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  1. Teddy sucked...again. Just wanted to throw that out there.
  2. Rachel had a degree? I didn't think she did. If she had a degree, why did she work at a coffee house for two or three years? I just never bought how she fell bass ackwards into high paying fashion jobs.
  3. I wanted Cam to get the job too. That seems like a good way to wrap up their storyline. Also, I could see them doing a fish out of water spinoff with Cam and Mitch and Lilly in Missouri.
  4. Kind of a lackluster ending to this series.
  5. With Alex I can kinda see it because she has a STEM degree from a prestigious university. I'm with you on Haley though. Kinda like Rachel on Friends. She started out the show with no skills, no degree or talent and wasn't even a very good waitress at a coffee house and ended up the series with a good job in high fashion. Only on TV. It's frustrating watching such things on TV when you're having difficulty finding work in the real world even though you have a master's.
  6. I can't believe no one has started a topic for this episode yet. Do I have to do everything myself around here? 😉 I love Claire's new hair. It looks so cute on her.
  7. Wow Can't believe no one has commented on this episode yet. What's gonna happen now that Lainey knows? Are they gonna string the love triangle along for a while? Will Lainey and Barry break up so that she can be with CB? I never bought the whole Lainey/Barry thing anyway. No way she would be so head over heels in love with such a loud, obnoxious idiot.
  8. I can't wait for the Manifest episode titled Destiny. In 2024 Olive is married to a guy with the last name Garden.
  9. I take it from what you said that the end of season 13 leaves the door pretty clearly open for a 14th season. I'm sure that at this point Heartland is pretty much rubber stamped for a new season as long as they want to keep making them. From what I understand it's a Canadian institution now. I love the show but feel that they need to be wrapping it up soon. They shouldn't stay on too long and they need a proper ending wrapped up nice and neat. It's been on so long now. It started out with Amy in high school and now she's a mom. They brought Georgie on to replace Mallory and now Georgie is about college age. Tim has gray hair now. If it stays on much longer they'll have to start making episodes about Amy's and Lou's young daughters.
  10. Still listening to this podcast. They tend to look at things through a 2018 lens. I realize some of that is for humor but you really can't do that with a period piece and be fair to it. You have to look at how things really would've been in that time period. I'm at the part right now where they're going through season 2 of Road To Avonlea. Kristin keeps calling Davy precocious but I'm beginning to think that's just a word that she's heard because she doesn't seem to know what it means. Kristin and Dave discussed season 1 of Anne With An E and liked it. Which I can understand. The show looks at it through a modern lens like Kristin and Dave do. I never like when shows do that and especially when they do it with a wink as if to say "Look how stupid people were back then. We're so much smarter today." Kinda like on a show like Mad Men when it's like: Wink Wink. This lady is smoking while she's pregnant. Wink Wink. They're letting their little kids play with the plastic dry cleaner bags. I'm currently in season 1 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and I don't feel like they do that at all. So far it seems to be a fair representation of the era without being judgmental. Kristin and Dave also liked the set design of AwaE. I felt like it was too modern. Green Gables looked like it could've been designed by Chip and Jo on Fixer Upper. It didn't have a provincial Victorian feel and look at all.
  11. Some of the people who watched the Australian TV show that this was based on were talking about how they changed the Roxy character from a former child TV star to a gymnast in the American version. Now with the revelation of Roxy's sexual abuse it's obvious why the change. Her being a child star who had been sexually abused hit waaaay too close to home for hollywood in this day and age.
  12. Teddy's the worst. I do not care for his character at all. Just not funny.
  13. It looks like they're working hard to wrap things up. Sending Manny off with his dad. Haley being offered a job which I believe will cause her and Dylan to have to move away. They've been hinting at Cam and Mitch moving to Missouri for a while. Whatever happened to Luke and his friend starting a business? Will that get brought up from out of the blue when it's convenient?
  14. Aryanna

    S02.E12: FeMellor

    In reality (not on a TV show) I think teachers need to dress respectable. Maybe it's because We're continually seeing news stories about a teacher having sex with her students these days. However, on this TV show, I loved how they had Lainey dressed in this episode. She looked so cute in those outfits. Then again, AJ could make pretty much any outfit look cute.
  15. I saw a commercial where Up said the 13th season of Heartland would air in February.
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