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  1. Go, Lea. She saved the hospital. Glad that Glassman showed appreciation for that and invited her to his poker night. When Lim came into the room and said that somebody in her department blew the whistle to a reporter about their patient, I was pretty sure it wasn't Claire. Yes, she openly expressed her negative feeling about the situation, but the show has hardly ever been that obvious when they have us guess who did something. I definitely thought it was Olivia because of all her facial expressions when people talked to Claire about it, but wasn't expecting that Andrews was the one who m
  2. I'm so relieved that Daniel is finally out of that mindset that Johnny operates just like Kreese and Silver since they are all Cobra Kai. When he realized Kreese took the dojo from Johnny, I think it finally sunk in. It's ironic how Amanda went from thinking Daniel was just being irrational last season to being even more determined than Daniel to take Kreese down this season. I loved it though, especially when she slapped Kreese and then yelled and cussed him out in the council room. Little by little, more people are realizing that Kreese is a dangerous and corrupt sensei. Too bad none of
  3. Johnny used his "Not anymore!" powers to bring us Season 3 earlier! :)
  4. Watched this episode today, and thought the Tammy and Adam bonding was great. Probably the best part of the episode.
  5. Harris’ anger not only went towards the wrong people, but it was totally stupid of her to get that mad over having to leave her unpaid spot in the streets to go back to her PAYING JOB. It was BS to imply that Dan wanted their money because he was greedy; this is a man who has spent and devoted his entire life taking care of not only her, but her mother and aunt because they both refuse to better themselves. Meanwhile, her father totally abandoned her and her brother (who is still 12)!
  6. I fell asleep while watching this yesterday and didn’t see the end of the episode. But I did see Dan ask for his rent, and I think his live-in daughters should’ve been embarrassed that he had to ask for that. I would have money set aside specifically for that, and then manage the rest for living expenses.
  7. Definitely an out of nowhere moment at the end of the episode, considering what we had come to expect of the show and it’s characters to this point. I enjoyed watching all of Janet’s persona changes as Michael was trying to make her seem more relaxed.
  8. Lim at the very least should have convinced Shaun to keep an eye on the new doctors without making them feel like he was hovering over them. While I hate that Asher lost his first patient, maybe it's good for his sake that it happened on his first case right away. That way, he will get the feeling down and maybe be number to it in the future. Not the best pairing in Shaun and Lea, but I still maintain that she is good for him to have in his life. Mentally, he just seems considerably older than her (some of it is caused by his autism, and some of it is Lea's mannerisms not maturing yet). H
  9. I actually WAS alive for the fourth movie (I was 4, lol). I liked the prospect of Mr. Miyagi training someone other than Daniel; that should come into play in Cobra Kai at some point! And Robyn Lively appeared in a The Good Doctor episode last year, so while she's still in acting, it'd be nice to get her on the show too to reprise Jessica, even if just for a single scene.
  10. The one thing I think is great about this series is that the first three movies were made and released before I was even born, and then 30 years later when I'm well into adult years, a reboot is made (and actually is wildly popular and loved, unlike most reboots) and I am invested in the franchise.
  11. The Jeremy Bearimy timeline for the afterlife, and whole explanation of it did the exact same thing to me as it did to Chidi. My mind was going, "WTF?! How does that make ANY sense at all?!?!?" But I suppose it did provide for some necessary comedy. Chidi teaching class with a pot of chili (with Peeps!) and the little speech he gave about "life's test" was hilarious.
  12. Agreed. It should be easy to figure out why the boss wrote her up if she was spending 45 minutes Facetiming her daughter when she should have been working. Any work place, that will get you into a lot of trouble (especially when you have co-workers who will tell the bosses on you because they have to cover for the work you're not doing, or to take any negative attention away from them). I didn't think Darlene was wrong at all, and she did Becky a favor by not causing her to lose a shift like the manager wanted to do. Also, Becky could very well have been the influence to everyone else who was
  13. Looks like Darlene and Ben won’t have a baby together, but given Darlene’s living situation right now, it’s probably for the best. At least she got to have two (and they both show up in the reboot unlike Jackie’s kid and Roseanne’s youngest kid that she had late in the original show) Seems to me like DJ has taken a SERIOUS back-seat role on this show compared to his dad, aunt and sisters. I began watching it on Hulu to get caught up before this new season started, and every time his daughter or wife is mentioned, I think “Who? You need to give them more than just the occasional mention or
  14. I’ve never watched House, but that would be so awful. I’m glad that didn’t happen. It’s a good sign that Lea can’t see herself with anyone but Shaun in the next year, but she seemed unsure about moving back in because she knew things wouldn’t be the same as when they lived together as friends. I wouldn’t have pushed her about it as much and would have given her space to figure that out. I hope the next time Shaun has a major event happen that affects him negatively, she will support him. Speaking of living with Shaun, I’m guessing the reason Park took Morgan’s offer to live together
  15. I have to say that I didn’t see it in pre-afterlife Eleanor’s character to care so much about what a bartender’s favorite lecture video was. It has to be that she was vulnerable in that moment, and found comfort in Michael not kicking her when she was down. Perhaps it was the first time in her life it had happened; her parents weren’t good for her and her friends were even worse people than she was. i also enjoyed the doorman’s interest in frogs. I have family members who like them in that same way.
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