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  1. Aryanna

    S06.E03: The Unusual Suspect

    I don't know if they were really trying to hide it or just hiding it from the characters but it's been pretty obvious from the first episode of the season that Charles and Zane are starting a publishing company together.
  2. Aryanna

    S06.E03: The Unusual Suspect

    Kelsey's boobs look bigger. Did Hilary get a boob job?
  3. Aryanna

    S06.E02: Flush with Love

    So help me if they ditch Claire and split up Liza and Charles so that Liza can get back together with Josh and Josh can have a baby. I never bought the Liza and Josh relationship. And if Liza is gonna flip flop back and forth that much then every guy should run from her because she is trouble.
  4. Aryanna

    S06.E01: Big Day

    The 9 to 5 thing was so stupid. I was expecting some heart to heart with Diana and them giving some deep, thoughtful reason why she should stay. Dumb me for wanting character development.
  5. Aryanna

    Anne in all her glory: Other adaptation discussion

    I think your memory may be correct, Gazelle. But it's been several years since I've watched it and even longer since I've read the books.
  6. The new Chuck E Cheese commercials have this kid with this awful haircut. In fact it's so bad that it looks fake. It looks like a fake hair helmet.
  7. I have State Farm and I bought a car a couple of yeas ago and all I had to do was show the dealer my current insurance and they let me take it. My agent even told me that my insurance covers me anytime I buy a new car but that I still need to give them all the info on the car after I've bought it so that they can get all the coverage correct.
  8. Aryanna

    SO3.E23 A Mom's Parade

    Good points. Maybe you do know what you're talking about. Except for death nail. It's knell...not nail. 😁
  9. The original commercial ends about the 36 second mark. The rest is added on as a joke. I can't remember who did it, maybe funny or die or something like that.
  10. We must share a brain because I've thought this same exact thing before.
  11. Like I said I fell down a weird rabbit hole of watching videos related to the chevy commercials one day. Anywaaaaays...have you seen these parodies? There's a whole series of them.
  12. Aryanna

    Favorite Commercials

    Can anyone tell me why Bath and Body Works employees wear aprons? Usually an apron is worn to protect the clothes underneath. Like a pinafore. That's especially true for people that work with food. But I don't see that BaBW employees have that need.
  13. There's several videos on youtube about these commercials and some of them have checked their credentials and they are actors. Yeah, I watch weird things. But you wouldn't take real people and put them in a room with a bear. That's what's so insulting about those commercials. They expect you to believe they're just regular people they got off the street, wearing clothes that they didn't need to blur out brands or words and they didn't know they were being filmed.
  14. You're thinking of this one.
  15. I think it's State Farm where they have a commercial about putting one of those tattlers in your car so you can get safe driving discounts. In one scene the little kid has to use the bathroom and the mom says she does too but she's not going to ruin her discount. Then in another scene she's in labor but tells the husband not to drive fast because she doesn't wanna lose her discount. I know it's done for humor but it bugs me. I've never been pregnant let alone been in labor but the message I'm receiving from this commercial is that discount matter more than bodily safety, whether it be your uterus, your baby or your kidneys. Don't drive fast in an emergency because you don't wanna lose your discounts.