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  1. So, it seems they didn't convert the Loud House board into a thread, so here's one. Who else watches this? It is not only of the best current shows on Nickelodeon, but one of the best shows of Nickelodeon of all-time, in my opinion. For those who do watch it, have you caught up with the recent episodes?
  2. Yeah, they spent a while deciding whether to open the Dybbuk box or not. But in the end, it's probably a really good thing they didn't. It shows that even GAC has their limits in what they do. Whatever happened to the spin-off show Deadly Possessions? Now it seems they have just incorporated the museum stuff into the main show.
  3. I've still been tuning in. While it's not the only reason, AJ Michalka herself is a big part of it. Who else here finds her and her sister Aly hot?
  4. Back when you guys were converting many of the boards into threads, the board for the Loud House was one of those that got archived. However, I can't find the thread. I looked under the animated section. Is it possible the show was skipped over?
  5. Okay, now I really have to catch up. I've been waiting to see what happened to Della Duck since the very first episode!
  6. So, Lainey and CB was having a bit of a disagreement in the latest episode. At first, I was question Lainey's logic, but then she gave a nice explanation. It just shows that teaching at school can be tough.
  7. Darlene is probably my favorite character in the show.
  8. I haven't kept up with the last few episodes, to be honest. Overtime, I've felt more like that this isn't just the same as the original Mythbusters.
  9. The newest episode was great. I liked how the students analyzed the meaning behind the song "All Star" by Smash Mouth.
  10. Yeah, that's kind of what I'm expecting too. It wouldn't surprise me.
  11. That's because the show doesn't have its own board yet. Anyway, I thought this was quite a funny episode. Particularly the part where CB was trying to teach Health class.
  12. I know, right? Zak even has the Dybbuk Box now. He also has the Crying Boy painting. Thankfully, his museum is still intact with that thing in there.
  13. I remember a lot of people talking about boycotting the show. They must have been in the vocal minority, with how well it's done so far. Which reminds me, I wonder if Roseanne Barr watched any episodes of the Connors. It must be weird. Just imagine watching what used to be your show (since The Connors is more or less Roseanne without Roseanne), only to not see yourself there.
  14. Lili

    S01.E04: I, Mellor

    Another Mellor-centric episode? I felt they could have saved this one for later in the season. But I did like the premise of him trying to prove he's more than just a gym coach. It reminds me of a history teacher I had in school, whom was also a gym coach.
  15. According to a recent interview with Carson Rowland, (the actor who plays Cole) I Am Frankie will be getting a Season 3.
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