZhfQgM-38RKXSx3zxJfk7ktuLoaam1wV4goPL2qNkRCI
  5. amass


    Trailer for season 3!
  6. I hate the Discover commercials with the clips from 90s tv and movies. There’s one with yes synonyms and one with no synonyms. I hate them both.
  7. We said the same thing.... and on the census we wrote Ashkenazi Jewish, for the same reason.
  8. I’m so glad this Vanessa is less conniving and that Mateo is less of a womanizer than Assaf ...
  9. Super haram. Haram means forbidden in Muslim law.
  10. Love love the Israeli version! I’m enjoying the American one but I think part of that is from my attachment to the Israeli one lol
  11. I’ll have to check it out - wdre/lir was all I listened to back then!
  12. Current favorite commercials: Motaur
  13. amass


    I love this show! Supposedly they are (were?) planning a third season... I mostly understand the Hebrew without the subtitles but I don’t know Yiddish, so I did have to concentrate for that. the actor that plays Akiva is also in “When Heroes Fly” - also on Netflix
  14. We just spent the weekend rewatching the original - as Amos and Vanessa say, “wow wow wow” 😅
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