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  1. Aryanna

    Bless This Mess

    I like parts of the show but I'm just not sure it works for me. My biggest problem is Lake Bell. I can't put my finger on it but something about her just really bugs me. I'm not saying everyone on TV has to be beautiful but neither of the leads is very attractive.
  2. Aryanna

    Last Man Standing

    Boo They're gonna put LMS on later in the season for WWE? Ugh I already have a problem with WWE taking over USA some nights when I'm watching reruns of Modern Family. Now it's gonna take over Fox. Does anyone watch this wrestling stuff?
  3. Aryanna

    S09.E22: Yes Without My Zeke

    I don't expect a show like this to have episodic continuity but I thought that maybe after J Ju was such a jerk to Tina when they ran the mile that she would finally wake up. I'm with everyone else. I'm tired of the Tina and J Ju thing. I'm tired of her being obsessed with him and I'm tired of him being a jerk to her. And yes, Tina's boy craziness is getting less funny and bordering on creepy. I love when the kids have episodes like this tho.
  4. Aryanna


    I must have missed this or glossed over it. When/where did he meet her? What episode was it?
  5. Aryanna

    S06.E16: Cinco de Mayo

    Love that line and delivery. At first I felt so bad for Terry when Jake kept double crossing him. Who would want to betray Terry? He's so sweet. Glad Terry won.
  6. Aryanna


    Agree I realize the episode was supposed to be about Barry gaining maturity by the end but at the beginning of the episode he was exactly the same as he was in Goldbergs. And if they thought throwing a blue blazer over his Flyers jersey aged him up, they were way wrong.
  7. Aryanna

    S10.E22: A Year of Birthdays

    The reason they're tired is that they're never allowed to change. They make the same mistakes and do the same things week after week. Just when it appears they're going to be allowed to grow as characters then that storyline gets abandoned. Then at the end of the season they give us episodes like this where it gives the impression that they've come so far but really they're mostly like they were in the beginning of the series.
  8. Aryanna

    S06.E16: Cinco de Mayo

    This episode was soooo funny. Classic nine-nine.
  9. Aryanna

    S06.E23: Breakin

    I hear that.
  10. Aryanna

    S10.E22: A Year of Birthdays

    I guess I'm in the minority. I didn't care for most of this episode. Luke had a few good lines. I love Phil as always. But it wasn't really good until near the end of the episode. I still can't stand Dylan. What a moron.
  11. Aryanna

    S10.E21: Commencement

    Watching old episodes on USA and seeing Haley with Andy reminds me how much I hate her ending up with Dylan. I just don't buy their chemistry at all. Andy was perfect for her and they had great chemistry together.
  12. Aryanna

    Single Parents

    The Lance Bass thing just seemed like stunt casting and I've never cared for stunt casting in shows.
  13. Aryanna


    I'm sure you're like me and went to a large high school. For us it wouldn't make sense to know and remember all of our teachers. I think that their school was a small private school though so they probably had a lot more interaction with those teachers and knew them better. Plus, I think they interacted with those teachers over several years. It'd be like a small town school where K-12 is on one campus. As for the Erica thing, I read that it was the network telling them to change one of the siblings to a girl and that's how Eric became Erica.
  14. Aryanna

    S10.E21: Commencement

    Does anyone else think that Jesse Tyler Ferguson is not a very good actor? I really can't see him doing anything else besides Modern Family. I think he's probably just playing himself more or less. I've noticed he does a lot of the same actions or reactions over and over. I notice this when watching episodes back to back on USA. Like that thing where he scratches or rubs his forehead. Somewhere along the way someone told him that was acting.
  15. Aryanna

    The Carrie Diaries

    Hey, does anyone still read this forum? I loved this show. I've been thinking about re-watching it again on Netflix.