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  1. Laverne & Shirley currently airs on Logo, if you get that.
  2. It's sad to see a Saved by the Bell star die this young. It makes me wonder how they'll handle Screech in Season 2 of this show. Either he'll just never be mentioned, or the character would be killed off. They were playing another marathon of the original series on E! last weekend for three days in memory of him (they had just done the last marathon in December)
  3. I just watched the special. It was nice to see the team back together again. Although, Ranae was barely in it, and Bobo being so skinny now is just disturbing. Beyond that, it really just felt like a regular episode. I wonder if Finding Bigfoot is coming back as a regular show, or if this was just a one-off reunion special.
  4. I wonder if we'll see Mr. Belding at all. Screech is still unlikely, even more so now that Dustin Diamond has been diagnosed with cancer. I also wouldn't mind seeing Tori (whom Zack previously referenced). It would be funny to see her meet Kelly and Jessie for the first time.
  5. The Travel Channel could also merely be rebranding. Recently, Bizarre Food and Hotel Impossible have aired again on it. It's the first time they had any shows on there that didn't have anything to do with the paranormal or mysteries since 2018, when the last rebrand happened It seems like the only shows still having new episodes on it are World's Most Unexplained and Paranormal Declassified.
  6. I agree. The previous episode was pretty forgettable, but this one was enjoyable. I liked the cat scenes too.
  7. Yeah, I don't even bother with the Toony the Tuna segments. I'm just there for the cartoons.
  8. Yeah, they are really pushing this Discovery+ thing. The only way I'm getting that is if Spectrum users can get that for free, much like you can with HBO Max. I don't know why they can't just simulcast new episodes on both Travel Channel and Discovery+, so people who only have one or the other can see them.
  9. I'm quite impressed with the MeTV airings of the classic cartoon shorts so far. Looney Tunes, in particular, has been on auto-pilot on Boomerang for the past several years now. So having them on MeTV now is great.
  10. I never heard of this show until like a week or so ago (and never seen Miranda, the UK show this is based on). Then I seen a commercial on it, and thought I would give it a watch. I thought Kat herself was pretty funny here, particularly when she kept accidentally kicking other people in the face. I've definitely seen worse. That said, cats were barely shown in this episode. I hope future episodes can change that. I see most here were disappointed. Having just heard of the show, I came in not expecting much. After Mayim Bialik played Amy in The Big Bang Theory for so long, it's kind of weir
  11. Yes. Billy and Jay were already part of GAC, and appeared on the show sometimes. After Nick left, they were promoted to main investigators.
  12. Oh hey, IFC has been showing Season 1 now. So has E! during the currently ongoing 3-day marathon. Has anyone here been catching any episode during that marathon, by the way? I've been watching a few.
  13. There has been new Expedition X episodes lately, actually. There was one just earlier this week. It covered the Jersey Devil, and it was a very interesting episode.
  14. I agree. This show is too good to have this short of a run. It should have had 5 seasons, at least. I do look forward to see how the gang will deal with FOWL at the end of the season. It's just a shame that will be the last we see of the show.
  15. This episode was one of my favorites, actually. Granted, most of the old cast being there probably helped, but still. I just wish Screech would have gotten a cameo as well, like Lisa did. It was a bit of shame to see Zack and Slater weren't on very good terms anymore, but then again Zack is worse here than in the old show. Mr. Toddman was great in this episode. Seeing him edited into scenes from the original series was hilarious, as well as how he reacted to being slimed. Zack Attack reforming was a nice touch too.
  16. Nick has been gone from the show for so long that it feels weird watching an episode with him now, especially since he was Zak's second in command. Nick's last episode would have been the time they went to Ireland, which was one of the show's best specials, so at least he left on a good note.
  17. Yeah, it holds up very well. It's one of the oldest shows I watch too. Most sitcoms I watch are from the 80's to today, this one is from the 70's, going into the early 80's. But yeah, I also caught a few episodes on IFC during that marathon they had. Also, these seem to be the same versions of the episodes they air on Logo. Some time is cut from the episodes. That's part of why I bought the complete series DVD set. Sometime, I want to compare the DVD set and current TV airings of some episodes and see just what parts are cut out.
  18. I've really just been watching Expedition X lately. The Island of the Dolls episode they had a while back was a highlight for me. I'm not too interested in Josh Gates Tonight or Lost Relics of the Knights Templar. I wonder when the regular Expedition Unknown episodes are coming back.
  19. I liked the cellphone storyline. I kind of wish the episode focused on that more. But the ending is a good analogy for how much society in the real world has become dependent on cellphones. These kids should have seen the days before cellphones.
  20. Yes, I know that. I am a gamer, after all. But it still seemed intentional because of Slater.
  21. True. I was more referring to Zack from the original series than here. I guess that's what you get when you hire the guy who did the Zack Morris is Trash YouTube series as a co-writer here.
  22. Has anyone been watching The Astronauts? It just started earlier this month, and I'm liking it so far. And Hunter Street is coming back for a 4th season next year, which I'm looking forward to.
  23. That argument Darlene and Becky had at the end was brutal. I wonder where that will go in the next episode. Also, I think Jackie made the right choice in not hooking up with Louise's brother when he asked her to. I mean, they barely even knew each other.
  24. Mac is no Zack though. Zack had a charm to him, and with Mac, I don't really see that so far. Of the new characters, my favorite is probably Mr. Toddman, to be honest. He was probably the best replacement for Mr. Belding you could ask for.
  25. That Dr. Mario joke was great, because Slater is played by someone named Mario. Yeah, that was the highlight of the episode for me.
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