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  1. The Magnum ice cream commercial where the woman takes the pint out of the freezer and then uses every last ounce of her strength to squeeze the pint and you hear it crack. Why? Who does this? And if it's so hard that it takes every ounce of your strength to squeeze the carton full of concrete, is that really something you want to be putting in your body? But some ad exec thought this was a good idea. And someone else agreed and signed off on it.
  2. Aryanna


    Remember ABC's TGIF programming block? It was the first two hours (before some news magazine show) on Friday nights. I think it may have started in the 80s but it's most prominent and best time was in the 90s. What would be your dream TGIF lineup? And they don't have to be shows that aired at the same time. You can pick and choose shows from different years. Mine would be: Family Matters Full House Step by Step Boy Meets World I was lukewarm on Family Matters. I just picked that to fill out my list. It was okay though. I didn't really get the whole Urkel appeal. He was more on the annoying side for me. I liked Full House. Step by Step and Boy Meets World were my favorite. I watch Fuller House and love it. It's goofy as goofy gets but it knows what it is and doesn't take itself too seriously. It's a fun show and it looks like the cast has a lot of fun. I didn't like Girl Meets World. It did take itself too seriously and had none of the fun and love that BMW had. In all their heaviness and angst, they forgot to be entertaining. Sure we learned lessons on BMW but it was also funny and had characters we cared about. And when I learned a lesson, I didn't realize I was learning it. GMW kinda beat you over the head with lessons. Anyway, what's your dream TGIF lineup?
  3. This made me think of something that happened to me once. A bunch of us were out on our friend's boat and we had been swimming in the water. Afterward I put on a strapless top and took off my bikini top. Later in the day my bf at the time came up behind me and pulled my top down. For what seemed like a long time but was probably just a few moments my boobs were out there for everyone on the boat to see. I was mortified.
  4. I saw teen nick having a Game Shakers marathon the other day. I hadn't seen that show in a minute. I think we've all heard the Dan Schneider stories. I believe if there's smoke there's fire. There's at least some truth to the stories. There's the rumor that when Jamie Lynn Spears (Zoey 101) got pregnant at 16 that it was Dan's child. When Game Shakers started Madisyn Shipman's character, Kenzie, was the smart one who did all the programming for their games. Cree Cicchino's character, Babe, was the heavy who would stand up to the adults if the Game Shakers needed her to. As the show went on Kenzie got more zany and to an extent dumber as well as lost screen time. Such a shame for that character. However Babe got all the good storylines, was able to do anything, didn't make mistakes and got more screen time than her counterpart. I have to wonder if Dan was sleeping with or trying to sleep with Cree. It just seemed really obvious that Cree's character had become the favorite of the show for some reason.
  5. Last time I checked netflix they only had up though season 11.
  6. Any Canadians on here? Will there be a season 14? I'm thinking of getting rid of cable and just streaming. I feel like this show is near the end but want to see it through to completion. I know I can get UP on Prime channels but don't really want to pay 5 bucks just to watch Heartland. I suppose I can cancel at any time tho. Has anyone else subscribed to a Prime channel? If so give me the deets.
  7. In finales I want to feel sentimental and I want to feel sad that they show is going away and that I won't see these characters anymore. Even if a show needs to come to an end, like this show did, I want them to make me miss them. This finale just didn't do it. It had moments but, for me, for the most part was meh. I think part of it was all the false starts during the goodbye. By the time it really was goodbye, the audience had been worn out and trained to not care because it might be another fake out. But that's par for the course with this show. False starts and fake outs. Haley's gonna grow as a character and be a style influencer on social media. Nope. She works a job she hates at a GOOP ripoff. Luke is gonna grow as a character and start a tech business with a partner. Just kidding. You'll never hear of that plot point again because he's being sent off to a college that's never been mentioned in the show before. Alex is gonna get it together and find love. Guess again. She's the smart sad sack character all the other characters dump on. So many missed opportunities with this show. Haley should've ended up with Andy. They were perfect together. Dylan was just dumber than dirt and not endearing at all.
  8. Teddy sucked...again. Just wanted to throw that out there.
  9. Rachel had a degree? I didn't think she did. If she had a degree, why did she work at a coffee house for two or three years? I just never bought how she fell bass ackwards into high paying fashion jobs.
  10. I wanted Cam to get the job too. That seems like a good way to wrap up their storyline. Also, I could see them doing a fish out of water spinoff with Cam and Mitch and Lilly in Missouri.
  11. Kind of a lackluster ending to this series.
  12. With Alex I can kinda see it because she has a STEM degree from a prestigious university. I'm with you on Haley though. Kinda like Rachel on Friends. She started out the show with no skills, no degree or talent and wasn't even a very good waitress at a coffee house and ended up the series with a good job in high fashion. Only on TV. It's frustrating watching such things on TV when you're having difficulty finding work in the real world even though you have a master's.
  13. I can't believe no one has started a topic for this episode yet. Do I have to do everything myself around here? 😉 I love Claire's new hair. It looks so cute on her.
  14. Wow Can't believe no one has commented on this episode yet. What's gonna happen now that Lainey knows? Are they gonna string the love triangle along for a while? Will Lainey and Barry break up so that she can be with CB? I never bought the whole Lainey/Barry thing anyway. No way she would be so head over heels in love with such a loud, obnoxious idiot.
  15. I can't wait for the Manifest episode titled Destiny. In 2024 Olive is married to a guy with the last name Garden.
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