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  1. I saw a commercial where Up said the 13th season of Heartland would air in February.
  2. I haven't been keeping up with this show this season. Are we any closer to knowing why Jon jumped?
  3. I just wonder who thought of this commercial? Who signed off on this commercial? What are they trying to accomplish with it? Are they trying to tell guys it's okay to spend that kind of money on someone you've only been dating a week or two? If so that's bad advice to the guys.
  4. What's up with the obnoxious daughter commercials lately? There's the one where the daughter has a date coming over and she's ruined dinner so he video calls her dad. He takes the time to help her out and saves her dinner and when he asks what his (the date's) name is, she hangs up on him. Thanks for helping dad. Now that i don't need you anymore, I can't be bothered to answer a simple question. Bye. And Raisin Bran seems to love these commercials. A while back there was one with a father and a daughter camping or fishing and she makes fun of his jacket with a smart mouth tone. Now there's a new one where the daughter is about to go on a bike ride and he's just concerned about her safety and she continually smarts off to him. These ads are so unappealing.
  5. My problem with the commercial is that they just started dating. You just started dating and you're giving her a $2K necklace? That's way too serious too soon. I'd be running the other direction. I don't even know if I like you yet. Can any other girls back me up here? Or is it just me?
  6. I also didn't care for how Lou used Garland the goofy grocery guy to try to make Mitch jealous.
  7. I saw Joker recently and Mellor has a very small role in it. I knew I recognized the voice and then they showed his face and it was Mellor. He has a very recognizable voice.
  8. She seems to always be in a bad mood. You could tell her that she just won a billion dollars and she'd still look like someone just took a dump on her dessert.
  9. Solid episode. This is one of my favorite shows right now. I wish it were on earlier in the week but it's nice having this to come home to on a Friday night.
  10. Ashley was such an interesting character. Even after she became nice she was still such a great character. I think about that sometimes and wish she were still a part of the show. From what I understand, she didn't wanna go. They wrote her out for some reason. And I loved her and Caleb together. I wish they were both still on the show and married. And you're so right, Georgie and now Luke are just Mallory replacements. I miss Mallory so much. Georgie has grown on me and I never hated her as much as many people did.
  11. That used to be a go to sitcom plot for several shows but you're right it's a ho hum thing these days. A lot of moms even get their infant daughter's ears pierced these days.
  12. Another Jessica is awful episode. Big surprise. Next week? Wash, rinse, repeat. It's become the Jessica show and she's the worst character. Why do I keep watching? I'm so over this show.
  13. I noticed in the sauna there was a Mandolorian poster in the back with the other junk. I find it hard to believe that they would have a poster of a TV show that just started a couple of days ago thrown back there like it's an old piece of junk. I hate cross promotion like this and Disney is the worst at it.
  14. I went back and started watching some season 1 episodes on Netflix and the horses were a lot more prominent. It has always been a character heavy show but has gotten more so in recent seasons. Don't get me wrong, I still love the show. They keep trying to get me to care about Lou and Mitch and I just don't. I so don't. I still like Peter but I guess they're never gonna get him and Lou back together. I like Peter better than Lou. If she went back to NY and Peter stayed that would be fine. Are there any Canadians on this thread? Is season 13 gonna be the last season? Again, I love the show but I'm thinking it may have run its course. But I'm a completionist and I gotta see it through to the end.
  15. I'm in agreement with y'all. I started watching the show because of Emily Osment. I really liked her on Young and Hungry (don't judge me). Roxy was wrong in how she treated her little protoge but I can understand it from he characters perspective. Roxy is socially stunted and raised by not nice people. She's not a bad person, she just needs to learn and grow. Julia is a mess. She has potential but right now is an absolute mess. She's probably about 30 but still has the maturity of a 20 year old. Edie is awful. I don't do cheaters. Nothing redeeming about her personality. She's a cold fish. And her girlfriend is so bland. Tim is nice and Edie so doesn't deserve him. I'm not sure I can stay with this show.
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