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  1. Thanks for using spoiler tags guys. I stream and so have not seen any of season 14 yet.
  2. I have never understood or bought in to Kristin's success. Maybe I've forgotten something from a previous season but I don't see how she's gone from a waitress to the CEO of a company. What has trained her and given her the knowledge to be entrusted with this responsibility? It seems Kristin has gotten everything she has because she's Mike Baxter's daughter. Whereas Mandy, the supposed dumb one, worked hard and had talent to actually be a designer. A plotline that they let die completely. I've always had a problem with Krisitn's success.
  3. I have not watched any episodes of the current season. Is it worth me watching?
  4. I'm making it too 1:1? Either it's an allegory or it's not. It can't just be an allegory in the parts that fit your viewpoint but have some hidden subtext that only you see when it doesn't fit. Animal Farm was an allegory of the communist takeover of Russia from beginning to end, not just in some certain parts. If you don't understand how allegories work, I don't know how to help you.
  5. I'm not sure what kinda school you went to but I've never heard of one where kids masturbated in front of each other. The masturbation correlation falls apart for me when the kids are getting on stage and doing it and cheering each other on.
  6. I guess that shows how little I've been paying attention to this series lately. I've been waiting several days before watching new episodes. At least Jen wasn't in this latest episode.
  7. I'm talking about S9E14 - The Two Nieces of Eve. Eve comes home for a visit and struggles to connect with her nieces - 22 minutes, Air Date April 8, 2021.
  8. On Hulu it's only a regular length episode. Kind of a lackluster finale. It didn't tie up any loose ends or make a big deal about coming to a close. It just kinda ended all of a sudden.
  9. I don't know why I didn't think to ask this question here earlier. So on the CW app chapter seventy seven is missing. It starts with s05e02. Because of that I haven't started this season and am way behind. Where can I find this episode so that I can catch up? Help!
  10. I hate to hear this about George Segal. Pops was so great. Bev promised again to never meddle in Adam's life. That promise will be broken by next week. I used to really like this show. The characters are so flanderized now and the real Adam is no longer involved in the show. They need to call it quits.
  11. I hate to say this bc it feels like I'm picking on a young actress but the girl playing Anna-Kat acts like she thinks that she and Franklin are weird. Whereas Julia AK is just being weird and was okay with it.
  12. So apparently that show is dead. I was really looking forward to it. From what I've read there was a disagreement on what Hilary wanted and what Disney wanted. Hilary wanted a more adult oriented show and Disney wanted something more family friendly. I'm really no fan of Disney but I can certainly see their point. I hate when shows like this come back and are too serious or adult oriented. I know a lot of people hated Fuller House but it's a show that knew exactly what it was and didn't take itself too seriously. Whereas Girl Meets World was nowhere near as fun as the original. It was su
  13. How many + streaming services does the world need? Paramount+, Disney+, Apple+. I'd like to see the last season because I'm kinda a completionist but if I don't get to...oh well. I'm with everyone else in feeling that it should've ended earlier, Josh shouldn't be shoehorned into storylines and since the cat is out of the bag with her age, it's just not that interesting anymore.
  14. Loved this episode. It had all the characters that I love in it and none of the ones I didn't. Doris and Angela were alright in the beginning of the show but they did less and less with the characters until they only showed up in second breakfast scenes. I never cared for Doris showing up on the laptop after Covid. And Katie's new friends aren't very solid characters. I didn't care much for their interaction in the fertility heist episode. Franklin had some good lines in this episode. I hope Cooper finds his way with his culinary talents. He wants to be a good guy. I like Taylor grow
  15. I don't understand why they don't just let Hulu unlock the episode. If it's a valentines day episode then it would make more sense to allow people to see it as close to valentines day as possible. Holiday episodes viewed outside their holiday time is really odd to me. Kind of like when you see a rerun of a Christmas episode in June.
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