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  1. I hate that Disney owns everything now. They're the Apple of the entertainment industry. They see someone with a good idea and buy them out.
  2. I think Bob is so beaten down by life that he doesn't have the energy or see the point. Gene is always better in small doses. He can be annoying when he's the main storyline. I've noticed more Gene-centric and Teddy-centric episodes this season. Do they think thst they've already told all the storylines with the other characters? I tend to like the Louise and Tina episodes better.
  3. These storylines are getting really thin. It feels like they're having to pad out a 22 minute show. I don't know why Gen z or anyone else is friends with Beverly. I miss the jtp and none of the teachers are ever in the show anymore. The show has gotten smaller.
  4. I love Lexi's dress and hair in this episode. It's so extra. I've loved her style so far in this series. She's so cute. This series seems to be trying to walk a fine line between being fun and making social commentary and it's almost getting it right. It just feels like the Douglas students are too serious and the Bayside kids are goofy and fun. I came for the fun. The Douglas kids should be allowed to have fun too.
  5. I know I'm late to this but I had to wait til it's free cuz I poor. Anyway I was really hoping Lexi and Jamie would get together.
  6. And I guess if they were guys that would make a difference too.
  7. Yeah that doesn't really sound safe.
  8. Jimmy Pesto's restaurant strikes me as the type of place that just heats up potioned prepared frozen food and charges too much.
  9. Bob seems like a really good cook. I've never understood why his restaurant isn't successful.
  10. I don't have cable. Streaming only. When a new season comes out on Up I do the 7 day free trial on Amazon and watch the whole thing.
  11. eww This show has become what Fesh Off The Boat was. Insufferable mother is awful, learns lesson, next week lesson is forgotten. Wash rinse repeat.
  12. I'm in the States so season 14 is the most recent I've been able to watch.
  13. In my high school I think the cheerleaders only decorated the players lockers during homecoming. And they may have given them a gift like cookies or something. They certainly weren't slaves to the players and it was just one time not all year. I would be surprised if any high school had cheerleaders be what basically amounts to slaves of the players. I think that's just an invention of tv and movies.
  14. Too many Teddy episodes this season. Teddy's the worst. Also I can't believe it would take him 2 weeks to grow a mustache. He looks like he has a 5 o'clock shadow at 9am.
  15. I've missed Lainey too. I was so sad when Schooled was canceled but was hopeful that it would mean Lainey would be coming back to the Goldbergs. Alas, it wasn't the case. Lainey really should have been brought back though. Erica hasn't had a good friend to play off of since Lainey left. It was kind of sad and pathetic that Erica seemingly had no friends that she could call on to help her with wedding stuff. It made appear thst Erica was some kind of weird loner. On a different note, how do Barry and Adam keep getting attractive women. These guys are such dorky goofballs. Yet Adam has date
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